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What started as a story of a Memorial garden for soldiers that was taken down by the city of Carmel Ca has evolved into reflections by the artist on his never ending quest of serving God and man. It is better to be a pawn moved toward gentle solutions dealing with the problems of mankind, than a king moved by the hands of men, ruling with out restraint, misleading the world into chaos to serve the few. The garden was tended to for years by a 72 year old artist who thinks of himself as a good ole American from another time. Bleich was in business in Carmel since 1969.

The reporter while interviewing Bleich told him that some one called the paper and requested the story on the sign that the artist put in his gallery window when a local hospital CHOMP ignored his multiple efforts to communicate with them on a disabling problem after having his Hip replaced. The compression hose they put on to ,prevent blood clots were so tight they cut off the circulation with disabling consequences. They were not checked for approximately 5 days instead of daily as they should have been.

The article falsely portrayed the artist as an eccentric That could not get along with his neighbors for years. The paper wrote, For years Dolores Street Business owners have endured what they called George Bleich's eccentricities.

After the article was printed I spoke to other business people, up and down the street who were Neighbors for years and they said they never had a problem with me before. The only businessmen quoted negatively in the article were two business men who were new businesses on the street and have since closed their businesses. Both of the men were neighbors of the stealth man , Good Neighbor Sam of gallery 1000

Defamatory Fiction melded with the truthful reporting of the reality of my anger, when who ever painted over my Window were disrespectful of the Sacrifice of our Soldiers when They removed my troop support flyers that served the welfare of our fighting men and injured Veterans, from my gallery door. Pictures contradict the story. Pictures do not lie like some News Papers do.

Mr. Bleich whose Father was missing In Action in World War Two, has a record of generous, consistent and compassionate support of our veterans and their families. It really bothers me when Americans are killed in action or injured in a war that raises Questions that all Americans should ask. Starting with Why?. Who benefited by the war? Who in America made the most money, what groups? The money spent was your money . The debt incurred will be paid by your children. The pain will be yours if the death is one of your children.

Some individuals who formerly supported the Iraq war, regarded our loss of troop statistically low, relative to other wars. They are now growing incensed by the mounting wars cost and waste created by poorly managed reconstruction cost in Iraq, running in the billions of dollars. That growing financial problems associated with Iraq has been approaching zero tolerence in the minds of many Americans, especially with our own National infrastructure is in dire need and our own economy in shambles.

We have destroyed Iraq bridges and are rebuilding them with American taxpayer money. There is a growing consensus That Iraq should pay for reconstruction with their own dam money from oil revenues. THe American Taxpayer money would be better spent in America where our own bridges are falling into the river they span from lack of care. There has been a great amount of money put into American Military Bases in Iraq.

It has been wriitten how the bases we established in Saudi Arabia was one of the main reasons for the Nine, Eleven attacks. Was there a consideration to move American Bases from Saudi Arabia to Iraq. No More than we would want Arab bases in the United States do they want foreign soldiers in their country. It was this factor that led to the change in Anbar more than the surge.

America's support for our soldiers is high but the support of those who sent them there is justifyably low. It is the result of vigilent Americans that our injured troops are getting better care.

The majority of Americans and much of the world are in accord with the sentiment about their own soldiers. America is gradually realizing that the direction we have taken was wrong and those in power favoring an unilateral approach at solving International problems did not serve Americas as a Nation well. The American people have shouldered too much of the burden alone.

The concern of intelligent people is understandable that there may be an effort to initiate a flash point that could lead to war with Iran. There is concern about the mind set of those in power, that some in power desire war with Iran. before they leave power. That war would have less support than the minimal support we gathered together in Iraq.

With the current world wide Economic mess, war would lead to further economic chaos with even more severe economic consequences for the world and America. Collective International pressure can successfully be brought to bear on Iran with out war! We have seen what happens when we are impatient with sanctions and those who use their desire for imediate results through war.There are cost involved in the Iraq war that we have not yet experienced.

Collectively, we can work together with cooperation with Nations in the Mid-East, Europe and the world to overcome terrorism.

Democracy is a matter of concepts, Ideas and people working together. It can not be spread by force and subjugation."

"May the Common Goals of Understanding and Peace can be assured through Mutual Respect, Unity and Strength".

I created that phrase to inscribe on a $38000 gift to NATO of an extensive amount of my work that took me a month to prepare dedicated to the memory of my MIA Father. My love of Country grew stronger by his sacrifice.

It has also given me the courage and inspiration to seek the truth and speak out in spite of financial consequences. .

I have had Pacifist angry with my support of Injured Soldiers and Bush loving Republicans angry with me that some how to mention the loss of soldiers in Iraq was a bad reflection on President Bush.

I was a registered Republican for years, and actually did reregister as a Democrat. saying I was a born again Democrat, which was humorous statement of my disapproval with the direction that The Bush Administration was taking the Country.

Even though I have some Jewish blood in my background I can not accept that anyone who disagrees with some one thing Israel does is some how anti Semitic. I have been supportive of Israel including the sale of art work for the Jewish cause at a time of conflict. I will be supportive in the future.

They have strong contrast in Israel within their Government and Country as we do over here. Their hard liners and our have some of the same way of approaching problems with force not diplomacy. There are times when their actions are in conflict with American policies to achieve Peace between Israel and Palestine.

I strongly disagree that it was anti-Semitic when the Baker's Commission report focused some thought on the Israel, Palestine problems. It was deemed as anti-Semitic by the Simon Weisenthal Foundation because of it suggestions on the need of compromise to solve problems between Israel and Palestine, in the interest of peace in the area and in the world.

They have people working for peace in Israel between Israel and Palestine who live more in fear of fellow Jews than they do of Palestinians. I had an e-mail from a young man in Israel wondering what is wrong with Americans? Can't they see the problems that would happen if Mc Cain was elected.?

I question the danger of provocation and motivation behind some Evangelicals who were raising money and are sending settlers to Israel to bring about Armageddon.

There should be a priority to the Two Commands of Christ and the Ten commandments that God the Father gave Moses rather then follow individual interpretations of the Bible. Individuals, rulers and governments have used religion to misled and control good Christians through out history with dire effects.

When mistaken religious leaders suggest actions that bring hate. mayhem and even death to individuals and war to Nations They should be held accountable on a spiritual level when they create hatred from the pulpit that is contrary to the Two Commands of Christ and the Ten commandments that God the Father gave Moses.

They should be charged in a civil court when there actions create dangers to others and they do! They have misled their followers to seek violent courses. In the recent elections at least one Evangelical threatened to kill Obama because he was the anti Christ. They undermine unity and civility in America and the world when they do this. I have a great respect for the many good Christians and their ministers who are always ready to help others and disdain for those who do the opposite.

We have seen what closed Theocracy brings to countries where one Religion become the rule of the land. it is the rule of the land. It may be a time for you to choose religious leaders and Religions that focus more on obeying these fore mentioned commands than drift off spiritual course.

There were a large number of them supporting Bush as they believed He would lead us into that final battle. They are also behind his low rating on count of the end they were working for did not happen... They still are working on having The territory of Israel must expanded before their prophesy of the end times. is fulfilled. In that final battle they believe all the Jews who did not convert to Christianity will perish. In essence it would be a religious holocaust unlike the ethnic one in the past, and the end of Judaism if their prophesy comes true .

Having a Father whose family were Hassidic Jews, I am sensitive to the plight of Israel. I feel strongly that should Israel be attacked we would respond vigorously with all the strength at our disposal.

If hard liners and those who are in favor of violence as a way of problem solving the Mid-East will try to draw us into another war by attacking Iran or provoking the sleeping Bear, Russia as in the case of Georgia they should not be surprised at the lack of International Support. We are faced with the dire financial condition in America Their definition of victory relates to the battle not the long end results as in Iraq where we have placed in power a government more friendly to Iran than America. We have made it easier for our enemies to recruit more terrorist to violent movements. Where we once primarily had one we now have many.

We have people in America who believe profess a belief that it is possible to implant America's values through force. They talk of a mission of spreading Democracy. That require ideas they relate to high ideas that have a commonality of need, not by force of arms. There was a stated desire by the Neo-Conservatives PNAC to attack Iraq even before Nine/Eleven

Senator Liberman may have be one will have to maintain a delicate balance between decisions based on his love of America and his concern for the survival of the the rebirth of Israel. He has become a hawk more aligned with the Republican Party's neo conservative approaches on Mid-East policies by his actions and travels. He has in the past been respected by the liberal side of the Democratic party but was campaigning for the Bomb Bomb Iran Candidate Mc Cain. All of us will have to make objective decisions in the future to put America first, whether we be politicians or voters! Respect and love for the country of our fore bear is compatible with our Love of America but it should never be put before America!

There are Muslim radicals who rely on force and misuse of religion to create violence. Their Leaders rely on terrorism, even against fellow Muslims.. That approach is being resented in Muslim's Countries who witness fellow Muslims being killed by terrorists.

Our actions create difficulties for moderate Muslims and a reason for some of them to turn radical when they experience the death of family members at our hand in collateral damage which is an obscene definition for our bad planning. and misinformation that leads to the death of innocent bystanders. Unfortunately on both sides we have the same black and white, extreme mindset of hate.

I an not minimizing the danger of extreme Muslim Radicals through out the world that is growing in numbers. Some of that increase is a result of our selves and the violence we spread in arming the world and the shifting allegiances of Mid-East allies. and fractions. Like our war dead, they are here today gone to the other side tomorrow. The problem is we arm them today and they shoot at us tomorrow. It really get me angry when this misused policy leads to more and more death of Americans and others through out the world The only people who profit are those in the Armament business. The profits they gain are tainted by Americas blood.

I believe in diversity. My feeling that God the Father in his infinite wisdom will find a place in Heaven for all good People of Various Religions. I have met atheists, who through their unselfish compassion and care of others would put many so called believers to shame.

There are Catholic Theologians who have explored this and also believe it. I felt refreshed when I heard a Catholic Priest speak of these theologians from the pulpit I was disappointed but not surprised when He was transferred to an other geographical area and it was not a promotion. He is breath of fresh air and fresh thinking and will be missed.

Christians may be perfect in God's eyes are not always perfect in the eyes of Church Leaders. You had the Spanish Inquisition, the burning of witches in Salem. Religious Persecution was the reason why some fled Europe and came to America. Religions is misused all too often for all the wrong reasons with a consequence of building up hatred, more often a result of ignorance and intolerance.

It is behind heinous hate in America directed at those who are religious and ethnically different and others who choose others of the same sex as mates. It has been proven that the physiological make up, the balance of estrogen and androgens can effect these decisions and life styles.

I have found that when I was enthralled and enraptured in love I felt closer to God and wanted my relationship to be blessed in the eyes of God. Where there is God there is love, Where there is love there is God. When people are filled with hate there is very little room left for the kindness of God to ray out from their being. I believe gay people are as likely to have the these feeling as straight people do. They are some who are more spiritual. Some even become Bishops. The eyes of God are not the eyes of men blinded by the hate.

It is time to pray for grace and sound spiritual reasoning before accepting some one's misguided interpretations of the Bible.

A Christian Publishing Company made millions as the they must have done better than the authors who cleared over $40,000.000 million dollars in royalties on their end time books. They popularized the end time concepts that still influences people to this day. There are people who are so warped they say Hmmmm you must be the Anti - Christ.. I read it in a booklet. These poor misguided folks have been so conditioned to accept the Word that they accept anything in print from a Christian Publisher with the same veracity as the Bible.

The same Christian Publishing Company came out with a second publication with another scholarly Christian interpretation expressing they believed the end time prophesy already occurred in the 11th century. Do you have any idea of how many people, including American Soldiers who died in the Mid-East as an indirect effect of that involvement of bringing about a prophesy? I have talked to a soldier in my gallery who joined up to got to Iraq to be a part of that final battle. I have chatted with a fair number of people who spoke of their belief thar Bush was to lead

I found that some of the hatred and consequence of violence seemed to stem more from the Quotes of lesser people far down from the hierarchy of God's the Father...

I feel personally feel strongly that as a Christian I should adhere more to the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. One can still hold reverence for the Old Testament as lesson in the learning but obeying and following Christ footsteps of love in the New Testament should be a priority.

I shudder at what I regard as blasphemy when I read some of these so called religious booklets where they describe the Anti -Christ as an individual who espouses what Christ espoused.. They gather to rally in Washington under the guise of support of Israel but not for the support of Peace in Israel but to play a role in bringing about the end time and the religious holocaust and the end of Judaism, unlike the ethnic one in the past. that is their interpretation of the Bible in their anticipated End Times.

What if the Christian Author who said the prophesy already happened in the 11 century was correct. Then the ones who believe they are working to bring about Armageddon are centuries late . and all they are bringing is death to Americans soldiers as they are manipulated by Hard liners unwittingly to violence, They become more like the anti -Christ than their delusions that good Christian men and women who work for peace in the world not war are the anti -Christ.

There was a need at the time for the Protestant Reformation . There is now a new need for another Christian Reformation and that is to bring the Christian world Closer to Christ and each other. It is time to promote understanding respect between all Religion. It is time to treats intolerance as the anti- Christ, If you are strong in Faith, you will be open to dialog and understanding. You may bring people to Christ side.

Religions that are are weak in their premise you will isolate their followers from other religions and punish those seek change from their strict way of Faith. that may have been structured more by the need of man to retain control and power and historical timing than the commands of God. Muslims have laws dealing with this. and Christians have started wars among each other for the same purpose.

We Christians at times use hate for other Christian who disagree with our specific approaches. lies and falsehoods have bounced back and forth like a never ending, never winning , losing tennis point. The only thing certain is that some day we all will die and better it be peacefully and naturally, not by wars or false righteous vengeance.. When that time comes, God will be the decider.

The nations of the world have been guilty of Religious Persecution in the past. That is one reason America must maintain Freedom of Religion and separation of Church and State. Religion should affect those use it in a positive way to serve all the people and not by laws that would impose narrow beliefs that would lead to violence in America and the world.

That was the basis for my song, "It's all about Jesus". that I wrote when the city of Carmel removed the Crosses and flags from the Memorial garden for Soldiers I serviced and cared for with love for years.

Some will say that it is blasphemy to suggest that Christ came down to earth not only to give His life for our sins but showing us how to live with each other and avoid sin. To each his own, I place more priority on accepting the teachings and the truth of Christ. God the Father gave Moses the ten Commandment, Christ in His infinite wisdom gave us two Commands


"The second is like it, 'YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.' "on these two commandments hang all the Law and the prophets".

President Bush when you could not sleep, Did you count soldiers instead of Sheep"

I wrote the song " Boots", as a question, when we were losing a soldier every other day at the start of the second stage of the Iraq War. At the the Time there seem to be an effort to play down these loses and It seemed to me That President Bush along with the Administration was trying to spin a picture that things were not going all that badly and a little light hearted and oblivious in appearance in his emotional response to the situation. It was like an illusion of a spin. We have seen other spins on how we are doing so well and everything is working well or better in Iraq. The question is what is the better relevant to. How Is Democracy in the Mid-East spelt? Answer. Theocracy?

When I see the President's face now, I know that he is well aware of our losses in life and feel it deeply. But he can not in any personal way feel the loss in the same way that our soldiers love ones do. In April, 08, we have lost more of our soldiers than any month in the last seven months came down tonight to remove the song from this section, but I could not do it any more than I could take the American Flag down from my Memorial Garden for Soldiers. The city of Carmel had to do that. Perhaps that question should be asked of all American. When we can't sleep do we count soldiers instead of Sheep? We should forget about counting them and start praying and thinking about the oves that are over there now. We should make sure that returning veterean with health and mental problems receive the very best care. I did hear one of my early ideas is happening about the dependents or family members of those who made the supreme sacrifice or were totally disabled are to receive the scholarships that some of these men and women joined the service to acquire but death stopped them before they could reap the educational reward of service that was promised to them.

I was informed that a London Paper printed the following lyrics I wrote during the first stage of the Iraq war. Having lost my own Father,MIA in world war two, I deeply felt the loss of even one soldier as I know know from experience the pain a child and family feels. I was 6 year old when my dad was lost.

"I see a rifle standing tall Belonging to a soldier who did fall.

His Helmet rest on the barrels crown, His empty boots are on the ground.

Mr. President when You can't sleep, do you count soldiers instead of sheep?

Daddy wont be home to read a bed time story or help his kids with their night time prayers.

Cant you hear their families crying? Every other day another G I is dying.

As the conflict of the civil war progressed, The daily death rate rose dramatically.

In the photo that follows, by the time we reached 600 causalities, The rifles now pointed down in the new memorials.You can down load that song in George's song section. Just look for the Memorial.

Shots once fired in the air are now muffled in the ground.

My son Eric, who cared for me at night drove me down to the gallery to remove the wound sign as I told Marie I would when Eric awoke. my concerns that what happened to me would not happen to other patients was addressed. I drew the attention of what happened to a policeman in a patrol car at the near by corner. He did a report on the vandalism and the removal of the troops support flyers. My son and I scrapped off paint for over an hour until the vicodin wore off and I was more aware of pain and felt faint. I was angry about them taking the troops support flyers but not about the paint, My thought was such little people. Having been bedridden for so long it was refreshing to be out in the cool night air and I said to my son Eric, after the first half hour went by, this is just like aerobic exercises. I wondered at the time what would my creative response be. My creative energy was welling up inside. The song at the end of this article, Little Miss Money Mouse reflects on my experiences of that day. It starts with the telephone call by Miss money Mouse which in retrospect, I believe was an effort to have me get angry and have an outburst while the reporter was there. Some of you would probably agree with me as what to do with the little people who took the troop support flyers and I am sure that others would prefer that happens to me. Cest le Vie. Pull up the song at the end of the article and let me know what you would do as an alternative to my suggestion.

Does this look like a large stone that I erected. Give me credit for painting the stone, but it would take an active imagination to regard that Prayer stone as an erection! How does one erect a rock that was there before the garden flowers performed a service of keeping kids off the rock. It was an accident waiting to happen as kids would play and climb on it and could injure themselves if they slipped. I seen more that one very young child slip and fall. I would caution their parents to be more careful.

Perhaps the reporter meant Resurrection, as If some one in the future will restored the Memorial Garden once our involvement in Iraq is done. Perhaps even Mayor Mc Cloud will do it, as she is not a bad lady even though while giving a Memorial day speech in the Park, she reminded me of Matrix Mama. She looked like the Mother of all those agents in Matrix wearing Black and her dark sunglasses.

I was chatting with a lady in the Carmel post office who was a member of the Carmel realtors Board who had a disagreement with Mayor sue. With in an hour after the meeting she received a friendly call from the Mayor, You are no longer on the Board. Could you see Sue smiling when she said that.

The window display was up for 4 days If the garden is overgrown it is because the soil is enriched and cared for. The holly hocks are growing well along with the Nasturtiums. and there are other flowers that are growing well. She wrote of a large stone that I erected to display the number of Americans soldiers who have died in Iraq. It was there and I painted on it, pray for those we lost in the Mid- East.

When Carmel removed the prayer stone I replaced it with a flag. This was before I added the Red White and Blue Picket fence around it that became like little crosses in the following picture.

The American Legion had an Honor Guard of Soldiers Place a wreath on the garden Memorial day as they treated it with the respect as a Memorial Garden to our soldiers, deserve on Memorial day! The day before the next Memorial Day, I was told by an official that they were going to put a wreath on it the next day, But for some reason they did not. I wondered if our Mayor, Matrix Mama the chubby lady giving the speech on Memorial day in the black suit wearing dark sunglasses had anything to do with it?

I have had parents who lost a son in Iraq who came in my gallery with tears in their eyes to thank me personally for maintaining what I called a prayer garden. Iíve had a great number Veterans and families with sons and daughters in the Mid East also thanked me for my efforts.

I also met some pretty strange people who were politically extreme. One large man with a military type vest and Australian Hat with a large American Flag Pin. It fit as if the hat was too small or his head was too large. He said the garden was a bad reflection on Bush and than went on how terrorist are pouring over the Borders from Mexico to kill us. They are here for one purpose and that is to kill us and you too George, We have to kill them first and you canít tell the difference between a Mexican and an Arab. could you picture this guy with an AK 47 doing volunteer border patrol.

When Carmel removed the prayer stone I replaced it with a flag. This was before I added the Red White and Blue Picket fence around it that became like little crosses in the following picture.

The city removed the stone above that I called a prayer stone , when I was home disabled because one person complained to the police. Shame on that person!

While families are burying their war dead others burying their heads in the sand or their wallets. Some one from Parkside Gallery came over to thank me for maintaining the Garden as a memorial. saying he was a Veteran.

The MRSA staph infection hit my system really hard and I was in more of a weakened state than ever before. Going to the gallery was a pick up for me and people I sang for. While sharing my original songs and positive philosophy with them. When the city removed the Soldierís Memorial garden They took away another one of my strong reasons for being there. My response to that was a new song ď It all about JesusĒ ( song can be down loaded at the end of the article,) I was outspoken in my songs and home page, about the war we never should of have had in the first place, but not in my garden. Caring for that garden was another way I prayed. It was a place of caring refuge in a world filled with political chaos and hate.

My early warning about the problems that would follow this ill advised Iraq venture has come to past and more will follow. I pray while gardening for peace and kept that garden a pure memorial unfettered by any politics to encourage support for Soldiers and their families who paid a dear price for their courage and valor in the Mid-East. My own Dad was MIA in World War 2.

My relationship with St. Francis as a mentor had me make a resolution for the new Year before the Iraq war to become a creative voice for peace in the world. I wrote Children of Abraham, Curse of Caine and Man in Black trying to be a peace maker between Israel and Palestine. This conflict is behind much of the havoc and hate in the Mid-east.

It will remain that Until they resolve with an even and just hand the establishment of an an independent Palestiaian State that President Bush is now working toward. It is a time for peace. to be accepted by both sides. No more do they need agents of hate and terrorism filled with hate for Jewish people, do they need religious groups from America who are paying the passage of Jewish settlers from Russia and else where to bring about Armageddon, the final battle That will kill all Jews in a religious holocaust of jews who do not convert to Christianity, not another ethnic one. Judaism now includes a far more varied ethnic membership. and the world will come to an end. It leaves me wondering if in the hidden recesses of their mind, lies a hidden hatred of Judaism.

My garden was a prayer retreat from a war that never should have happened. Carmel removed the prayer stone, the centerpiece of the Garden

I could not find out the name of the one individual whose complaint led to the removal. I put on my home page I am sure our Mayor could as she was a former member of the CIA. It may have made her angry. Plumber George, a dearly beloved Carmel Character, a friend of Mom and I who passed on to a better place March of 08, warned me, He told me he went to school with her and you donít want to mess with Sue. The next time it rained I found out why when the city while repairing the side walk stopped short of my gallery and raised the adjacent area next to my gallery. I had a pond in front of my Gallery.

I donít think our former CIA member Mayor, Sue Mc Cloud saw the humor in a cd label I created with captions like
The City of Carmel to beautify the area created a pond in front of my gallery.
Thank you CIA Mayor Sue.
I miss the Dirty Harry Days when Clint was Mayor.
Boat rentals inside.
Caution no life Guard on duty.

I mention some of the good I've done to show Marie she was wrong in saying on the phone I do not care about anybody but my self. Not only do I care but I will speak honestly about my concerns! I have given more than I can afford to help others.

A Good Ole American, George J Bleich, Photograph by Bruna O Dello Carmel Mission Photographer

I wondered if I could of upset the CIA when I said "I don't really care what Kinkaid or his Corporation Media Art is doing, I would rather take on Hauliburton and the CIA."

To top That off when some one told me that the gallery could be bugged, I answered I donít think so but if it is I have a message for them . They said what is it George. in a loud as I could voice I said Kiss My Ass! Sailor can be salty in their words. I was talking to one of my friends in the military at Ft. Ord and gave him another of my free CDS and said You can call me Captain Smiley as I had my Greek Sailing hat on. He cautioned me if you are not careful you are going to be Captain Hard Time. Are you suggesting that the government may send me on no cost, free vacation to the Caribbean. Like maybe Cuba. I been there before, I said, but never to Gitmo.

There are Pictures of my 7 year old Jon and 20 years old Chris and I riding Camels in Egypt wearing Lawerence of Arabia, Arab headgear on our painting trip around the world. There are butt heads who will see that and think They must be terrorist. Be especially careful of the 7 year old. We happen to know for a fact he has had one judo lesson and is a mean machine. They are as mistaken about that as 10 % of Americans who think OBAMA is a Muslem. How can He be a Christian with a name like that? Very simply, by accepting Jesus Christ as His personal savior.

Week of sept 14,08. Does this look like the Pebble Beach Terrorist with bombs strapped on or a beat up ole American with heart monitor on?

To be honest, I miss the people of New England. There are too many facades in the wide array of re- invented people here.. There are some wonderful ones. but too many of the others.

I had a 24 hour heart monitor put on this morning and was kidding about being being wired with the people at the VA Clinic, in reference to being up tight or nervous which I am the obvious opposite of as I am always very upbeat and joking about my Health problems. When the nurse was hooking me up with the heart monitor patches, I very seriously told her I have another problem that is causing me more concern than my heart, I started to lift off my back from the VA clinic examination bed, I said see this!

A really expansive mound of muscles and guts popped to the surface, stretching the skin. It was really big and odd shape protruding ouward from surrounding flat tummy area. . I told the nurse that I think I am pregnant and am going to give birth to an alien and I don't know when it's due!. It a stomach hernia that Is more fun than bother, that I have had for years. We both had a laugh about it.

On my way home I had to stop at office depot a office supply store and once again was kidding a Phillipino Lady Clerk who I have joked with before about her affection for John Mc Cain.

While checking out . I said with a big smile that I was going to interview her how she felt about Mc Cain but warned her she should watch what she says as I was wired ( as in a hidden recorder or a candid camera moment ). I lifted my shirt and showed her the patches and heart monitor.

She jumped back,shouting Bomb! Bomb! She thought it was a bomb. Shouting Bomb! Bomb ! She scared the wits out of everybody. I said what is wrong with you . You know I always kid you. Why are some Republicans so afraid? I was surprised They did not have everybody leave the store. I told the manager I was wearing a heart monitor not a bomb and was kidding I was wired for sound that I would be taping our conversation. My attempts at humor bring some wierd responses.

I give out free Cds of my songs all the time and was giving one to the next customer in Line. They were love songs and songs of the Monterey area and a wonderful song called America on it. two good ones on America. The lady first thanked me. Than the clerk told the lady, don't take the CD as if harm would befall her if she did. The lady seemed visually apprehensive after the clerk's statement. I told the lady don't worry about it I will give it to some one else.

Before I went into the store as I got out of my car I saw an elderly, gentleman, one legged man in one of those scooters for the handicapped zip by my car in another direction.

I took off hobbling after him as my heel was really in more pain as the Doctor had just finished a fair amount of trimming around the wound and I had to hustle to catch up with him to give him a Cheer up CD called Beach combing . I told him I was in danger of losing my own leg once.and I thought these songs would cheer him up I gave his wife one called Honeymoon for the two of them. That was the one one the clerk told the other customer not to take. I alway try to give people in scooters or wheel chairs my CDS as they are upbeat, encouraging and some songs are down right funny.

There a lot of talk about how our privacy has been undermined

They should have better things to do than bug a 72 year old feisty old sea dog. I would have collectors in and look seriously at a Twenty or Thirty Thousand dollar painting and asked me if I am being good? I told one how when the city removed the prayer stone from the Memorial garden on the complaint of one person. I put on my home page when I could not find who made the complaint as a point of humor I wrote I am sure Our Mayor could as she was a former member of the CIA.

He said , George that is what I mean about being good.

Oh my God, am I still paying a price for my humor, While serving the hungry on Thanksgiving Day by taking on a dirty job handling garbage at the Fairgounds Told me Mayor Sue gave another artist a hard time and when She was in CIA she was known as Dark Thunder.It scared this ole sailor not one bit, I said I might believe him if He told Sue's CIA name was Thunder Butt. She was on the chubby side and wore corduroy pants that could possibly generate electricity when her thighs rubbed together that could be ignited.

When I hear the CIA closed the Bin Laden office I wrote a song that could of had me Killed by one of Bin Laden Followers. I said Maybe the CIA did not want to catch him as He should be easy to spot from a spy satellite as tall as he was, But there were rumorto evade being sighted That he his legs cut off at his Knee joints and had rollers skates mounted there and also on His Balls, Hard as hell going through the mountains but worked great on Marble Floors.

At 72, I am not for sale. Read about my Ideas on Alltruism and objective truth on home page. It feel good to do good and the good you do for others you do for yourself too. The world will be a better place for everyone including yourself.

That effort at humor may have led to extra stop sign tickets in a row and a deliberate effort by one of Carmel City finest failed attempt to give me another when He put on the bright blinding pull over lights on his patrol Car, just before the stop sign. I knew he was behind me and even though I was blinded momentarily I managed to stop. He made a right and was probably disappointed that I stopped.

That also could have been a result of when a wonderful caring 75 year old retired school teacher visited me and ask for advice on what it would cost to have speakers into senior centers as she was taking a course on grants so she could help other senior who. have retreated from life get out of bed and be more vital. I told her I would do it for nothing. I need to know to apply for grants We also discussed our mutual displeasure with the cost of the Iraq War in life and finances. She came back the next day to tell me she was ticketed immediately after leaving the gallery and she never gets ticket. Maybe they just donít want me to visit you George. I told her not to think that way I never saw her again. The tickets cost $180 and more.

My reaction to what happened to the good teacher was changing one of my troop support sign on the back of the car. I added NOT BUSH. over an American Flag that had Support Our Troops That sign really improved my driving as I had to drive defensively in a town with a former CIA Mayor.

August 25, I belatedly discovered the Mercenary Hacker put a picture of a sculpture of Baby Jesus I repaired where I had The Support Troop Sign but not Bush. Just removed broken Statue photo.

I removed the Not Bush sign off my car as I actually support George Bushís efforts to bring about Peace between Israel and Palestine which has been a factor in creating hate, havoc and violence in the Mid-East. President Bush suggested to Israel, that they settle new settlers near the Sea of Galalee instead of Palestine.

That would be to the chagrin of the Evangelicals, the end timers, who were sending money to Russia to send Jewish settlers To Israel to expand their boundaries to fulfill the scriptures that all the Jews that do not convert to Christianity will be slaughtered and . bring about Armageddon and the end of the world.

August 25, 2015, Last week Some of these Jewish settlers fire bombed a Palestinian Home and a 2 Year old child was burnt to death inside.

They scrawled Revenge on the exterior walls, before the Jewish settler terrorists left.

Some of these folks really believed that Pres. Bush became President to bring about that end. I was concerned at one time listening to a famous TV interview with Bush and Bob Woodward , Bush thought the same thing. I do not think that now though I feel the Iraq war was a terrible error.

My song, Where there is Kindness dealing with an approach to life where I believe God is Everywhere has changed my life for the better. I look at all people even those who have done me an injustice in a more gentle light. When I heard of what I regarded as positive effort by President Bush to bring peace to Israel and change to Darfur, I thought that God is even in George Bush . A one chuckle kind of popped out naturally and I smiled. I was driving down the road thinking about that and thought of a neat joke for a stand up comedian. If I ever thought the same about Cheney while driving , I would have a laughing attack and run off the road and have an accident from laughing so hard. The strange thing that song has done is I donít even have a problem with Cheney. I saw Karl Rowe on TV, and even saw him in more gentle light. I can understand how he was and is the caustic agent that separated American by fear and Hate into maneuverable masses. I did not hate him for that but it is not hard to see through him. He will have a positive effect on America by creating the need and desire for Change from a period of lies and fear dominance that he was the architect of. America will find it way back to greatness not because of politics but in spite of politics. He has damaged the Republican Party.

I recovered from the heel wound well enough that I could work enough even though in pain to pay my bills while slipping a bit more in debt as in order to keep my home When my wife divorced me. I had a loan that every month added $2000 plus to the principal. I wanted it to be a port in the storm for any family member who had the need of it. Kathy my former wife mentioned, she may have to move as it was expensive to live in this area. I suggested that Jon and her could move back, she could have her choice of rooms. It would be for purely economic reasons. I would respect any distance or space she required. I feel we could do a better job with our boys as a family then we would do otherwise. I am still working for a reconciliation with Kathy as She is a good woman and they are as hard to find as a good man.

The Staph had me wondering for awhile that it might kill me. I was treading water in the gallery slipping more and more into debt. I asked the landlord Ted Leidig through Jim Brown the property manager if I could trade some art work until I recovered. The answer was no! I ask Jim again again in Nov. about bartering some art. The answer agian was no! I told Jim I had to stop the financial bleeding and would close the gallery at the end of Dec. O7 When I left I was $17,000 behind. I was their renter for 28 to 29 years.In that period of time I paid between $850,000 and $900,000 in rent and fees. I spoke to Leidig's Man , Jim Brown when I was less than $10,000 behind while disabled about bartering some art work to give me a little time to recover. I am friends of some of the Leidigs and Drapers. They probably own more of Carmel business properties than any one else I am currently aware of. Ted owns and runs 4 Carmel Restaurants in addition to the corporation owning owning other properties that restaurants rent from them. Some of the family is familiar with what Karma is. They have experienced it first hand in the past and will wonder about why Karma is treating them the way it will in the future. I touched upon what happened in "God operates in Mysterious ways and on a recent Youtube God protects those who serve him.

Ted Leidig had me served with a summons on the same day I was interviewed by the Pine Cone. There is a section on that interview that was to deal with my suite involving problems that disabled me. Directory button, CHOMP MRSA Staph Infection Pine Cone Interview. I called up Ted and told him I thought it was cruel to say the least and was creating unnecessay stress at a time I did not really need it. I told him I would pay any debt that I owed him. I mentioned I was bit hurt by what he did as I always thought of the Leidig -Drapers as my friends and was surprised at his lack of understanding. He gave me the number of his Lawyer, Michael A Albov of Hudson Martin , Ferrante & Street, and asked me to call him. I did and did not received a return call until after the time had elasped for me to answer their summons. Their lawyer thought that I did not file my answer to the summons and they won by default. He was wrong , I did what was necessary to do and I did it in time. I mentioned you will find this on my home page. He answered, Oh You are going to get Nasty, are you going to cry, O poor me. look at me. I said no! I am just honest and transparent and this what happened. THe lawyer told me that this suite was to protect the Landlords, Leidigs and Drapers, so my heirs would have to pay the debt if I died if they did not forclose on my home before that time. As I was two payments behind on my morgage payments, and also behind in property taxes. Well I have to admit at first this did create stress. When you have lived through as much stress as I have you develop an inner stength and being God centered doesn't hurt a thing. Stress can create health problems if you let it. Somehow I have lived with stress and manage it well. Forgive my saltyness but I dont give a dam! All you can do, is do what you can. I work hard and have always paid my bills. The lawyer suggested that I ask some of my collectors for help. I never asked my collectors to help me with anything. There have been times in the past when good people like Jim Sublett of Kentucky helped me with a collector who was stiffing me of of money due. But he did that because he did not like unfair play. Unfortunately Jim Sublett is a rare breed of good persons who don't sit on the side line when unfair deeds are done. His Son Martin has a wonderful example in his father to follow in his life. Lets hope he does it. I live on the edge and God has always provided me with just what I need and no more to keep on that balance beam of life.

I am not sure why or who for sure but there has been an effort to derail my effort at recovering finacially. They have been relatively Successful. The people interfering are all about money. They . are pushing the wrong buttons I am writing this pargraph in August 2015. I no longer think of one group being responsible, Of Late I was more aware of My own Catholic Religion( The Catholic Religion has been in the crisis of the harsh old way or the kinder new way. I side with Pope Francis and the reformers,The other side remind me of the scribes in the Bible That gave Christ such a hard time. Once again I am caught in the middle of the cross fire) and the Local Hospital possibly playing a role in 2015 I wold not be surprised if the phantom donor who gave the church a lot of money had a hospital connection to create more problems for me than I do without any effort myself. I have been on a heightned spiritual journey, with unique experiences some documented on video and some by healings when it is God's will that indicate to me I am doing God's will. It is all about Love and Christ 3 Commands of Love Guided by the words Christ spoke while here on earth.

When another family who were staying at the Hofsas House in Carmel, asked the behind the desk people if they could help find me, They were very friendly and even called the old gallery number. They were told the phone was disconnected, but did tell them my home number which is given out by AT&T when People call the old gallery number. I left directional brouchure and spent close to five minutes chatting with the two ladies that run the office and even went out to get more of my free Music CDs with my address on for them. .

There were still a few things that I wanted to accomplish before check out time comes that I could not do in the gallery. I felt much better after leaving the gallery as there were other harassment that should not happen in America.

When the city new code enforcer, Big John, a man I admired, came and inform me that the garden did not have a permit and The Flag The Cross Fence and my troop support sign has to be removed. Also the small one directing people to take a troop support flyer from my door.

John was a former Iraq veteran that I wrote about in my troop support flyer as an example how a cities could assist members of the reserve who are called to duty by making up the differences in their Pay as Carmel did.

I liked meeting John in Person and like him as a person.I felt by our conversation we were kindred spirits in our love of Country and how we felt about Veterans in need. We had a nice quiet conversation.

While chatting with John, a lady I helped in the past came in and I told her I could not help her at this time as I told her if I sell a painting I woulde advance her two thousand dollars that she told me she needed or the state would take away her 15 year old daughter. I even offered her one of my paintings for use as collateral on a loan, as I had next to no money at the time. It was almost like giving her the painting so she would not lose her daughters custody. She was a daughter of one of my Collector, a Wonderful Baptist Minister who gave away just about everything living his Faith. I helped her finacially to make her and her daughter's rent in the past

I was more than a bit down with Pain from Staph and also the idea that My Memorial Garden for Soldiers was coming down after caring for it for so many years, when another friend came in, Philip Seymour one of my Musician friends. I said once again, I am sorry I really can't help you. He replyed George I am not here to borrow money I have $ 25 to repay the money you gave me last time. I wonder what Big John thought of those interruption to our conversations.

When I arrived at the gallery the next day. There was a flyer pasted to the door. It was printed in large type ďBleich when told to remove the garden from Carmelís Public Property, Shouted I will not! I am above the Law! I donít know who is doing this but there must be a law against it. The next picture was of the flyer they put on the door.

Perhaps the law will turn the other way in a town with a former CIA member as a mayor and the people who may never admit that going to war with Iraq was the wrong choice, They will hold it against those who quesioned what was going wrong Some day Americans out of neccessity of survival as a great nation, will have to forget about walking lockstep with out thinking, following the narrow party line. This had been done on all sides. We can not afford to scurry like mice behind the pied pipers playing their melody of fear and hate on both sides. We are better than that! There will and must be honest dialouge. Some feel that to question what they feel is the ultimate authority. Our system of goverment had built in safe guards to insure the will of the people has their say and not rule by edicts of one man or party that has p roven to have made serious mistakes that is causing havoc and disrtust in America and abroad. THere are question we should all ask ourselveswith, Ywe must look in the mirror of their own mind with out fear fogging our vision. We need a return to individualism characterized by innovative thinking. We will be respected through out the world again, there will harmony once again in an America that stands together, out of the many One. I am definitely not associating that motto with money though you may find that in Latin on money.

It does not matter how I register, I will always vote independently upon objectively. We all should do that. Don't vote for a person because of Gender or color. It time for either a women or a black to to be President. Vote for the person who strikes chords with your own dreams and who you believe that He or she will help your country become a place where you can realise them! evaluating each contestant. Will they serve Their fellow Americans or will they try to rule them as we unfortunately have seen for too long. If you want a King you should not be living in a Republic, If you place more emphasis on the well being of where you fore father came from, do us a favor and move back.

I had a man visit my Gallery who was Jewish and had lived in Iraq, He said to me if your are Jewish than you should get down on your knees and kiss George Bushes Ring, for all the good he is doing for Israel by being in Iraq. My answer I may have some Jewish Blood in me, But I am an American first and foremost. It is soldiers from America that are dying in Iraq, not soldiers from Israel.

I have been supportive of Israel with my art and funds and will continue to do that,but objectively not blindly! We should support them as our allies, but do so objectively. Like wise they with us. They should work with President Bush and listen to Connie Rice when she asked Israel not to increase the size of their settlements in Palestine as it could derail America's efforts to establish a road map to peace. This is the time, the road map could be the way to resolve their conflict and learn to live in peace with each other. Not only would it bebefit Israel and Palestine but it benefit the region and the world. The actions of all in the area are pivotal to peace in the region. We can not be blind when the actions of some groups with in a religion, political party or country attempt to continue the strife for reasons of their own. King Abdullah is calling for an interfaith dialogue. He has spoken to Pope Benedict the 16th last year and with Israel's chief Rabbi Yona Metzger. If the will and leadership of these men are coupled with the efforts of Holy and moral men through out the world , not only will Peace be a possibility It will be a reality. Please do a search for Message for Humanity /Bleich and share it. Pray that these dominant leader can transmit the belief that Peace can be accomplished and end years of endless, needless suffering.

I happen to notice Marie going over to Gallery 1000 to see Sam and Sam's wife another Marie the street. A couple of minutes later Sam who use to be in Army intelligence came over ands said What up George? I answered Sam youíre no friend of mine. Have you played a role in what Marie was doing? The petition, the baming on the wall, the cartoon?

I do believe that some one wanted to create problem between Kinkaid, His Evangelical friends and my self. Marie owner of Lucky Starrs. had a cartoon image that showed an artist pulling out his hair with a caption like he tried to morph Monet but only ended up copying Kinkaid.

I have said more than once in the past, I really donít care what Kinkaid is doing, I would rather take on Hauliburton and the CIA and I was doing it. For some reason, I always thought Hauliburton and the CIA were connected in some way. I have lampooned Hauliburton in the past with my humor and their relationship with Cheney who was once Hauiburtons CEO. !

An occasional out of nowhere single bam on the wall from her side that sounded like a block of wood was slammed against the wall. It would only happen when I was singing in the front part of the gallery which I do when I am alone and painting. It was like a shock surprise. but did not bother me. It was not like her normal behavior which showed it self as more of a gattling gun approach at noise making when she was angry and got her Irish in a dither. She would rattle the hanger like crazy when I would be singing to guests in the back of the gallery. I would tell them donít let it bother you I will give you a cd that has a song called Little Miss Money Mouse who is venting her anger at a rebuttal to an article and her telephone call during the Herald interview. I never put the song on line until now. it will be at the end of this article. Enjoy it. It may even make you smile.

In the past I would tell my visitors that was startled by the sound from Lucky Starrs that it sounded like rats running up the insides of the wall That it was a good sound as Marie had customers and I wished her well in these quiet times. I liked Marie. She reminded me of an actress on OC.

I do not dislike her now but I wonder if she ever had to testify under oath, knowing the penalty for perjury what she would say? if some one asked her, who suggested you pass the petition around or did some one suggest that you try to provoke George into a possible angry reaction to your call while the reporter was there? How about the bamming on the wall. I would be willing to testify or take a lie detector test on that issue.

She said I was a coward for not being there while the sign was in the window, I explained in a nice soft spoken voice on the phone with that I was in the process of airing my grievances to the reporter and the sign would come down this evening, when my son Eric could drive me down as I was incapable of driving. I explained how I have been restricted to bed and was in danger of losing my leg.

Marie in a loud cantankerous demanding voice saidĒ You are selfish and donít care about anybody but yourself. I want you down this instant. every second that sign is in the window it was costing her money. As I have already explained my inability to drive, the pain I was in and my concern about losing my leg, reason with this irrational being was impossible. I told her So Sue me and hung up the phone. I never got angry with her. Dr. Clevenger my surgeon called me earlier and said a lawyer called him and told him he should sue me as I mentioned his name in the window. I told him it was an effort to call attention to the socks that were too tight and I did not make a negative statement about Dr. Clevengerís skill. I told him go ahead, sue me if you must, I donít have a dam thing left after my divorce and being laid up since the operation Nov. 18. 05. We were at the end of April.06.

My song Miss Money Mouse talks about Marieís call, about the windows being painted over and other things. It is done with a sense of humor that t actually lifted my own spirits at the time. There are some fun lines in the lyrics.

Marieís angry phone statement of me not being caring for others does not bear true. I have a track record of making financial sacrifices to help those in need. They are also reflected in the songs that I write honestly and the inspirational spirituals I write to help others in their need. They can be downloaded free from my home page and I give free CDs out to people I sing to in my gallery, To Nurses, Nurse Aids and Doctors at Chomp to patients at hospice, and VA Monterey Clinics, volunteers and Doctors and Nurses. and last week at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto. . I have given out many to people who are ill and others who lost parents and love ones. A number of my financial gifts and gifts of song and CDs go back to the last verse of my Heavenís Gate Poem.

Thereís a lesson found in gardens where natural order reigns,
A lesson of respect and love, a gift from God to gain.
If only we care for our fellow men like gardeners do their realm,
the world will be a better place and problems overwhelmed .

Father Ed from Nigeria, Africa who I gave the painting " The Prince of Peace, Man In Black" I wrote a song called Man in Black while working on the painting. I told Father Ed that I am not sure why but I think you should have this painting which was a Peace Painting for your Church in Africa. I was surprised later when He told me the name of his Church, It was St. Patricks which is the name of a church where I became an alter Boy in Glen Cove L. I., New York.

I had some good friends who were sisters in a religious Order, M M M, Medical Missionaries of MaRY. They were an Irish order Who worked in Africa and other areas of the world that needed health Care. When new Nuns would come from Ireland, they would bring them to My gallery in Gloucester and I would take them out for a lobster dinner. I in turn would take my mom over to their convent for dinnner. One evening The nuns and I were playing guitar and singing when this very loud Hard Rock music blared through the Air. I asked what is that? They told me a group called the D D D, The Dedicated Deciples of the Devil moved next door to the M M M. Convent. Earlier I gave one of their Nuns whom I met in Carmel That I first met in my gallery o tI gave one who I met in Carmel a painting for their Mother House in Winchester, Mass. On one of our singing get togethers I taugth them My Family of Man song. I thought how it might be a pleasnt surprise if I were in Africa and I hear some people singing it there.

$ 2300 to Oklahoma Cityís Childrenís fund.ís

$ 1000 dollars to the United Nation Childrenís Aids fund.

$ 4000 to a church in Japan KOBE Earth Quake relief.

$ Funds for local Flood and Earth Quake relief

$ 2250 to St. Monicaís in LA Quake relief.

$ Funds for Church Burning in the South

James and kelly Simpson from West Virginia with my spontaneous Gift

There is more about them in my song section. They were the inspiration for some of the lines in the song. If Johnny Cash came back today ď Johnny Cash came back today I wonder what he would sing about , I wonder what he would say, ďWhat the hell is going on. What the hell went wrong This couple were In My Song section under Johnny Cash song is a picture of a young W.Va. Veteran James Simpson a veteran of the first Gulf War suffering with Gulf war syndrome and his wife Kelly who stayed with me awhile, Even gave them a $700 Bleich Master touch of Seine River they loved. Picture of them is from my home page in my mp3 section on my Johnny Cash song. !

This is what I was actively involved in after the First Gulf War. I was promoting the idea of Cities adopting the educational responsibility of Kids whose parents were lost in that war, and there were not that many. I know for a fact that at least two cities did adopt the educational responsibility of Kids who were lost in that war. On the back page if you can enlarge it are ideas that could be relevant today. Behind my donation to the Marine scholarship is a story about someone from Ft. Ord who was killed clearing bombs . He had two wives One who he met in Germany who divorced him after being in the states for while and another who was Puerto Rican like himself, . and children by both of them. They were in conflict about his Insurance. They had initially received 1 approximately $ 15000 from the public but that stopped almost immediately. I offered to help them raise money for their childrenís education support systems. I offered to help them if the money would be for education. I went to a provost marshal meeting at Ft. Ord with them and their families. They were adamant that they wanted to use the money any way that they saw fit. The Puerto Rican wife brother was there and he said what do they need an education for . They can join the Army and become a sergeant like me. I answered if they have an education they can become an officer. I gave the $1300. I had to contribute to the Marine scholar ship fund that I was recommending as a wonderful support system for Veterans kids. to the Marine scholarship funds in memory of my Dad who was missing In Action. Bear in mind It was a lot of money to my family as we did not have that much at that time. The picture below is David Maupin who was Missing in action in Iraq.

$900 to Katrina Hurricane relief and said I will do a large painting for New Orleans Health problem really got in the way.

In reference to the above when I acquired MSRA Staph at CHOMP in June of 07and I knew Staph has killed more people than AIDS in America, I made arrangement for the 5ft. by 5ft largest painting in the gallery and a painting I loved to be sent. to New Orleans as I was feeling so bad that I thought that I may die. and wanted to fulfill a personal pledge. I have sold my 4 by 5 ft paintings for $38000.

$ 1000 injured former 1st Lt. Eddie Rebrooke to help him become a surgeon. He was the Lt. who the army forced to pay $700 to for the vest they cut off his injured body while be air lifted out of a combat zone. That will never happen again because of the anger of Americans how Veterans and soldier were ill treated.

Over the 35 years and more that I have been in business in Carmel I contributed countless art works for local fundraising in schools and churches I taught art and art appreciation free at local schools from Bay school to the Carmel Mission School, High School and in between in Carmel and Pacific Grove. I worked on my largest work of art for Carmel HS Sober Grad night . It covered one whole back wall another on the side. wall. My Friend Miquel Dominges was my co- worker and other parents.

I enjoyed helping my wife coach the Wooden Horse Little league team.

Over $50000 worth of Beyond Moon Gate prints given to Cystic Fibrosis They had a retail Value of $150 each, I have donated over 500 of them.

Over $38,000 dollar worth of my Point Lobos art for world leaders who attended NATO conferences in Memory of my Dad who was missing in action in World war two in the North Atlantic. It took me close to a month to prepare these. I inscribed each one with my quote that Sec. Defense Weinburger approved. I have a silver plate from Pentagon and personal letters from Weinburger and President Reagan thanking me for the beautiful work, what I inscribed and why I did it!.

ďMay the common goals of Understanding and Peace be Assured through Mutual Respect, Unity and Strength.Ē I had DLI translate them into all the NATO languages before inscription If only we lived up to that today we would not be in the Iraq quagmire, primarily alone when it comes to our cost in human life and deficits.

During the 1991 Desert War I encouraged cities to adopt the educational responsibilities of children whose parents were lost in that war. At least two cities did and more than likely more We should do the same thing for veterans and their families in this war.

These are just a few. Many of my paintings and prints have been contributed in the past to those in need . I burn thousands of my CDs including my comforting Spirituals Which I give out free. .That is also why I did the public service photo work of art to not have others suffer as I am doing currently! As mean as those pictures were, My Hip and heel pain was far worse.

I am well on my way to becoming a poor man Philanthropist like my Polish Uncle Joe I had two Uncles on different sides of the family, both named Joe, One was Jewish, wealthy and wise and tighter with his money than a locked down Vise grips. He once said to me I never helped you or my son and both of you became very successful.

He actually did help me in the process of helping himself .He formed a Chapter S corporation to divert fund into an account that would fund my painting and travel. I would put all the art I created in that period away and then would have an exhibition later and share the money gained by sales.

It enabled me to go to England and paint the Cornwall coast and travel down the pathways of the Impressionist. I am thankful for that introduction but felt like a horse in a stable owned by some one else. Artist if they are ladies are like butterflies and have to be free, Men are like wild stallions and need their personal freedom also. I paid him back as I was successful to begin with and did not think it was a good idea to interrupt my consistent progress remove my work from the public eye.

I think one of the reason he suggested that to me was he tried to have some kind of deal with Dustin Hoffman who was somehow related to his second wife. Hoffman visited their New York apartment while dressed like the down and out bum in Midnight Cowboy they were filming in New York. City at the time. The door man at first would not let Dustin Hoffman in as he looked like a down and out vagrant. I guess Dustin appreciated his personal freedom also

Joe said ďMy brother Mike helped his children and they never amounted to that much.Ē In reality Mikeís children turned out well as one was a professor of philosophy and another worked in Civic Government. They contributed love to society and their families in way that is not to be judged by income acquired and stored but by giving back to the world. Donít let the only legacy you leave be financial wealth that your surviving relatives can fight over.

My Polish Uncle Joe was a poor man Philanthropist. He inspired that term. He was a wonderful giving person that helped people in need constantly. He left this world with little more than he had at birth. His Epitaph may very well be ĎĎHe lived to Give and Gave from the Heart.Ē I am working on that form of lifestyle myself and if I earn the right to have that same quote inscribed somewhere,

It can be on a piece of Driftwood that my kids can throw in the sea along with my ashes when itís time! If Chris my surfing son was around , put my ashes in a card board box and set it on his surfboard. He could paddle out to sea and dump me in the deep to let the ocean currents carry my ashes to some tropic island hopefully. My son Jon who is taking up surfing could also do it as I intend to be around for awhile. In time he will be an excellent surfer like his brother. They would do me a special favor to share a bottle of Mt. Gay rum with their my friends and leave a shot in the bottle and put some of my ashes in with it. add some sand from the beach and a little salt water which is my holy water. leave some air in so it can float away on it journey.

I spoke before the Carmel Business Association years ago after a California natural disaster about how we should give back by helping other California communities in need due to Natural disasters.

I addressed the Board of the Carmel Gallery Alliance about coming to the aid of LA quake relief. They said their plate was too full, and said You do it which meant doing it my self without support or endorsement and do not use the name of the Gallery Alliance .Well with great effort I had 17 galleries involved in independent silent auctions for that Purpose. Most of them were artist galleries, I sent St.. Monicaís in LA $2250 The commercial galleries had next to nothing to do with it. to do it. Many of these artist have been forced out of business unable to compete with slick Corporate Commercial Galleries. That has been Carmelís loss.

I designed a Memorial Service for the Challenger Crew with Father Dudah of the Mission. 10 Candles were lit for each astronaut. The Challenger 7 and Griffen, Chaffee and White who died on the launch pad. I stayed up all night and did a 30 by 36 memorial painting for the service and gave a talk to the parish about overcoming difficulties faced. That Painting is now in the collection of the Challenger foundation in Arlington VA.. I am a friend of some astronauts and attended a shuttle launch and an aborted California landing in the desert.

I sent the painting to the Senate Space Appropriation Committee and called it The Silent Lobbyist. I told them to hang it in their chambers while debating funding and than give it to the Challenger Foundation or the Kennedy Space center. Senator Inouye from Hawaii who I have communicated with in the past had Sen. Garn who has been into space present it to the Challenger Foundation. It is far more than a painting Memorial. It is a concept of Honoring Volunteers through out the world who accept the Challenge of Risk in Serving Mankind.

Some time my gifts are coupled with the songs and poems I donated a painting to Catholic Military.org and wrote a song about an evolving theme. while working on the painting painting the wings , Red ,White and Blue. In addition to soldiers, it became a song for any one who needed the extra care an angel can bring to some one in need of an angel praying for Soldiers. I wrote. ďIn Care of an angel,Ē ď Let us raise our voice in prayerĒ both beautiful songs written for our troopís care and safety.

The Oklahoma City Blast inspired a song ď If we but give their Spirits Wings,Ē that I introduced and sang at a Children Memorial Oklahoma City Mass at the Carmel Mission. It was a Memorial Mass for the 19 children included in the 168 who died in the Oklahoma City Blast. That song restarted my song writing fervor. 19 Different children lit 19 candles in the memory of Children closer to their age at a service there I designed for them. Pull up Wings on my home page song section

I once asked our pastor, Father Johnís Permission to have my Spiritual CDS That I create put in the Church Library. I gave him one and said he could select the songs he wanted on the CD. I would really like to record Him singing some of them as He has a wonderful singing voice. I love to sing but my voice changes like the weather, sometime it on and sometimes it's gone. He sent me a note just before he left on an European sourjourn that we will get together with Deacon Dan another friend to see how my art work can possibly help "Woman Alive" A group that wants to establish a physical structure or home for homeless ladies in Salinas. Perhaps we can find an angel to do what Denzel Washington did for The Fisherhouse. He contributed the funds to build another structure for them. There are American Catholics who could do that as a Legacy of Life and Hope gift. It would be a wonderful generous gift that would carry on as a tribute to the donor loving concern for other long after the donor has going his or her way. It would be appropriate if the home was named after them. I am working on a new song " Be an angel". Iwill offer up my effort in creating the song as a prayer that we will find one to help these ladies in need.

I have burnt thousands of my CDS and I have signed them to the Pastors of Protestants Evangelical and Catholic churches alike that tourist go to when home.. On the CDs, I have written Please Share Do Duplicate. It is one of my out reach approaches to help people

I like an Ecumenical approach to Religion as long as Religion is used to propagate Godís love not the traits of man pursuit where Religion becomes a vehicle for personal or political gains or worse, violence to Nations through out the world or end up causing intolerence and hate crimes to individuals in our own Country.

My response to when the city of Carmel removed the Memorial Garden honoring Soldiers deceased and calling for aid to those who were injured. ď Itís all about Jesus, ď About the priority that we should place on the New Testament, before the old. If we value the Old Testament as a reason for our actions, than let us first think, are these actions in keeping with Godís Ten Commanments. The Old Testament is the Jewish book about their history. We have evolved from that by Our acceptance of Jesus Christ. Some will say the prophesy and writings in the old Testament verifies what happened in the new Testament. The new is the fulfillment of the old and the truth within and prophesy can enforce Christianity to those who need reinforcement.

I have found great joy within in loving God with what I regard as a gift from God, The ability to love him as a Child, To Have Faith in Him and the Grace to express that love to encourage other to welcome Jesus in to their hearts. There is a clarity to the teachings of Christ that need no interpretation. You need but let His will be Your will.

I do believe that God may speak to people in different ways and there are good people in the wide array of Religions through out the world. If you were God and one group worshipped you with more emphasis one day a week as we do and another group humbled themselves 3 times a day who would you feel was more sincere?

What of the people who believe that God is everywhere and in everything yet have not embraced a monotheist form of religion but live a life of justice and kindness and find a spiritual communion with all with out hate. How do you think God would regard them? How do you think God regards us when hate and mistrust of any who worship God even within the realm of Christianity, differently than we do. This is wrong! We are all Godís Children!

There are some few Christians who are not only looking forward to Armageddon and the end, but are working toward that end. I have had good in depth dialogs with some of these people. They will find a quote from some lesser individual in the Old Testament justifying war. I would suggest that more emphasis be placed on what has been definitely accepted in the old Testament as Words transcribed or spoken by God Himself. Thou shall not Kill. The Ten Commandments should used as the background of Correctness when evaluating statements of individuals quoted in the bible. Is not better to rely on the direct statements of God as in the Ten commandments, rather actions that can be far removed from Christís Message of love based on a quote of a lessor person mentioned in a line or two in the historical Bible, The Old Testament.. !

When we accepted the fact that Christ has come to earth and through His Personal words and teachings of Christ, We will live good kind Christian Lives. There are a great number of good Christians who do this. You will know them by their actions. Some other get sidetracked by the writings in the old Testament and they and end up doing the bidding of man not God. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are Gods.

I once took a class at colledge on the time relationship of how Christianity evolved out of Judaism. We Should not place blame on the extremist among the Jews who crucified Christ Than we should place blame on all Muslim because of Aquaida. We should not hate anyone or any religion because of the the actions of the misled or extreme elements. They exist to some degree in all religions and ethnic groups including our own, Just look art the Oklahoma City Bombing. A quote to justify actions and trends may be out of contects with the spirit of the bible and the Koran.

I believe Christ came to earth to share his message of Caring Love, To lead people to the peace found in loving God , His Father. His death was also a lesson as to what can happen when fear and ignorance lead people to react in anger and bring death to people we do not accept or understand when our vision is clouded over by anger and hate.

One might question who am I to say these things. I am not a theological scholar but than again neither was Christ. I have had on occasion simple experiences that were unique that I touched upon in my art and spirituality section of my Home page. l that lead me to think That God is with me in a special way and I am called upon to do what I am doing out of love for Him. I am not proclaiming my self to be a holy, holy I will leave that to contemporary Pharisees. I am a sinner who falls but have always found the way with Godís help get up and climb again that road that leads to Love, Godís Love.. I believe that Christians cause Christ even more pain by our behavior at times. Listen to my sparrow song. We are the people driving the nails in Christ hands when we sin.

There are Christians who place more emphasis in living their lives, with actions more influenced by the Old Testament. They are not prioritizing their focus on the life and teachings of Christ, on his light of kindness, our love of God and His love of all men. Pope John Paul the second even though once shot by an extremist Muslim still reached out to those he called his Muslim Brothers with the hand of peace illumined by the light of Godís love. A Religion should not be judged by the actions of the extreme few. If only more Catholics followed the beloved Pope John in his quest for Peace in the world.

I have embraced the thought that God is everywhere and in everyone and in everything.. It is difficult sometimes but It can change your life for the better and potentially change our approach to the world. We should note that Rev. Falwell before his death, left the political scene behind and focused more on Religion and the school he founded before his death. In the process He became closer to God in his final days. He rendered himself unto God. I believed Heaven rejoiced when he did.

I live to Create and share with others , The joy is in the Journey and that Journey is for sharing.

On Cold wet rainy nights I would have Mondos Patrons wait inside my gallery for tables. I would sing for them sometimes, while wine and appetizers was served by Mondos.

Is it that money is not important to me. I make what I need to live not more.

I had some friends who made prior arrangements to see me so they had my phone number and called before visiting. I asked them to stop at a gallery of some one, to check out if he would give them one of the flyers with directions to my Pebble Beach Studio. I even told him I would give him 10 percent if a some one purchased something that he gave the flyer to. He told them I had close the gallery but did not tell them of my address or that my studio was open to visitors..

Some other friends stayed at a motel in Carmel and asked the managers if they could help them locate me as I was gone from Dolores St. They were kind and looked up my telephone number, which was the one that was canceled. THey visited me and had an enjoyable time visited me as they remembered that they had my home phone number on their cell phone. We had a great time, Even had some fun recording his family having fun singing and playing my Keyboards. He was inducted into the Rock Hall of fame last year. The managers did not tell them a week and a half before I stopped there, left directional flyers and had a nice talk with the two managers. explaining how the staph I had picked up at the local hospital made it impossible last year to operate my gallery and I am now inviting people to my home studio in Pebble Beach. I gave them cds with my Spirituals and other songs on and invited them over for a friendly visit to see what I am doing. I gave out a large number of these along with CDs with out a response. My attitude was that people are busy and the way things are economically art may not be one of their priorities at this time. I did more walking and climbing stairs and felt goood about the exercise but both my Hip and heel have been in more pain this week from the effort. That is when I put the flyer could use a little help please print up and give to your friends.I am going to change that button on directory to directions to George Bleich's Studio.

Is it the smile on my face no matter what happens.

Is they canít understand the joy that artist find in life, in the sheer wonderful pleasure of creating?

I use to enjoy trying to cheer up my business neighbors when sales are down.

I repaired a painting for Sam and Marieís ,gallery 1000 that was damaged in shipment free. He may have thanked me unfortunately later in an unpleasant way.

Is it I am not afraid of expressing myself even though it will effect my sales? I went from making over $150,000 gross income consistently to losing money every year when I followed through on a New Years Resolution, To be a creative voice for Peace.

Unfortunately People who attend church sometime put politics before Religion. They will choose the moral issues they want to support and have apprehension about support in areas that may be in conflict with the political party they belong to. May they like like Rev. Falwel render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are God.

I pray for the success of the inter faith dialog that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia discussed with Pope Benedict the16th when they met at the Vatican last year. Efforts are being made to have Religious leaders of all Faiths who believe in one God to come together to strengthened Religion position to be involved in Peace efforts and resolve conflicts in the world not to create them. It is an effort to have a leadership role together to resolve problems both domestic and internationally to save humanity. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has called for the Children of Abraham to come together. To sit with their brothers in faith and sincerity as we all believe in the same God.

In Israel Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger welcomed Abdullah call. ď Our hand is out stretched to any peace initiative that is aimed at bringing an end to terror and violence.

Rabbi David Rosen , head of inter-religious relations at the American Jewish Committee in America was delighted by the Saudi announcement.

ď Religion all to often is the problem, so it also has to be the solution, or part of the solution, and I think that the tragedy of political initiatives to bring peace has been the failure to include the religious dimension.

My Message for Humanity has suggested that for years. You can find it in my Song section.

My own relationship with St. Francis inspired much of good things that I have done. I have painted at Assisi and had a wonderful experience there that is found on my home page on directory button, Art and Spirituality. I have gone to Lourdes twice and worked with terminally ill people and friends for years, sharing Lourdes Water and my comforting spiritual Cds. I do that when I can quietly on my own.

Before the Iraq War began I was following through on my New Years resolution, applying my creative energy to be a voice for Peace in the world and the Mid-East addressing the problems between Israel and Palestine. I wrote my songs, Children of Abraham, Curse of Cain and Man in Black. My message for Humanity is an evolving continuing prayer about the need to have religious leaders of all faith who worship one god come together with their flocks back to the positive aspects their religions and find peace with each other.The followin picture is of kirianda

Is it the way I care for injured soldiers and their families and use the vehicle of a prayer garden to draw attention to their needs? Is it I enjoy reaching out helping and trying to inspire others to dream ? Is it that I am happy with my special relationship with God?

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"Little Miss Money Mouse" The window painting and an irrate phone call inspired this humerous ditty for some one in a dither.

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"Climbing The stair way to Heaven" which I wrote while Bedridden on a roll up piano while my feet were elevated.

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"Mystery of Monterey" the Petition , Painting over the windows and the story seemed to be woven together some how. First I felt like someone was kicking me while I was down. Going for the Jugular.

What I will share with you now could be a cool mystery novel or even a cool movie filmed in a beautiful location like the Monterey area. We have a great modern artist, Howard Lamar who after he left Carmel , Not even Google can find Him. We have a competent French sailor and lover,Paul, who was employed in a Carmel Gallery. (mine before I laid him off)

One of his of the Frenchman's girl friends had a sailboat that He took out to check the compass and the boat was found hovering like the flying Dutchman, abandoned 100 miles off the Monterey Coast. The Frenchman, Paul was gone.

Throw in a professional beautiful model, an illicit affair involving a famous American noted among other things was spirituality personifyed. Throw a Millionaire from another country who came to Carmel and became very active in the Carmel's Art scene into the batch. He was purchasing a fair amout of art from a gallery whose owner who was a former alcoholic and an AA sponsor. What kind of AA sponsor would informed me as he did, the Frechman was dead drunk in my gallery which led to me laying him off. Infact the millionaire gave the alcoholic a couple of large leather and wood chairs valued at over $1000 each after I fired the Frenchman. I never gave it a thought, and regarded it at his good fortune until after a revealing dinner party.

Now the Frenchman, was a sailor with an infinity for Beautiful Ladies whom I met some of. He reminds me of the hunting dog who stops and points to prey, and flush out Birds to be shot out of the sky when they take off from their cover. Put a beautiful lady anywhere in the vacinity of the Frenchman and he would stiffen right up like a pointer.

Well the Attractive model who ran the millionaire's art involvements ended up across the street from Paul in the gallery of the brilliant modern artist that the Millionaire was going to promote. The Modern Artist was driving around in a new new BMW SUV after hooking up with the Millionaire. THe artist was extremely business and success motivated and was active nationally, promoting his image and work. After Paul was missing at sea, Howard moved from Carmel, out to the boon docks, somewhere in middle America. Now not even Google can find him, all they have is his old Carmel Gallery on Dolores St. Perhaps he passed on?

Good News update, Sept 15,08. after I put the above up on line , I asked my nephew in Japan. to do a search Howard Lamar appeared on Google and now has a gallery in his old home town. It is a multiple artist gallery which is not the norm for Howard lamar's ego. I tried to pull up his home page that came up on a comcast search is up on line but had difficulty which is not new for me.

Now if only a live Paul Emile the French sailor could appear from the Briny Deep where I was informed or misinformed by a number of people That He had committed suicde.was his final resting place. I never did believe Paul would commit suicide and wrote why in my song Mystery of Monterey bay.Give it a listen. Were they honest or just involved in a dishonest ploy as bit players.

When The FBI was investigating Thomas Kinkaide for fraud and stock manipulation They should have also taking a gander at the wealthy Canadian character. Michael said he was in some kind of legal difficulty in Canada for doing something he should not have been doing?

I hired the Frenchman to help me run my business in a more pragmatic way to give an other art business some honest competition to the famous American. I returned from one of my painting sourjours abroad, stories were related to me by a couple of his girl friends, How the boat was found empty a hundred miles off the coast of Monterey without the Frenchman on board. Rumors about suicide and other possibilities were floating around like driftwood in the ocean after a large storm. What I did not mention until now was a party that made me wonder?

I was at a Holiday dinner party that was an annual get together for the families of four Individuals who played golf together weekly. We can be a bit on the raucous humor side when out on the golf course, but are abit more genteel when our wives are around. The conversation was fun but polite until the beautiful model's name came up. The alcoholic's attractive wife who was once a model herself said with disdain," She's a whore!" Another wife asked why she said that. She answered, The model was having an affair with the amous American mentioned earlier, spirituality personifyed. Well you can now expect some animated conversation that was done in humor and otherwise. At one of these parties, my christmas gift from the host was BVDs shorts with the picture of The famous American on the fly of the crotch so I would think of him every time I trook a leak. It might have even been at that party earlier when we exchanged presents. So when the affair was mentioned, It became lampoon, poon tang time, mem will be men and women are into talking about things of that nature. I was not happy to have conversation about the famous American or Bvds with his face on ruin my Christmas, as he had created some problems for me. I may now have a fuller understanding why the former alcoholic would tell me things to stir me up and than say don't do anything. I do not doubt that he was rewarded to try to influence me. The people who paid him off got shafted in the end more than I did by his efforts to milk the cow of his influence as a friend .

What is strange but understandable is that no one can remember that evenings conversation though when brought up after playing golf with two of the golf foursome. The one whom I happen to like a bit better, as he is a hard working gardener, said, Remember what the alcoholic said, "He has to be careful of remembering what he is saying so he can keep his lies straight." The conversation was about how they came up with a plan, how they would play golf with me 3 times a month and once with the former Alcoholic as I introduced him to our group. They would play golf with the former alcoholic man once a week and with me 3 times a week as I introduced him to the group. They would say when we were out playing in the past why don't you just drop it George, forget it. I was raising question about what happened to the Frenchman. I did not believe the Frenchman committed suicide and that is what the song is about . You don't have to be a sailor to enjoy the song. .

Sept.14,08 I stopped by to see Charley the golfing gardener whom I like to find out the name of some plant he gave me after Sunday Mass at at. Angela in Pacific Grove. He asked me if I saw the picture of the accident that Bruce, the other part of our foursome, was in a couple of weeks ago.Charley said Bruce was lucky he was not hurt more.He is recovering on an ocean trip with Tink his wife, I trust she went too. Lucky Lady and man. Charley was recovering from a surgical intrusion to explore some other possible problems. I was sharing with Charley what Happened to My landlord that I wrote about in, Does God operate in Mysterious ways on my home page before he told me the other news. It had me wondering , Could it be happening again? It seems as if there was a need for me to put the latest info I heard about Lamar on line. a couple of weeks ago.

There is a possibility that the story that a number of different individuals told me about the Frenchman demise may have been orchestrated with people playing roles, but if that were the case his ladies who told me of him disappearing at sea were very good and believeable. There are two other possibilities, Frenchman met with foul play or was frightened and decided it is better he disappears on his own before He disappers permently with some one's help.

THe answer may be found in a pet mouse Rip Squeak and the real rodent is not the mouse but the investor making money through the use of rats.

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"All About Jesus" this was my response to the city ordering the gardens removal. It focuses on the need of having Christians live their lives with more priority given to the words the teachings and the life and death of Christ in the New Testament.

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