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A Video of an other Mystical Experience in my Pebble Beach Studio after a recent Rest Home Visit

A former active Legion of Mary Member and I visited a number of Rest Homes. I brought Gay to visit a number of her special friends who were always asking for her. One Veteran who recently had his leg amputated just below the hip could really use the wholesome cheer that this Irish lass had a gift at bringing.

The last patient was an elderly Asian Lady. She had received Holy Eucharist early that morning and when we arrived the Communion Host half was hanging precariously from her lower lip. I served water to her in hope that she could swallow the half Host. I had a nurse raise her bed to help but it was not to be. She coughed and the stained host was propeled out on her bedspread. I put the Host in a soft kleenex and was surprised by how hard it felt almost like a thin plastic wafer.

I pondered What to do with the Sacred Host

I returned with it to my Studio and pondered what would be the best thing to do. Even though I had entertained a Cardinal and his entourage in the past in my home It seemed as if the Priests at St. Angelas were not allowed,think back when I asked the Pastor Paul to bless My home after I attempted an exorcism that seemed to work on a Homeless Guest who told me she was a daughter of Satan and had another being in side of her. She use to talk in one voice and another totally different voice replied

I made the decision to welcome God in my home in a special way for my Mom as I could feel His presence there any way. I put the host in a plastic bag along with a small wooden Rosary. and a picture of Christ and a guitar pick to Have God bless my spiritual songs that I write in my studio into the Urn that holds my Mother's Ashes in a seperate Plastic bag that I intend to scatter in the Gulf of Mexico where my Sister Helen's ashes were cast into the sea. It was there where my dad first sailed when my dad was working to becoming a master Mariner, any tonage any ocean. He was eventually MIA, Missing in Action on a ship that was built in New Orlean. I followed his example left home and went to sea at 15. The Pewter urn with a Nautical motiff was on a high shelf area of my Studio under the large cross in front of my painting of the Shroud of Turin . The urn was next to a St. Joseph Statue holding Baby Jesus which was my Mother's as were the Angels that also graced that area. I would direct my attention to the Cross while Praying for people who were Ill in my studio.

I had to get up on a 38 inch high small wood sink cover to reach the Urn. It involvedf raising one leg 20 inches and then using that leg to lift 184 lbs vertically to a 16 by 20 inch area with out holding on to anything. At 76 I am strong but my balance is off and it may have been hard for a far younger man with good balance to do. It was dark and stormy when I completed the risky task . I started to say a prayer for guidance in what I did and what I am doing to lead others to God and also with what I was writing about my St. Angela's Experiences.

I knew that I may experience the wrath of those who find the truth not to their liking and may erroneously feel I am attacking the Church or spreading falsehoods about our pastor Father Paul. I was merely stating the truth and questioning what may be a form of ostracizing that even got in the way of me serving the Ill which is one of my callings. It is common when people speak the truth.

There are times when individuals give more gravity to worhiping the Church More than the Deity that the church was created to be a place of worship for It becomes a fellowship community which is good but that should not take precedence over the Church as a place of worship of God and devotional services. When social conversation and greetings etc. becomes paramont in their importance It delutes the spirituality and reverence within the church. I have had out of towners express their surprise at this conversation buzz as they were more accustoimed to doing that in the church hall with donuts and coffee etc. after mass and not in the reverence of the church.

One should never confuse your love of a Pastor with your love of God. Pastor are human and subject to the same fralities and some darker than what we all experience. I was made painfully aware of this at a young age!

What was to happen in my studio was unique and I felt it as such. I reached for a near by video camera as it seemed as if there was something happening that was meant to be a visual Religious Testimony To reinforce my mission in life , Sharing Christ's Commands of Love and the New Command, John 13/ 34. To Love and respect Mother Mary and use the Holy Rosary more in devotinal services in churches as a prayer for peace and love in our Homes, Churches, Cites, Country and the world. The dark sky parted! A horizontal warm red violet light which seemed to be an Advent symbol became a cross when the horizontal white Blue glow appeared.

The song in process that I am singing in the video was repeating itself over and over in my mind the past few weeks . It was inspired by images I recorded during adoration that looked like some one being touched or blest by an angel. another time it loked like the angel hands were over the eye and that morning one of my friends who was ill at time awoke blind. She was in the emergency ward that evening when I visited her home out of concern. She is doing well now and recovered her sight. The doctors did not know why it happened. It was similar to another friends experience where he passed out for over 12 hours and the reason could not be found. Some people write it off as Karma. . I did have a sense that it was God's time to Harvest Souls. You always wonder when it will be your own time to go. I sure did As the feeling was dynamic and spurred on my out reach and spiritual song and prayer writing creativity. At Dec 21 Adoration the candles suggested others would be leaving. My Cousin Ann passed away in Florida and The veteran friend I brought Gay into see passed away on Christmas Day. I do have a prophetic ability at times when it come to departure time. Some time I know who from the videos I do of the candles that I refer to as cosmic landscapes imagery. There are other times that I know. The feeling is strange and powerful at times and gentle at other times A number of close inspring spiritual friends who have been ill did depart recently on their final passage, destination Heaven. People who are close to God a and have a great love for Him , have no fear of death. They welcome it as a Gate way to Heaven and the joy that await them. I still feel their resonance and presence at times in a beautiful comforting way as we all should when love ones depart and we know in our hearts they are with the Lord.


Conversations with Pastor Paul of St. Angelas, Pacific Grove

While receiving Communion at the 8 O clock weekly Mass Father Paul requested that I speak to him after Mass inthe library. At that time he sternly asked that I stop visiting the Pacific Grove Rest home that they were going to sue the church because of my very frequent visits. It was common for me to visit the patients daily after the 8 Oclock Mas that I go to every day. Many have no friends and the relative seldom visit because of the distance involved . With some I would pray or read the bible to. Others enjoyed my guitar playing and singing either my spiritual songs and other songs I compose. There was a very special friend who was deemed terminal and released from the hospital to die. I have been into palative care for years and was primary care giver for my Mom in my home until she passed away at 99 years of age. I could not turn my back on this Patient that I regarded as a mystic as she had a great love for God's Teachings in the Old and New Testament. She was born in Egypt and of a Jewish background.

I told Father Paul, I can not stop visits there. My Obedience is to God, not man! These people are in my care and I believed that I was doing the work God wanted me to do. I feel directed by my obedience to God and constantly pray for guidance. I will address any problems directly with the owner. Unlike some people who can not say no to the pastor, I don't a problem saying no . I learned that lesson when I was nine years old and a Catholic pastor put his spider fingers into my pockets and fondled my testicles and penis. I rebuked him and after that he always called me Jewboy derisively. That helped form my character to become out spoken in the cause of love and truth, about abuse , discrimination, and hatred of others that exsist in the world and unfortunately in Churches.

I went and spoke to the owner and he said No one at the rest home ever said anything about suing the church and that I might be the nicest man in the world but this is my rest home and you are banned.

Waves of Problems Followed my E-mail to a distant friend, Guess CHOMP doesn't want me to find any more skeletons in their closet.

I sent an E-mail to a friend who moved to Northern Califorinia from Carmel Valley casually commenting about the restrictions that were being were being placed on us about visiting Patients in rooms. I wrote I guess Chomp doen't want us to find any more Skeletons in their closets. Immediately after that , Access to rooms denied, Banned from PG Rest home, Had to have x rays at Delmonte Rest home to continue there. Legion of Mary President Barry from Carmel Mission informed us we as Legioneers could no longer go to Monterey Pines, Windsor House, and Carmel Hills even though St. Angelas group has been going there for years. Shortly after that their spiritual director came down with a serious Post Operative Infection after a Colon Operation at CHOMP. Their effort or Legion of Mary orders did not deter me from visiting the rest homes, providing my free caring support to my many old friends and new friends that I made constantly. I would tell them , I bring the Spirit, others will bring you the Host. My ministry is not limited or focused on Catholics alone. I am not there to convert people to Catholicism, I am there be of service to wide range of believers, to bring people back to God when they are away, to reawaken their love of God they once knew, to introduce them to the Joy they can find in accepting God's love, grace and joy at this difficult time of transition to the otherside. It is my focus to heal the soul and if it be God's will may He heal their body and lessen their pain. There has been some reactions from Father Paul in relationship to rest homes that struct me as a retaliatory unsavory action or payback for not obeying him. I wonder if he is continuing that at times. He showed his displeasure with Father Joey in his presence when he heard Father Joey visited my home. I once asked Father Paul to come to my home to bless it after a homeless schizoiphrenic lady stayed at my home for close to 3 month. She came up stairs wearing a revealing baby Jane as she was full bodied. I told her I did not expect any favor that my home is a home of love not lust. We are all children of God. She then informed me that she was a daughter of Satan. My attitude was I am up to battle the devil. She would talk in one voice and answer in another and told me she had a being inside of her. So leave it to George to exorcise the demon. It did bring a dramatic change in her for the better for quite a while until she threathen to kill me like she murdered her husband. My son was sharing that story with someone as he was at home at the time. The person said ,"I guess that is when you had her leave." My son answered, No! My dad let her stay another month because it was winter and stormy. When I asked Father Paul to bless my house he answered with a frown, Didn't Father Joey bless your home when he came over

I like Father Paul but he does have me wondering at times when his action are not consistant with his wonderful sermons that I enjoy. I shared with him that I was taking a half dozen or so of the baby roses from the wall outside the church where there were Hundreds of them and bringing them to the patients who were former parishioners telling them they were from the rose wall at St. Angelas. They loved them. I would paint small pill bottle to use as vases. I was surprised and dissapointed by his response. He forbade me to take them and bring them from my own garden. I would stop along the Holman Highway pull out and pick wildflowers and grasses to bring the patients as I always felt wildflowers were tended by the hand of God. When you pluck roses from a bush , the bush continues to flower longer. A rose can live forever in some ones grateful memory. Roses grow and always know of the joy Love can bring springing forth eternally. God is love.

My Once Terminally Ill Mystic Jewish Friend From Egypt is still doing God's work in her own wonderful uplifting way. It has been close to 2 years since I met her. She is a year younger than I. It is not uncommon to feel the wear and pain that comes with age.

I had lunch with her a couple of weeks ago at Sunrise, a wonderful assisted living complex in Monterey on the corner of Cass and Carmelo . It was more like a gracious old New England Hotel. The People were vibrant and joyful unlike some of the drugged zombies that you will find in resthomes on sad occassion through out America.

I am on a spiritual journey following the footsteps of Christ and St. Francis of Assisi.

I burn thousands of Cds with arrays of spiritual song addressing an array of needs, from healing to condolence,to the joy found loving God. I give them away free and invite others to duplicate. I use and share my talent in music and art, to spread Christ's Commands of Love , To love God most of all with your your whole Heart and Soul and Love your Neighbor as you love yourself. As many have good reasons not to love themselves I call to their attention to Christ New Command, John 13/34 , Love your Neighbor as I love you"

I enjoy the idea that St.Francis of Assisi was onced called God's Commedian. My off the wall sense of humor will never have me confused with being a Holy Holy Pharisee type. I am like a lot of People who have a deep love of God and an endless sense of humor. Have you ever met someone who you wondered if He or she was an irreverent saint or a reverend sinner? I think we are all a little bit of both. There too many who regard me wrongly as a Gay Right's advocate because I speak my mind and the truth. I am outspoken about approaches that can harm individual in hate crimes as there were 30 cases of Hate crimes of murdering gays. Gays in 2011. There were 34000 suicides in America last year. It was the fourth leading cause of death for youth between teens and 25 . Making Gay issues religious and political issues were high among the causes that drove young Gay people to commit suicide.

I once was asked by a parishoner if I wore rainbow supenders because I was a gay right advocate. I wrote about it on facebook and said I wore them to hold up my pants as I don't want to moon any homophobic numb nuts. Another time when I told a parishoner that I had some very unique rewarding experiences at rest homes. Her mind heard that statement as Rest Room and she was all ears when she asked me what happened in the rest room? I asked her, "Where is your Mind?" It appeared to be in the toilet flushed with joy of anticipation of a confessed gay escapade as I have been very open with everything in my life. If she did she was disappointed!

I had an old soldier friend whom I told his wife that she married a saint and she answered she has not seen that side of him yet, call me St. George. I wasn't sure if it was his joking nature or humerous sarcasm perhaps a little of both as we do joke with each other a bit as old soldiers are apt to do and leave the exterior partrayal of revererance to the the holier than thou scribes. He is a good man and I like him and how he is ready in a flash to reach out and help someone like the time a little kid knocked on the window of the church hall, when we were studying the Bible in the evening class. He went off in the night to help them and I went along to help a family in transit with out funds and I went along as his bodyguard. The next week when He called me angel, I told him ,"Neither one of us are saints or angels , we are just servants of the Lord. With my sense of humor , no one could ever seriously regard me as an angel or a saint, though a wide range of people have said I was a mystic for years and a Nun who has known me for years once confided that she regarded me as a prophet while others think of me as more pathetic than prophetic. Then again they do not know me and if it up to those who fear what I might say, they never will for they will be led to avoid visiting or confering with me that I might encourage them to think about what Christ Said in the Bible, that some how is lost to them. There is a big difference in Faith in God and Faith in the church. My obedience is to God not man! My life is dedicated to doing God's will and I care not what other think. My obedience has always been to God, first and foremost, not man! One of my favorite Saints, St. John of the Cross was imprisoned by the powers to be in the Church. When the church leaves truth behind and sweep it under their face saving carpet and leaving other children susceptible to abuse as they did in the Sexual abuse cases, they suffer decline. My reply has been there a fine line between being a mystic and a mistake. With my sense of humor no holier than thou will ever think of me as being a holy Howie, They may regard me as Dennis the Menace.

Affirmations and Apparitions

I had 3 white doves give me a wonderful affirmation of God's Presence while painting in Assisi!

Bleich at Assisi with brother and doves

Unique experiences while painting in Lourdes France and in Assisi, Italy, had a profound affect upon formulating a gentle loving, giving and forgiving approach to life. In Assisi, while painting in the hills where St. Francis lived, I was enthralled in some way but disappointed in others. There were Nuns. There were Franciscan Brothers walking and praying. There was the sound of young voices raised in song-filled praise. It was wonderful, but there was no signs of animal or bird life. I was used to seeing pictures of St. Francis surrounded with animals and birds. I kept painting and looking for some form of wildlife or feathered friends. I stopped painting and started shifting the pebbles at my feet looking for an ant. At that moment three white doves flew into the branches of a tree that was in my painting so I painted two of them in, as one was in a higher branch that was not in my painting. I called the painting "Doubting Thomas." After that experience it seemed as if there were always two doves about. I thought the other one must be the Holy Ghost.

I started a song that afternoon, "Three White Doves" which I finished in 2001, as a prayer offering for two people I was sharing Lourdes water with I wrote about it in the art and spiritualty section of home page with photographs of two of the 3 doves who who flew and alighted on the branches of tree that I was in the scene I was painting while I was turning over rocks at my feet looking for some thing crawling as up until that moment all I saw were people, no sign of natural life that one think of being around St. Francis as seen in paintings and statues of him. I am well aware of the difference between visions that one can have in the mind's eye and the more solid apparition in realty, you see with wide open surprised eyes. that take place in reality as I have experienced both at St. Angelas's Church.

The first Apparition was of a Franciscan

The first apparitions was a brief one of a Franciscan during adoration when I was praying for guidance in my spiritual endeavors . A Franciscan who was more like artist portrayals of St Anthony then St. Francis appeared briefly saying " I will Help you". Another was someone who appeared to be an elderly parishoner who held out her hand to me and vanished.

Apparition of a Parishoner

I always had the feeling that over the years there were some wonderful people, with Faith in God who attended St Angelas. I am sure this is true of every church. This time I saw an apparition of a mature older woman , maybe in her 80 ies reach down with her open hand in a manner that we do after the Lord's Prayer. She was positioned above us not at the same level. I have wondered if she wondered, what has happened to the St. Angelas?

An Auditory and Visual Apparitions

One day while leading the Rosary after the 8 O clock Mass I listen with pleasure to a fresh new voice praying the Rosary with us. It was a day like too many where just the three of the old Faithful , Stanna , Roberto and I were praying the Rosary . Then I heard another voice join us in prayer. It was the soft beautiful voice of a young lady. A voice that resonated spiritual harmony and a sincere love of Mother Mary and Jesus. I took a quick glance in her direction and saw a lady in black out of the corner of my eye but could not determine if she was a nun. I have a high sensitivity to spiritual energy that I feel deeply and enjoy when different people pray next to me or close behind me. Her voice was pure and close, emanating peace and love that you could feel in your and soul and echo in your every breath welling up to a point of tears of joy, with every deep breath you take in and out while praying. Many of you have experienced a sense of inner happiness when praying the rosary together with others in unison. I wanted to see who was this lady and turned around but there was no one there though I heard her beautiful voice a scant instant before and no one left. When I recall that experience it still brings tears of joy to my eyes like I cried silently the first time.

On Sundays it sometimes feels like a spiritual cruise ship that is more social than reverend as we cheer and welcome the new passangers from different cities by clapping Our Pastor Father Paul is more like a spiritual social director on the payroll, following orders than being the spiritual skipper making command decisions of the good ship Blarney Stone. Welcoming aboard visitors for the Sunday Morning Cruise through the excellent enjoyable liturgy . In some ways the interior of St. Angelas reminds me of Noah's Ark. I some time feel I have a calling to Rock the Ark. There are times when I feel a semblence of the Pope Pius the 10 Society among some parishioner and a hesitancy to adopt the changes that Vatican 2 decreed. The attitude toward Adoration and the Rosary pertaing to the Luminous Mysteries, Liturgical changes etc. Those who are hesitant to accept them also are involved at times in face saving of the church. They seem to prefer that we not be aware of the Priest from the Pope Pius X Society who stabbed Pope John Paul with a bayonet knife in an effort to Kill Pope John Paul while He was saying in Fatima, A thank You Mass a year after surving the first assination attempt in Rome. A great number of Cathoilcs who loved Pope John Paul and appreciated His efforts to revitalize the Church which has declined when the truth was surpressed. Truth is a fudamental Important Part of Christ teachings as is Love! Pope Benedict is in step with and attuned to Vatican 2. Adoration has been supported and encouraged by Pope Benedict. Like Pope John Paul, Pope Benedict is currently focusing His efforts for unity and growth of Church Unity, strength and growth of Catholicism with the intercession of Mary, Our Lady of Quadeloupe in the Americas. Countires that rever Mary as the mother of God have a deeper love of Jesus that is manifested in more devotional prayer services relating to Mary, in the Philipines, in Africa etc. We sent Missionaries to these countries, They now send Missionaries to America and Europe where vocations are declining nand we are short of priests. I say a prayer in the Morning when doing exercise with 25# dumbells. Help Me Lord to be strong, Help me Know right from wrong, Help me part the clouds of strife that darken other peoples lives with your Truth , Love and Light. That and my daily Bible readings, Daily Mass and Communion gives me strength and direction in my life to speak out honestly and to know and do God's will.

Artist tend to be wave makers and there are times when Spiritual waves should be made! Truth which is emphasized in Christ's teachings is synonymous with God's Love and light should never be supplanted by face saving deceit as it has been with sexual abuse at the expense of more young victims. Protecting the church's reputation by not addressing and correcting problems has decimated the church in Ireland and damaged the church through out the world. When I heard this viciferous Irish man who head the Catholic league back East , who attempts to win people over by the volume and timbre of his voice, state abuse in the church stopped in the 60ies I could not help but visualize a man with his head so far in the sand it was coming out on the other side of Planet Earth. The St. Anthony Magazine was criticised for bringing to fore the number of over 400 reported abuse cases in spring of this year, 2012. Those who ignore or surpress it, are the ones that are instrumental in the decline of the church!

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"May the Bible be your Blarney Stone"

"Blarney Stone not Blarney Stoned".

On more than one occasion I have said to him Father Paul , You are suppose to be Skipper of this ship when it comes to leading the church spiritually. Other people have questioned, including those in Religious Orders in the area have asked, who is running St. Angelas? Two times come to mind. First when I suggested it would be nice if the whole church said the rosary together during the month of May or October. He answered, That a good idea! "We can even have Benediction with the rosary service! I will have to ask someone about it." Who is that someone or someones? That is when I said to Father Paul, " You are suppose to be the skipper of this ship."

som eTohene second time was when I spoke to him about Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament being Part of the Eucharistic experience. He agreed and when I spoke to him about Benediction, He said I was the first person to ask for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. He followed that with,m" Look how few People attend Adoration. I countered Father You never mention that we are having it after the Friday Mass You say.

The following Friday, when he did not mention adoration, I wondered if I should . Well I did in my rather strong but mellow voice, boldly spoke, "We are Having Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament following this Mass! This form of worship of the Eucharaist has been encouraged by Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul."

I found an affirmation during the random Bible reading I during adoration. The first one was Matt. 10 chapter 19 /20 verses For what you are to speak will be given to you in that hour, It will not be you who are speaking , but the Spirit of your Father who will speak through you. I just read the heading of my second random reading It had the word Eucharist in it. I had a special longer prayer I do at each Adoration and had less time to say it.

I had spoken to some one connected to implimenta tion of the liturgy about how they had that St. Angela's Listed in Adoration schedules from 8 :30 AM to 12 Noon. Well it brought on immediate results! They cut it another half hour to 8:30 to 10 AM.

Nov.09, Sacred Host used in Adoration and Pyx Missing from the Tabernacle

Last week, Friday Nov.09, When Father Romeo went to put the Sacred Host in the Monstrance it was missing. It was not in the Tabernacle and he did the only thing he could which was put the Ciborium with the Body and Blood of Christ in the smaller Hosts out in the place of the Monstrance with the large host normally used in adoration. . I reported to the church office that the Pyx and Host were missing from Tabernacle to hopefully insure that there would be a Sacred Host to use the following week for Adoration. The following week on Friday, the Pyx and the Blessed Sacrament Host were still missing when Father Paul the Pastor went to put it in the Monstrance for Adoration. He immediately went into the Sacristy and returned with the Sacred Host and Pyx. He admonished someone present at Adoration stating strongly The Pyx and Host belong in the Tabernacle, not in the Safe in the Sacristy! It does create questions why did someone put the Pyx and Sacred Host in the Safe.

Just before the end of adoration I do a video of the Monstrance and Candles etc. as there have been amazingly accurate spiritual message focused on individual who were ill and in need of healing prayers and others who would soon pass away.

They direct my energy to seek them out and respond to their need. Sometime to help them cross over to the other side in peace feeling that God is with them calling them home. Trust in the Lord. I believe that when one has no fear of death they are less apt to cross over. With many who have suffered for longer periods , the idea of being for ever in the presence of God and seeing Him is a welcome realization of the reward of loving God and it is indeed their time to depart from this earth and be with Him in Heaven. One tear to the Ocean, one star to the sky, life here on earth to life when we die.

It kind of reminded me of when I first saw the Initial JC in the glass of the Monstrance after I gave how a great number of pictoral cards featuring a monstrance involved with the Eucharistic Miracle of Luciano , Italy. I called it to the attention of Giselle who puts the Host away at the end of Adoration. She said it was unique and we should tell Father Paul. I said , Father Paul is in Ireland and if you tell some one they will just turn it in another direction and you would no longer see the reflection. Next week they had a difference monstrance there. There were new images that were unique and connected to my interest in the Bible sections of Living Water , Christ at the well with the lady from Samaria. and other sections of the Bible as it explained to me this out pouring of energy that I relate to Christ love that directs me.

Well the same thing happened again with the images on the Ciborium, New Images that I have yet to decipher. In the same way that David had a knack of interpreting dreams in the past, I find meanings and suggestions in images that I focus on and explore visually. It is not unlike what physicist may see through a microscope. I will do a video of something that is difficult to see until I enlarge them by viewing them on a 55 inch screen. I will play the video and stop and photograph the video. when I have the photograph, I can then use my free Google graphic program to further enlarge and explore the image further if so desired.

Quite often they will inspire my songs of praise, healing and peace . I offer up my creativity as prayers I pray for others will couple the spoken words in counterpoint to my musical compositions. They are a form of deep meditation that is an expressive part of my spiritual journey. More than once I have felt my hands moved by someone else while I was painting as the brush moved in a different manner than my usual strokes.

It is the same when I am wandering over the keyboards in a free flow of musical notes. I sing while I paint and listen to special prayers that I set to music. I once had to sit down as I thought I was having a mini stroke or TIA attack which I have had in the past but in reality I was having an endorphin rush that people try to achieve through meditation.

I realized that when a heart specialist moved here from India gave a Hindu Meditation exercise in my home to a group of nurses also originally from India now employed at a local hospital . He felt the peaceful ambiance of my home would lend itself to the meditation lesson. He had commissioned me to do a painting for a cover of a book on meditation. I enjoyed the lesson myself as it furthered my knowledge and understanding of the Hindu Religion. One would be correct in saying I appreciated Joseph Cambell Studies of world religions and how their common threads of love of God and man can bring peace and happiness. I see and feel unity with those who strive for peace in a world and have a problem with those who misuse religion to create hate , strife and war. War is never Holy nor is it ever wholly just!

Over the years I have burn thousands of Cds with arrays of spiritual song addressing an array of human and spiritual needs, from healing to condolence,to the joy found loving God. I give my spiritual Cds away free and invite others to duplicate them to share.

I print up pictures of my spiritually directed painting like Our Lady, Star of the Sea, a prayer painting for Peace in the world in color when I have the color inks in my printer, in black and white when I run out of color ink in my printer. There are many a time when I am fortunate to have gas in my car not alone ink in my printer.

I use and share my talent in music and art, to spread Christ's Commands of Love , To love God most of all with your your whole Heart and Soul and Love your Neighbor as you love yourself. As many have good reasons not to love themselves I call to their attention to Christ New Command, John 13/34 , Love your Neighbor as I love you"

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