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A lesson learned in Assisi, Don't Look Down George, Look up!

Now it's time to go back to Assisi vicariously and a wonderful Inspiring experience with 3 White Doves there. The area has a unique spiritual ambiance that not only filled the hills, It filled the hearts of all who were there with God's Peace and Love. You could not help feeling the presence of God and St.Francis there.

It was a neat affirmation That God knew what was on my mind as the doves flew into the tree that was in my painting while I was turning over stones by my easel looking for a spider or creepy crawler as I did not see any form of life other than People. No Sparrows, No bees , no Butterflys in the sky. It was almost like God saying You want to see some other natural forms of life other than people, How about 3 White doves flying into the tree you were painting. Don't look down George. Look up. ok down showing I felt that God sent me the doves with a message to share that I put into the song, 3 White Doves. I started the song right on the spot, inscribing the words which flowed freely in a small notebook I had.

Str. St. Francis of Assisi Rose Award

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St. Francis Award Rose

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