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Pope John Paul, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have all been Advocates of the Eucharistic Experience including Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Adoration is a special time and place to talk to and listen to Jesus Christ

He is present in the Blessed Sacrament. The Sacred Host will be out on the Sanctuary Altar in a gold monstrance for an extended period of time. from a couple of hours like we have at St. St. Angelas and up to 24 hours in some churches.

There is a church in Rome where Adoration is perpetual, never ending as established by Pope Benedict. All three Popes placed emphasis on the Importance of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction by example and their use of Benediction in Religious services.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist is a special time to communicate with Jesus Christ

He is present in the Sacred Host in the Monstrance. It is an intimate source of joy to experience and share with your Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I pray that more people will attend Adoration and discover for themselves a closer joyful relationship with our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ. safe during the rain and storms

After the Gospel and homily parish members will state a special intention and Parishioners will say, "For This We Pray" My intention was, May more parishioners attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after this Mass and take the time to talk to Jesus.

Our Pastor Father Seamus Told me not to do pray for peope to come to Adoration

after the 8 oclock Mass. I should not be making an announcement as it is in the church bulletin. I said, Father It was an honest prayer and my special intention! Before He left for his vacation in Ireland Father Seamus stopped us from saying the Rosary at the start of Adoration and attendance fell off. It is important to note that the liturgical commission in the Vatican latest report recommended the Rosary be said during Adoration as it focused on Jesus's ` During Lent He stopped the Stations of the Cross substiuting his homily with food in the Parish downstairs dinning room. I wrote That the Stations of the Cross were like the ribs of the Ark Keeping us dry and safe during the 40 days of Lent surviving the storms of life's temptation by focusing on the suffering of Christ,dying for our sins. I went to the Stations of the Cross at San Carlos Cathedral and did a youtube for those church members who may not be able to attend because of health reasons but had a bond with the Catherdral. The Knight of Columnus did a wonderful sharing reverence for Christ Suffering and death. I found it more inspiring seeing the young and old participating in Saint Alphonsus De Liguori.Way of the Cross, seeing Christ Suffering and death for oiur sins throughMotherMary's Eyes waThere

On Aug 2, There was a soft mystical illumed face on the semi dark interior wall of the Tabernacle.This was the day after Ruben's Healing!

We have Adoration at St. Angelas Pacific Grove, Ca. every Friday after the 8 AM Mass.

Ruben Baez, a young friend in a Rest Home was rewarded for his Faith and Trust in Jesus and love of Jesus's Mother Mary.

A possible Miracle with a remarkable transformation from some one handicaped in deep Pain using a wheel chair To being able to walk perfectly and longer suffering with Pain in his back and legs. Miracles can be a combination of factors or just one. It can come from Inspired Medical care. It can come from the prayers of the Many or the prayers of One. It can be God rewarding Faith and Love . In Truth Healing and Miracles happens when It is God's Will. It comes from God above, present in the Holy Trinity and in the hearts of those who invite Him In. Man is just a vessel or facilitator with no Powers of His own

Ruben drew my attention to a Print of the 17 mile drive to let me know He felt like the inscription was the way he was feeling. Life is Good, Long Live Love, Viva El Amour, That I gave his inscribed with

Live to Love God, symbolized by a drawing of a heart with a Cross in it.

(and you will) Love to live

God is Love, Life is good

Viva El Amour

You will find the Happy upbeat song and the story in my Lone Cypress section how a group of lovely young beautiful ladies, song bird from Argentina help me compose at the Lone Cypress.

I have been working on a painting Portraying Dawn at the Lone Cypress and a new day of many more to come as a Thank You God Painting for a number of People who I have focused my creative prayer on who are doing amazing well. I really wanted Ruben to join in the joy of recovery they were experiencing but it was a long shot at best but so was the rcovery of the others. Ruben's Faith and trust in Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy that I introduced him to when he Blessed him self when He touched Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy image after kissing the Crucifix. center>

Ruben, His Beautiful Wife Effi and Handsome Son, Luke visiting my Pebble Beach Home

Ruben asked we pray for his Mother in Law, Wilfreda, living in Paraguay South America, a country next to Argentina who is experiencing depression. I appreciate the concept that the power of prayer can be more effective when others join in prayer. May I add Carmen, Sherry and Maddie to that request for prayers and all those who have similar problems.

Ruben always seem to have a conection with Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy, He has my Prints that once was a Thank You Jesus Painting for a 13 year old girl who responded well to Lourdes water I shared with her, Beyond Moongate where I placed the Image of Jesus, Heart of Divine Mercy in the Background. recalling one of my first contacts with Ruben over a year ago.

During one of the last days of August Ruben walked with me through Carmel Hill Rest Home visiting sharing God's Love, Joy and Hope with other patients. We were a good team , Like 2 Disciples.

Ruben & I in between visiting Patients My Guitar is on my back

I would play my Guitar and sing and some one would reach out to hold Ruben's strong but gentle hands and enjoy his uplifting wonderful smile that he always had on his face even before while in intense pain . His Smile come out like the sun, not when He is Looking at a Camera, but when he is looking into the eyes of another fellow human being, an old friend or new friend in the making.. They are aware of his prior pain and difficulty walking and doing almost anything and now shared in his Joy that gave them hope that they too have reason to believe they also could improve.

I would comment to the patients, Ruben's smile was so radiant is because he has God in his heart and never gave up Hope. He puts his trust in Jesus. " Jesus, en Ti Confio "

I had advised Ruben a few days before our walk together to greet people with " God Loves You too." to other patients encounters when they acknowledge him on his exercise walks he takes around the rest home. It is like saying God Bless You in a way they need to hear. and trust in Jesus. Never Giving

I told the patients that the reason why Ruben was walking so well was that God loves him deeply as he loves all of you.

I have counseled patients for years to offer up their pain as a prayer for those who are in more pain that it will lighten their pain and make it more bearable. When it is really bad , think of the pain that Jesus experienced on the Cross, out of love for you and all of us.

Part of care giving is listening and responding in an understanding way to aleviate their fears and help them by being perceptive and attentive to their need that does not require a nurse and focusing on their individual interest in a personal way . It varys greatly from the spiritual peace to a little humor to make them smile or laugh.

"Queen of Peace and Love"

A Painting of a Hispanic Madonna, Image inspired by the Beautiful face on statue at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in Santa Cruz where the the whole Church said the Rosary and the Litany of Mary to stop Violence in our area and the world at the 7 PM Spanish Mass.

I did combine some physical attributes of Our Lady Of Fatima statue at St. Angelas into the painting, quantively insuring the Hispanic quality

Let us Bring Mary Tears of Joy not tears of Sorrow and Pain. Never misuse her image to create angst toward your fellow man!

A Prayer Work of Art, sharing Christ Message of Peace Hope and Love that Mary has advocated in her Many apparitions and appearances and Miracles through out the world. To Pray the Rosary to end violence, terrorism and promote Peace and Understanding in the World

Mary is to me

Joyful Queen of Peace and Love.

Where there is Kindness There is Love.

Where there is Love there is Peace

Where there is Peace there is God

Go with God and Pray the Rosary for Peace in our Hearts, Homes , Churches, Cities, Country and the World!

Read the inscriptions on the Painting for the Children of Abraham to live in Peace. Imploring the Praying of the Rosary for Peace and Mother Mary's Relationship with the Trinity especially with Jesus.

Mother Mary is God's Messenger Dove of Peace and Love

Pope Francis called to our attention Pope John Pauls belief that Our Lady of Medjugorje messages was a continuation Of Mary's Messages at Fatima, and was Protected by Our Lady Of Medjugorje when He was nearly a victim again, This time at Fatima.

He did not mention the attacker was a SSPX priests who tried to to assinate Pope John Paul at Fatima, stabbing him with a bayonet drawing blood, during a mass of Thankgiving of surviving the first attempt on his life in Rome. That fact is upsetting to the traditionalists priest and laity who are not happy with Vatican 2.

Fulton Sheens Beautiful thoughts on the Rosary

dramatize my Belief that the Rosary is a Prayer for the living to strengthen Our Faith and guide us to Jesus while we live. It should not be relegated to a prayer just prayed at funerals of the Fathful.though it is a special Bon Voyage Prayer when they leave for Heaven above. aid at funerals.

Fulton Sheen said, "The rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see and there enact the greatest drama of love the world has ever known; it is the book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteries and knowledge more satisfying than the education of other men; it is the book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow of this world, and open on the substance of the next. The power of the rosary is beyond description."

The way to Peace is to Obey Christ's Two Commands of Love and His New Commandment To Love your neighbor as I have loved you. John Chapter 13/ 34 verse as noted in the Painting

I go to Daily Mass at St. Angelas and lead the Rosary after the 8 AM Mass. I am happy when we have 5 People there so each can take a leading a decade of the Rosary. Today Aug. 8 ,2013 was special. We had Joe from the Azore Islands lead the Fourth Luminous Mystery in Portugese. The Luminous Mysteries were were introduced by Pope John Paul. Maria from Mexico Led the 5th deade in Spanish. I appreciate Stanna Help in encouraging their continued involvement. I loved the International flavor this morning. It remided me of the EWTN Program I enjoyed the International Rosary as I have visited many of these countries. The term Hispanics includes Portugese Spainish, Mexicans and other Latin American Countries. ould be concerned with why we are losing so many members, especially the young. The on going crisis that exist in the hierarchy of our church carries down to the Laity.

After the reformation and Martin Luther Manifesto of the importance of the Bible and Christ's teachings changes happened and not necessaryily for the better .It is no wonder we have long sad faces at church that should be smiling filled with the joy Of Knowing and Loving God. I know Jesus far better than I ever had known Him before. THe New Testament and The words inscribed in Red that Christ spoke himself while here on earth is what made the difference. It changed my life , existance purpose and being. I abide in Him and He abides in me, The Father Son , Holy Spirit, Blessed Trinity. Thanks be to God and the New Testment!

I went to Catholic schools including High school for a while before I left school at 15 to go to work. Our classes on Religion had more emphasis on the Cathecism, church laws, sin, acknowledgement of the hell you would be sent to for these sins. Than Bible reading in the New Testament Relating to God's Love and Forgiveness. My friends who had start to finish Catholic educations right on through College have left the church. clear through college have left the church.

A cathecism can not begin to compare with the inspiration of Jesus found in the New Testament and the words he spoke while on earth that are redlined in some editions of the Bibleg you should not does not compare to the inspiring words and Leadership and teaching of Love that Jesus presented while here on earth. It is not just the Catholic Religion having these problems. Some including Christians ,lean more on the Old Testament and they disregard the Importaance of Christs Commands of Love. It is important to realize The Old fortold the New and Christ showed them the need to change Laws That were more concerned with the time period of the past and were not always relevent to the the present or the future.

I will not leave the Catholic Church nor will I desert my mission of enphasing Christ Commands of Love, the new Commandments of loving neighbor as Jesus loves you, Nor my respect and love for mary as a messanger of Christ Peace and love, Not a woman dressed in Armour to do battle with everyone some percieve as devil. God could do that himself and has angel to impliment that. There are times when good people who do God's bidding will walk protected in His care and those who attack them in any devious way or try to do them harm are dealt with by God. First will come warnings to them or things that happen to their family members .If they persist graver things will happen. God does work in Mysterious ways, positive ways for his servants who do his Bidding and Negative ways for those who would interfere. I feel bad when that happens as sometimes it happens to people I like and care about and who like mebut becuse of circumstances and the reward they receive will do things that may deter the work I feel a calling to do and do not have my interest at heart. May God be gentle toward them and help them to love Him.

God does take good care of those who serve Him and answer His Call to do His Bidding and I felt a bidding to write and rewrite this Labor Day Sept 2, 2013 for over 13 to 14 hours starting around 10 AM skipping Lunch and dinner It is now 1 :09 AM. I sincerely hope it may help someone, Maybe inspire some kid with talent to cultivate it. May some lines lead some one to seek out , Jesus's words in the New Testament, that he spoke while here on Earth, inscribed in Red. Perhaps some one will find the Holding Baby Jesus exerecise will help them as it helped me and others.< /B>

America Needs Fatima group behave very much like the Rigid Religious SSPX order who left the Catholic church as they rejected Vatican 2 changes and any thing connected with Pope John Paul, who once was nearly a victim of one their priest attempts to assinate Pope John Paul at Fatima stabbing him with a bayonet drawing blood, during a mass of Thankgiving of surviving the first attempt on his life in Rome.

" Much of the time, it the 3 old Faithful Praying the Rosary, Stanna & Roberto, both over 80 years of age and I anchor the Rosary service down, I am the youngster at 77 years of age. There is a Hispanic Eucharistic Minister, Lydia with us when she is not away caring for ill relatives. We also will be joined by a younger Hispanic Lady who will bring her Bible to read before and after the Rosary. There are times when more people will be moved by the Holy Spirit and their love and respect for Mary and raise their voices in Praying the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

At Our Lady Star of the Sea in In Santa Cruz, I was so over joyed to see to and particpate with the whole congregation, 150 to 300 Parishioners in the praying of the Rosary and Litany to Mary in Spanish to end violence That I was inspired to use the face of Our Lady , Star of the Sea in my 3 foot by 5 foot painting which I will share with you in the following you tube I created with 2 of my Rosary songs I wrote in the you tube video, Hispanic Madonna , Our Lady , Star of the Sea that I created for you. Please Pray the Rosary for Peace, God Bless You, in the Name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit! Later at Carmel Misson Bishop Garcia Led the Rosary before a Mass Celebrating Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy Feast Day.


Medjugorje Message, " Pray", Mysterious Mystic Rainbow Rays were on the youtube video that were not on the monitor while recording The Rosary Song "Pray"

There was another relating to Medjugorje.

A friend was at Medjugorje when Mary appeared. He was invited by an electronic physicist into a tent with special energy measuring equipment connected with Stephen Hawkins group hired by the Vatican to test the electronic wave energy when Mary appeared. It was dramatic and overwhelmingly conclusive. Rome has been so slow when it comes to accepting. Mary's appearances Just when he was sharing that something caused a small bright light to reflect in the New England deep blue sky of a seascape of the back shore of Gloucster Mass. It looked like a suggestion of an angel or a cross. I called it Dino's Angel and have a photo of it. I am not sure if we located the reason why as we looked around to see what caused it . I regarded it as synchronicity which seems to bring positive spiritual affirmations quite often into my life.

Dino's Angel


Synchronicity guides my actions and directions of my creative energy. It is being in a spiritual zone

One of a couple of photos of a surprising shadow Of a Cross On the prayer painting of the Lone Cypress.

It was an explainable unusual happening That never Happened before while I was in the studio. That it happened on Susie's Birthday , was significant in many ways. Sunlight struck the five inch brass cap perfectly for it to briefly created a beautiful warm cast of lights with a shadow of a Cross in the center on the Painting. Everything was in perfect alignment, The seasonal height of the sun happened to be just right. The space of time I chose to go down and work on Susie's song. I checked a couple of days later and it was not there. Lets say either I was in sync with the universe or the universe was in synch with me. We are all attuned to the Universe in some ways and for me who believes God is everywhere found it to be encouraging. A Sign of a Cross can encourages us when we take on daunting challenges of caring love for your neighbor. Whether we make it in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or it occurs by chance , It has the same positive awareness effect. It strengthens your love of God, Your neighbor and yourself in believing you are doing caring loving things that Christ has commanded you to do. You are living the Golden Rule. My thought on it all was simply, Thank You God for the affirmation, and happenings in my life that leads me to love you more.

A video using the Painting' Our Lady Star of the Sea and the Healing Potential Of Jesus's Heart of Divine Mercy for the well being of People with various needs of Healing

It was inspired by a call from a man who collected my work who had an impulse after 20 year to lookup my home page. It was not by chance. He found in My spiritual journal 2 true stories of 2 prayer paintings of the Lone Cypress that were answered when both Young ladies received new Lungs. One over 15 years now with out rejection. His Young Daughter-in -law is in the same position as one of the ladies who was being taken off the transplant list for reasons of deteriorating health. We had a common interest in the devotion to Heart of Divine Mercy. He had participated in a miracle using the Chaplet of the Heart of Divine Mercy. I used it creatively in a slightly different way.

A series of Videos all interconnected as a Prayer offering For Cassandra and Others Using Our Lady Star of the Sea as a Center piece. They will include a Positive Deep Breathing Meditation that has had positive results, Holding Baby Jesus and other Prayers and songs written for healing the Soul then the Body when it is God's Will. They were once one long video I was preparing for Cassandra to set a Healing Mood for her.

First Video in Progression , Heart of Divine Mercy

Second Video in Progression, Heart of Divine Mercy,

Third Video , In Progression, Heart of Divine Mercy,

An earlier series of Prayer Youtubes uploaded May13th Videos all interconnected as a Prayer offering For Cassandra and Others Using Our Lady Star of the Sea. The First one is the Positive deep Breathing exercise "Holding Baby Jesus" My Daughter in Law, Daughter Sasha is Holding my Grandaughter, Kiabella

This is the first part of a prayer that bring me a sense of Faith , Hope and Charity, a gentle sense of God's compassion and healing.

I have the longer recording on my homepage in it's entirety as the prayers are repeated 10 times. I Play it constantly as I hve a cd player by my bed, the first thing in the morning, the last thing at night and when I awaken during the night reducing the volume to a murmur. I will play it during the day while working and painting. On ocassion when I am doing work that is not easy or pleasant but was a result of being Kind to others and animals.


This video has insight to How wonderful Cassandra and Tony are and insight to what I do as prayer forms. There have been unique examples of Healing Prayer being Heard and miraculous happenings

Time to free up my painting area and get Back To Prayer Painting and composing new healing songs.

I added new Faces of 2 young friends at Carmel Hills Rest Home, George and Ruben and new prayers song. "Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Her Holy Son's Heart of Divine Mercy" in two you tube . I stressed the need of Faith Patience, Never give up hope and Persistancy of Prayers. I would reference to Ruben and Other men the constancy for years of the Man at the pool of Bethesda. John 2-9 16 -17. Prayers for Ruben Improvement were answered in a wonderful dramatic fashion, a testimony of his Love of God.

I Took The Video Set up of Painting, Candles, Statue of Jesus, etc. which I regarded as a creative prayer down the next day. Now comes more Prayers. I have enlisted the Prayer aid of People in my church and friends in rest homes who are close to God to pray for those whose pictures are attached on my painting and others who are in need of healing prayers. May you join them and add others in need that we all will pray for. It felt good to be able to offer up my Paintings and composing and singing my songs of Praise while Painting which I enjoyed more than setting up and doing my video while being very distracted by intermittent intense pain in my leg at the time. I am experiencing that right now again and hope by vist to the Podiatrist at the VA Hospital this Tuesday, Aug 27 will be productive and alleviate the Problem, That really has not been addresed.

Going back to 1968 when I returned to Carmel after first visiting Carmel in 1962, One of my closest friends was Eric Barker, Poet Laureate of the the Big Sur and California. He always described me as his mystic friend. 50 years later I have a better understanding of what he meant by his perception.

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting link

"Carly's Special Friend, The Lone Cypress, A Prayer Painting"
24 x 30 -- Artist's Collection

This painting was offered up as prayer when I was informed by Carly, young lady with Cystic Fibrosis from Australia that she was being taken off the transplant list as she was not healthy enough for a lifesaving double lung transplant that she was waiting for close to a year. As a prayer offering, For a period of three weeks I repainted the changing times of day taking it to morning light for a few days, then the next couple days through afternoon, Then to sundown There is almost an elephant skin texture from the many layers of paint. This process was repeated over and over again till I heard the welcome news that Carly had a successful double lung transplant. Click here to read her poetry. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

I loaned that Painting to a man whose cancer was too far advanced for treatment.

I spontaneously loaned the 24 by 30 inch prayer painting I did for Carly's well being to a Christian couple. Emily came into my gallery and asked if I had a painting of the Last Supper of Christ. She said Her husband was out in the car resting Her husband was very ill with cancer. The doctor told them not even to bother with treatment as the cancer was too invasive and advanced for treatment.

I told Emily to come back tomorrow and I would prepare a Lourdes water bottle for Peter, which I paint a seascape on the bottle as I sugggest that People who received them would pour some of the healing water in the sea and and it would circulate where everthe major Ocean current would flow, reaching out to others and any time they walked along the sea themselves they would be bathing in Lourdes Water. as in the beautiful song, Mother Mary Blue I wrote about that when I first had people do it in different parts of the world to flow in more ocean currents.

I prepared my Lourdes Water bottle for Peter with one of my seascape painting on it and I think I gave them cds as I have been acustomed to doing, one with My Mother Mary's Blue song and the Evergreen tree. I sang my Evergreen Tree song for them and and Peter's complexion changed from ash gray to more color. Peter wanted to buy one of my mini prints called Heaven's Gate I said Peter I want you to have it as a gift as I knew he was not working. I told him the story about my Moongate prayer painting and how I believed it help this young lady who was too ill to have a necessary double lung transplant or she would die. I worked on the painting as a prayer offering for her for about three weeks and I received a call from Australia telling me her health has changed for the better and she had the a succesful double Lung transplant she needed to live.

I told them she was doing well and was coming to visit me from Australia later that year, and I wanted her to see the painting she inspired me to do. I told Peter and Emily, Carly would not becoming to America for another 6 months so I wanted them to enjoy the positive energy in the painting along with healing Power of the Lourdes water.

I think of my work as holistic impressionism, that in the the same way that nature when coupled with belief can have an uplifting effect on individuals.

Peter and Emily Gonzales never returned the painting as promised and I thought that perhaps Peter has passed away.

Telephone Sychronicity , Mental Spiritual Telepathy, Good News, Peter is alive in spite of Medical Prognosis of Emminent Death

A couple of years later I came across Their address and telephone number late at night. I was going to call them the next morning to find out how Peter was. Emily called me that morning out of the blue , It was almost like mental telepathy! She said Peter was well and he wanted to come with her when they brought the painting back as he wanted to visit with me. I suggested that perhaps they could ship it up. She said they would. After a period of time went by , I called Emily and she said I had the wrong number. I knew it was her as I recalled the sound of her voice and knew I had the right number.

A Student of Shamanic Healing viable Explanation

In spring of 2013 , I had a new acquaintance I was reaching out to help in another personal healing matter, visit my home. She helped me understand Peter's and Emily's action and enlightened me by explaining that Peter and Emily did not want to part with the painting as they may have believed by their experience it did have a positive effect on his health and may have kept him alive. Peter went from the death sentence of the doctor who decleard the cancer was too advanced for treatment to an extension of his life which I believed He uses to do God's work and will as long as he lives.

A Gift for Emily and Peter

Peter and Emily , I always regarded my work as Holistic Impressionism . The Painting you have is my Gift to You. You may believe it helped you as I believe and know in my heart it helped Carly. It is your to keep and enjoy. Keep it with out reservation, feel good about it. It is a gift of God's Love which inspired the work as a prayer. Peter please smile like you did when I sang the Evergreen Tree Song to Emily and yourself. I remember quite distinctly a joyful change came over your face, from cold ashen gray to a healthy complexion hue. when I sang You and Emily My favorite song I wrote for people in Love, the Evergreen tree. I believe that God has a purpose for everyone and he extends the life of those who serve him in answering the call to do His bidding. Pray and you will know what it is. You more than Likely are already doing it.

My Jewish Mystic Friend Nora who was released 4 years ago from the Hospital to go to a rest home and die was having Lunch with me a couple of weeks ago. She said, George I think you have something to do with me being alive. I answered that God Has a lot to do with you being alive, You are doing His work, constantly caring for others. That is why you are here. She loved sharing the Bible , Old and New Testament with other residents

I went to visit her and found her helping a resident in her Rest Home read the Bible. I exclaimed when I found her doing what she does lovingly, Nora you are an Angel! She jokenly replied I am an angel with Horns. I answered in our fun mood, "Oh a horny angel." We always have a sense of humor. I would not have been surprised if she had answered , No George, I am talking about my Tubas and French Horns.

Lourdes water , Living Water, are all special to this January Aquarian, a Water Bearer

I believe Lourdes Water was also a factor of Major Importance. I use to use Lourdes water in my Prayer Painting for those in need of Healing. Now I use water from the Baptismal Fountain with it wonderful feeling of Living Water in my New Prayer Paintings.I have always been enthralled By John 4 - 4 -26 where Christ speaks to the Samaratin women about Living Water. It seemed to be an explanation of my uprising never ending source of spiritual energy that I have been experiencing in my life.

There were changing images on the Monstrance during Adoration captured on Pictures from a video that are on my you tube Channel, that seems to relate to the Living Water of Baptism. Play the one with over 700 hits that has those images that appears like a man holding a large vessel with water flowing out of it.

She informed me with the knowledgable authority acquired by years of study of Shamanic Healing that I was doing naturally with out training what she trained to do and it worked. She noted cases of healings of people with out treatment using the example when I Put Lisa Face in a heart shape in Image of Heart of Divine Mercy and wrote Sister Lisa Has Jesus In her heart and Jesus has Sister in His Heart on the cd of healing songs I prepared for her.

She noted how I would use candles and other objects of art in my videos when I was praying and reaching out to help those in desperate need. that I used specific creativity in the process that shamans will do.

I always regarded myself as a Healing Facilitator, Guided by the Spirit and Love of God, doing God's will, Not a Miracle worker.

My first intention is to heal the soul if need be and the Body afterwards If it be God's will. I do pray for and with people and my art and music will often be offered up as a prayer. I reach out to people of all Colors, all Ethnicities, Religious and Non Religious backgrounds. I abhor intolerance. I love Love and being loving. God is Love. ned

Church Bells are Chiming , a song about Bells Chiming calling People to pray the Rosary for Peace

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Church Bells are Chiming"

Instrumental Version Church Bells are Chiming , Song written while Painting Madonna.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Instrumental, Church Bells are Chiming"

Pray Pray Pray, Pray the Rosary for Peace. Mother Mary's request at Medjugorje

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Pray the Rosary for Peace"

Rosary Peace Song, Pray the Rosary for Peace.

Pastor Alan Wolters a former B17 pilot, found A soldier alone in Saint John Episcopal Chapel not far from the airport that He would be departing that day for a war zone and battle. He asked Pastor Alan to pray with him. They prayed the rosary together that God would protect him and bring him back home safely to his family. Pastor Alan confided in me, that years later the soldier returned safely from fighting in the valleyof death and thanked him, exclaiming How much praying that rosary with him meant. He was protected though death was all around him.

I went to Rev. Alan's afternoon reception after His funeral and Military Burial Service. I wandered through the Chapels Garden doing a video and found an American Beauty Rose Bush that was given to him and Marian Powers. There was a large tear drop enfolded in among the Rose Petals in the late afternoon on a dry windy day.

An American Beauty Rose with an Angel's Tear.

There are those who say Alan was a Saint. I could feel that when we would make the sign of the Cross on each other's forehead and ask God to Bless each other. Alan was my dearest friend and Spiritual mentor.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

" Rosary Peace Song"

Lourdes Miracle, Cure of His Soul , True story a Mother shared with me about her young handsome son strickened with Cancer

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

" Lourdes Healing Miracle song "

Mother Mary's Blue, My 7 year old son Jon & 3 Ladies I shared Lourdes Water with Poured the Holy Water into the sea along the Coast of Australia, Rockland Maine, Ponte Verdra Florida and Carmel California to flow with it's Healing Energy through out the ocean currents of the world. So when they walked in the water along the beach it would be like bathing in Lourdes Water

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Mother Mary's Blue. "

I believe Jesus is Like any Good Man who would get angry if any one put down His Mom

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Don't Put down Mother Mary or you wil answer to JC."

We all have a Heavenly Mother

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Heavenly Mother"

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Edited and more reflections Sept.7,8,9,10 and 11 More at the startin beginning on Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament whichI feel strongly about like I do the Rosary and the Way of the Cross . August 15 2015 as a Prayer offering for Peace. ,2013 I did more writing on Adoration,August 12,2015 when I should befocused on selling one of 3 Paintings to make final payment on my trial loan modification George J. Bleich