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Beyond Moongate

Beyond Moongate

The harmony of Indigo gives way to pastel shades,

Pains of yesterday dissolve with the dawn of each new day.

Life beckons you with joy to press on and not to wait

For the path unfolds before you, the path beyond Moongate.

Revelations raise around you, perfumed flowers in the mist,

A tear clarifies and crystallizes to a healing dew drop kiss.

When the secrets of your garden, all the love that lies within,

Reveals the beauty within yourself, Your new day will begin.

Your garden awaits in beauty with love you long to share,

Like unfolding morning glories, Far removed from care.

Night flowers bloom in secret, while bearded iris sway.

The silence of the cobble stones await the sounds of day.

Blossoms wait the morning sun, pathways the sounds of feet,

Your heart awaits in pulsing joy when night and day do meet.

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© October 30, 1996 George J. Bleich