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Reflections of a Poor Man Philanthropist, How People with a Polish Catholic Background Do Things for Others Out of Love and enjoy doing it.

I am well on my way to becoming a poor man Philanthropist like my happy Polish Uncle Joe

I had two Uncles on different sides of the family, both named Joe, One was wealthy and wise and tighter with his money than a locked down Vise grips. He once said to me I never helped you or my son and both of you became very successful.

He actually did help me in the process of helping himself .He formed a Chapter S corporation to divert fund into an account that would fund my painting and travel. I would put all the art I created in that period away and then would have an exhibition later and share the money gained by sales.

It enabled me to go to England and paint the Cornwall coast and travel down the pathways of the Impressionist. I am thankful for that introduction but felt like a horse in a stable owned by some one else. Artist if they are ladies are like butterflies and have to be free, Men are like wild stallions and need their personal freedom also. I paid him back as I was successful to begin with and did not think it was a good idea to interrupt my consistent progress remove my work from the public eye.

I think one of the reason he suggested that to me was he tried to have some kind of deal with Dustin Hoffman who was somehow related to his second wife. Hoffman visited their New York apartment while dressed like the down and out bum in Midnight Cowboy they were filming in New York. City at the time. The door man at first would not let Dustin Hoffman in as he looked like a down and out vagrant. I guess Dustin appreciated his personal freedom also

Joe said My brother Mike helped his children and they never amounted to that much. In reality Mike's children turned out well as one was a professor of philosophy and another worked in Civic Government. They contributed love to society and their families in way that is not to be judged by income acquired and stored but by giving back to the world. Do not let the only legacy you leave be financial wealth that your surviving relatives can fight over.

My Polish Uncle Joe was a poor man Philanthropist. He inspired that term. He was a wonderful giving person that helped people in need constantly. He left this world with little more than he had at birth. His Epitaph may very well be. I lived to Give and Gave from the Heart. I am working on that form of lifestyle myself and if I earn the right to have that same quote inscribed somewhere,

It can be on a piece of Driftwood that my kids can throw in the sea along with my ashes when it is time! If Chris my surfing son was around , put my ashes in a card board box and set it on his surfboard. He could paddle out to sea and dump me in the deep to let the ocean currents carry my ashes to some tropic island hopefully. My son Jon who is taking up surfing could also do it as I intend to be around for awhile. In time he will be an excellent surfer like his brother. They would do me a special favor to share a bottle of Mt. Gay rum with their and my friends and leave a shot in the bottle and put some of my ashes in with it. add some sand from the beach and a little salt water which is my holy water. leave some air in so it can float away on it journey. May it drift ashore on some deserted Tropic Island beach.

I have a track record of making financial sacrifices to help those in need. They are also reflected in the songs that I write honestly and the inspirational spirituals I write to help others in their need. They can be downloaded free from my home page and I give free CDs out to people I sing to in my gallery, To Nurses, Nurse Aids and Doctors at Chomp to patients at hospice, and VA Monterey Clinics, volunteers and Doctors and Nurses. and last week at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto. . I have given out many to people who are ill and others who lost parents and love ones. A number of my financial gifts and gifts of song and CDs go back to the last verse of my Heaven's Gate Poem.

Heavens Gate Verse

There is a lesson found in gardens where natural order reigns,
A lesson of respect and love, a gift from God to gain.
If only we care for our fellow men like gardeners do their realm,
the world will be a better place and problems overwhelmed .

Gift to Africa

Father Ed from Nigeria, Africa who I gave the painting " The Prince of Peace, Man In Black" I wrote a song called Man in Black while working on the painting. I told Father Ed that I am not sure why but I think you should have this painting which was a Peace Painting for your Church in Africa. I was surprised later when He told me the name of his Church, It was St. Patrick which is the name of a church where I became an alter Boy in Glen Cove L. I., New York.

M M M Medical Missionaries of Mary

I had some good friends who were sisters in a religious Order, M M M, Medical Missionaries of Mary. They were an Irish order Who worked in Africa and other areas of the world that needed health Care. When new Nuns would come from Ireland, they would bring them to My gallery in Gloucester and I would take them out for a lobster dinner. I in turn would take my Mom over to their convent for dinner.

D D D Dedicated Disciples of the Devil

One evening The nuns and I were playing guitar and singing when this very loud Hard Rock music blared through the Air. I asked what is that? They told me a group called the D D D, The Dedicated Disciples of the Devil moved next door to the M M M. Convent. Earlier I gave one of their Nuns whom I met in Carmel That I first met in my gallery o tI gave one who I met in Carmel a painting for their Mother House in Winchester, Mass. On one of our singing get sessions I taught them My Family of Man song. I thought how it might be a pleasant surprise if I were in Africa and I hear some people singing it there.

Some Efforts I Can Remember

$ 2300 to Oklahoma City's Children's fund.

$ 1000 dollars to the United Nation Children's Aids fund.

$ 4000 to a church in Japan KOBE Earth Quake relief.

$ Funds for local Flood and Earth Quake relief

$ 2250 to St. Monica's in LA Quake relief.

$ Funds for Church Burning in the South

Helping a PTSD Gulf War Veteran and wife

James and kelly Simpson from West Virginia with my spontaneous Gift

There is more about them in my song section. They were the inspiration for some of the lines in my Johnny Cash song I wrote during the Bush reign.

If Johnny Cash came back today I wonder what he would sing about , I wonder what he would say,

What the hell's going on. What the hell went wrong

This couple were In My Song section under Johnny Cash song is a picture of a young W.Va. Veteran James Simpson a veteran of the first Gulf War suffering with Gulf war syndrome and his wife Kelly who stayed with me awhile, Even gave them a $700 Bleich Master touch of Seine River they loved. Picture of them is from my home page in my mp3 section on my Johnny Cash song !

Legion of Honor Scholarships

I developed an Idea of Cities adopting the educational responsibility of Children whose parents made the supreme sacrifice in the first Gulf War. This is what I was actively involved in during and after the First Gulf War. I was promoting the idea of Cities adopting the educational responsibility of Kids whose parents were lost in that war, and there were not that many. I know for a fact that at least two cities did adopt the educational responsibility of Kids who were lost in that war. On the back page if you can enlarge it has ideas that could be relevant today.

Behind my $ 1300 donation to the Marine scholarship is a story about someone from Ft. Ord who was killed clearing bombs . He had two wives One who he met in Germany who divorced him after being in the states for while and another who was Puerto Rican like himself, . and children by both of them. They were in conflict about his Insurance. They had initially received approximately $ 15000 from the public but that stopped almost immediately. I offered to help them raise money for their children's education. I offered to help them if the money would be for education. I went to a provost marshal meeting at Ft. Ord with them and their families. They were adamant that they wanted to use the money any way that they saw fit. The Puerto Rican wife brother was there and he said what do they need an education for . They can join the Army and become a sergeant like me. I answered if they have an education they can become an officer.

I gave the $1300. I had to contribute to the Marine scholar ship fund that I was recommending as a wonderful support system for Veterans kids. to the Marine scholarship funds in memory of my Dad who was missing In Action. Bear in mind It was a lot of money to my family as we did not have that much at that time. The picture below is David Maupin who was Missing in action in Iraq.


$900 to Katrina Hurricane relief and said I will do a large painting for New Orleans Health problem really got in the way.

In reference to the above when I acquired MSRA Staph at CHOMP in June of 07 and I knew Staph has killed more people than AIDS in America, I made arrangement for the 5 ft. by 5 ft largest painting in the gallery and a painting I loved to be sent. to New Orleans as I was feeling so bad that I thought that I may die. and wanted to fulfill a personal pledge. I have sold my 4 by 5 ft paintings for $38000.

$1000 for educational purposes to Injured Soldier to help him become Surgeon

$ 1000 injured former 1st Lt. Eddie Rebrooke to help him become a surgeon. He was the Lt. who the army forced to pay $700 to for the vest they cut off his injured body while be air lifted out of a combat zone. That will never happen again because of the anger of Americans how Veterans and soldier were ill treated. This was done at a time that as usual I was in debt. I always have seemed to be provided for in my own moments of need and try to do the same for others when I can.

Over the 35 years and more that I have been in business in Carmel I contributed countless art works for local fundraising in schools and churches I taught art and art appreciation free at local schools from Bay school to the Carmel Mission School, High School and in between in Carmel and Pacific Grove. I worked on my largest work of art for Carmel HS Sober Grad night . It covered one whole back wall another on the side. wall. My Friend Miguel Dominges was my co- worker and other parents. While teaching for free at the Mission, I would have parents bring their kids over to my studio for additional help and would even supply them with tubes paint, brushes etc. to take home. Painting materials are expensive. Now I am finding myself short of paint, so I write more.

I enjoyed helping my wife coach the Wooden Horse Little league team.

Years of support for Cystic Fibrosis Victims.

Over $50000 worth of Beyond Moon Gate prints given to Cystic Fibrosis They had a retail Value of $150 each, I have donated over 500 of them. This was inspired by my friendship with Carly Metcalfe, a courageous young Australian poet surviving CF.

Over $38,000 dollar worth of my Point Lobos art for world leaders who attended NATO conferences in Memory of my Dad who was missing in action in World war two in the North Atlantic. It took me close to a month to prepare these. I inscribed each one with my quote that Sec. Defense Weinburger approved. I have a silver plate from Pentagon and personal letters from Weinburger and President Reagan thanking me for the beautiful work, what I inscribed and why I did it!.

The idea behind the inscription was the primary gift. May the common goals of Understanding and Peace be Assured through Mutual Respect, Unity and Strength.

I had DLI translate them into all the NATO languages before inscription If only we lived up to that today we would not be in the Iraq quagmire, primarily alone when it comes to our cost in human life and deficits.

During the 1991 Desert War I encouraged cities to adopt the educational responsibilities of children whose parents were lost in that war. At least two cities did and more than likely more We should do the same thing for veterans and their families in this war.

After a Past California natural disaster, I addressed the Carmel Business Association which I was a member of how we could give back by helping other California communities in need due to natural disasters. I did not get to far. I remember experiencing a strong headache while speaking. I had a sense of negative energy to my suggestion.

Later I addressed the Board of the Carmel Gallery Alliance about coming to the aid of LA quake relief. They said their plate was too full, and said You do it which meant doing it my self without support or endorsement and do not use the name of the Gallery Alliance. Well with great effort I had 17 galleries involved in independent silent auctions for that Purpose. Most of them were artist galleries, I sent St. Monica's in LA $2250 The commercial galleries had next to nothing to do with it. to do it. Many of these artist have been forced out of business unable to compete with Corporate Commercial Galleries. That has been Carmel's loss.

Gift of Challenger Painting

I designed a Memorial Service for the Challenger Crew with Father Dudah of the Mission. 10 Candles were lit for each astronaut. The Challenger 7 and Griffen, Chaffee and White who died on the launch pad. I stayed up all night and did a 30 by 36 memorial painting for the service and gave a talk to the parish about overcoming difficulties faced. That Painting is now in the collection of the Challenger foundation in Arlington VA.. I am a friend of some astronauts and attended a shuttle launch and an aborted California landing in the desert.

I sent the painting to the Senate Space Appropriation Committee and called it The Silent Lobbyist. I told them to hang it in their chambers while debating funding and than give it to the Challenger Foundation or the Kennedy Space center. Senator Inouye from Hawaii who I have communicated with in the past had Sen. Garn who has been into space present it to the Challenger Foundation. It is far more than a painting Memorial. It is a concept of Honoring Volunteers through out the world who accept the Challenge of Risk in Serving Mankind.

Some time my gifts are coupled with the songs and poems I donated a painting to Catholic Military.org and wrote a song about an evolving theme. while working on the painting painting the wings , Red ,White and Blue. In addition to soldiers, it became a song for any one who needed the extra care an angel can bring to some one in need of an angel praying for Soldiers. I wrote. In Care of an Angel, Let us raise our voice in prayer, both beautiful songs written for our troop's care and safety.

Oklahoma City Blast

The Oklahoma City Blast inspired a song If we but give their Spirits Wings, that I introduced and sang at a Children Memorial Oklahoma City Mass at the Carmel Mission. It was a Memorial Mass for the 19 children included in the 168 who died in the Oklahoma City Blast. That song restarted my song writing fervor. 19 Different children lit 19 candles in the memory of Children closer to their age at a service there I designed for them. Pull up Wings on my home page song section I raised $2300 from Heaven Gates Sales for their children fund.

I once asked our pastor, Father John's Permission to have my Free Spiritual CDS That I create that had please share do duplicate on label put in the Carmel Mission Church Library. I gave him one and said he could select the songs he wanted on the CD. I sing but my voice changes like the weather, sometime it on and sometimes it's gone. My voice is like the Mpnterey fog. I spoke to Father John about having a fund raiser at my Pebble Beach Studio for the benefit of Homeless women in Salinas. Health problems created at CHOMP forced me to close gallery as I was not well enough to run the gallery or work. BUt I still had an inventory of art.

He sent me a note just before he left on an European sojourn that we will get together with Deacon Dan another friend to see how my art work can possibly help "Woman Alive" A group that wants to establish a physical structure or home for homeless ladies in Salinas. I was hoping to find an Angel to do what Denzel Washington did for The Fisherhouse which provides for families of injured Veterans when relative are visiting them. He contributed the funds to build another structure for them.

There are American Catholics who could do that as a Legacy of Life and Hope gift. It would be a wonderful generous gift that would carry on as a tribute to the donor loving concern for other long after the donor has going his or her way. It would be appropriate if the home was named after them.

You can be an Angel

You Can Be An Angel

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Angel Instrumental,first step"

You can be an Angel, Bossa beat"

" You can be an Angel" Beguine

"You can be an Angel, Walz"

Dorothy's Place Needs an Angel!

You can be that Angel.

I have been working on this song for over a month with a number of different versions as prayer offerings for some of the needs of others. It started as a prayer to find a way to find away to move an angel who doesn't even know yet they can be an Angel

THese homeless women who share the terror of living on the streets, need a one of a kind,compassionate wealthy person, who could fund a permanent home for ladies without a home, for Dorothy's Place.

If I had the opportunity to ask some one to do that personally I would ask John Edwards and His Wife be the Left and Right wing of one Christmas Angel Their love overcame problems and temporary weakness To renew with new strength, Love and understanding. They would be the perfect special symbolic Angel to kick off this idea. Share the idea with them. It would be like a fresh start example of the good that comes out of Love, Forgiveness and Caring. It would be a sacrifice and a wonderful symbol of loving and caring for each other and women in need, The needs of last spring when I first tried to do something for the Homeless Women has increased with fore closures and job losses. It could even be part of a economic Job stimulus in Cal. Projects of this nature are ready and waiting to be started.

The same Concept could be used across America where wealthy individuals in the private sector give new life to our faltering economy. It could usher in a new era of Caring in America. They can fund service organizations that are in involved in the constructions of homes for those in need. You have Habitats for Humanity. Brad Pitt's Green safer home in New Orleans. All these homes should be green homes to spur more need and more jobs and at the same time help with Global warming.

I wrote a new song " You can be an Angel. I offered up my effort in creating the song as a prayer that we will find one to help these ladies in need. I wish I could find some one to arrange and sing that song to inspire more people to reach out with Kindness and be an Angel to those in need. THere are many in need today and there are potential Angels out there that could help them

I have burnt thousands of my CDS and I have signed them to the Pastors of Protestants Evangelical and Catholic churches alike that tourist go to when home.. On the CDs, I have written Please Share Do Duplicate. It is one of my out reach approaches to help people

I like an Ecumenical approach to Religion as long as Religion is used to propagate God's love not the traits of man pursuit where Religion becomes a vehicle for personal or political gains or worse, violence to Nations through out the world or end up causing intolerance and hate crimes to individuals in our own Country.

My response to when the city of Carmel removed the Memorial Garden honoring Soldiers deceased and calling for aid to those who were injured. I wrote a song , It is all about Jesus. It is about the priority that we should place on the New Testament, before the old. I feel a calling to have people in this time of chaos to focus on Christ 2 Commands of Love. If we value the Old Testament as a reason for our actions, than let us first think, are these actions in keeping with God's Ten Commandments. The Old Testament is the Jewish book about their history. We have evolved from that by Our acceptance of Jesus Christ. Some will say the prophesy and writings in the old Testament verifies what happened in the new Testament. The new is the fulfillment of the old and the truth within and prophesy can enforce Christianity to those who need reinforcement.

I have found great joy within in loving God with what I regard as a gift from God, The ability to love him as a Child, To Have Faith in Him and the Grace to express that love to encourage other to welcome Jesus in to their hearts. There is a clarity to the teachings of Christ, especially His 2 Commands of love p that need no interpretation. You need but let His will be Your will.

I do believe that God may speak to people in different ways and there are good people in the wide array of Religions through out the world. If you were God and one group worshipped you with more emphasis one day a week as we do and another group humbled themselves 3 times a day who would you feel was more sincere?

What of the people who believe that God is everywhere and in everything yet have not embraced a monotheist form of religion but live a life of justice and kindness and find a spiritual communion with all with out hate. How do you think God would regard them? How do you think God regards us when hate and mistrust of any who worship God even within the realm of Christianity, differently than we do. This is wrong! We are all God's Children!

There are some few Christians who are not only looking forward to Armageddon and the end, but are working toward that end. I have had good in depth dialogs with some of these people. They will find a quote from some lesser individual in the Old Testament justifying war. I would suggest that more emphasis be placed on what has been definitely accepted in the old Testament as Words transcribed or spoken by God Himself. Thou shall not Kill. The Ten Commandments should used as the background of Correctness when evaluating statements of individuals quoted in the bible. Is not better to rely on the direct statements of God as in the Ten commandments, rather actions that can be far removed from Christ's Message of love based on a quote of a lessor person mentioned in a line or two in the historical Bible, The Old Testament.. !

When we accepted the fact that Christ has come to earth and through His Personal words and teachings of Christ, We will live good kind Christian Lives. There are a great number of good Christians who do this. You will know them by their actions. Some other get sidetracked by the writings in the old Testament and they and end up doing the bidding of man not God. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are Gods.

I once took a class at college on the time relationship of how Christianity evolved out of Judaism. We Should not place blame on the extremist among the Jews who crucified Christ Than we should place blame on all Muslim because of Aquaida. We should not hate anyone or any religion because of the the actions of the misled or extreme elements. They exist to some degree in all religions and ethnic groups including our own, Just look art the Oklahoma City Bombing. A quote to justify actions and trends may be out of contexts with the spirit of the bible and the Koran.

I believe Christ came to earth to share his message of Caring Love, To lead people to the peace found in loving God , His Father. His death was also a lesson as to what can happen when fear and ignorance lead people to react in anger and bring death to people we do not accept or understand when our vision is clouded over by anger and hate.

One might question who am I to say these things. I am not a theological scholar but than again neither was Christ. I have had on occasion simple experiences that were unique that I touched upon in my art and spirituality section of my Home page. l that lead me to think That God is with me in a special way and I am called upon to do what I am doing out of love for Him. I am not proclaiming my self to be a holy, holy I will leave that to contemporary Pharisees. I am a sinner who falls but have always found the way with God's help get up and climb again that road that leads to Love, God's Love.. I believe that Christians cause Christ even more pain by our behavior at times. Listen to my sparrow song. We are the people driving the nails in Christ hands when we sin.

There are Christians who place more emphasis in living their lives, with actions more influenced by the Old Testament. They are not prioritizing their focus on the life and teachings of Christ, on his light of kindness, our love of God and His love of all men. Pope John Paul the second even though once shot by an extremist Muslim still reached out to those he called his Muslim Brothers with the hand of peace illumined by the light of God's love. A Religion should not be judged by the actions of the extreme few. If only more Catholics followed the beloved Pope John in his quest for Peace in the world.

I have embraced the thought that God is everywhere and in everyone and in everything.. It is difficult sometimes but It can change your life for the better and potentially change our approach to the world. We should note that Rev. Falwell before his death, left the political scene behind and focused more on Religion and the school he founded before his death. In the process He became closer to God in his final days. He rendered himself unto God. I believed Heaven rejoiced when he did.

I live to Create and share with others , The joy is in the Journey and that Journey is for sharing.

On Cold wet rainy nights I would have Mondos Patrons wait inside my gallery for tables. I would sing for them sometimes, while wine and appetizers was served by Mondos.

Is it that money is not important to me. I make what I need to live not more.

I had some friends who made prior arrangements to see me so they had my phone number and called before visiting. I asked them to stop at a gallery of some one, to check out if he would give them one of the flyers with directions to my Pebble Beach Studio. I even told him I would give him 10 percent if a some one purchased something that he gave the flyer to. He told them I had close the gallery but did not tell them of my address or that my studio was open to visitors.

Some other friends stayed at a motel in Carmel and asked the managers if they could help them locate me as I was gone from Dolores St. They were kind and looked up my telephone number, which was the one that was canceled. THey visited me and had an enjoyable time visited me as they remembered that they had my home phone number on their cell phone. We had a great time, Even had some fun recording his family having fun singing and playing my Keyboards. He was inducted into the Rock Hall of fame last year. The managers did not tell them a week and a half before I stopped there, left directional flyers and had a nice talk with the two managers. explaining how the staph I had picked up at the local hospital made it impossible last year to operate my gallery and I am now inviting people to my home studio in Pebble Beach. I gave them cds with my Spirituals and other songs on and invited them over for a friendly visit to see what I am doing. I gave out a large number of these along with CDs with out a response. My attitude was that people are busy and the way things are economically art may not be one of their priorities at this time. I did more walking and climbing stairs and felt good about the exercise but both my Hip and heel have been in more pain this week from the effort. That is when I put the flyer could use a little help please print up and give to your friends. I am going to change that button on directory to directions to George Bleich's Studio.

Is it the smile on my face no matter what happens.

Is they can not understand the joy that artist find in life, in the sheer wonderful pleasure of creating?

I use to enjoy trying to cheer up my business neighbors when sales are down.

Is it I am not afraid of expressing myself even though it will effect my sales? You have to be true to yourself before you can be true to others. I went from making over $150,000 gross income consistently to losing money every year when I followed through on a New Years Resolution, To be a creative voice for Peace. love of Money has never been the engine that empowered my life.

Unfortunately People who attend church sometime put politics before Religion. They will choose the moral issues they want to support and have apprehension about support in areas that may be in conflict with the political party they belong to. May they not wait like like Rev. Falwell did in his final days to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are God.

I pray for the success of the inter faith dialog that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia discussed with Pope Benedict the 16th when they met at the Vatican last year. Efforts are being made to have Religious leaders of all Faiths who believe in one God to come together to strengthened Religion position to be involved in Peace efforts and resolve conflicts in the world not to create them. It is an effort to have a leadership role together to resolve problems both domestic and internationally to save humanity. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has called for the Children of Abraham to come together. To sit with their brothers in faith and sincerity as we all believe in the same God.

In Israel Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger welcomed Abdullah call. Our hand is out stretched to any peace initiative that is aimed at bringing an end to terror and violence.

Rabbi David Rosen , head of inter-religious relations at the American Jewish Committee in America was delighted by the Saudi announcement.

Religion all to often is the problem, so it also has to be the solution, or part of the solution, and I think that the tragedy of political initiatives to bring peace has been the failure to include the religious dimension.

My Message for Humanity has suggested that for years. You can find it in my Song section.

My own relationship with St. Francis inspired much of good things that I have done. I have painted at Assisi and had a wonderful experience there that is found on my home page on directory button, Art and Spirituality. I have gone to Lourdes twice and worked with terminally ill people and friends for years, sharing Lourdes Water and my comforting spiritual Cds. I do that when I can quietly on my own.

Before the Iraq War began I was following through on my New Years resolution, applying my creative energy to be a voice for Peace in the world and the Mid-East addressing the problems between Israel and Palestine. I wrote my songs, Children of Abraham, Curse of Cain and Man in Black.

My message for Humanity is an evolving continuing prayer about the need to have religious leaders of all faith who worship one god come together with their flocks back to the positive aspects their religions and find peace with each other.

Is it the way I care for injured soldiers and their families and use the vehicle of a prayer garden to draw attention to their needs? Is it I enjoy reaching out helping and trying to inspire others to dream ? Is it that I am happy with my special relationship with God?

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Little Miss Money Mouse" The window painting and an irrate phone call inspired this humorous ditty for some one in a dither.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Climbing The stair way to Heaven" which I wrote while Bedridden on a roll up piano while my feet were elevated.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"All About Jesus" this was my response to the city ordering the gardens removal. It focuses on the need of having Christians live their lives with more priority given to the words the teachings and the life and death of Christ in the New Testament.


There were still a few things that I wanted to accomplish before check out time comes that I could not do in the gallery. I felt much better after leaving the gallery as there were other harassment that should not happen in America.

When the city new code enforcer, Big John, a man I admired, came and inform me that the garden did not have a permit and The Flag The Cross Fence and my troop support sign has to be removed. Also the small one directing people to take a troop support flyer from my door.

John was a former Iraq veteran that I wrote about in my troop support flyer as an example how a cities could assist members of the reserve who are called to duty by making up the differences in their Pay as Carmel did. Later when John was called back for a second tour of hazardous duty to Afghanistan, THe City of Carmel resinded what was once an honorable patriotic policy. John was no longer re-embursed for the difference. In the last Carmel election, the mayor was put on a carpet of shame but with the help of the Pine Cone, Carmel, News paper that some feel is biased in their reporting, Mayor Mc Cloud , the former CIA employee won again.

I liked meeting John in Person and like him as a person. I felt by our conversation we were kindred spirits in our love of Country and how we felt about Veterans in need. We had a nice quiet conversation.

While chatting with John, a lady I helped in the past came in and I told her I could not help her at this time as I told her if I sell a painting I would advance her two thousand dollars that she told me she needed or the state would take away her 15 year old daughter. I even offered her one of my paintings for use as collateral on a loan, as I had next to no money at the time. It was almost like giving her the painting so she would not lose her daughters custody. She was a daughter of one of my Collector, a Wonderful Baptist Minister who gave away just about everything living his Faith. I helped her financially to make her and her daughter's rent in the past

I was more than a bit down with Pain from Staph and also the idea that My Memorial Garden for Soldiers was coming down after caring for it so many years, when another friend came in, Philip Seymour one of my Musician friends. I said once again, I am sorry I really can't help you. He replied George I am not here to borrow money I have $ 25 to repay the money you gave me last time. I wonder what Big John thought of those interruption to our conversations.

When I arrived at the gallery the next day. There was a flyer pasted to the door. It was printed in large type Bleich when told to remove the garden from Carmel's Public Property, Shouted I will not! I am above the Law! I don't know who is doing this but there must be a law against it. The next picture was of the flyer they put on the door.

The same people who were behind putting that sign up and having my Gallery windows painted over are the same ones who have interfered with my right as an American to make an honest living. I believe it is a result of speaking out honestly about the wrong war we were misled into in Iraq. THe corruption and greed we have had flourishing in America that has led to our current financial strife. The part that politics, played , How Religions were also misused to mislead us to war and the dire current state of the world.

God Instilled Natural Inner Moral compass

I have a firm faith in the inner moral compass we all have to know right from wrong. I believe that natural sense is God instilled, not something that can not be influenced by those who would mislead us. My idea of All Truism is based on the God given inner truth we all have with in. It is quest for truth not the spin. There is a commonality of Good to be found in all Religion that should be shard in the interest of Respect and Understanding that can lead to less violence in our Communities, our Country and the World with a focus on Love and Peace not hate and war. Christians have Christ's Two Commands of Love. The similar Golden Rule embraced by many major world Religions. They should be revered , put into practice and be a priority in these troubled times.

A Gift of Art, Positive Ideas, Concepts and Songs to share with the world through the United Nation, to diminish violence, terrorism and promote Peace and understanding in the Palestinian Crisis.

" Light of God's Love" Art was given to U.N. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon

I was in a quandary who I should give this work to . I was considering President Carter whom I admired for his consistent work through out the world in behalf of Peace and possibly for President Obama for his potential to change America's direction that will affect our relationships through out the world on his journey seeking Mutual respect and understanding among citizens of the world that could lead to more peaceful times. The Palestinian crisis directed me to send the work to the leader a world forum that has strived to serve the higher causes of humanity through dialog, not war. It is my Hope that Someday Sec. General Ban Ki -Moon will after drawing upon the positive energy will send it to some else that he feels the work may provide some inspiration and comfort in their endeavors to promote peace and Understanding in the world. Some people write letters to communicate, I paint message paintings. I do this inspired by my love of the world and the good people who serve others in the world.

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