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3 Prominant Descendents of Abraham Praying together for Peace in othe Vatican Garden June 8.2014. Presidents of Israel, Shimon Perez & Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas Join Pope Francis & Patriarch Bartholomew, spiritual head of the Orthodox Christians in sincere invocations and prayers for Peace in the Mid-East and the world.

They are doves of Peace, in a position of Authority, to lead. They are faced with complexities of violence of the times and hawks with a penchance to counter violence with more violence that is followed by emdless retribution that at times continue for centuries of hate.

Many are the young and old peacemakers with awareness of God's will in every Religion. It is my contention that there is a spiritual bond that exist among all good people that encompasses love and peace that draws them together to seek harmony and peace in the world. May their numbers grow and their combined positive energy and prayers bring peace to the world.

May all Religions accept and respect other Religions . May they be one in their Love of God and their fellowman. Message for Religions and Humanity,


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"Peace Message for Humanity. Poetry reading with music."

In the new Millenum there is an urgent need to soul search these words by all the Children of Abraham By all the members of the three major Religions to end terrorism and the conflict among each other.

Religious, secular and National leaders must speak with one heart felt voice, moved by one Supreme Being to reach out with tolerence and work for peace and harmony through out the world.

The apocalypse will not be brought about by misleading leaders. All they will bring about is violence, Death and destruction. The timing of the end is in hands of the one supreme being,Who is worshipped by different faiths through out the world, not in the hands of misleading men.

Where there is tolerence and kindness, there is love, Where there is love, there is God. Where there is God, there is Peace, Go with God, Go with Allah and live in Peace.

A Message for Humanity

A compassionate plea for peace and understanding in these troubled times
God and Allah are one and the same though we know Him by many different names
God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah and Jesus Christ are all one and the same

If you sow seeds of hate in the dark night of the womb
You will bear children of destruction
Soldiers who will wreck havoc on your land and people.
If you follow leaders in anger and unjust causes,
Brothers will kill brothers in defiance of God's law of love.
Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.
Hearts filled with hate have less room for Allah's love and laws

Allah and God are one and the same, though we know him by different names .

If you sow seeds of love in the tender night of the womb,
You will bear children of destiny, whose life stem will not be cut short
Like the buds of desert flowers in their youth by wars and acts of anger.
They will grow in wisdom as they age and tower above the others,
Mountains of truth exalting Allah and all his Laws.
Reviving His Laws of love and Kindness.
Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

Mystical dreams will enter minds, the world shall know
That Allah, God, One and the Same,
Commands all men to honor Him.
He seeks all men, speaks all tongues.
All who exalt Him and follows his laws, are brothers,
Though they know him by different names.
God and Allah is One and the same.
Allah and God, one and the same
Brothers should not kill brothers
It defies God's law of love, brings the dark night,
Confusion, suffering follows those led in hate.
Unless you are perfect in God's eyes,
Call not another Infidel.

Revengeful anger must give way to a rose dawn
Of the gentle awakening of peace and harmony.
Let Allah, God convey His feelings,
Rains fall in torrents or not at all at His bidding,
The winds roars like a lion, grows silent like the sphinx,
The world quakes and mountains tremble at his command.
May we like nature obey His Commands.
Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.
Thou Shall Not Kill !

Is it not better to win hearts with the blades of an Iris than blades of steel.
Too many valleys were flooded with blood and tears
When scimitars and guns are raised in vengeance they were answered by avengers,
Who in turn and time will be also avenged.
Missiles of death have flown like the hawk, Horus, through the air seeking vengeance
The innocent others will pay the price leveled by vengeance.
Is it not better to worship God and Allah where white doves fly, not shells.
Where are white doves that once fluttered in peace?
Will they be released once again as they were in Kuwait at the end of the fighting.
Years later echoes of firepower roll off pock marked walls.
The whine of shells, the staccato rhythms of ricocheting bullets and shrapnel bombs
Indiscriminately marred walls of mosques, temples and churches.
Walls can be repaired easier than hearts and minds.
Minds recalling mangled bodies beyond repair.
Martyrs are not those whose lives are ended violently while taking the lives of innocent others.
They will be turned away from Paradise.
Paradise will welcome the innocent others,
Who would pleasure God and Allah One and the Same,
By their prayerful songs of worship,
Death rendered them silent.
Death came before their time.

If you listen with your heart, you will hear their silent screams of anguish,
Hear their soulful rising chorus of praises.
You will hear their hymns in the murmurs in the wind, swirling around desert antiquities.
You will hear their voices echoing throughout the valleys of the Balkans.
In the never silent canyons of our city streets

You will hear the choirs of the dead, the innocent others,
singing hymns in Lebanon Africa, America, Palestine and Israel,
Praises throughout the world.
May God and Allah’s Peace overcome War! May all terrorism end!

Call about face to war,
You will hear God's many names,
Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, All One and the Same.
Call about face to war, In Lebanon and the Mid-East Call about face to war.
Religious and Secular leaders Through out the world must speak with one voice, moved by one Supreme being to lead the way to peace not war.

Reflection on Saint Pope John Paul ,Welcome and Testimonies of Peace World Peaceday, Assisi

At the start of this Day of Prayer outside the Basilica of St. Francis, Pope John Paul II told those assembled that in Assisi "everything speaks of a singular prophet of peace known as Francis. He is loved not only by Christians, but by many other believers and by people who, though far removed from religion, identify with his ideals of justice, reconciliation and peace."

Attending this event were more than 200 spiritual leaders, including 16 from Christian churches and communities, 30 Muslim clerics from 18 nations, 10 rabbis and representatives from Buddhism, Tenrikyo, Shintoism, Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism and traditional African religions.

The prayer day started very formally, with prepared speeches and testimonies. These were diverse calls to peace and invitations to put aside violence and injustice.

Dr. Ali Elsamman read a message of support from Sheikh Mohammed Tantawi of al-Azhar University (Egypt), a spiritual leader of the world's Sunni Muslims. That message included this quote from the Quran: "There is no compulsion in religion. The right way is distinct from error. Whoever does not believe in idols but believes in God has laid hold of the firmest handle that never breaks. God is the one who hears and knows everything" (Surah 2, The Cow, 256).

Rabbi Israel Singer, secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress, said that the talk of peace in the name of religion "is based on the reality of all our religious ideals, and it is the ultimate goal to which we all aspire. We must reject the distortion of religious teachings that have been used in the past and not suggest that violence against members of other religions or other religious sects are religious mandated." As I listened to the different testimonies, I realized that the long dialogue leading to peace requires much understanding and openness. I was really alarmed to hear the different ways some groups spoke about justice. Quite simply, in some cultures justice seems to imply the spilling of blood. Thinking about it, even in our own societies, I realize that genuine justice is often linked with capital punishment. How does one enter into discussion on this subject while keeping an open mind?

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"3 White Doves"

Written at Assisi when Painting there. Frustrated by no sign of Birds or, Butterflys or Bumble Bees, No Deer or Animal Life, Just People I was turning stones over looking for anything crawling beneath a Rock.At that instant 3 White doves flew in to the tree in my Painting. Thank You God for another affirmation.

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