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Spirituality and Creativity, Influence of St.Francis

I council artists and others to use the energy found in their spiritual belief to empower their sense of purpose and chosen profession with a higher energy source, that of God's help and love. May I suggest a short prayer, “Let Thy will be my will”. If you offer up what you do it becomes a prayer and He will help you with your endeavors. May I caution you not to use His Name in vain for financial gain as that is a form of blasphemy. Do not give Him a reason for wrath. He has drawn a fine line in the sands of time and He will know if you cross over it. The material rewards of life are fleeting things.

Bleich at Assisi with brother and doves

Unique experiences while painting in Lourdes France and in Assisi, Italy, had a profound affect upon formulating a gentle loving, giving and forgiving approach to life. In Assisi, while painting in the hills where St. Francis lived, I was enthralled in some way but disappointed in others. There were Nuns. There were Franciscan Brothers walking and praying. There was the sound of young voices raised in song-filled praise. It was wonderful, but there was no signs of animal or bird life. I was used to seeing pictures of St. Francis surrounded with animals and birds. I kept painting and looking for some form of wildlife or feathered friends. I stopped painting and started shifting the pebbles at my feet looking for an ant. At that moment three white doves flew into the branches of a tree that was in my painting so I painted two of them in, as one was in a higher branch that was not in my painting. I called the painting "Doubting Thomas." After that experience it seemed as if there were always two doves about. I thought the other one must be the Holy Ghost.

I started a song that afternoon, "Three White Doves" which I finished in 2001, as a prayer offering for two people I was sharing Lourdes water with, Diane and young Catherine. I find it pleasurable and uplifting to use music as an act of prayer. The feeling is not one of the a musical virtuoso creating great Religious Musical composition but more that of a 65 year old child exploring music and song as a form of simple prayer and worship, Hoping that God would find my unschooled efforts pleasurable. I love harmonies and have explored contemporary chanting as meditation. I will sometime lay vocal track over track until the words disappear and become inaudible and become more like the sound of the singing wind. There is something lost in comprehension of the words but there is something else gained in the rising spirit of the endeavor. My greatest pleasure in singing my spirituals is found singing them in seclusion, It could be in my studio. It could be out doors while painting. It could be in the confines of my car while driving down the highway. I recall one late afternoon skimming over the Bahamas Banks in a Boston Whaler with the throttle wide open Singing above the roar of a 90 hose power Evinrude “ Holy God we praise Thy Name.” One of my more special memories was the day I found myself alone in a deserted Mission, Mission San Antoine. I sang the Hail Mary. It was like being in the presence of God in a special way, one on one. We know God is everywhere but how often do we really feel His Presence. You can if you try. When you are alone and connect with the Lord it is far more reaching emotional experience than found among the masses. If you sing like me, It is better to sing alone to God than to disrupt the choirs of humanity where voices are raised in beautiful praises that other might be spiritually inspired by the vocal gifts that God has given them.

In Pebble Beach, I have a St. Francis Statue with a Natural Arch of Roses outside my studio That Inspired this You tube St. Francis of Assisi Rose Award

While painting at Lourdes, France, I met a religious order of two, Francis, Heart of Mary, and Sister Claire. They approached me and started a conversation dealing with the thoughts I was pondering that day. It was almost like they read my mind. I took them out to dinner, sharing the evening with them discussing the positive intercession of Mother Mary in behalf of people in need. They asked me to buy a rosary and say it often. I said I would if Sister Claire bathed in the water at Lourdes as she appeared to be in a weakened state and had to rest when we went up the path leading out of the shrine area. I recalled that evening how my mom told me when I was baptized that my dad took me in his arms and placed me on the alter near the baptismal font which just happened to be an altar dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. I took it to be something out of his Jewish past. But I always have this deep sense of caring respect for mothers in general and love for my mother and Christ's Mother in particular. I share my feelings on this subject openly. There are some Christians who pay little heed to Christ's words to John on Calvary, "Son behold thy Mother." When one looks back to Christ's first miracle it was done at Mary's request at the wedding feast of Canna. My basic feeling is that Christ wants his mother treated with the same respect and love that we extend to our own mothers. I have returned to Lourdes to bring more of Mary's water back for people who are ill. I believe that the positive energy of prayer and a persons faith can help heal them. Through my music and letters I try to help them. There are some people I am drawn to help through personal contact. I do not pretend to be a healer with unique gifts. I am just a messenger with the message, God Loves You, Love Him in return. He will help you in a way that is predestined and ordained. God’s love does not always bring miracles but His love does bring inner peace.

Return of the Cross

One spring while painting at Stewart's Cove, Carmel Point with a visiting friend we observed what appeared to be a cross in the sky of the painting. I walked around the other side of the easel to see if it was caused by a shadow or something. I thought perhaps the canvas was repelling the paint for some technical reason. Perhaps something was on the surface of the canvas. I applied the paint heavily and with vigor, the cross was still there. We were having a religious conversation at the time that this happened. We accepted it with out too much thought continuing our conversation and painting. I have always felt the presence of God in nature and in light in particular.

When completing this painting , working on the play of light in the foreground sand, it became th the return of the Cross, only this time in the wet sand, not an image of a cross in the sky. the painting became a lesson in life to share. If you bring the cross of Christ, a symbol of love and sacrifice to the foreground of your problems in life you will have help from a higher source.

You will embark on a new journey in life of joy and discovery, Loving God most of all with your whole heart and soul and Loving your fellow man with out exception as Jesus loves us all. The lady went on to become an Ordained Minister first caring for Fallen Sparrows , ladies in need then founded Eagle Wings of Grace International. I went on become one of the Many Brothers and Sisters in Christ of many denominations who joyfully love the Lord, sharing the words of Christ in the New Testament, reaching out to those in need , each in our own God Loving Caring Way!

My Heaven's Gate theme, both in writings, poetry and paintings reflects a growing open minded spiritual awareness. My approach to Heaven's Gate is to try to help others find inner strength and encourage them to reach out to one another with helping hands and hearts. I was working on a large Heaven's Gate painting when Kobe, Japan, had that terrible earthquake. I told my wife that when I finish that painting I am going to give half of its cost to Japan Earthquake Relief. She said we could not afford to, I answered we don’t have the money anyway it is just a painting. The work was being purchased on time for $8000. The funds have gone to a church in Japan destroyed in the earthquake. The young couple from Greece who were buying the painting on time shared in the decision that a church should receive the funds. They were very good about their payments, and I received $4600 dollars. During the Balkan War I put my Message to Humanity back on my home page. As a result the couple from Greece sent me a photo of a mosaic of Christ that the Moslem government in Turkey plastered over ( This was an Urban ledgend that did not occur) and stopped paying me. I took $2600 out of my retirement account to send to the church in Japan to fulfill my obligation. Someday Maria and Manny will fulfill theirs.

My paintings and songs are inspired by the rhythm of God's heartbeat, reflecting the joy and pain that exist in the world.

You Will Survive Your Illness, What ever your affliction may be, if it be God's will and you ask for God's Mercy through Prayer.
Reach Out to God, with Trust,
He is reaching down to you with Love.
Trust in His Divine Mercy.
Pray it be God's Will!

I put a heart shaped photo of Lisa where Christ heart is in the Heart of Divine Mercy . . I visited Lisa another Sister in Christ, Lady of Faith Friends who I contributed art work for her cancer expenses and offered prayers & Prayer videos to Heart of Divine Mercy for cancer cures for hers and others. I was elated when she told me her cancer was gone with out treatment. Praise be God & Alleulia. Lisa and I were Kindred spirits spiritually, using the medium of singing praise and reaching out to others in service of the Lord. We shared a healing Hug, as I was in need of healing too and felt the joy of Thanksgiving. She asked that I continue to pray for her and with her. One of the healing songs on the cd was to the Heart of Divine Mercy. Lisa provided valuable insight to our spiritual conversation on prayer when she said, ". You do not pray for someone, you pray with them George, They must pray too.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Oh Heart of Divine Mercy Help me to Believe!

Miracles can be yours if you pray , invite other to pray with you, not just for you!

It is my belief, you heal the spirit first by increasing your Intimacy with God. Physical healing will follow when it is God's will.

Healing Hail Marys and Our Fathers, Pray your own way, Best way is to talk to God, My Healing Hail Marys are different from the regular Hail Marys, to focus on healing needs..

9 year old Sy Sherman, has a rare Liver Cancer and has outlived his life expectancy!

At I AM in the Morning he shut his eyes and opened them crying. . He had a vision of a Man and he wondered who it was. Veronica said maybe it is God or an Angel? Sy said I think so. How do I Pray . Veronica showed him how to fold his hands in prayer and said Just talk to Him. He prayed by talking to God, now may we pray with Him for a Christmas Miracle He Needs to Live.

May I share with you a Spiritual meditative approach to relieving pain and fear of Cancer Treatment and Chemotherapy that I developed while being a strong support person for a cancer patient with a beautiful quality of deep love of Jesus. What I am going to share with you can not only eliminate the fear of treatment but can have your body in a positive Healing mode that will make the treatment more effective. I would like to do individual instructional You tubes On some of the meditative steps involved so you can do them more easily. I will prepare them in the future for your journey to remission. I was inspired while praying for one of my Lady of Faith Friends and others with cancer that I know personally and others with different Illnesses I have been asked to pray for by friends. I have gone to Lourdes France Twice bring water back to share with those who are ill and have been doing what God ask me to do with increased dedication for over 20 years Though I was visiting Hospitals, Mental inistutions etc. and not as a patient, From the time I was 17 and I am 75 now..

THe Cross from St. Angela's Merici Stain glass window on the glass enclosing Our Lady of Fatima, guided me in developing the 5 versions for each decade of the second part of the Healing Hail Mary I

Healing Prayer Forms inspired by Mary's Intercession, Our Lady of Fatima and Jesus's healing Mercy in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Comprised of 5 Healing Mysteries, with 10 healing comforting Hail Mary beginnings with second part changes reflecting on the Holy Trinity , Holy Family and healing. One may note the changes from the video as they have developed.

First Healing Mystery, Prayed to God the Father,the Final decision maker on Miracles.

Holy Mary Mother of God , Pray for us, your children,

Now and at the hour of our most pressing need.

Help us love God most of all with all our hearts and souls.

May we obey God's 10 Commands and abide by His rule of Gold,

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Please Heal our Brethern if it be Thy Holy Will.

Second Healing Mystery, The Son Jesus Christ,Source of Love and Mercy.

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us your children

Now and at the hour of our most pressing need.

Help us love JESUS more each day , More and more in every way.

May we hold baby Jesus In our arms, Our Hearts and Souls .

Breathing in the breath of Baby Jesus, exhaling His Joy, His Love, His Peace.

May our love of the Lord never cease.

Third Healing Mystery, the Holy Spirit Bearer of Grace and Inspiration.

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us your children

Now and at the hour of our most pressing need.

While we stand beneath the Living water, Having bodies and souls purified by Holy Spirit's Grace

Now with open hearts we joyfully receive the Power and Glory of God'sd healing Pefect love

Gifting us with Joy and Life to love , share and serve God ever more.

Fourth Healing Mystery, O Holy Family , Jesus, Mary & Joseph , Help Broken Famiies Mend, when they can

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us your children

Now and at the hour of our most pressing need.

Help Broken Marriages mend with the helping hands of the Holy Family

Help families reconcile. May God's gentle Love bond them together again.

May their faces beam with smiles, Reflecting the shared inner joy of being in love

In Love with God, their Children and each Other, as Jesus loves us all..

Fifth Healing Mystery, Peace in our Hearts, Homes , Citiies and the World

Holy Mary Mother of God , Pray for us, your children,

Now and at the hour of our most pressing need.

Help us love God most of all with all our hearts and souls.

May we obey Christ's New Command, John 14/34 , Love one another as I have loved you.

Abide by His rule of Gold, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

May all Christians live in Peace, Abide in Christ's Teachings. May all the Children of Abraham live in Peace under One God the Father. May those who accept the Gospel as truth , Respect Mary as the Mother of Christ. Pray the Holy Rosary for Peace in the world as she has pleaded in her obedience to God appearances.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"In The Name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit", Pastor Wolters Blessings

Among my many friends at rest Homes, one of my most valued friends who I care about and respect is Retired Pastor from Pacific Groves's St.Mary's Episcopal Church. Rev. Allen Wolters at Carmel hills who Blessed me and my efforts to help those who are Ill especially with Cancer. Reverend Allen Wolter has survived cancer three times over and continues to serve God , His fellow Patients and visitors with His encouraging words of Christian Wisdom, The words of God in the Holy Bible and His Blessings. He serves his fellow patients and visitors with God's Love and care.with with His Blessings and Prayers. Part of the song is from his personal Prayers for those in need of God's Love and Healing, coupled with my Prayer and God Inspired approaches to eliminate Fear of cancer treatment and concept that can help achieve peace of mind and a spiritually alive approach to treatment.

I asked Reverend Wolters advice as my approach to eliminating fear and providing a positive mindset toward treatment that could aid in achieving remission when Lisa elected to not have treatment and informed me her cancer was gone. He has had unique experiences too where a tumor vanished after one his healing services and blessings. He was aware of my activities as a Prayerful Healing facilitater and also my reluctance to think of myself as a healer as God really does that. He said George , You may be a healer and God may want you to do that. I thought that if God wanted me to be more effective in spreading the news of Christ Great Commands,, He may have gifted me with that ability when I look back on the positive results of my prayers and Blessings. I have leaned more on healing hugs and blessing forehead with the Sign of the Cross than the laying of hands and commanding healing..I touch upon unique happeneing in my art and spirituality that are broader in nature but do involve favorable results.

I used my creativity as an artist , Musician To bring comfort hope and Joy and healing to the Ill and infirmed That started over 50 years. I have a lot of bedside caring experience with ill people.I will tell them, there are some who will bring you Jesus in the Host. I bring you the Spirit. I will do some of the exercises that I discribe in this section with the patients at the rest homes I visit frequently.

I remember singing to a lady named Pearl who was in a coma and would not be with us long. My companion Legion Member said lets move on , I said you move on and I sang some of my Mary songs to her. I knew she could hear them and there was a hint of a smile on her face. I prepared a Cd of My spiritual for my nephews to play for my sister before she died amd they did play it at first. I Told them I put a lot of effort and even wrote a new song for her," Welcome Jesus into the garden of your Soul, " When they played it all her vital sign became more active and changed. There was a thunder storm in Georgia when she died. The Kids told me there was this beautiful rainbow outside when they left. The next day all the day lilys bloomed at one time and they usually bloom one clump at a time.

I will share a beautiful moving story that a mother shared with me with tears in her eyes. It is the healing her 17 year old son gravely Ill with cancer spoke to her of. I put this true story into song Form.

. To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'

"Healing at Lourdes"

It was strange when I first came back from my first trip to Lourdes People would gravitate to my Gallery who were ill and I would work with them and alway gave credit to the Lourdes water when there was positive results . Then Professional healers started to gravitate to my gallery as if there was a magnetic force field that attracted like minds.I would share my songs with them and they would share Theirs with me if they used it in their healing sessions, One was a haprpist that would hold healing sesssions for over 20 to 30 thosand people at a time.

Facilitator of God's Mercy

My personal feeling is that man can be a facilitator but miracles are God's works. When ever possible I would involve other people in the prayer process that we could all share in the healing and I have a firm belief that more sincere prayers with more involved can work better.

My prayer efforts are persistent and do take on some unique forms, Prayer paintings that can go on for as long as 7 months, Prayer songs that I write and sing while working on the paintings and make cds of them and I give my spiritual and healing cds away free of charge, with out cost. I have burnt thousands of CDs with Healing Mood Songs, To reach out to those in need. They are my homilies and songs of Love and Praise of God.

Holistic Impressionism

My consistant creative mindset on healing across the spiritual and physical range had me think of my work as being holistic Impressionism, filled with beauty that can be healing. That concept has been reenforced by conversation with those who own my work when they share with me what my paintings do for them.

A new artistic vision to support my serving God and man Ministeries

I "ve heard a voice while praying, a new calling to combine my disciplined skills , artistic expertise and my Love of the Lord in new spiritual paintings and even stories for Children's Books. I have Two new paintings underway in addition to my Living Water painting.. One of Christ's heart of Divine Mery where I am putting Him intop an existing work of art and another of the Lone Cypress as that location has aways attracted me mystically. That will be the first of a series of Healing Paintings with one or more angels involved. They will vary land and secapes. Angels with flowers in a beautiful Garden, will be the start a new series, " Garden Angels". I was hoping to have my Lady of Faith friend would be involved but that would take a miracle of a different Divine Nature. I wanted to help her nourish her creative gifts and become financially independent and less reliant on the charity of others. She has a delightful way of portraying Girls in her drawings & paintings that could meld with my expertise in Gardens and light. Just like in life, artists have to learn to work together to work on the same painting or any creative endeavor. . There have been a number of artist who have done that in the past sucessfully and enjoyed the process..

I will have develop some new skills and dive in and enjoy doing it. it is time that I focus on maintaining my financial independence, inspite of the efforts of those who would prefer to not have me to do so.

God has a way of Bringing Truth to the Surface, Like the Living water, Truth based on love of God bubble up in an endless flow. and will be revealed. Perhaps in a surprising way.

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© July 28, 2015 George J. Bleich The four candles provided away to unify and establish possible order of progression. Some of the prayer concepts are new in their visualization exercise that I do naturally and spontaneously, spiritually inspired by the circumstances of the moment.

Holy Spirit , Cancer Healing Prayer song

I will often ask the Holy Spirit to help with my spiritual creativity in the service of loving our neighbors in need. My Mission Statement in life is to call attention to What Christ's repeatedly called to fore the Beautiful clarity of the Great Commandment of Love that all other Commandments stem from. My other God given task is to encourage saying the Rosary, as that has been Mary's repeated request during her many apperitions.

This Morning while praying for a number of friends with cancer my attention was drawn to the 4 Candles, 2 Angels on the altar on each side of the Blessed Sacrament. As an observant creative artist I saw the emergence of creative visual metaphors hope for their future, Inner peace and joy found in Loving God and heightened awareness of God's Love for you. developing an unique intimate closeness to God by helping you meld your physical senses and being to Your inner spiritual world. introducing fresh approaches that can bring about a new understanding of what having God in your heart means. You will feel him in every part of your body and soul in joyful immersion with God. This is an introduction to some things you can do immediately any where you are.

It is not difficult. There is an ease of doing this anywhere, personalize it in your chosen spiritual way It can help you on the road to remission when it is God's will. If you don't try or ask don't expect God to act. Sometime it takes being peristent. which is all part of the displine Being bound to God with Love and prayer, Faith Hope and Charity will help you no matter how it turns out.

What I do is out of love for God not money. I am strongly influenced by my daily Random Bible reading and The words of Christ in the New Testament are the words that I cherish most of all and use for direction in my life. My Favorite Bible has His Holy Words in Red. I wish more Bible did the same to emphasis Christ Teachings that are paramont and the Way. We have all seen the Bible used out of context to promote actions that are contrary to the teaching s of Christ's Love.

I have burned and given away free thousands of cds with My spiritual songs I regard as Homilies and give them away free to share the word.

I was well off , not rich but close to it. I really enjoyed sharing the fruits of my Labor with my family, Traveling Sailing etc and painting our way around the world in 1997 with Jon and Chris..

There was a time when I never lacked money, but money to me was only important as a vehicle to pursue creativity and develo[p my creative gifts through travel , study and application. I would think nothing of hopping on a plane to Europe for a week to do painting studies for my Major Triptych, I had a home in New Hampshire where I developed my landscape skill by pleine air painting, .a Home in Carmel with an emphasis on studying and painting the sea, a studio Gallery residence in Gloucester and a 34 foot Yawl to sail up the New England coast to Maine and paint from to capture on canvas places I sailed to professionally . My timeshares and motor home would become studios.. And I earned it all by my art and hard wotk.

When I was ill, I thought I was going to die. I became even more spiritual and I was very spiritual before. I would be involved with prayer paintings. that went on and on until The lady I was doing it fioor recived her double lung transplant. This is the second time I did prayer paintings of the Lone Cypress for young ladies from Australia who needed Double Lung Transplants and had successful operations with no rejection. The first one was 13 or 14 years ago and she is doing well and the other was a couple of years ago. There were others including a painting of Yosemite that I used Lourdes water mixed with colors in the painting for a lady with cancer and she is doing well. I have shared Lourdes water with a lot of people. including one Muslim man who I recall being in the military. Pursuit of money was not my goal as I was too busy with my spiritual work.

Time to dive back into painting with Gusto and master new areas of Spirituality Creativity

I am going to activate a fresher dynamic approach to using my time. i will be diving into some spiritual paintings that seem to be calling me to do . There will be people who will relate to them and desire to have them in their home for the energy that they may want to reflect on in a healing healthy positive way. The illustrated spiritual story books for children and adults who are young at heart I wanted to do with my talented lady of faith I will do myself, just like moving the TV myself. I am a can do man and will do it as a joyful fun project . If any professional or will be illustrators want to work with me get in contact! This Morning Tuesday the 27 of December 2011, a spiritual Ray entered my life unexpectedly . She is an angel , and we can all be angels when we reach out doing God's will, sharing the word and by our works serving others. named Rae who called asking Permission to use my Painting beyond Moongete as a Cover for her Book on her Spiritual Journey. On my easle at the time was the start of my Garden Angel Series. It was a moongate and there was another shadow of a crooss on it and I had a painting of Christ,Hheart of Divine Mercy in front that one and there was a strong light on Christ and rays going out to the name painted on the enrty gate that I was going to change to " Heaven's Gate" There are so many many good things happening that are all intertwined that has me believiong , God's is working in mysterious way

New Spiritual Painting, Garden and Wave Angels

Home of Spiritual Creativity.

I will continue my prayers , Daily Mass, Eucharist and Rosary at church along with my praying in my studio which is a"Home of Spiritual Creativity" , Some familiar with it have called it a Chapel, As Prayers and Blessings flow freely here . I thought of it as my Sanctuary, Today in prayer, God told me it is a " Home of Spiritual Creativity" And all homes can be the same . where voices are raised in prayer and song, where art of all forms are created that have been offered up as a prayer. Painting Writing , Music and even House work can be a prayer. My experiences as being a servant of God as in the Servant song has enriched my life and other with the spiritually creative approaches to a wide range of problems, that have been tested and found to be effective while working with patients in rest homes , hospitals and else where. I will condense these medtative exercise combing the spiriitual with physical healing. concepts in to easy to use forms. They will be presented in small illustrative instructional and inspirational booklets that will sell for less than some greetingf cards. It is my intent to have them be enjoyable and rewarding to use'

I will contiue to spend time playing Guitar singing and praying with the patients and bringing smiles to their face. They are a source of inspiration and grace, requiring complex creative solutions, Bible reading, random and in study wil provide material for Children books for the young at heart. After 8 O clock Morning Mass I will return home and watch EWTN Mass as I enjoy good homilies.

Art and Spirituality Section

Section touch upon experiences bordering on being a form of natural Paranormal. The Images on the video of the monstrance are unique and that is just a few of them I have you tubes of other up and a Lot more that I did not put up. There have been others that I did sketches of That involved Mary and Jesus. The messges I get from them is to encourage the praying of the Rosary for Peace as Mary has asked us to do time and time again. There was one where Mary was holding up the world to God and Then while sketching that it changed and God had the world in His hands.You kind of know that would have me humming He Got the whole world in His hands.

The living water Painting I was told to paint during adoration was a clear vision and it came with a message!

Do this painting and your problems will be over. It is still in process but that evening at the same time I was working on it here Some one from from Australia was sending me E mail confirming a seven thousand dollar sale and a week before that I had to borrow $ 300 to have enough to pay my mortgage payment.I am always 3 behind, four could be out the door. I hardly give it a thought, God seems to provide for my needs by sending someone to buy a work of art from my extensive personal collection. That really is no way to live and I have the creative potential and know how to leave that financial bear trap behind me by focusing my energy, still doing positive creative spiritual works that I am called to do. I am a can do man, I have achieved finacial security in the past and can do the same in the future Adoration time and prayer time is very Important to me. One of the times before last week The messages I receive during adoration was I will share things with you that you can not photograph. I understood that more completely when I took a photo recently of unique colors and an unusal bright area that suggested two figures holding a bright image of a child. These bright areas generally show up in my photos as do the colors. The camera did not capture it at all. I have the feeling that the images I photograph or do videos are messages for me to give me direction yet some are so tangible and undenilable are there for the purpose of validating what may follow and that will happen in the future. During last Adoration. Once again I was praying for help with this cancer section and received it in unique powerful way. I had a brief

Apparition of a Franciscan Friar, saying four words, "I will Help you"

and was gone. Wow now that was special, I am use to seeing crosses pop up in or on my Lone Cypress Prayer Painting ( Good News Susie received new Lungs section of home page, which I have photographed and other unique natural images that seem to have spiritual significance. I always pray for help with my creative spiritual projects during adoration. Every thing from Special Prayers to Spiritual songs and writings. Well I believe the Friar who appeared will some how have Franciscians help me share the Importancne of Christ Commands of Love or some of my other spiritual projects promoting the use of the Rosary along with respect and love for Mother Mary.

Putting this positive approach into Practice

One*Positive Mindset Prayers You can use your own words or my suggestions I will be adding spiritual healing mood songs and more videos

Two**Creative Visualization of Radiation Rays as being the Healing Rays of the Holy Spirit or Rays from Christ Heart of Divin e Mercy

Three*** Creative visualization of the reality of Inviting Jesus into your Heart and Having your heart be His home, having his Sacred healing Blood Mingle with your own Flowing Through Every artery, Through every Vein healing as His Sacred Blood Flows, From the top of your head to the tip of your toes. If you are having Chemotherapy Che**** Mother****Apy Think first of Mother Mary and of the first miracle that Jesus Christ did at His Mom's request. Ask her to ask her son to help you be relaxed and at peace. Dwell on Jesus Christ and your Blood mixed with the fluid as a whole new and complete healing solution blessed by your prayers and the prayers of your friends and family who want you to Live to continue to share their joys and sorrow.

Four****Deep peaceful Breathing, Breathe in Jesus ( slowly and if need be in a couple of breaths Exhale pain and any negative memories Breathe in Jesus exhale Peace, Breathe in Jesus exhale love, Breathe in Jesus exhale Joy, Breathe in Jesus exhale belief that you are being Healed. what you are doing is creating a positive healing protective space around you. The basic idea is to rid yourself of any thing in your mind that is negative then fill your space with healing positives you can relate to, and you will be replacing all the negatives. space around you that ever have caused you pain with new joy of total immersion of God's healing Love coursing through your entire body with the visualization of your lungs being fill with a new fresh breeze of healing, that your heart is beating send Jesus's Sacred Healing Blood to every part of you.You will Pray Heal me Lord if it be thy will, May good Lord Help me live so that I can serve you and my fellow man in the way you direct me. A friend of Mine In The Choir almost passed out and I did this exercise with him Breathing deeply with him Breathe in Jesus, exhale peace we did it a couple of time and he felt better we discussed variations of idea, that could be used..idea which he liked.

Five***** The fifth is the one that I found the most joy in doing. You visualize holding Baby Jesus tenderly in your arms..

How a Man holds a Baby You can cross your heart with your arms. You could do that anywhere with out any one having a clue of what you are doing a spiritual exercise

close up Radiation Candle I want you to travel back in time to when you held your new born child in your arms and feel the small warm body close to your heart and looking down with love and awe at them when they finally emerge from the womb.

My Son Chris , His wife, Marina and Kaia Bella, It will be easier for a Mom to grasp this idea of holding Baby Jesus though men can do this too. Picture Mother Mary handing you Baby Jesus to hold for awhile. feel the warmth of His small Body, Picture Baby Jesus looking up at you with love in his eyes for you and you returning that peaceful loving feeling.The meditation is on the joy and peace and pure love Baby Jesus brings and the pure love that begins to well up in your heart for Baby Jesus. you can breathe in Jesus as your bring your hands up to your heart, Thinking, I love you Jesus, while breathing in ,Thank you for loving me, while exhaling, Thank You for loving me while exhaling. You can make up your own words while doing this it could be, Heal me Baby Jesus by your holy name. There are endless possibilities. I repaired a beautiful statue of Baby Jesus and if I do a video on this step of the exercises I may try to borrow Baby Jesus for the video. One the special joys in Knowing My Lady of Faith friend is how we exchange spiritual idea that help create a closer realtionship with God. She shared a vision she had of Mary letting her hold Baby JESUS.and suggested that I contemplate doing that, which I did and found joy and peace in doing it and sharing the feeling to have other try it. Friday Dec.16th after Mass, Adoration and the rosary I spent 5 hours at 3 different rest home with the young and old infirmed sharing the idea of Holding Baby Jesus in your arms and breathing in the air he exhales that is filled with Joy, Love and Peace. We would do it togther and their response to Holding Baby Jesus was wonderful to see and feel. I found it rewarding and special to me when one of the patient started singing Joy to the world as my lady of faith responded in the same way after Breathing in Jesus to help end her pain. Another elderly patient asked me to help her put her shoes on and I said you must be Cinderella . She said You must be Prince charming , I told her I am just Sir Froggy but if you kiss me on my cheek I may turn into a prince and be a frog no longer. The other patient and Cinderella enjoyed a little fantasy fun that every one needs once in while. I seem to have away of making people smile and love doing it.

Broken Jesus

Jesus made whole with Mom and Angel Friends

I do a lot of work on my cancer section and offer it up as a prayer for those with cancer especially with for a Lady of Faith Friend as her plight introduced me to cancer in a more personal caring way. She has has a personal gift of giving blessings, though ill with cancer has blessed me with a deeper love of Jesus that grew while praying with her and for her many complex problems It is joyful to bring to patients comforting and positive focus on Healing and Hope through an increased awareness of God's Love and Presence with in them.

The First candle

Close up of the First candle

The first candle on the right next to the Picture of the Heart of Divine Mercy had a very dim almost undiscernable flicker of a flame. That represented to me an individual's confrontation with life taking Cancer, Their internal flame was dimmed with despair and they were looking at a death sentence.Their physical pain, life's disappointments, emotional termoil and stress Left them with one desire to leave it all behind and rest in God's 'arms.

3 of the four candles

close up of 2nd Candle

The candle next to the dim one shone brightly pulsing with a dynamic light that was Beating like a strong heart Beat. a live rythmn that matches your own.

This concept deals with inviting the Lord into your heart, Making Your heart His Home.

The most important part of the exercise is to contemplate the Lord's Blood mingling with your own Blood then flowing outward together with Che****Mother****Apy from your heart with each heart beat
to every part of your body, Healing as it flows.

This was a free wheeling meditative recording effort while a little fatigued. The Night before I worked on Home Page until 5 AM and was up at seven AM to go to the 8 O clock Mass today. It was past 2 AM the next day when I started recording the song after working on the Homepage and Praying which I find energizing and enjoyable, I also did More Painting on My Living Water Painting and worked on another where I Put Jesus and His Heart of Divine Mercy into an existing Garden and home entry scene. singing all the while while painting I almost forgot playing 9 holes of Golf for exercise at Peter Hay and Boy was I ever on, More birdies than usual. My energy level is amazing for a 75 year old I can do more hard physical labor work Than People a third my age. My friend's son a husky ex Marine about 30 and a tall middle aged man from church came by to pick up a Bed set the son loaned his Mom when I was going to be her caregiver . I asked if they could bring up the old large tube TV we moved out of her room to the car to bring to the recycle center. The middle age man in charge said It was too heavy it weighed 500 lbs, ( More like 200lbs.) The dolly was too weak and the ground was too soft. I said , forget it I will do it myself. He said if you get it the car take a picture of it.. Well so I did it myself. There are people who can and people who can't. Peo[ple who can't , dont try When the going get tough the tough get going. With others when the going get tough , they say I had enough, no mas and they are gone.

They told me to take a picture of tv in Car if I could get it in!

I was just played and sang , responding to the lyrics, choosing chords along the way Thinking of Christ's healing blood flowing through out the entire body of the person I am offering up this effort for as another form of prayer. To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Come into my heart O Lord"

Ask Mother Mary to intercede with Jesus that you may be healed In the same way she ask Jesus to provide the wine at the wedding Feast of Cana when Jesus performed his first Miracle at His Mother's Request.

Do not fear a treatment with Mother in the middle of it! CHE***Mother****aPY

You will make covenant with God to serve Him when you survive sharing the joy you most certainly will find in sharing you growing love of the Lord. The bright pulsing light I experienced was strong yet gentlein a video will be more dynamic in suggesting the heart beat. The meditative exercise, visual and actual realization and acceptence that God is physically present in the Host and wine of the Holy Eucharist. You invite Jesus to make your Heart his home and His sacred healing blood is flowing outward from your Heart through every artery and Vein in your whole vascular system. Healing as it flows through out your entire you Body. Applying that total immersion with God can help provide a positive healing feeling mode feeling during Chemotherapy coupled with the Faith and desire to survive if it be God's will so that you and I found ourselves doing the Breathing in exercise of breathe in Jesus and thinking, may serve Him more completely sharing the knowledge of God's Love with those in need.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'

"Miracles Can Happen if only we believe"

CHE **** MOTHER **** APY total immersion with Jesus, Mother is in the middle of Che***mother****apy. Mary will intercede for your cure with her Son Jesus like she did at the Wedding Feast of Cana when Christ perfomed His First his Mom's request.

close up of 3d wave Candle

This candle had an appearance of a wave of energy once again pulsing with Life. I found myself breathing in deeply thinking and feeling deeply I was breathing in Jesus and exhaling God's Love and Peace into the surrounding room. I would do it over and over again, always breathing in Jesus, exhaling the positives to share and the negatives to rid our body and soul of haunting pains. I found myself reflecting on the first time I shared this with My Lady of Faith friend.

That exercise was inspired by the needs of some one I regarded as a good friend that I indentify as a Lady of Faith in this section. With out knowing it or her approval she has been to me what St. Clair was to St. Francis as she shared her love of Jesus and the New Testament with me. I have learned much from the experience. I was tending to her in the evening when she was in deep pain, which she just took pain medication to relieve. She was lying down with her face to the side facing me. I massaged her back in the form of a cross and softly suggested she do deep breathing, Breathe in deeply, slowly and long. Contemplate breathing in Jesus while breathing in. Then think when releasing the air that you filled your lungs with Jesus's healing Love, breathe out the pain, you want relief from. Try doing that a dozen times, you will Jesus's healing presence in your heart. After doing this for a while her whimpering crying from pain stopped and we said the rosary with pray for us children in that she introduced to me. She started singing Joy to the world softly which I joined in singing in a low whisper. She told me her feet were bothering her, so I massaged her feet with an aloe cream while we continued singing soft and low, Joy to the world. THe skin on the leg that bothered her most was dryer than the other to touch, especially arond the heel tendon. That could suggest a possible minor venous reflex problem. It is not uncommon after a hip replacement to have a numbness in the foot area as I have talked to a number of people who had that post operative problem. I still have it after my hip replacement.

close up Radiation Candle

The Blue rays reminded me of an inclusion of the spiritual side to radiation. Though it was like the blue rays of the spirit flowing from Christ heart of Divine Mercy.

It seems like November is the time I massage Ladies feet. I did it two Thanksgivings ago for a homeless lady who stayed at my home for A Few months. On Thanksgiving day I asked if she would like to serve the homeless at the Monterey Fairground. She said she would like to. While there we were separated and she disappeared. I was not aware of her hidden fears that pushed her panic button. After driving around the area looking for her for a half hour or more she was no where to be found. She ran away from the Fairgrounds and had someone drop her off at the Pebble Beach Gate. She walked all the way down to the ocean looking for my home All she knew was my first name, George. It was dark and cold and she developed terrible Blisters from walking a long distance in very light weight shoes. An unkind Pebble beach resident said you don't belong here and gave her a ride to the gate to get her out of Pebble Beach. My 2 sons Eric and Jon suggested we put a missing person report to the Police and around 10 PM a sheriff officer brought her to my home I set her up in a recliner by a warm glowing fireplace, served her Thanksgiving Dinner, then when removing her wet ballerina type slipper shoes, I became aware of the painful condition caused by the new Large foot blisters and prepared a pan with epson salts and warm water. That was followed up with a Healing foot cream. and wound dressing. This was repeated over and over againmuntil the blisters healed. I had experience and the medical supplies from treating my own serious heel wound.

I would like to develop a form of these spiritual healing exercises That would be universal yet consistant with the varying concepts of All the Chilren of Abraham and beyond them to be inclusive of all in need of healing It will focus on steps and progressive stages combining meditative exercises with visual realization approaches.

Initials J C in Monstrance which to me stands for Jesus Christ

Photos of a Video of the Monstrance I took during Adoration After I saw the J C . That happened after I gave out a large number of picture cards with the Eucharistic Miracle Of Luciano Italy.To Me, The J C was just God's way of saying Thank You George. as I set in that same seat many times before during adoration and the J C was not there. Some one in the church changed the monstrance When I shared this with a woman in Charge of Putting the host back in the tabernacle by having her sit in my chair where it was visible from. She was moved by the J C saying "WE should share This with the Pastor"

I said He is away and if you do share it they will just move the Monstrance so it would not reflect the image. She told someone. They did not move it as I said they would do. They replaced it with another Monstrance.

I was drawn to video the flickers of color and nebulous shapes, and images on the Monstrance. I played the video back and stopped intermittenly to explore the images and possible meanings.

I was working on a song at the time called Living water and exploring the meaning of it as Christ spoke of it at the well with the woman of Samaria. It seem to explain my own overflowing of Spiritual and physical energy. It has different meanings, Partaking of the water at Baptism, Partaking of the spirit in all you do. Sharing the water of Spiritual Inspiration flowing endlessly from the Holy Spirit, bubbling over with Love of God and everyone and every thing. I feel joy, surrounded by God's Presence everywhere in everybody and in everything. You will find it present in my spiritual songs which are Like Homilies Poems writings etc. It is a state of grace, overflowing with the Joy found loving God and sharing that love and encouraging other to find it within them selves. I am overflowing with Love of God that makes me joyful, It is a happy feeling that will express it self in fun ways. I am not a solemn spiritual heavyweight I follow the example of a side of St. Francis of Assisi that earned him the name God's Jester. There are those whom seek that through the disciplines of Meditation. I found it in living Christ's Great Commands of lOVE. Being a servant to those in need in the ways that I am directed.

It would take a spiritually blind man in denial not to see that there is something special going on in these unaltered images. The images were special to me and what I was doing at the time dealing with the Holy Spirit and focus on Living Water that Christ spoke of at the well to the lady of Samaria.I put a couple of my songs to the background. Way of the Cross and In care of an Angel. I have a number of different videos like this including some images in a prism that led my discovery of unique images presented to me, primarily during Religious exercise, Prayer, reading the Bible, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament etc. Even an image of a painting I should do that would solve my problems, I started it and good things happened imediately. You will find them on my youtube channel,

May the lovely young Muslim lady I shared info on this section, Wagma with severe cancer affliction from Pakistan whom I met at CHOMP'S Cancer Treatment center see this. I was surprised to receive a call from her while working on this. I find it interesting that there are more words writing about Mary in the Koran then there are words written about Christ in the Bible. it is understandable as an an Angel dictated the words in the Koran to Mohamed. In the past year while delivering my art work to Bethel Baptist Church to raise funds for a parishoner with cancer I noticed a Mosque across the street where I spoke to the Iman about working for peace among the children of Abraham . I have shared some of the same ideas with Ministers and Priest. I contacted an inspirational Cancer survivor and requested that she talk to her Brother who is a Chaplin in Prisons whom I met attending a Music function at the Bethel Baptist church, that he may speak to Rev. Lusk who is celebrating his Golden Anniversary as a minister this week end to consider an Interfaith Healing Peace Prayer service at His church.

A photo from a video of Our Lady of Fatima whom I ask to help me with this healing Rosary section. Seeing the reflection of a Cross help set the direction and course of the healing Prayer. I have no intention of changing the Hail Mary as it has existed for centuries. It is a new Prayer for healing that starts with the Hail Mary and go on to include Christ's Commands of Love , The Golden Rule and the coupling of Medical treatment with spiritual metaphors to create a positive mindset during the treatments and eliminating the fear associated with the treatment in the first place. was worand the visual surprise that was there for me when I was knelt down asking for her help with a concept that My Lady of faith friend shared with me of praying for us Children instead of praying for us sinners. I do it that way during my three recitations of the Rosary at home in my studio of creative spirituality.. and it creates a joyful flow, an uplifting of the spirit and revitalizing energy levels. It is understandable as the prayer focuses on the Joy of being free from sin as the sins have been forgiven by God and not repeated, It focuse on serving God Longer with new found life and joy, not the hour of our death, More like the Resurection and being Born again, coupled with Christ in a beautiful meaningful way, inclusive of all God's Children with out exception which may be difficult for some to even begin to understand how hearts can over flow with God's Peace and sharing God's love and unifyed and purifyed by loving God and feeling deeply His great love for all his children. us.the love with unity t,htlove eart overflowing with His love to share.

Bring the Rosary Back to the forefront of All America as a prayer for the living, not just a required Funeral Dirge

This beautiful prayer the Rosary has fallen from prominence in Catholic Churches along with other devotional Prayer Services inspiring the faithful Catholics in America and relagated to a required Funeral dirge. In Countries where Mary is loved and respected and rosary devotions are more extensive as in Asia Countries like the Philippines, Africa and Latin America More young Men are being drawn into the priesthood and supplying Our churches with Missionaries to serve in our parishes.

THe Cross from St. Angela's Merici Stain glass window on the glass enclosing Our Lady of Fatima, guided me in developing the 5 versions for each decade of the second part of the Healing Hail Mary I

Healing Prayer Forms inspired by Mary's Intercession, Our Lady of Fatima and Jesus's healing Mercy in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Comprised of 5 Healing Mysteries, with 10 healing comforting Hail Mary beginnings with second part changes reflecting on the Holy Trinity , Holy Family and healing.

First Healing Mystery, Prayed to God the Father,the Final decision maker on Miracles.

Holy Mary Mother of God , Pray for us, your children,

Help us love God most of all with all our hearts and souls.

May we obey God's 10 Commands and abide by His rule of Gold,

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Please Save our friends and Love One That they may live to love, serve and praise the Lord.

Second Healing Mystery, The Son Jesus Christ,Source of Love and Mercy.

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us your children

Help us love JESUS more each day , More and more in every way.

May we hold baby Jesus In our arms, Our Hearts and Souls .

Breathing in the breath of Baby Jesus, exhaling His Joy, His Love, His Peace.

May our love of the Lord never cease.

Third Healing Mystery, the Holy Spirit Bearer of Grace and Inspiration.

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us your children

While we stand beneath the Living water, Having bodies and souls purified by Holy Spirit's Grace .

Now with open hearts we joyfully receive the Power and Glory of God'sd healing Pefect love

Gifting us with Joy and Life to love , share and serve God ever more.

Fourth Healing Mystery, O Holy Family , Jesus, Mary & Joseph , Help Broken Famiies Mend, when they can

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us your children

Help Broken Marriages mend with the helping hands of the Holy Family

Help families reconcile. May God's gentle Love bond them together again.

May their faces beam with smiles, Reflecting the shared inner joy of being in love

In Love with God, their Children and each Other, as Jesus loves us all..

Fifth Healing Mystery, Peace in our Hearts, Homes , Citiies and the World

Holy Mary Mother of God , Pray for us, your children,

Help us love God most of all with all our hearts and souls.

May we obey Christ's New Command, John 14/34 , Love one another as I have loved you.

Abide by His rule of Gold, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

May all Christians live in Peace, Abide in Christ's Teachings. May all the Children of Abraham live in Peace under One God the Father. May those who accept the Gospels as Truth, Respect Mary as the Mother of Christ. Pray the Holy Rosary for Peace in the world as she has pleaded in her obedience to God appearances.

Finding Joy In Holding Baby Jesus

Try what a Lady of Faith friend introduced to me. Visualize Baby Jesus in your arms, in your heart and soul,

It filled me with the same joy I felt when I first held my sons in my arms when they were born.

I went to bed thinking about holding Baby Jesus in my arms and very much at peace.

The beauty of the idea is you don't have to talk,

you just give your love to Baby Jesus in silence


You feel the love and Peace of Baby Jesus in silent bliss!

While Holding Baby Jesus tenderly in your arms.

A Joyful Morning Affirmation

The following morning while going down the left isle side to Communion

I was surprised by someone softly tapping my right shoulder softly.

I wondered who would do that as people don't do that when going to Communion

I smiled and a few tears of joy ran down my cheeks.When I found it to be a small baby

with an outstretched arm being gently carried to communion by his dad.

it was a beautiful affirmation of Baby Jesus's love

I Smiled and thought, Thank You God for the joy I found in the touch of your child.

There are those of you who will wrinkle their nose in question. Other of you who had similar feeling of feeling God's Love in delightful revelation who will understand of what I speak

Sheer beauty and inner joy of feeling Baby's Jesus's love and peace.

When you want to feel the joy of Christmas any time of the year visualize holding Baby Jesus tenderly in your arms with love.

Don't say a word . Just feel the silent Bliss.

You loving Baby Jesus and Baby Jesus loving you.

When I shared this with another Lady of Faith , Rosary friend , she did not seem to relate to it and said in reply, I talk to God all the time when I pray. She is a wonderful God loving and serving lady, Her public petitions during the Chaplet of Divine Mercy reflect her compassionate love and sensitivity for those in need and with an array of problems that reflect some of her own experiences. that at times weigh her down. She deserves the joy found in holdinging Baby Jesus. He is there waiting to held by this God loving Lady. She has the tender love of a Mother to shower baby Jesus with. Baby jesus is waiting to reward her with inner joy and Peace that she deserves.

Feel and believe he is giving you more love than you can imagine and it is all in the Bliss of silence.

Push button Panic problems come with the stress of pain and anxiety found in Cancer Patients and other gravely Ill.

There will be time that patience and understanding must rule the day. With the help of God It will be provided you. Their uncalled for actions may confound you. Your first response may well be to put up your guard and back away from whirl pool of her confusion. Then the Clarity of Christian love coupled with Spiritual Charity will have you extend your caring hand to help her. to keep her from being pulled down into the black hole of depression. When you do that God will help guide you in the process of caring action.

Problems that create confusion and indecisions for them can lead to their stronger encounter with Faith, Not just for them but also for you. You have to have Hope and be grounded in Charity. It will help you understand their decision making and your acceptance of that decision. May the bond of trust that exist between the ill and their caregivers be blessed with patience and God's love.

Miracles happen out side of hospitals.But not as often.
God can work Miracles any where
Hospitals, Churches, , Homes etc. While visiting another of my Lady of Faith friend with cancer, I asked how she was doing, she said the cancer was gone with out having treatments though she asked me to continue to pray with her. All I could say was Alleluia and give her another big healing hug, Healing Hugs work both way with a transferrel of joy and thank you God. I love to give them and love to receive them. A number of months ago I prepared Healing cds and gave them to her pastor along with art work for a fund raiser for her and had put her picture in the heart area of a picture of Jesus , Heart of divine mercy

Miracles happen out side of hospitals.But not as often.
God can work Miracles any where
Hospitals, Churches, , Homes etc.

It is all in God;s Hands.

The hospital route combined with prayers is the surer route.
Out of fear of pain, treatments and vain things like losing your hairs, a breast they sometime lose their lives. True friends and love one are more concerned with the essence of your heart and soul and want you to survive which you can do. It is really up to God and you. Your Life can be more precious to them then you realize.

Do not fear Treatment more than Life taking cancer!

God works miracles through Doctors, Nurse & Treatments. Put your trust in them and a observant medical advocate as a monitor who cares about your well being and can devote time and a watchful eye. May God guide the hands of all who serve your well being.

The sooner you start treatment The better the odds are that you will survive.

Talk to cancer survivors who chose life and treatments and lead full and vibrant lives serving others as God would have them do. I have survivor friends who are inspirational in all they do as if they have a covenant with God that they devote their days and nights in service of others.

Universal Healing prayer concept to instill a postitive healing spiritual mindset.

It came about Naturally, a gift from the Spirit, while Praying with a Lady of Faith with Cancer. Use it in moments of need. Do at anytime .

Use it in your own chosen form of worship of God the Father of us all. a caring compassionate God to address your own trials, personal needs and the various medical and emotional afflictions that go hand in hand Taking it's toll, when stress, memories of abuse, disappointment and crisis challenge you.

Many will invite God into their heart during thoughtful prayer.

Visualize and feel His presence in your heart, Feel deeply His Sacred Healing Blood,mingle with your own, traveling through out your entire body, healing as it flows with each beat of your heart.

If you use this concept when receiving chemotherapy it can bring you the peace of the Lord in the process.

Radiation can be as the rays of the Holy Spirit bringing you peaceful rebirth and full life. Casting out the cancer that can drain your heart and soul of life.

I am a strong believer in the power of prayer, I know of the stronger sense of concerted healing directed prayer in Christian Churches. I know of healings that happen when Congregations come together as one with the Lord and pray in one voice to God that their parishoner who is Ill be made well.

My Lady of Faith friend said I do not believe as she does in healing services at a certain Christian Healing Center that she was willing to forestake medical treatment and put her total trust in the healing center. In her mind she had established a belief that God would work through them and heal her.

It cost money to subscribe to their internet prayer site and also for private healing sessions, though I believed they offered to do hers for free if she could stay another day as they were too busy with other paying individuals seeking a cures on that week end. It can also be understandable that they have to have a degree of order and scheduling and the others may have been prescheduled. I believe they do some good there and there have been some positive results. I have seen so many situation that remind me of the money changers in the temple. But all churches need operational funds.

I know healing groups and Healing presentations can have a positive effect to some degree.

I could not recall in the Bible anywhere where Christ, the Apostles or Saints charged you for miracles.

Matt 10, 8 Speaking about healing, Christ said, "Freely ye have received, freely give. " The Catholic version is , With out cost you have received, with out cost you are to give.

I prayed that she would have the operation and she did and have the regular prescribed follow up care. She went up to the healing center instead. I do believe that the positive energy of the Healing center can help her but miracles happen in Hospitals too with the aid of prayer for the indiviuals in need. I believe you can do both , The Healing center and Medical care for maximum benefit. I think she now knows it too. As she has overcome her fears and started Radiation , but not Chemotherapy. I may draw her attention to the word Mother in the middle of the word Chemotherapy and that she ask Mother Mary to help her do what she should do to live and continue to be a good Mother to her children.Your kids are alway your kids no matter how old they are and you will be there for them until the times that comes when Hopefuly they will be there for you.

Like many who suffer great pain she confided that she just wanted to go home to Jesus. I have done it myself when I was in fierce pain I wanted the physical Pain to end. It is really a wish to die and giving up on life. For others it could be the voice of depression, sorrow and anxiety speaking. I always have tried to get the patients to dream again, to look forward with hope, leaving despair behind. I have worked with the young at times in this manner.

My observation of the positive joyful side of my Lady of Faith friend when involved in prayer and worship or reaching out to others sings with a voice filled with life and the desire to share the blessing of loving God. I am well aware of the multitude of problems she faces and am willing and able to help her when she wants me too. I have the experiece , patience, compassion and desire to help her as in the hymn , The Servant Song . I have been made aware that each person may have different sides that can come out like Thunder Storms in the dark night of their own existance . They can become pawns out of need and do the bidding of respectable sinners that Franciscian Father Clifford spoke of on EWTN. Their ilk and silk have created problm for centuries in all kinds of Religions and denomionations and even had Christ face their ire and desire for persecution emanating from the pharasees in the Jewish Temples.

I shared in her joy and devoted a great amount of time for over 9 month taking My Lady of Faith to her Doctor appointments. It would involve 2 locations at different doctors and a visit to the pharmacy and grocery store comsuming a large amount of time. We made it enjoyable, Smiling a lot, bouncing off our compatable sense of humor off each other. It was difficult not to smile when we looked at each other as we were an odd but fun couple. I encouraged Medical treatment coupled with prayer, bringing her home after the operation, Helping her check in for observation and prescription changes when fear of treatment overcame her. hospital appointments, counseling etc. a Fatima outdoor rosary, lunches and even a movie. I liked her creative effort and singing in a song she wrote driving from a Doctor's Appointment, An upbeat " I am Doing it the Doctors Way.'

After an extended visit to the chemotherapy treatment treatment center she had a dynamic emotional outburst at my home,letting inner frustrations out about her fear of radiation. the pain her son went through in cancer treatments and scarring skin grafting operation on his face area. she asked why God did not hear her prayers and he underwent pain that scarred his mother more then him. I told her God heard your prayers. He is alive and is a wonderful loving son. I did more listening, and put my arm around her for comforting warmth and she calmed down to her regular whispering voice. We have always done a lot of hand holding and smiling, some healing hugging and sometimes she gave me an impulsive peck kiss on the cheeks now and then. I did not feel it was inappropriate When she was at last at peace I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her briefly and gently on the lips as a way of saying I feel deeply about you and am here for you in your hour of need. She responded in the same manner. I have to smile when she said I was fast as it was over nine month before we shared our first brief kiss. Wham bam thank you mam. days of my youth, Girl in every port days are behind this old sailor, where they belong. The truth of the matter is I was never really like that though I did have lady friends and enjoyed the fruits of love when there was love involved in a relationship. I was more into quality than numbers games males sometime play, where love making is just a score board to them.. My will power was and is exceptional and more discerning with the wisdom of age and discipline of prayer. I am far more involved with my Spiritual Journey , My Life's Mission statement dealing with Christ Great commands of love, Love of God and my neighbor as God loves us all, has nothing to do with lust! In fact I have been Celibate for more than 10 years and when My friend spoke of wanting being married to Christ in a spiritual union, ( A Christian concept involving Ministers , Nuns and even Priests , and she had wanted to be a nun in the past) I suggested that upon her survival might consider being Celibate if she desired that spiritual union with Jesus.

My calling to serve seriously ill patients, some terminal who have survived has gifted me with more wisdom and understanding. My involvement center around the spiritual side. Heal the spirit first and pray that physical healing will follow. My on going supporting experience with a lady of Faith with cancer has been a rewarding gift of understanding more of the complexity of how cancer patients feel. and their decision process. It has inspired creative approaches that will help others in the future to beat Cancer. I am more understanding of others and a better man across the board then I was as a result. When some one places a barrier in my efforts to help some one There are always others who need help and creates more free time to apply what I learned in another area to help more people in the future. My Lady of faith has left me a ton of inspiration dealing with Cancer and other problems that will inspire creative spiritual solutions.

God has away of protecting those who love Him and serve Him by their works and He will serve the others who interfere their just deserts.

I have known this lady and been aware of her fragility and fears. Through patience, prayer and love, the love that Jesus taught In the greatest commandments he said love thy neighbor. I have been the primary supporter of her seeking Medical attention for her cancer situation. First with the operation and then with Radiation and Chemotherapy.

I have been support driver, taking her to Doctors appointments grocery shopping etc. and had volunteered to take her to all treatments, Radiation and Chemotherapy We made the trips enjoyable and developed a bond of deserved trust. She spoke to me of how when she was with me she was happy and when I was not there the fears crept in and they were frightening. Some of this relates to the extreme amount of prescriptions for pain and what happens when they wear off. The wide variety of Pills for pain and illnesses can be a dangerous vortex that have taken lives time and again. She had a problem bleeding excessively during her last operation as they evidently missed the 1000 mgs of Neproxen she was taken at the time. She ask me to help her with her pills and I picked up on that immediately as a blood thiner and a doctor who prescribed it took her off it immediately as her blood was at an anemic stage from blood loss during operation I understood the guilt she felt as a caring loving person when she asked the homeless Lady she took in to leave at the advice of the same person who told her to leave my residence as I had taken in a homeless schizophrenic lady with a prison rcord whom I provided Shelter for two and a half months during the winter storm season, When I told her she would have to follow house rules She said she did not have to as my home was a half way house and she would murder me like she murdered her husband and she was strong enough to do it. I recall asking her if she lifted weights while she was in Prison which she had been in the past. My Son and family including My new Grandaughter who was not yet one year old were coming back from Hawaii and I did not want to put them at risk. I felt terrible when I made arrangements for her to leave and even went out looking for her afterwards. So I knew How My Friend felt. I am man enough to handle problems gently with care and patience and have experience in that area of dealing with people with problems. In our last telephone conversation Monday or Tuesday she said she had an appontment at the emergency room to have prescriptions changed.

That led to nine days at Garden Pavillion where she befriended 2 beautiful young ladies whom she would pray with and give comfort to. and made other friends with her out going caring personality. After I took her to Radiation and a a little enjoyment trying on different wigs should she lose her hair we visited Garden Pavillion as she had gifts for the two young ladies, a cd player and an mp3 player and gathered around a table and had a cheerful holiday get together. with other patients. She introduced me to a a tall man who had one good eye named Al. He explained how the Para medic cut off the sleeves of his one proud possession a leather jacket to treat the wounds on his wrist as He was a street person and some one stole all his other things

I hunted through my belongings and found a warm down Jacket that I use to paint in, out of doors in New Hampshire when the temperature was well below Freezing. I painted over the spots of paint on the Jacket and made a matching belt for it. I wanted the jacket to be a spiritual flax vest for a street person to give him mental and spiritual comfort in addiion to warmth.There is a pocket Bible Gospel according to John,,and a rosary in the pockets and a Geek sailing hat for him

On the inside I painted a Heart with a Cross on it and above were the word Have No Fear.Below the cross was the words, "God has Your Back"

which is phrase that when some one has your back you are safe from an attack. I had 3 pocket size Bibles with the Gospel of St. John with two of them nautical as I also had a Greek sailing hat for him. I also had a Rosary in the pocketthat I put in leather case that my moms use to keep her Rosaries in. It had my name and address on it Some one let me talk to him the day before and He was happy and elated to hear that I was bringing it. When I went to deliver it to him they said he was no longer there. I asked when he was released, they did not know. It is normal to have follow up visit at one of a couple of places. It is my intent to get the jacket to Al and I will . It is a good will Goal. I accomplsh my goals with the help of God and a network of good People. .

Help Al get his Jacket, if you know A tall gentleman named Al with an eye injury in one eye, who likes Labrador Dogs and who was a recent guest at Garden Pavillion, CHOMP. Call George Bleich 831-372-2717

The lady that I devoted personal time , care and prayers to helping her which she onced sumed up as heroic . At times it was beyond that . I was put through a wringer more than once and would do it again if need be and she wanted me to help her.. She had Faith in a Northern California Miracle Healing center Group in Northern California then in Hospitals. I believe they may do some good on ocassion but proper hospital care and treatment is more likely to be successful. I was prepared to drive her up there and be supportive of any and all possible ways of having her live so she could share her unique love of God with others. Her journey in life has her cultivating doubts , fears and seeking answers to questions and there will be times that confusion. will reign over many aspects of religion as the diversity of her faith background are at odds with each other . worth . contradicting faiths

By praying together and using spiritual creative visualizations and positive attitudes My friend has become more inclined to choose life, face her fears with courage gifted by God and to accept the potential of healing treatments that have been blest by God. treatment has set back her attitude toward treatment, It will take encouragement to have her continue radiation and the chemotherapy is not even on the back burner. I want this Lady to make it through this and live. We both have some Jewish Blood in our family trees and I wonder at times if we may be from the House of David.,

I care deeply about her on a spiritual level and was moved by what she wrote in a journal; that at first I thought was poetry as it was beautiful in a mystic way and was some what like free verse poetry that flowed like a gentle stream of prayers to the creator. As a poet myself I really found it more than special , pure , wonderful.mystical moments that if shared could lead others to love Jesus more. She was understandably upset with me for delving into her private moments. This is typical of repressed people who after awhile are afraid to share anything as they never had the opportunity to know the joy in sharing their creativity. I do have an understanding , having done research on creativity and how repressed creativity can lead to the specific health problems that she was experiencing. Her creative side was kept down and locked up by those around her early in her life and her dreams were never encouraged and allowed to become a reality. Sometimes they would rise to the surface in delightful child like ways that I found refreshing and could readily see how she could author children's books I thought if any thing happened to her, I would share her spiritual writings with others to help them love God more and also appreciate her for her love of God. I believe she has an unique love of Jesus that if shared could lead more people to Love God more . I know she has done that for me. I also have experienced moments that were challenging and perplexing in their complexities. Never a dull moment for a caring problem solver. It is my hope she will find trime to blossom as a creative person and harvest the finacial reward of her creative potential . I knew that I could help her with that if she wanted my help. I am the encourager when it comes to the arts. May her questions on religion be answered with joy and and Love in the Words of Christ in the New Testament. When you are searching for Christ Don't overlook your heart. He is there! Speak to the Lord and listen for His Reply. Especially when different churches confuse you.Your First obedience is to God.

Last Friday Morning I received a call from My Ex wife, Kathy informing Chris and family can not make it down for Turkey dinner we had prepared for them, as my grand daughter had seizures Thursday and more on Friday.

Saturday Morning Kathy called me again with an update on Kaia Bella , My Grand Daughter's seizures. They took her to a Santa Cruz Hospital Friday evening and they air lifted her by Helicopter to a Major Hospital in San Francisco where they were able to stablize the seizures

Wednesday Nov.30, I received Great News Grandaughter Kaia Bella is Back Home. I stressed To My Son The Importance of Having her Baptized at Hospital, Heal the Spirit and The Body Healing will follow, A Catholic Priest Baptised Her. Please Join me in my Prayers for Kaia, She is back home but a little out of balance from the drugs, but they are wearing off.

Please Join me in my Prayers that our Lady of faith Friend, Sandy , Bill and their offspring , Michael and Annie will be one reunited, whole and complete happy family this coming year, if it be God's will..

The first video featured a Lourdes water Song about water I shared after my first of two trips to Lourdes. And it involved patients with cancer

The Song Mother Mary's Blue "is played in the background of while I am painting clouds in a prayer painting for a lady in dire need of a double lung transplant which she received with out rejection. You are suppose to bath in the Lourdes water and small bottles limits that. I suggested that the 3 ladies pour a bit of the Lourdes water into the sea where they lived and every time they walked along in the rippling shallow water where the Sea would mix with Lourdes water. It was my thought that ocean currents would carry the spirit of the water across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to different parts of the world which was more of a Bless wish than a reality but I loved the uplifting spirit of the idea. My friend Peggy poured water along the beach at Ponte Verdi, Florida, Jean my Mother in Law did the same in Camden, Maine, and My Lloyd the Koala Bear Girl, Carley poured her water in the Pacific off the East coast of Australia while Jonathan at 6 or 7 added His share at Carmel Beach. They all did on the same day though Australia was a day ahead. W As Beach Comber, I love the idea that healing Lourdes water could be effecting People in a positive healing way with out their awareness, where ever the ocean currents flow as a result of pouring LOURDES water into the sea. I wrote one of my favorte healing songs, "Mother Mary's Blue commemorating what they did

This painting is in the collection of a dear couple whom I value as friends. The lady is a Cancer survivor leading a vibrant loving life. I was painting their initials in a cloud heart in the sky In a way it is for the best as we will closer friends and less medical stress, a symbol of their love, in this video

Miracles can happen" Cancer prayer videos Have 2 versions of the same theme. The first one was peaceful in it's darkness with dim candle light. Both were inspired by Christ's heart of Divine Mercy from the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that we say every day after the rosary.

The first video of the theme was create Oct. 29, the eveing when my studio was wrecked as a result of rampart vandalism that day which did not upset me, though the destruction was horrific. Even disasters can have a silver lining. And this one did as the changes in my studio were for the better in the end.

When I was 70 and very Ill, My Nephew and wife asked me to be a God Parent for their Daughter Alexandra. I wrote a song called It is not my time to go there are seeds of Faith to sow.

I dove back into life with renewed spiritual healing energy that is overflowing with God's love and care for others.

Dying is on the back burner for me and it is turned off as I am too busy comforting and cheering up others and preparing others for a Peaceful Cross over journey of Joy for others who may be leaving this world but encouraging them not to rush and push the departure button... I had experience in that area removing fear of death from my Mother Mind, Composing songs on the subject that I still share with others in the same boat.

The primary focus was Lisa the daughter in Law of good friends in the choir, though other cancer patients were added in the second along with a prayer offering that cancer cures would be found in research. While setting up the decorative table for the Later video. I dropped a tiny basket fill with very small seashells. I would say a Hail Mary each time I picked up a shell and there was close to a complete rosary scattered on the floor. That inspired the inspiration to have Lisa's young children pick up seashells on the beach and say a Hail Mary for each one they picked up and would later give them to their mom, telling how they prayed for her while picking up the sea shells. There are two Lisas with cancer problems one I have met locally and been closer to as I know her anf love what she stands for as an Ambassador for God. I did want to reach out and communicate with the other Lisa but that did not happen. It is easier to Pray with and for someone whom you met you find inspirational in relation to their union with God. A fundraising Flyer whetted my desire to help her and Meeting her and Giving Her a hug in addition to the art work, made her more than real .

My Home was honored by the vist of Doctors , Medical Professors from Moscow, Our Intelligent conversation and their receptivity dealing with my Creative Visualization approach to combating Cancer inspired the creation of this " You can survive cancer" section on my Home Page.. My concepts can of melding the Medical with the Spiritual in unique visual and sensory metaphors can induce the benefits of a positive mindset toward and during treatment. It can replace fear, anxiety and escape into premature finality with faith and hope in joyful tomorrows with your families and love ones.

Thank You Doctors for your visit to my studio which was a joyful experience. Thank You for the pleasant surprise, the delicious gift box of Russian Chocolates which I shared with other friends and family had little angels on the wrappings. This delighted the child in me. Angels make me smile. Thank you, my dear Doctors and Professors friends from Moscow for the inspiration to elucidate and share these healing concept. May the concepts be shared and hopefully save the life of some one special with cancer.

It would be great if my Lady of Faith friend with Cancer could visit Moscow and my new Russian Friends, as a testimony to overcoming fear and anxiety and surviving Cancer Through the melding of the Medical world and the Spiritual World.

Thank you Doctors for the gracious compliment to Leonid. he said That the Doctors and Professors from Moscow traveled to many places through out the world and On the conclusion of the tour they said that meeting George Bleich was the high point of the Monterey - Carmel Tour.The other side of that equation was their caring energy and love in their medical profession was sincere and impressive. It was as if I were their student for an afternoon session, excited to continue my work in behalf of cancer patients after being blessed by the essence of their presence.

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