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Open Letter to the United Nations, May You Continue to Serve the Cause of Peace in the World

A Gift of Art, Positive Ideas, Concepts and Songs to share with the world through the United Nation, to diminish violence, terrorism and promote Peace and Understanding in the World

" Light of God's Love" Art was given to U.N. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon

April 21, 2010, I am revising this section removing the negative angst I felt during the Iraq war and actions in Palestine and Israel at the end of 2008 and start of 2009. I can not be an effective voice for Peace in the world and between Religions by citing neagtives examples of how man has misued Religion and the Written Word. I have sought like many the truth which was elusive to find in a world of constant change and spins.

All Truism is a quest to use Love ( formerly objective truth) to guide our actions and be aware of the consequences of our deeds. We have to be responsible for our actions and also for our inactions when people are in need. It is philosophy of encouraging acts of kindness. There is more about it on my home page

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Jan. 05, 09

The level of strife in the world will always call for resolution. From a humanitarian view point it must be balanced with justice. May you consider the Orion Concept as a way of opening up one door to aleviating some of that strife in the future. May we honor those who serve all mankind, not just their kind. May we focus more on strength of ideals and dialog than the force of arms. There is a need for honest dialog so that common goals of understanding and peace be assured by mutual respect, unity and strength. Let us put the same energy we put into war in the past into peace now and the future.

Orion Concept

Bleich Painting Gift to Challenger foundation

Peace not War in the Holy Land

The Holy Land should be a place where all the children of Abraham, Moslem Jews and Christians can live together, each pray in their own way of honoring the One God That Abraham believed in and they all do though they may adhere to different forms. May we be respectful of each otherís Religion and share in the mutual joy found in worship, freedom and peace.

I sought objective truth and found a deeper relationship with God and a mission to love Him and share His love Through the Golden rule and Christ's Two great Commands of Love.

It is a time for Christians to come together in love and be a great positive force for good in the world. May They work with other Religions and other Religions work with them for the well being of the world. Together we can make a difference.

The painting included is a visualization of the need for religions to come together to focus on the positive aspects of Religion.

he UN I tried to be a Peace maker between Christians and Moslems and Jews. There is a need for doves to be seen in the skies, not just hawks. Religion falls into the area of culture. I know as a group your UN preamble does not include Religion. I appreciate Saudiís King AbdullahĎs efforts to bring Religion and your involvement as it relates to culture. It is the same that I have been stressing for years in my Message for Humanity that is on the peace CD. You can imagine how people would regard me by mentioning God and Allah in the same sentence. I do not market the CDs. I gave thousands of my CDs away free to share them in the interest of sharing positive energy, compassion, love and Peace.

We can change the world for the better by drawing on the positive tennents of spirituality.

We can promote Peace and Understanding of the commonalities of Goodness that Religions share.

While working for peace between Moslem and Christians during the Balkan conflict I would do random reading from both the Bible and the Koran, searching for commonalties of directions and desires for peace. It was almost strange how by chance the pages opened to almost the same thoughts, They exist in The Bible, The Koran and the writings from other Religions.

Published Bleich Articles on Peace

I am enclosing an article I wrote during the Balkan problems when Clinton was president , An Artist Dream of Technology for Peace for a local paper. It is more relevant today. I will try to find another article I wrote after the Oklahoma city blast, suggesting that On an international level that May, the fifth month of the years focus on the Fifth Commandment, "Thou Shall not Kill!"

All Truism

May You peruse a concept called All Truism in the package, It deal with the interdependencies of Man. How it is rewarding to help people in need. It feels good to do good. Do it out of love not guilt. We are in dire need of that through out the world. I have enclosed CDs of My songs and some writings to a musical background. I have given thousands of these away free to share the positive side of life, but not be blind to the problems we all face. They have only led to financial problems because of my open objective approach. My efforts at Peace upset those who only use force and subterfuge to gain their political objectives.

The way to Peace is to Obey Christ's Two Commands of Love

I challenge all Christians if they are Christians, to obey and pay more attention to Christ's Two Commands of Love. If you canít remember or obey the Ten Commandments These two are crystal clear, Love Thy God and love Thy neighbor. If we did that, we would not have the many problems that weigh down our cities and the world.

I sent a Prayer Painting I worked on for over a couple of month to Sec. General Ban Ki-moon. It was not his to keep, it was his to share the message of peace and healing simply by hanging in his office or where ever. Then pass it on to another to share.

I never did hear from him and I am not surprised.

All I get is a constant stream of UNESCO letters asking for more money I don't have. I once contributed $1000 in the past to the UN funds for Children with AIDS. People with AIDs here were upset with that. They wanted it to be given to another American Aids group., I could not really afford to but the spirit of the children's need moved me to make that sacrifice and to keep my word. I am a couple of months behind in my morgage again as the health problems created at a local hospital are still creating health problems, interfering with my work, affecting my health and ability to go out and sell my work. Someone has been interfering with my sales, It does not seem to matter. I am into using my creativity empowered by my love and compassion inspired by Christ Commands of Love and the Golden Rule.

The same thing happened when I gave a thousand dollars to an injured soldier to help him become a surgeon. He said the Army taught him how to kill now he wants to heal and help others as the surgeons did for him at the Veteran Hospital.

My concept of family is very extensive. My actions inspired by prayer works can affect other positively but place a strain on my love ones. I had a major work That I wanted to give half of the sale price of one of my Heaven's gate paintings to Earth Quake relief in Japan. We were behind in our bills. It sold for $8000. I wrote a Catholic Church in Kobe and sent them half of the down payment and informed them they would receive $4000. When Emanuel and Maria from Greece stopped paying me when I tried to be a peacemake between Muslims andChristians in the Balken War. They sent me a photo of a church in turkey that the Muslim Government was accused incorrectly of plastering over a Mosaic of Christ and stopped paying me. I took $ 2800 from my retirement account much to the understandable frustratation of my ex wife. I wrote a poem about my art work, " Return to Heaven's Gate" You can find the poem on my homepage. The last verse is.

There is a lesson found in gardens, a gift from God to learn

if only we care for our fellow man like gardeners do their realm,

The world will be a better place and problems overwhelmed.

We all have an inner Moral Compass

I have met other who do not believe in God who are good and exemplary people who with their kindness and caring responsible lives put believers to shame who claim they love God but you would never know it by their lives.

This revised section reflects a realization that I am doing what I was born to do, be a peacemaker in keeping with the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi . May you use the Orion concept and use All Truism as part of that effort of serving others.

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© revised April 21, 2010 George J. Bleich