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Pope Francis asked that on Saturday Sept. 8 , 2013 People of all Religions and People of all Faith and All Denominations to Join Him and His Fellow Christian Followers to pray and fast for Peace in the world especially in Syria and the Mid-East. This area and it's Men, Women and Children have been beset by horrendous crimes of unleashed terror and violence that defy International Laws and Morals.

I have found through personal experiences gained traveling through out and totally around and the world, there is a commonality of Goodness and Love and Desire for Peace to be found in All Religions.

Caring Christian Actions speak silently with Christ gentle love and light echoing the spirit of God's Love for all in the word he spoke while here on earth found in the Gospels. He admonished the scribes, pharisees and self appointed judges who would close the doors of Faith , Hope and Peace , Charity and Peace that should be extended in churches to all God's Children. to those who may need it the most. Those words and murmurs that are politically driven in quest of Power and control are destructive to Churches as they are and have been through out history to the world. Walk with Joy in the Light of the Lord , Not wallow in sorrow fear and guilt. May all Catholics embrace with joy , freedom and love of your fellowman, the God Inspired Christ driven leadership of Pope Francis

Pope Francis's Homily Oct. 8, 2013, " Prayer opens the Door to the Lord"

The Rosary is Advocated by Rome as an excellent Prayer during Adoration as It is like the Gospels , Meditating on Jesus's Rome stated That Liturgy updates are not up to date in this area dealing with The Rosary during Adoration.

I was surprised to find the above video inoperative with a Message removed by the user.

Who was the User? A Drug User? I did not remove it but did get it up and playing again. The answer may be found in persons or organization that some how was bothered by the contents of the video. User who removed it might well be representative of those who use people or attempt to control them for their own gain.

Pope John Paul, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have all been Advocates of the Eucharistic Experience including Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Adoration can be a special time and place to pray for Peace in quiet intimacy with Christ, present in the Blessed Sacrament. The Sacred Host will be out on the Sanctuary altar in a gold monstrance for an extended period of time. from a couple of hours like we have at St. Angelas. to 24 hours at the carmel Mission . There is a church in Rome where Adoration is perpetual, never ending.

On Aug 2, There was a soft mystical illumed face on the semi dark interior wall of the Tabernacle. It was a definite face that I considered to represent Christ. which is logical to find in mystical way in A Tabernacle. It could not be a result of light reflection or natural cause. It was a one time occurance, I felt a significant happening was tied into the appearance of Christ Face, something special happened. I noted the date . I did not know of Ruben Baez remarkable change of miracle proportions the Day Before which was a positive answer to The prayers that Ruben and I prayed together. This was the day after Ruben Baez healing Miracle!

We have Adoration at St. Angelas Pacific Grove, Ca. every Friday after the 8 AM Mass.

Ruben Baez and I share a mutual Love of Jesus's Holy Mother Mary a deeper love of God Present in the Trinity.

We make the sign of the cross on each others forehead with a sincere sense of reverence when we greet ach other and when we part. It reflect our Love of God presence in the Blessed Trinity. We both share a wonderful respect and admiration for Pope Francis as our Spiritual Leader. Ruben and I pray together , Often doing the Breathe in Baby Jesus and exhaling Joy Love and Peace. It helps us both with our Problems. The truth of the Matter is Mother Mary has helped both of us by interceding with her son Jesus. `

There is a wonderful sense of joy to be had in Loving God and being Obedient to God's Holy will. Adoration is a special oportuned time to listen and hear His words in eloquent silence after first meditating on His life by praying the rosary with reverence together in communion with God and each other, prayer ascending to the Heavens. Reliving with feeling both His Joy and Pain. recalling Christ's Life and teachings in this Holy Gospel Prayer which is what the rosary is. Then come the eloquent silence. the time to listen to the inner voice of God you hear in your heart, speaking to you. I use my random reading of the Bible especially the New Testament during Adoration and also at home before I leave for Mass.

There will be times when you have problems to solve, the answers to the question will often be found in the Redlined Words that Christ spoke here on earth. They can be spot on it is amazing. When Adoration is over and you leave the church You too will be on God's Auto pilot

On God's Auto Pilot

May you reflect on a new short song Prayer I wrote immediately after adoration in front of the Crucifix In the Rosary that Our Lady of Fatima holds in her hands, " May I Go where You will send me, May I use the gifts you lend me to lead others to your love. May I lend an ear to hear, the plight of some one in need, May I have the grace to comfort them and end their fears and a hand to hold their hand. Guide me Lord to do Thy Will. Abide in Me Oh Lord and May I abide In Thee , with the Father Son and Holy spirit, Blessed Trinity.

Enjoy the visual aspects of my studio that inspire me when I pray by Painting and singing as a Prayer for others in need.

I have a Kneeler in the loft above the studio for praying at special times when I know of a Person going through a medical Procedure like Radiation , Chemotherapy, or Operation at a specific time. It can be used at any time I just feel the need to pray. Sometimes before I go down to paint or do homepage work and other times when I am done in the wee Hours of the Morn sometimes at 4 or 5AM and I still get up in time for the 8 O clock Morning Mass.

Adoration does not seem to be encouraged at St. Angelas. If anything it not even on the back burner. I spoke to a Person in charge of Liturgy and St. Angelas was listed on the diocese internet as having Adoration Friday Morn after the 8 Oclock Mass until 11 AM and at the time it was being ended at 10:30 . What I said brought an immediate response. They shortened it until 10, cutting an other half hour off the service. I have yet to hear one priest at St. Angelas announce on Friday that there would be Adoration following the 8 Oclock Mass. More People would attend if they did. Who or what is stopping them?!?

There was one priest who questioned the rosary during adoration in conversation with me. I went on the internet to find out what the latest teaching was from Rome on the rosary and stated The Rosary was an excellent Gospel Prayer for use Adoration, that inspired a fuller awareness of Christ Life and His actual Presence in the Eucharist , and in the church Services including Sacramental Communion .

When the new Liturgy came out the inclusion of the emphasis on Spirit as In the Blessed Trinity was a bit of a stretch for some and almost treated with disrespect.

There was a notice of Adoration in the Church Bulletin that had Pope John Paul view which was a Brief Spiritual and Reverend one liner on Pope John Paul Love of and the importance of Adoration to the Catholic Faith..

They recently had a much longer liturgical article in our church Bulletin on Adoration that if anything would lower the importance of the spiritual aspect with more like a wikipedia Out dated Liturgy summary approach. It lacked the spiritual inspired teachings and reverend thoughts of our Last 3 Popes, Pope John Paul, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis on the Importance of Adoration to the Eucharistic Experience and The inclusion of The rosary in the service.

If in doubt do yourself and your church a service and go on line on the internet and find out what the spiritual feeling of Pope John Paul , Pope Benedict and Pope Francis were to the importance of Adoration is to the Catholic Eucharistic Faith experience and to achive a closenesswith Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Pope Benedict stated, When you remove the Reverence and Veneration that one expereinces in Eucharistic Adoration even Sacramental Communion can become just a gesture. His statement seem to suggest a need of a true reverend aweness that You are receiving the wonderful precious Gift of the actual Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in Communion.

The tendency to loud social intercourse chatter before and after mass at St. Angelas has surprised some of our visitors from out of town. There was a reaction of puzzlement by some in the church to the chattering of lady , seconds after receiving the Body and Blood of Christ in Communion. She stopped in front of the Baptismal Font and was engaged by a friend in an animated arm waving conversation for quite a while before returning to her seat.

My observation reminded me of what Pope Benedict stated about Reverence of Sacramental Commumunion would be enhanced by the reverence and veneration of meditation during Adoration. I noticed others at church with a troubled look of remorse with her disrespect for the sanctity of the church at Communion time in relative close proximitry to where others were receiving Communion. An observation is not a judgement.

Adoration was denied the week the Priest were away on retreat Even though Roberto Had Father Paul's Permission to Put the Sacred Host in the Monstrance for Adoration during prior retreats.

I was pleased to see so many more turn out for Adoration , A Universal array of Diverse Nationalities and Ethnic Groups with a deeper need to take the extra step in sacrificing their time to spend in adoration. Roberto went to open the Tabernacle as he always had done in the past during the Priest annual retreat, But the Key was missing. He asked the Eucharistic Minister a very Spiritual lady who serves God by being the Chaplain at our Local Hospital CHOMP, who did the homily and gave out Sacramental Communion for the Key. She said she did not have permission to put out the Sacred Host for Adoration. So on a day when we more diverse ethnic individuals turn out for Adoration It was denied them. It was a disappointing experience for those who came to worship Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!

There are times when Negative energy of Politics have subtly and not so subtly entered Our Church and brought some of the Angst that we see during election time. National Election Politics have regressed to a new partisan low that Has proven to be destructive to the Good of Our Country and all Americans.

Church and World history dramatizes the multitude of Problems created when Politics enter churches amd replace the laws of God with the dictates of selfserving men. We have examples of Religious Persecutions in Europe and other areas including America. The Dark ages of Inquistion and The Christians war fought among Christian that defiled the 10 Commandments and Christ laws of Love. They came about as a result of Political bias when Politics controls Religions. I caution Christians and other Religions to keep politics out of God's Domain.

Our local churches may be experiencing the same crisis that does exist through out the Catholic Faith between those who do and those who dont accept Vatican 2 approach .

Some of our church members may never accept Vatican 2 and the refreshing open door attitude and changes advocated by Pope John Paul .

If the church was a ship that is God Centered, It would not captsize nor waver on it journey to the Kingdom of God. It would steer clear of the danger of submerged rock of Politics and the ill wind of greed associated with those who serve them sehlves Rather than God or their fellow man. I feel that Pope Francis Is a good skipper of His Ship, the Catholic Church. He is an admirable Admiral that we should follow his lead and the course he setting for the Catholic Church

You would be in denial if you were too blind to see or even care why we were losing many young Church Members after baptism. Some will shy away from all religions. Young Crew members were jumping ship in port attracted to other Churches. Other youing People were diving overboard joining others in the sea who were made to walk the plank prodded by the swords of judgemental pharisees when they spoke out honestly about the danger of abuse to children and young adults by priests .

There were those who thought they were protecting the church while they were really doing the opposite. Whatever you do to the least of my Children That you do unto me.

This moral infection was perpetuated by laity who reaped the damage they sowed. Decline and Law suits followed in their wake. Heirarchy who transferred the erring priests to other cities and some to other countries to prevent arrest and save face played a role. This practice was devasting, financially and other wise! There were other problems created by Natural attractions and other deeper problems by the rare Lothario priest .

Addressing these problem honestly is a neccessity for the integrity and survival of all churches and religions. There are times When individuals are in trusted leadership positions and betray their God, and parishoners. Priests , Rabbi or Ministers should not be protected by Parishoners or Hierarchy when they are guilty of breaking the law of the land and the Commands of God.

I was abused when I was 9 as I rebuked the pastor I had no ill effects. This Low life in high Places use to call me Jew Boy. That was a compliment as Christ was a Jew though it had the positive effect upon me to be outspoken when ever I see intolerance especially in Churches of all denominations as it is contrary to John CH 13 Verse 34 .

There are times when acts that are Sins are also crimes . There is forgivenss for sin, There are just penalties for crimes. There are courts of Law to decide the Innocence or Guilt.

The Church is not a court house. We as Parishoners are neither Judge nor jury. Christ spoke many times in parables how we should not judge one another which seems to be a contemporary Pastime of some church Members .

We do have the right to expect those who lead us spiritually to not only preach the Light of God's Love ,Light and Truth but also to live by it.

The Conflict in the church over the acceptance of Vatican two may well have something to do with the drop in Priestly Vocation In Europe and North America and a necessary increase in Deacons in Both areas. My reflection on gowth and decline was from the Vatican report. Church growth is notable in Africa and Asia and they are now supplying Priest to the United States and Europe. There has been a decline in Women Religious. Europe Has experienced a decline . This the area that is very rich in traditional Church History ,Style, Form in relationship to worship. The areas where The growth of the Church Is most evident incorporates more ethnic style to their worship relating to Music service etc. form. It is the old that clings to the old ways and the young that reach for the new and enjoy the rythmic songs of worship coming out of Africa, where the Chruch Growth is Dynamic. It is also an area of stife . Early European Missionaries used the language and symbolic Phrases for God common to those they would

Churches needs to expand their outreach to fulfill the work that, Christ entrusted his disciples to do, not to cater to the saved but to reach out with God's love to those in need of discovering the joy of loving God and knowing how much He loves us all. The Ship of Faith should be inviting everyone on board to experience the Kingdom of God's Love!

After sharing a large number of Picture cards of a Monstrance showing the mystfying effects of the Eucharistic Miracle of Luciano there were the unique initials J C on the Glass in the Monstrance. As a result I started doing a video just before the end of Adoration and recorded amazing prophetic imagery on the Monstrance and in the candles. They suggested events in the world . On a more personal plane I knew when Individual were ill in need of prayers. The Candle are no longer bright welcoming to Adoration lights that could be seen in the church from outside the sanctuary . They stopped removing the build up of wax as they use to before. You could be in the sanctuary and be hard pressed to know they were lit. It is like 4 lights with 2 bright to 2 turned down to almost off.

At other times when they would be crossing over to the other side, hopefuly to heaven. I have this strange Gatekeeping gift of knowing when when Someone will be Knocking on and entering Heaven's Gate. One occasion there was a suggestion to me of the Hawaiin Hang Loose Symbol in one of the 4 Sanctuary Adoration Candles. I immediately thought of a man named Sam from the North Shore of Oahu. His Phone message ended with Mahalo. The next candle suggested a woman at the bedside of a very ill person. It looked like His wife Oralee. After Adoration, I went to the local Hospital Chomp But there was no Sam Garcia as a patient. He was in a VA Hospital in another city, Oralee was at his bed side when He crossed over to heaven.

I have long been involved in caring for the ill in resthomes, residences and my own home . The messages I deciphered directed my work with others, my creative energy in my new songs, Prayers and visits to rest homes and the hospital. I bring my Art work to brighten their area, My Guitar, My Bible, Roses from the Arch above St.Francis Shrine in my Garden and Humor to Lift their spirits and brighten their day with my spiritual songs. There will be tender gentle times when I help prepare them to cross over to the other side, leaving the fear and pain behind, reaching up with Joy of Loving God and knowing they will soon be with their Lord and maker.

There will be those who will be healed when it is God's will and we will share the Joyful exultation with a Hug and Alleluia! A word that brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart, Alleluia! Thanks be to God! There is joy in being a servant of the Lord.

This is the Tabernacle in the Sanctuary at St. Angelas.

The Face on inner wall of Tabernacle August 2, 2013 the day after Ruben Baez's Healing Miracle

IN MEMORY OF 9/11/2001,

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A Song that paints an audible picture and calls for Resolve and Courage"

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New York is a Great City with a Heart"

New York Came together as one, Leaving Differences behind in their hour of need,"

I am compiling my old & new creative efforts to be an active voice for Peace, to respect others & work for love and healing in the world. History has showed us when you counter violence with hatred and more violence, you create a whirlpool of endless destruction that punish the just including children and women more than your perceived enemies. To overcome violence it will take the will power and unity of all good people, and their combined strength if strength is called for in the interest of ending deplorable assults on humanity... We should love one another and not Judge any Religion, Ethnic Group or Countries by the acts of extremists or disolute leaders who use fear and violence to control others in their own Country and through out the world...

May you listen with an open mind what Pope Francis said Friday, 9/13/2013. His words can be related to individual relationships or International Circumstances that are on center stage in the world.

May NATO Nations find wisdom in the words that I Inscribed on my Gift to Them at a Nato Conference in Monterey 1988. May the Common Goals of Understanding and Peace be Assured through Mutual, Respect Unity and Strength.

President Reagan Thanked me for the one he received from Nancy and Himself. I also sent one to Colin Powel who would later become Sec. of Defense .

Sec. of Defense, Casper W. Weinburger appreciated the the sincerity of the Message I inscribed on all the art work, My reason behind my Gift. I had dedicated it to my MIA ( Missing in Action), World War Two, Father, Captain Harry Bleich, He wrote the about the quote I inscribed on all the art work that took close to a month to prepare, "that was quite beyond any one's imagination."presented by mail a Silver Plate, inscribed Presented by Casper W Weinburger Secretary of Defense, United States of America, along with a gracious Letter.

Defense Language Institue translated the Quote at my request , May the Common Goals of Understanding and Peace be assured by Respect , Unity and Strength into all the NATO Languages. It was a little more difficult to inscribe but I enjoyed doing it as being educational and more effective.

In this age of terrorism, It is time for the United Nations to be united in stemming the tide of rising inhumanity toward our fellow man.

May all members assure the higher goals of Peace and understandings through respect for one another. May the need for action be validated by the truth of the circumstances, that call for action. A man blinded by personal ambitions that are power or politically related can not shut out the cries of anquish, of suffering and dying men woman and children victimized in the crossfire of violence. May the UN exercise strength dilengently when needed, bonded together by the highest universal ideals of Mankind

Open Letter to the United Nations, May You Continue to Serve the Cause of Peace in the World

A Gift of Art, Positive Ideas, Concepts and Songs to share with the world through the United Nation, to diminish violence, terrorism and promote Peace and Understanding in the World

" Light of God's Love" Art was given to U.N. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon

April 21, 2010, I am revising this section removing the negative angst I felt during the Iraq war and actions in Palestine and Israel at the end of 2008 and start of 2009. I can not be an effective voice for Peace in the world and between Religions by citing neagtives examples of how man has misued Religion and the Written Word. I have sought like many the truth which was elusive to find in a world of constant change and spins.

All Truism is a quest to use Love ( formerly objective truth) to guide our actions and be aware of the consequences of our deeds. We have to be responsible for our actions and also for our inactions when people are in need. It is philosophy of encouraging acts of kindness. There is more about it on my home page

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Jan. 05, 09

The level of strife in the world will always call for resolution. From a humanitarian view point it must be balanced with justice. May you consider the Orion Concept as a way of opening up one door to aleviating some of that strife in the future. May we honor those who serve all mankind, not just their kind. May we focus more on strength of ideals and dialog than the force of arms. There is a need for honest dialog so that common goals of understanding and peace be assured by mutual respect, unity and strength. Let us put the same energy we put into war in the past into peace now and the future.

Orion Concept

Bleich Painting Gift to Challenger foundation

Peace not War in the Holy Land

The Holy Land should be a place where all the children of Abraham, Moslem Jews and Christians can live together, each pray in their own way of honoring the One God That Abraham believed in and they all do though they may adhere to different forms. May we be respectful of each otherís Religion and share in the mutual joy found in worship, freedom and peace.

I sought objective truth and found love and peace in a deeper relationship with God and a mission to love Him and share His love Through the Golden rule and Christ's Two great Commands of Love.

It is a time for Christians to come together in love and be a great positive force for good in the world. May They work with other Religions and other Religions work with them for the well being of the world. Together we can make a difference.

The painting included is a visualization of the need for religions to come together to focus on the positive aspects of Religion.

I tried to be a Peace maker between Christians and Moslems and Jews. There is a need for doves to be seen in the skies, not just hawks. Religion falls into the area of culture. I know as a group your UN preamble does not include Religion. I appreciate Saudiís King AbdullahĎs efforts to bring Religion and your involvement as it relates to culture. It is the same that I have been stressing for years in my Message for Humanity that is on the peace CD. You can imagine how people would regard me by mentioning God and Allah in the same sentence. I do not market the CDs. I gave thousands of my CDs away free to share them in the interest of sharing positive energy, compassion, love and Peace.

We can change the world for the better by drawing on the positive tennents of spirituality.

We can promote Peace and Understanding of the commonalities of Goodness that Religions share.

While working for peace between Moslem and Christians during the Balkan conflict I would do random reading from both the Bible and the Koran, searching for commonalties of directions and desires for peace. It was almost strange how by chance the pages opened to almost the same thoughts, They exist in The Bible, The Koran and the writings from other Religions.

Published Bleich Articles on Peace

I am enclosing an article I wrote during the Balkan problems when Clinton was president , An Artist Dream of Technology for Peace for a local paper. It is more relevant today. I will try to find another article I wrote after the Oklahoma city blast, suggesting that On an international level that May, the fifth month of the years focus on the Fifth Commandment, "Thou Shall not Kill!"

All Truism

May You peruse a concept called All Truism in the package, It deal with the interdependencies of Man. How it is rewarding to help people in need. It feels good to do good. Do it out of love not guilt. We are in dire need of that through out the world. I have enclosed CDs of My songs and some writings to a musical background. I have given thousands of these away free to share the positive side of life, but not be blind to the problems we all face. They have only led to financial problems because of my open objective approach. My efforts at Peace upset those who only use force and subterfuge to gain their political objectives.

The way to Peace is to Obey Christ's Two Commands of Love

I challenge all Christians if they are Christians, to obey and pay more attention to Christ's Two Commands of Love. If you canít remember or obey the Ten Commandments These two are crystal clear, Love Thy God and love Thy neighbor. If we did that, we would not have the many problems that weigh down our cities and the world.

I sent a Prayer Painting I worked on for over a couple of month to Sec. General Ban Ki-moon. It was not his to keep, it was his to share the message of peace and healing simply by hanging in his office or where ever. Then pass it on to another to share.

I never did hear from him and I am not surprised.

All I get is a constant stream of UNESCO letters asking for more money I don't have. I once contributed $1000 in the past to the UN funds for Children with AIDS. People with AIDs here were upset with that. They wanted it to be given to another American Aids group., I could not really afford to but the spirit of the children's need moved me to make that sacrifice and to keep my word. I am a couple of months behind in my morgage again as the health problems created at a local hospital are still creating health problems, interfering with my work, affecting my health and ability to go out and sell my work. Someone has been interfering with my sales, It does not seem to matter. I am into using my creativity empowered by my love and compassion inspired by Christ Commands of Love and the Golden Rule.

The same thing happened when I gave a thousand dollars to an injured soldier to help him become a surgeon. He said the Army taught him how to kill now he wants to heal and help others as the surgeons did for him at the Veteran Hospital.

My concept of family is very extensive. My actions inspired by prayer works can affect other positively but place a strain on my love ones. I had a major work That I wanted to give half of the sale price of one of my Heaven's gate paintings to Earth Quake relief in Japan. We were behind in our bills. It sold for $8000. I wrote a Catholic Church in Kobe and sent them half of the down payment and informed them they would receive $4000. When Emanuel and Maria from Greece stopped paying me when I tried to be a peacemake between Muslims andChristians in the Balken War. They sent me a photo of a church in turkey that the Muslim Government was accused incorrectly of plastering over a Mosaic of Christ and stopped paying me. I took $ 2800 from my retirement account much to the understandable frustratation of my ex wife. I wrote a poem about my art work, " Return to Heaven's Gate" You can find the poem on my homepage. The last verse is.

There is a lesson found in gardens, a gift from God to learn

if only we care for our fellow man like gardeners do their realm,

The world will be a better place and problems overwhelmed.

We all have an inner Moral Compass

I have met other who do not believe in God who are good and exemplary people who with their kindness and caring responsible lives put believers to shame who claim they love God but you would never know it by their lives.

This revised section reflects a realization that I am doing what I was born to do, be a peacemaker in keeping with the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi . May you use the concept and use All Truism as part of that effort of serving others.

Politics distorts the teaching of Christ, Mohamed and Abraham and bring political anger hatred and division into Churches Mosques and Temples, tranforming a place of worship to a narrow minded political arena.

While seeking a compilation of just the words that Christ spoke that are written in Red as it is in the Bible I use for daily random morning bible readings before I attend Mass. I came across a site , WOJC (Words Of Jesus Christ) I was enjoying it until they wrote Christ was a Right Winger.

If you think of yourself as Right or Left wingers, in relationship to Religion you will fly in aimless circles, and not be lifted up on , or protected by Angels or Eagles Wings.

You will fly in aimless circles on a single solitary wing, the political solitary wing of mistrust that leads to division, angst, fear and hatred toward your fellowman. Political whims serving the few are contrary to Christ's Commands of Love.

Wipe the dirt of Politics off Your feet and out of your mind, Before you enter God's House. Leave your politics out on the street where it belong when you enter God's House! Don't confuse or desecrate Religion with your political whims that lead to misjudgement, anger or hatred toward any of God's Children.

We come to church to pray, To Raise Our Voices in Praise to God, not to judge fellow Parishoners or members of other Denominations, Color , Creeds or life styles. waylay, hate or look down on any of our fellow man.

For many Years I have been consistantly offering up my creativity as Prayers of Peace and Healing which I shared then and will do so once more as there is a need to contemplate and evaluate them yourself with an open mind and make your own decisions. Obedience should never be deaf, dumb or blind. You have a mind to use and a conscience to guide your decisions. Think or Sink! Use it or lose it. Make up your own mind. I will share some of these past Prayers in Poems , Stories, Writings, Songs, Paintings I offer up for Love, Peace and Harmony in the world. There may be dates and facts relative to the period they were created But the needs I address are always relevant. They have been primarily inspired by the words that Christ spoke here on earth, Especially His Commands of Love including the New Command , John chapter 13/verses 34 to 35. To love all your neighbors as I have loved you.

I shared Pope Francis's Statements with Devoted Members of Central California Society of our Lady of Fatima who were preparing St. Angelas Pacific Grove Church with Roses etc for their Welcomed Annual Fatima Services, Masses Benedictions and Processions. Pope Francis confirmed Pope John Pauls belief that Mary's Message of pray for Peace and conversions at Fatima have been continued at Medjugorje. Mary called herself Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima . She identifyed her self as Queen of Peace at Medjugorje. This Honorable and Revered Society is not to be confused with "America needs Fatima." a group which draws their members attention to what is bad in America and they end up advertising evil and propagating anger and hatred where Mary's Message is the same as Her Son, Jesus Christ, one of love and Peace.

I will caution them at times. We have a limited amout of space in Our Minds and hearts , we should not fill it with anger and hate, the devils work but counter it with God Love light and truth which you will find in the words that Christ spoke while on Earth in the New Testament.

Push Buttons Issues, Politicised Spiritual Schizophrenia

I have heard the change in their voice when politics control their thinking from a soft gentle angelic voice of prayer to the harsh voice of a judgemental avenging questional angel, filled with anger and hatred spawned by politics. You will see the effects in the news at times when their words, actions and sermons bring death, grief and sorrow.I am referring to the death of Christian Missionaries when a pastor in Florida , publically burned the Koran.

I am referring to the disrespect by demonstrations at Military funerals for love ones who gave their life for their country by a group of Narrow minded misled judgemental Christians who feel the their death is a result of a Punishment by God for America becoming depraved which they may relate to acceptence of homosexuals as fellow human being and good Americans who deserved to be respected as any other American.

Tolerance in America is a strength and Virtue not a weakness as perceived by the self rightous.

I once wrote that there are freedoms to and freedom from. One of the freedoms from should be freedom from those who use their religion to deny another Americann their freedom. It is misuse of the first Ammendment when your judgement of others based on personal interpretion of religious beliefs deny guaranteed freedom of others. Their interpretation should not take some one else freedom away. There was a good reason for separation of Church and State in the First Amendment of Constitution

There was also the incident that filled Pope Benedict with regret when Pope Benedict early in his tenure as Pope was giving an educational talk to students and quoted a scholarly historical tract written centuries ago in relationship to Muslims during the crusades by someone who was opposing them that led to the death of Missionary Nuns by extremists Pope Benedict felt deep sorrow that his words brought death to Catholic Missionary Nuns when they aroused the actions of extremists. In Atonement he was to reach out to Muslims with God's love and respect for their beliefs in the one God that all the children of Abraham worshiped, though we call Him by different Names..

3 Major Religions have something in common . All 3 are Children of Abraham

They believe in one God, The same God that guided Abraham . I have among my callings is to be a peacemaker for the children of Abraham. Now that is a challenge!

This is a God Inspired Message for the Children of Abraham

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" A Peace Message for Humanity. "

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" Light of God's Love "

This was written while working on My Peace Painting, Light of God's Love, I sent to the United Nations in New York. I am not sure what happened to it eace effort in this section is dedicated to the victims of 9/11 who came from over 90 differnt Countries and represented every Religion and some who had none.

It is for the Innocent others through out the world who pay again and again the price of conflict and war. The acts of violence against fellow Muslims are leading to rejection of Bin Laden and Aquaida. They are held with increasing low esteem through out the Muslim world. but unfortunately so is the perception of America.

We may win battles at great cost with Military might but we lose the war for hearts and minds.

I saw this early period of the painting as both a boat and also as a symbolic anchor.

The Moon will set. The sun will rise.
The light of God's Love will fill your eyes.
Stars May come, Stars May go
The light of God's Love will always glow
With the love of God that you know
For God and your fellow man.
The light of God's Love will always shine
In your Hearts , Souls and Minds

The sound of God's Love Fills the air
Breathe in deeply, trust in His care.
Feel the Tides rise, feel the Tides fall
In the sounds of Nature you will hear God's Call
Hear it in your heart beat , Echoing in the halls of time
Hear it in every breath, that God gives you to take
Feel it in the faith in every vow that you make
In your Hearts , Souls and Minds.

The grace of Godís Peace you'll share and know
When the light of God love fills your soul
Your love of God will grow like a rose

Time we leave all hate behind
Time to take the time to find
Joy and Peace found, found in loving God.
May God bless every land every child women and man
With his Peace and Love With his Peace and Love

>For well over a month I have I have devoted most of my painting and Music time to working on a prayer painting and song addressing the universal need and desire for Peace and Harmony in the world. I would listen to the Music I composed at the start of the work and would add lyrics to the composition. It was a joyful Spiritual exercise and discipline.

I am sure that a certain number who may read this will be familiar with how one feels a close intimacy with God while praying alone. This experience is intensified when involved in the creative process of using notes of beautiful colors, adding them to the canvas following the waves of music. It was similar in nature to the peaceful feeling I found in Painting the eyes of Christ when I painted Prince of Peace, Man in Black, a portrait of Christ that I gave to a priest Father Ed as a gift for St. Patrick's Church in Nigeria, Africa.

Dove & 8 8

Father Ed gave me a call and while e-mailing him I was inspired to add a dove for the Holy Spirit and Peace. For some unknown reason the Dove is holding one of the eights in his beak. I go with the flow and wonder later if there is significance that just happens.

What started as an exploratory study for a commission meditation painting for a Doctor who teaches Hindu meditation a couple of month ago has evolved into a separate entity.

A Cross

I added a horizontal bar to the ray of light he spoke to me as representing God's light coming from the Heaven into the eye of the individual meditating by the sea. You nay have observed the red spot on People from India and other who embrace Hinduism as a Religion That is where the focus of Godís energy enters their mind.


There was a 3 at just before where the ray entered the mindís eye. 3 is a symbol of Omming. I have done 2 paintings of Christ based on the shroud of Turin that Have a 3 on the forehead as in the shroud.

Islamic Moon & Star of David

The Horizontal Bar made that ray a Cross. There was a Religious Symbol of Islam on the left end of the Cross and a Star of David on the right side of the bar.

Lotus Lily and 8 8

I changed the rock that the individual was sitting on into a Sacred Buddhist Lotus. I added two 8 spontaneously with out reason. I am aware of their infinity meaning.

The good Doctor shared his belief that there are brighter notes of light representing those who are closer to God in near proximity to the elliptical light representing God.

There will be lesser diminishing lights of others who worship God but are not as active in serving Him in an inspired way that comes through Religious discipline.

The work involved research into world religions online that led to more understanding of the commonalties that exist in the positive aspects of different Religions.

Above the left hand is the sun rising, Above the right is the moon setting as in the beginning of the song.

I started out in a transitions of values with multiple hues in harmony From the God's light source. I added some interference colors first experimenting and followed up Gemstone colors The number of dots were seemingly endless. To me each dots was a prayer offering. Every day would find me Down stairs in my studio listening to the music adding words while adding colors. It was not an effort to finish the work. It had to do with the process offering up my works as a prayer offering. I would sing and hum along to the music while painting. I was intrigued with how some interference colors and gemstone could only be seen from specific angles. It was almost like the soul of the piece. It became may paintings in one. There are times when so much color can confuse relationships and more enjoyable work will be required. It is a bit like the world, interplay can lead to conflict if great care is not in place.

What follows is an important aspect of the work, Equality of Women and Men and relationships bonded by spirituality is stated visually.

I added a modified Yin Yang Symbol but that reflects my feelings. Instead of opposite extremes of values of Black and White, I chose Red and Green which are comparable in value which has to do with my feelings about men and women being equal. I used circles of Light in each side instead of Black and White circles normally found in the symbol. They represent the spirituality that I feel can strengthen a relationship.

7 7

As the painting was a prayer painting for Peace and reconciliation in the world I added 2 sevens for reconciliation with Kathy my ex wife whom I still love. (It has been approiximately 11 years since she left and I am still praying for reconciliation, She is a good woman, Mother and Grandmother) Kathy lived at 77 Mount Pleasant and I lived at 77 Rocky neck Ave. We use were married on the 14 th and our first Child, Eric was born on the 28. 7 also has mystical meanings.Somehow I feel the seventh anniversary of 9/11 also came into play

As the song lyrics grew along with the painting I added the peace rose with in the heart of the individual.

The work created a wellspring of positive energy in me that mask the continuing pain and residual Health problems from improper Post Operative Care.

The experiencing of intense pain and suffering can be either a curse or a blessing.

By my choice I made it a blessing to better understand my ministry of working with those in Need. To be more compassionate of what others go through whom I chose to reach out to comfort, bring hope and healing when it is God's will. I work in the area of Pallative care where I seem at times to have a gift of Preparation to cross over with Joy Not Fear to the Kingdom of God's Love.

Some how I feel directed to specific people in their hour of need. At times there will be visual signs that direct me. The clearer more powerful ones are feelings that direct my actions, activities, People I will visit,etc. Synchroniticy is interwoven with serendipity when some one is trying to reach me and can't and I will go there and they will be surprised and happy when I arrived with out receiving their message of the need to see me.

God in turn has reached down to me in more then once with relief from strong Pain, leaving me just enough pain to offer up as a prayer for others in Greater Pain. People I have prayed with and for have done amazing well at times. I have had miracles of a minor nature dealing with my own health. Total abscence form pain, though I still have the problem, like a disclocated bone. Another time I prayed Let this water be like Lourdes Water as I directed water from the movable shower head on my right ankle that was immobilizing with pain. The shin was thick crusted with wide chasm like cracks revealing what looked like deep open flesh wounds. It had spread around the Achilles tendon area to the other side. I have directed water from the shower head before but this time It started to peel off like a banana peel and I kneaded the remainer off. What remained was a layer of new tender skin. I had a camera that I use to document the progess of the problem and filmed what was happening. I have it some where among my many video files?

After I had my hip replaces and still was in great pain an x Ray on the other hip that was now painful showed a bone splinter was the cause of the new pain. I prayed that I would not have to have another hip replacement that they were considering as a necessity. The second x ray taken when I said the pain was gone found no trace of the bone splinter and no need for another hip replacement. Thank You God!

An eye exam showed evidence of a hole in the back of the retina and a disintergrating vision problems affecting the old that never heals and only get worse. Well It healed and my vision is better than before and there is no trace of the problem. In the last exam there was a warning sign of increase plaque that could lead to a stroke. The doctor said Lets hope that will disappear too.

I have met many God Loving and Serving People whose continuation of a God Loving and Serving life under adverse medical circumstances is God's will. I have witnessed the ill that befalls those who would interfere with God's own who are answer His Call as they are in His strong caring and protective hands.

There are many Individuals who are chosen and gifted by God to do His work in the manner that God will direct them in His ways of Peace and Love.

Just like the disciples of the past were chosen You also could be called. It is up to you to answer that call. At the present it also call me to write my thoughts and experiences as a testimony. My Spiritual Songs are my Homilies that may never be sang in Churches but they will out in the real world where they may lead others to find Christ in the words he spoke while here on earth and to Churches that teach and live by His commands of Love. I have found unique joy and understanding of God's Love in my Catholic Faith. I am cut in the mold of St. John of The Cross whom the Carmelite order inmprisioned for wanting to reform their order. The reformation did happen and The Carmelite Order is a wonderful Meditative Order. Thanks to the two St. Theresas , Of Avila and Liseau, St Simom Sock and St.John of the Cross, who were strong positive God Loving Factors.

Pope Francis Is a Driving Force for Good in the World and the Catholic Faith

Bringing the Emphasis Back to God's Love and Forgiveness, Kindness and Caring, Evangelizing the Youth who will be the future Heartbeat of the Church. Truth Love and Light are synonymous With Christ's word of Love, Forgiveness and Atonement. When the church gets away from that It is time to Rock The Ark. We all should live by the Teachings Of Love Christ taught us in the word He spoke while here on Earth.

Christ had a Problem with the Self Rightous Scribes and Pharassees emphasis on Laws that were relevant to the times they were written that dealt with other than spiritual matters. Scribes who were more into form than substance are still among the Mulitude. More into the emphasis on Sin every where and in every one that they judge as quilty and perverse , judging People with their hard unforgiving heart of stone when they should not do so. They ignore Christ Commands of Love that They use the tenets of the law found in the Old Testament to justify their unchristians acts. They leavin in limbo, Jesus teachings on Love found in the New Testament, Forgiveness and the need for atonement examplified by the supreme sacrifice of giving His Life, to save us from our sins.

There are those who still more into the evasion of truth, more into saving face before changing things that were undermining the church. Face Sin and wrong doing that exist in the church directly and promptly, Atone and Go with God In Peace, with Truth, Love and Compassion God's way. welcoming Everyone In to the Kingdom of God's Love, Amen! The Holy spirit moved the Conclave of Cardinals to select Pope Francis. He was God's Choice to lead the Catholic Faith out of the darkness into the Light. Yes we have experienced darkness that has Led to the current division that has damaged and stunted the growth of the church.

Shortly After 9/11 attack, I tried to share the following idea on a Peace and Healing Memorial as the dead included people of many religions and ethnic background, Christians , Muslims and Jews.

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Let us give their spirit wings.

It was memorializing the nineteen children who died in the Oklahoma Blast. It was introduced at the Carmel Mission at a Memorial Ceremony during the Childrenís Mass at Nine in the morning... Individual Children lit 19 candles for each of the children who died. in the blast. Then all the children sang the song along with me as I played guitar.

Out of the fire Out of the flame there is a lesson waiting to be learned
If only their love could fly like white doves and touch the hearts that Hate has turned to stone .
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings
Look on back to Waco, Oklahoma too, two wrongs donít make a right, no they never never do
We saw it Rwanda , Sarajevo too Children pay the price for what those with hatred do
We see it in Palestine , Israel too.. Children pay the price for what those with hatred do.
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings
Lets light a candle every one to make a light as bright as the sun.
Lets light a candle, itís not too late to illuminate the fact
There is no more time for hate, If we but give their spirit wings.
Now 19 white doves fly in heavenís blue carrying a message
Meant for me and you.
If only their love could fly like white doves
And touch the hearts that hate has turned to stone.
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings.

The song was written while my mind set was focused on making the May, 5th month of the year a memorial month to those who have suffered from violence and death by focusing on the Fifth Commandment Thou shall not kill.. I wrote the Mayor and , The Governor of Oklahoma and some other officials in the State making that suggestion. It was while writing these letters that I was inspired to write the song. I later raised $2300 for the Oklahoma Children's fund from the sale of one of my artworks that I have in print called Return to Heavens Gate. We all should realize the possible effect of your words and actions by being judgemental. It is not necessaryily extremist who promote violence or Hatred by being overly judgmental . It is the judgmental words or actions of the self rightous, overtly influenced by politics That arouse extremist to commit acts of violence.

Words and actions That arouse hatred and anger brings intolerance, Bullying and death!

Gay Political issues in churches have been proven to be a factor in the Bullying of Gay students that have led them to commit suicide. One individual brought a political petition into the Sanctuary right after Adoration to stop the education , designed to promote undestanding of other students who may be Gay to stop the bullying that has driven too many young gay Kids to commit suicide. I told her that should not be done inside a church and it was a desacration of the Sanctuary. They are not men or women of God when their words and actions convey Hatred of the sinnner before the sin that they with their dirty minds imagine others are doing. It is not their responsibility to judge others or be a bedroom voyeur.

They are not inspired by God gentle love found in the new Testament, nor by the words Christ spoke while here on earth. Words of Truth and Light please show us and them the way! Political whims of angst and acts of violence occur. They ignore the Peaceful words in the Old Testament and the Koran and seek quotes out of contect to justify their violence. They seek wars and acts of attrition to justify their anger and violence and speak with their mind not their heart In Churches, Temples and Mosques , Religions here in America and through out the world when misued by extremist and politicians.

Politics may have led to the broken shards of glass scattered behind my car after I share my Painting with Messages of Mary at a Rosary crusade. in Marina, Ca. The Rosary Crusades attract many devout good people. I experienced a tire Blow Out a couple of days later that conceivably could have endangered others if it happened while speeding down route 68, the curvy winding Holman Highway.

I did recall a man saying He did not want a picture of it as he read the words I inscribed on the Painting of Mary's work of art. These words were a summary as (sum of Mary) of the spirt of God's Peace and Love he shared in her messages during apparitions and appearances thrrough out the world. Iit was likely the Prayer for among the children of Abraham. but then again I have a lot of words in this work of love.

America needs Fatima, will have their members look for some unknow blasphemy in a book, a play, a movie or Museum you would never hear about at all until it was shared on America needs Fatima. They are doing the devil Advertizing. Movies that productions companies wanted to be profitable would prefer the notariety of having them being X rated. that aroused natural curiosity, conversation, etc. They condition their members not just to pray but to respond by letter and actions , demonstrations or actions. Their members at times become become thoughtless automatic responders.

Once a regular Rosary lady objected to me adding Peace after the word Charity in the first 3 Hail Marys of the rosary as I add the words Faith , Hope and Charity before each Hail Mary following the example of a devout church member. I answered , " Where there is Charity ( Love ) There is peace and continued doing it.

America needs Fatima headquarters, were critical of Small Christian Communities as a danger to the Catholic Church. I love the concept of Small Christian Communities in the Catholic family of sharing God's words in the Bible and prayers and experiences in small groups in their homes.

My own small Christian Community is with 2 wonderful Black Baptist Ladies, Mother Clair and Daughter Sherry, Both Cancer survivors that I visit regularly. They are no strangers to the Old Testament. They Love Jesus and live the New Testamant. There are those who study the Bible and those who live it. I am more appreciative of my friends who live it.

There are also Catholics That I am close to and they are close to me, who do not hesitate to get together with me in prayer and sharing unlike others that may be forbidden to do so and walk in rigid lock step obedience with some in the church or the heirarchy who tries to control Catholics minds heart and pocket books.

Altruism or All Truism, Feel Good by Doing Good out of Love Not Guilt

I ran Fundraising sales in my former Gallery on Dolores St. to help others when natural disaster happened any where in America or the world. I would always let the purchaser of my fundraising art select the Support groups that the funds would be directed to. This increased my awareness of the wide range of Good People of different Faith etc. that had these support groups to help their fellow man in time of need. It was wonderful to realize that so many diverse People Organizations and Religions were reaching out together bonded by compassion for their fellow man. That help me formulate my concept of All Truism, that It feels good to do good and it is better to do it early and through out you life out of love of your fellow man than do it later out of Guilt of how you disregarded your fellow man while busy on your quest of success, which were all self centered and at times at the expense of your fellow man.

The American Dream became the American Illusion with a heavy Price Tag.

That could even include your family when you did not take the time to give them time , love and guidance because you were too busy working acquiring matereal things that would make life better for them. The American Dream was distorted to an American Illusion. Not only to keep up with the Jones but do better them. If they had a Ford you would work for a Mercury. Then some one else you knew bought a Lincoln, You would buy a Corvette or a Porche. Everything was the bigger the better.

The value of cultivating caring human experiences were replaced with pleasure experiences and acquitions pursuits. It was a game of misplaced values with no winners. This has led to the break up of families and homes. Greed takes over need. Families suffer separations and divorces as the illusion of changing everthing spreads into other areas and relationships including Life Mates. Everything seems temporary and you grab a different golden ring each time the merry go round of life turns a full circle . Children pay the price. Psychological, Drug and Alcohols become more frequent in Families from the young to the mature.

Family squabble over inheritances of what their parent earned is not uncommon.

They will do this with out concepts of care for their own family who may be experiencing real need because their parents never had time to give them that lesson of Loving and caring for each other.

I am writing this as a witness and also out of an awareness of my own shortcoming in the past. I have always been a hard worker out of neccessity having Lost my Father in world war 2 when I was 6 years old I would give my mother the money I made caddying when I was 10 years old . I remember one man who asked me " How can you caddy for me . My Bag is bigger then you are. It was not easy but I showed him I could do it .

I went to sea at 15 working on private yachts, sending my wages home to Mom and my sisters.

If you cant find a job, Find a Market for your creativity

I cultivated a wide range of natural gifts of talent through disciplined application that were Joy filled efforts for me, and achieved finacial success as an artist having Collector who had original Monets ets buy my work when I was in My early thirties. My only college credit 3 credits in Police administratioin and One and a half credits for a Lamaze Birth class I flunked Psychology but learned enough to want to study the human mind, functions and perceptions on my own.

I appreciated science and Physic and it heightened by understanding of Human percetion in dealing with color phenomenon and used it in my art work with some what the same degree of sophistication that the post Impresionist used in the evolvement of their work. I also had a better understanding of the emotional content that Van Gogh expressed so powerfully.

Lean on Jesus and Others will lean on you and make you stronger for sharing His Love.

There have been times in the past when schools would have teachers bring disadvantaged students who had art talent to visit my studio to show them how you can get a head by apply yourself and cultivating your natural gifts. I also brought God into that equation. With Jesus as my teacher and my source of inspiration in my awareness of the Beauty He created in this world and in Man when we do his will.

I met the challenges of the world that is not unlike the ones that many now face with finacial difficulties today. The choices to be made today are many and not all of them are good. Some involve escape. My advice is to face the problem head on with truth and Faith, Lean on God , don't lead on drugs or alcohol. Be loving and strong with your love of God, Lean on Jesus when you need support. He is always there for you with open arms. You will become strong and other will lean on you not as a weight upon you dragging you down but as an exercise that will make you stronger . as you will receive more of God's love to give and find more joy and fulfillment in the process than you ever knew in your life until now..

Don't sell yourself short or in any way including your integrity, your self worth or your body. Give yourself to God by doing His will. Let His will be your will. Take the time to Talk to Jesus .

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"Little Bird"

A Random Act of Kindness. The bird coming to sing me a song and the song I wrote for her in return. Many are the Birds that flew into my life that I helped and set free.

I was typing an E-mail to a friend and along the periphery of my vision I saw a darting object fly past. I thought perhaps it was a bird. Than I heard a chirping and could not be sure whether it was inside or out as I had the two French Doors to the down stair area of my studio open. I continued with my e-mail and chirped along in case there was a bird inside.

It was than I saw the tops of little wings fluttering on the tiled ledge just below the large picture window. I went upstairs to see who my visitor was. He was a small dark charcoal tufted bird with a white breast. He flew from the ledge and alighted on a xylophone type instrument that I picked up in Bali on our trip around the world. This was located on the top of our Hammond Organ . It was almost like he was playing something for me as he skipped over the metal plates. Than he flew over to the Brass railing where he sat for a while I sang a song I made up for him or her while I played my classical guitar softly. He actually chirped along. It is not uncommon to have birds sing outside of my gallery on occasion when I am playing and singing inside. When I put my Guitar down he started flying around the studio and I was concerned he may injure himself. He stopped on another ledge and I tossed threw some cereal crumbs in case he was hungry.

I sensed his desire to take leave but was unable to perceive the two French door on the upper level was open for him. He flew to the upper North light windows and than back to the large picture window with the cross on. He flew up and started beating his wings against the window in an effort to escape. He went back down to the ledge just below it and rested. I played my guitar and sang softly to try to calm him down and sang the song ďLittle BirdĒ that I created for him. He flew to another ledge that was within my reach. I walked up slowly while singing lowly. He allowed me to cup him in the palms of my hands. He rested there and did not struggle or flutter his wings. I sang softly to him as I walked to the outside deck. I opened my hands so he could fly away. He looked up at me sang a chirp or two and in the next instant he was flying home to his nest.

Peace and understanding Songs

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"Man in Black"

This was part of a triad of songs that part of a New Years Resolution to use my creativity for Peace in the world. They were written along with "Here and Now". Curse of Cain, as Man in Black as a singing prayer while working on a prayer Painting " Man in Black", a Painting of Jesus Christ called Prince of Peace. I gave to a Priest from Africa for St Patricks Church in Africa. These creative efforts were offered up as a prayer, praying for Peace in the Mid- East and the world. They along with "Children of Abraham" are rededicated all Peace efforts in the Mid-East and the world. What started as a New Years Resolution before the Iraq war has evolved into dedicating the rest of my life to be an active creative voice for peace, Understanding and Justice in the world. May the Common Goals of Understanding , Peace and Justice be assured through Mutual Respect , Unity and Strength, Blessed by the One God we all worship and Honor though we may know Him by different Names, He is one and the same.

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"Children of Abraham"

is a song about prayers for peace in the world, with the emphasis on The offspring of Abraham. This song is dedicated to the Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. I sent him a cd along with My Message to Humanity to share with those interested in peace in the Mid-East who have representatives to the United Nation." I also included a bank check for $1100 for the UN children's AIDs fund to fulfill an old obligation I assummed to do something in support of those with AIDS. There was an excellent National Geographic Story in the December issue, 'Abraham Father of three faiths'. It is my intent and resolution for the New Year, 2002, to continue to be a creative voice for peace and justice in the world. One of the great strengths of America is how we are the positive sum total of ethnic and religious groups who settled in America from throughout the world. When I first started this song I was discouraged by the state of world affairs. The longer I worked on it as a prayer offering, the more hope I felt about peace being attainable in the Mid-East and the world. It is not just a matter of giving Peace a chance but never giving into the despair of war. Jan. 24, Peace day is a day we can be in spirit with the spirit of the prayers being offered up at Assisi for Peace by the Pope and other Religious Leaders, all Children of Abraham who pray together to One God for peace in our hearts and the world... In the spirituality section there is a story of my experiences at Assisi and the peace song 3 white doves that I started there describing the experience.

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"Curse of Cain"

. Go to the Bible, Genesis, chapter 4, verse 15 Cain and Abel and give me your opinion of what Yahweh, God had in mind when he put the mark of Cain on Cain. Click here to email me. God said Cain would be protected as any one who dared harmed him would have sevenfold more suffering as a result. It almost appears as if that is happening in today's world. There seem to be a continuation of too many Cains killing Ables. I wonder if the circle of hate moves faster because it is going down hill to hell. Perhaps the circle of love is on a horizontal plane and rays out from a center location and doesn't move that fast in comparison. Or if we are pushing the circle of love uphill, It takes more honest effort and sacrifice. The story about Cain and Abel is in the Bible and Koran. In the song I have a line "The death angel you wish on others will visit you instead."

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God Save the Children"

God Reach down to the innocents with your loving arms
Shelter them within the wings of angels, keep them safe from harm
O Lord please save the children, Spare them the heartbreak of war
Spare them the sorrow, that will be theirs tomorrow
Borne on eagle wings of war. God save the children.

Through out history, Men driven by deceit and greed, war and the vain misuse of power succeed in having children pay the cost of war with their lives, loss of love ones and their tears. It is not just the children of Iraq that feel the pain and loss It will be the children of our service men and women who will share the terrible cost and loss from a war that need not be!. The pain never really goes away and no amount of Patriotic fervor and welcoming home our heroes who returned home safely will cushion the reality of their loss and pain. In among the Iraq war news they had a video clip of children in Palestine throwing stones at a tank threatening the neighborhood they lived. These children relative to the tank are the fragile children of stone in the song.

The time has come to use these stones not as weapons but stones to build a peace memorial to the children and young people on both sides who paid the price for violence and hate. It is a time to build a new Free State of Palestine THat President Bush is working on. where people can realize the joys of life found in more peaceful Cities and Countries in the world and live in peace with Israel. The same holds true in Israel. It is time for fresh new voices to be heard on both sides. It is a time to reject the circle of violence and spokes of hate. May we all enter into the Endless Circle of God's Love and Peace. Though we Know him by different names, He is one and the same.

60 years after my dad was missing in action in the North Atlantic I came across his final letter home to mother and my sisters and I. I also found out his loss was verified to be Dec.13th. not Dec. 7 as the first telegram said approximately Dec. 7th. The pain of his loss was coupled with the death of my 99 year old mother on Dec. 13th, exactly 60 years later. The pain and emotional impact felt was excruciating. The individuals on both sides of this conflict who will lose family members in this war will know that pain.

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"Family of Man,"

We're just a family and we are all in His great hands. One of my folk songs that I have taught many people including Irish Missionary Nuns who work throughout the world. I would not be surprised to be in Africa and hear it being sung there.

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"About Face" if I had my druthers, this song could be used in peaceful demonstrations in any part of the world including America by individuals or groups who wanted to make a statement for peace in a different manner. When an Individual leader or his compatriots who are pressing for war were present they would call "About Face," call about face for war . Than they as a group would smartly turn their back on him her or them. About Face, is a military command to reverse direction of an individual standing at attention.

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"Man in the moon,

July 2002, A lighter peace song." While painting until the early morning, I was moved by a brilliant moon that was visible in my large picture window in my studio. The face on the man in the moon was more evident and it seemed to be smiling. It was the inspiration for "Man in the moon". It jump started my continuation of my resolution of being a creative voice for peace. I took a break from my peace songs as I really felt the world's pain, heightened by my focus, awareness and sensitivity to the havoc and loss of lives that war has brought in 2002.

I have to travel vicariously, the last couple of years I have been very close to home caring for my 99 year old mom. I don't think I have been more than 20 mile away from home. That is such a far cry from my regular jet plane trips through out the world painting. I have more time to develop my music potential and to continue my exploratory painting disciplines. I recently finished "Cruising the USA" and am also working on a neat motorcycle song.


Edited and more reflections Sept.7,8,9,10 and 11 as a Prayer offering for Peace. ,2013 additions and editing 12/09/2013 George J. Bleich