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Looking Back tyo my release from Palo Alto Hospital following surgery on my right foot. An MRI result folllowing operation. MRI diagnostic Code, Abnormal -Needs Attention Improvement in Ostemylistis some residual fluid in bone marrow.

Two anxious moments, I found my self handicaped by pain into being immobilized, Thank God I don't allow myself to wallow in pain helplessly or be swallowed up by the fear of being helpless. I work my way out of it with God's help.

The first invoved the use of my right knee was while using my wheel chair to visit my Patient friends in a rest homes, I may have strained my knee trying to get in and out of as with the foot rest down was difficult. The next morning I could not move my knee as it caused great pain while trying to change wound dressing. I was happy to work my way out of the pain by going up and down my spiral stair case for exercise. My approach to problems is to work my way out of them and never giving in to them and quiting and never give up trying to overcome them. It build strength of character.

The next one was far more serious. I was faced with being bedridden. I awoke a debiltiaing back pain, level 9 plus If it were not for the pole lamp by the side of my bed I would not have been able to get out of bed. I believe it was the result of taking my wheel chair out and back in Poniac Vibe, while visiting friends in Rest homes. I recall the difficulty I had lifting it up to put in back of car in my new weakened state.

When I lost 15 pounds in 15 days, I found my strength was sapped. I could only do a couple of curls and presses with my two 25 pound dumbells, where I was used to doing 40. I did about a dozen when I first came home before losing the weight as a result of my Meds. causing me to lose my appetite. I found away to gradually do more by just using One dumbell and have the other hand help support it. I know I have to be a patient patient and realize the necessity of rest in healing.

I am far more careful Putting my wheel chair in the back of my car now, as it is more difficult in my weak ened state then it was and I am working at rebuilding my strength. I remember throwing my shoulder out putting a Rest Home Patient's wheel chair in the back of my car to taking her out to visit her critically ill brother at CHOMP Hospital and other errands. to my Leg Problems.

"Spiritual Corpsman on the front lines, Palo Alto VA Hospital.

I never saw so many patients in such critical shape with presssing needs, awaiting surgery or recovering from surgery. I would meet these patients after early morning infusion on Pic Line or after the eveing infusion. God supplied me with some additional tools to go along with my Guitar. and sense of humor to lighten the lives of these Veterans. It was understandable that they could be depressed as portions of their legs starting with their toes were amputated sections at a time., until there was little left.

I had my Guitar and spiritual songs I write along with other humerous songs I wrote about my military comrades that opened the door to friendship. A Redlined Bible to do some random reading, sharing the words that Jesus Christ spoke while here on earth with the veterans was for those who were deeper into religion or open to want to learn more. The message was all about God' s Love and Forgiveness

I was asked by a very devout Catholic, Linda Pinion , whose Mother was born in Fatima Portugal to complete her Mission of sharing a great Number of large and small Pictures Of Jesus, Heart of Divine Mercy along with Pictures of Mary with her loving caring heart. I have been stronly involved with Mary and Especially with Heart of Divine Mercy which the pictures portrayed. Linda Pinon was her husband's caregiver for years and years.

Linda was typical with the woman in the family being more spiritually orientated. Her Mission was to share these Holy Pictures with other patients, She asked me if I would complete her mission , I promised her I would and did as she was taken her husband home and bringing him in as an outpatient. He was an amputee on dialysis and Linda had her own serious problems with fallen blood pressure. Isuggested she get a small pictureof her husband and self. Cut it out in a heart shape and place it where Jesus Heart was as this appeared to work wonders when it was God's will.

I added the words Jesus I trust in You on each Picture and told the veterans The Picture was a left jab and Jesus I trust in you was the Right Cross in a one two punch. I would make the Sign of the Cross, asking God to Bless them.

The One Two Spiritual Punch, The Picture was the left Jab, Jesus I trust in you is the Right Cross

There were also 2 fragrant roses, one pink and one white from an outside memorial rose garden for a lovely smiling black lady veteran with no legs whom I met playing Black Jack with when the director asked me to play as Esther would not have been able to play unless some one else played. She loved the Roses as they were very fregrant. I had a Holy Pictureof Jesus with the poem Roses grow and always know of the joy God Brings springing forth Eternally. played too. A couple of Nights ago I played my spiritual Version of You are my Sunshine and Gentle Woman She woukd tell me later how she enjoyed the songs and how they brought her a sense of Peace, that allowed her to drift off to sleep, feeling good right after I left.

Once again it is very late,3:37 AM so I will continue this later, some were heart wrenching powerful that brought tears of compassion. .

First time I used a wheel chair to visit someone in a hospital.

< B> While staying over night at Defender Lodge to be in time for an Eight AM Heart echo test the next Morning, I met Rudy Castro,my room mate who had accompanied His Father all the way from Sipan, Micronesia for diagnosis and treatment at Palo Alto. I gave him 4 CDs of my spiritual songs and taught him some prayers and meditations to with His Dad A Catholic whose family was into similar devotion. Rosary, Heart of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Fatima I told him I would try to see his dad after my appointments with a cardiologist after my heart echo procedure. They had discovered during my my foot operation July 16, that my heart rythmn was out of sync. Prior visits to an Opthamologist found plaque in my eyes that fortold the danges of a stroke or Heart Attack.

My Visit with Ramon Castro went very well. Ramon His lower leg ammutated and had a mystery ailment that the VA units in Hawaii and Micronesia could not diagnose. Palo Alo Hospital is the Flagship of VA care with it proximity and involvement with Standford University. We prayed together, Ramon , His Son Rudy and I. Please Join us in Prayers for for Ramon. I instructed Ramon in the deep breathing meditation . Holding Baby Jesus, Breathing in deeply the the air the Christ Child exhaled and then exhaling Joy Love and Peace . I also shared how His wife could add another potentilly effective dimension to her current use the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which she prays for Ramon. It is the addition of Ramon's Photo reduced to fit Where Jesus Heart is on the Poster size Picture that is available, while she prays for Ramon. I did this by chance one time and had amazingly good results and have continued to do so , again with Prayers being answered.

On the lighter side we discussed his Fighting Chickens and The pigs he raised on His Farm in Sipan along with some of my off the wall Humor that Veterans seem to enjoy. I had another wheel chair escort get me down to the shuttle bus with onle a couple of minutes before it Left.

It was strange I would end part of the time in same ward as Ramon Castro when I would return for my 7 week stay at the hospital The day before I was in the Hospital Chapel for a couple of hours praying and stayed for a very peaceful breathing medition conducted by a hospital Chaplin. The night before at home I was up until 4 AM finishing preparing Paper requested and required by my mortgage company SPS. It was difficult to do as the medication I was taking affected my vision and concentration. It took a lot of effort do but I accomplished it and faxed the requested info in and then prepared Thank You Prints for the Doctors involved with my care inscribed with this prayer I wrote for them, May God Bless you Hands with His Healing Energy and your Hearts with Love and Compassion for your patients." I am amazed at times by my energy especiully when it is being used in a spiritual way. It reminds me of the endless flow of living water that Christ spoke to the lady from Samaria at the well

A couple of Months later I met Rudy Castro in the small commissory by chance while returning from the Chapel. He updated me me on His Dad's progress and that he was taking him Home. I updated him on my own health and how I have continued doing my spiritual work for other veterans that started at the VA Hospital with Him and His Dad. He was sincere in his thanks and encouraged me to continue to keep up doing for others what he called the wonderful work that I did for his dad, picking up His Spirit. What I do is encourge them to Put theuir Trust in Jesus!

The Face on inner wall of Tabernacle August 2, 2013

This was the day after Ruben Baez remarkable change and disappearance of Tumors another patient had in that general time period of good things happening to friends I have encouraged others to join me in prayer with Patients who are also praaying. When you pray for some one it is good to have them in a receptivee mood by praying also with you. I thank Lisa for that advice when she told me you do not pray for people but pray with them. But she added don't stop praying for mne. Lisa had cancer vanish with out treatment. She put her trust in Jesus. We must also pray for those who do not but when it comes to God granting cures that we all pray together. May you all Pray for Ramon Castro and each other . I could use a little prayer too. Try just talking to God. Tell him of your need and believe in His and Kindness. Put your trust in Jesus. Jesus I Trust in You. Jesus we put our trust in you that Americans will all come together,out of the many One!as

o download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Beauty of America"

"Beauty of America "

This song is a timely song for America and all Americans every day not just our Special Holidays.

I love this song and the positive aspects of America that it portrays. When we come together out of many one, the beauty of America shines brighter than the sun. Hearts filled with love, Together side by side.

There is no room in America for Discrimination of any kind, Race , Creed, Color or Life Style. The Valiant have given their lives here in America and on Battlefronts abroad to insure that freedom

The Lyrics are far superior to my ability as an old musician of 78 with very limited ability to do them justice. All I have is Love and Faith in America America needs vibrant young and old professional American singers and Musicians to project this positive message of Love for and Faith in America, Hope for yours and America's Future and and Caring and Compassionate Love for all Americans today and everyday. May they lead gatherings of everyday Americans to sing this song vibrantly together with hearts full of Love for America and what America stands for and is when we come together , with Hearts full of Love Out of the Many One.

"Beauty of America "

We came from every Country, from all around the world.

We all stand tall with love and pride when Old Glory is unfurled

With Hearts filled with love, together side by side.

When we come together, out of many one

The beauty of America, shines brighter than the sun

With heart filled with love, together side by side.

The last two words in American is I can,

We can change America, for the better, for every man

All the colors of the rainbow, The fabric and the strands

Woven by the hand of God, into the dreams of this great land

With Hearts filled with love, together side by side.

Standing tall with love and pride for the Red White and Blue

For traditions of diversity, Proven tried and true

All political persuasion, life styles religions too,

Including those who don't believe

They are All Red White and Blue

When we come together, out of many one

The beauty of America, shines brighter than the sun

With heart filled with love , together side by side.

Growing pains and sacrifice, line our Country's face

There are those who gave their lives and those who gave us grace.

Brave men who speak the truth, to safe guard liberty

Men who shared their dreams, that all men should be free

When we come together, out of many one

The beauty of America, shines brighter than the sun

With heart filled with love , together side by side.

United we stand Out of the many one, Out of the many one.

Young and old Americans must come together to insure the beauty of America shines brighter then the sun!

You are welcome to perform and arrange the above songs to share it's positive messages. My own voice is like the Monterey fog , sometimes it's in and other times it is out. Share your talents as a gift. The joy is in the journey and the journey is for sharing. Do it as a tribute to those who gave their Lives to Make America great .

July 27 2014, 14 Update.

Saturday Morning July 26, On Facebook & Google Plus George John Bleich commented on a video on YouTube. Pope thanks Sudanese woman who faced the death penalty for being Christian

May all Christians come to the Reality They have been gifted with the Knowledge and Love of Jesus and are bonded together by their mutual Love of Christ. May they focus on that Love and not be separated by the subtle differences in the manner they choose to practice their Faith.

Elitism in Religion That Your way is the only way is a self serving pride illusion that is far removed from the teachings found in the words that Christ spoke while here on earth. May God continue to Bless The Family meeting with the Pope after her release from prison with the freedom to worship Christ and the joy found in having her family bless by doing so. May all Catholics and other religions follow Pope Francis's Holy Spirit inspired leadership of reaching out to all with God's Love and Peace.

During July 16, Foot Operation, Palo Alto Hospital, they fornd some irregularity in my Heart Rhythms

They kept me there for observation over night. A cardiologist attached a two week Heart monitor before they released me In early Thursday afternoon.I had an unique experience just before the operation when 2 nurses Mary & Marilyn sang Gentle woman with me. On July 17 I met another friend on staff who informed me there was a Mass said for me in the chapel at the same time I was being operated on. I was fond of visiting the hospital chapel for services and at other times for prayer and meditation. It was always a place of comfort and peace for me.

We arrived back in Pebble Beach around 3 PM & I prepared an early dinner while my son Jon finished the taping of the crate for shipping the Gentle Mary Painting and I managed to get it shipped the same evening with the help of Stephen, One of my renters who drove me to UPS. I started to really feel the physical discomfort and pain when the shipping was accomplished and we returned home and I was either in the recliner in pain or in bed all of Friday.

Saturday Morning I found my self in eminent danger of a stroke or Heart attack, A Doctor in the Emergency Room said I should of had one whem my Blood Pressure shot up to 180 over 160.

During an threatening call from my Mortgage Collectors, Select Portfolio Servicing, My Blood Pressure Monitor shot up to a dangerously high level ,180 /160. I had explained to the caller from SPS that I was not feeling well, just had a foot operation and was wearing a heart monitor. I had to explain I had mailed the info they were looking for and where it was to be found. I told them that I told them I beleive it was illegal for them to start legal proceedings for a forclosure while they were were consideringing me for a Modification for medical reasons. They said they could and up went my blood I felt chest pains and asked my son for my blood pressure monitor and it was 180 over 160. I ended the call and I called the VA advice nurse and was put on hold, waiting for a nurse to answer. They as usual while waiting, said call 911 if this is an emergency. I had been warned by the VA Opthalmologist on my last eye exam that I was in danger of a stroke with the Plaque build up in my eyes. He commented just before that the Hole in the rear of eyes that was a sign of Macular Degeneration disappeared and perhap the plaque would too. I entered my blood pressures as I took 3 readings and photographed them for records and entered them on the search engine on line on commputer. The readout comment was Go to Emergency Room . You are in danger of a heart attack or stroke. I had my son immediatly take me the short distance from my home to the Hospital Emergency room while doing my Breathe in the Air of Baby Jesus while you visualize holding Him and exhale joy peace and love which had a calming effect on me. I continued to do that on the 5 minute drive to the Hospital which was far more calming thaN RIDING lAYING ON A gurney in an Ambulance with a siren blaring. At the Emergency Room at Community Hospital of Monterrey Pennisula for 5 hours When I told the Emergency room Doctor, He said I should have had a stroke at that level. Soon as I was off the phone I started my favorite Deep breathing Meditating exercise of visualizing Holding Baby Jesus in Your Arms, breathing in deeply the Breath of Baby Jesus exhaling Joy Love and Peace. My Pressure went down to 183 over 101. Icecked it out on line and it suggested going to the Emergency Room, Danger of Stoke or Heart attack. I did the Jesus Meditation all the way to the hospital.

July 15, After Morning Mass and the Rosary, I framed the Painting of Mary and gathered all the necessary material to Crate it. Which I using a Heavy Hard shipping cratedid July 14, 2014 Update.

Just completed the Painting "Gentle Women which I rename the video to Mother Mary, God's Messenger of Peace and Love before I have my foot Operation Wednesday July 16 at Palo Alto VA Hospital. Pain made the creative process difficult

All My Mobility Problems started with improper post operative care after Nov.2005 Metal to Metal Hip replacement.

It seems signifacant that my hip would be painful just before my upcoming operationat the VA Hospital. The pain started a couple of weeks ago out of the blue. Hip area of the right leg becomes very painful after sitting down and elevating my feet as I should. In fact any time I sit down.the Pain kicks in when I get up. I thought it strange that I would find myself back at the starting point of my mobility health Problems.

One of my long time good friends I would pray with who bcame another benficiary of the Positive Healing Energy that was present at Carmel Hills when Her tumors disappeared in the same period that Ruben had his Miracle like change wondered why I was using a cane in obvious pain. I told her My Hip where I had the hip Transplant transplant has really been bothering me. She informed me of a class action suite involving metal to metal hip replacements. I checked with the surgeons office and it was the same manufactuer of my Hip transplant.

2 years later while debrieving the wound I acquired MERSA Staph at the wound care facility at Community Hospital of Montrey after a wound care specialist came over to me directly from working on a the legs of a patients whose wounds covered his whole legs that looked like open rotten flesh and were so repulsive he looked like a zombie. 2 days later my legs erupted in horrible looking, painful wounds of the living dead. It affected my health completly and I thought I may die. MERSA Staph killed more people in 2007 then AIDs did!

If I had a Medical Advocate I would not have been in tha position and required extended wound care. The surgical Hose would have been checked daily as they should have been not left on for close to a week.

First visit to CHOMP since Being Banned for My Mother's Day Visits with 4 patients

I returned to the Community Hospital of Monterey, CHOMP for the first time since the police warned me I was not wanted there. I have been encouraging a friend to pray for the courage to do the right thing involving a heart procedure. I escorted her to her Heart specialist prior to the procedure and then brought her home from the Hospital . after spending some time in recovery ,sharing the Bible with her there prior to release, I gave her a ride Back to her residence at Sunrise where both her friends and staff at Sunrise embraced her with affection and joy that things went well for her.

But then again I believe this lady has a special relationship with God as she is always reaching out to help other. Nora was the Lady who was released from CHOMP Terminally Ill over 5 years ago to return to her resthome and die. I met her in the interim, we bonded by our Mutual Love of the Bible and our belief in Miracles that God is capable of granting. She treated me to a light repast at Petra a wonderful Jordainian Restaurant in Pacific Grove that was very enjoyable for both of us. As Nora was born in Egypt and the Mid East and Jordan and Petra were Highlights for my boys and I on our painting trip around the world. My Next effort will be to encourage Nora's nece ssary dialysis treatment.

I believe that Hospitals do some great work and am an advocate of necessary hospital treatment. I am also an advocate for Medical Advocates that can insure that all goes well as it should!

I do get involvedon a spiritual and support basis for the gravely ill and encourage Hospital treatment. I apply myself to aleviate their fear when necessary and do believe Miracles happen in the hand of Caring Doctors and Nurses when their hands are Guided by the loving hands of God and his angels. I am fully aware of the neccessity of Medical Avocates to insure the well being of your love ones. There are times when the bottom line relating to profits lead to errors. along with the the human tendency to have spans of lack of caring focus and attention that can endanger ones life and limbs. Hospitals should focus more on saving lives then saving face, adressing problems that affect the health of patients immediatley and with an overview of proven successful means and meathods to eliminate the dangers of infection and other risks involved with hospital stays. My Operation is medical procedure involving shortening my Metatarsal Bones then screwing them back together. My concern is that they may screw them down to the floor. My Hammer toes will be straightened so I will no longer have a 3 extra hammers advantage at my at my disposal if I have difficult selling my art and have to return to carpentry.

New Youtube of In Progress Memorial Commission Painting, Gentle Woman, A time for peace and Love.Which will include a new song in Progress that the painting inspired.

I went to Emergency Room at VA Palo Alto Hospital, June 2nd because of increasing pain below the Metatarsal area of my Right foot as advised by Palo Alto Podiatry as there was no openings before my June 16 th Appointment. The visit was Non Productive I was not seeking addctive pain Pills that could make me a driving hazard, DUI.

They instructed me to come back the June 16th as contrary to what I was told at prior visits The Last X Rays showed no Problems as prior X rays revealed.

I have had some almost miracle changes, Like Macular Degeneration and the hole in the back of the eye disappeared which the opthalomologist said never happens and my vision improved to where I did not have to wear glasses to read.

There was another time when crippling Pain from severe Venus Reflex Dermatitus ended when I directed the shower head on thick crusted skin with deep cracks & crevices revealing what appeared to be raw flesh underneath ended when after praying for releif I directed the flow from the movable shower head and said, Let this be like Lourdes water. The Thick skin peeled off like banana peels, it looked like pink baby skin and the pain was gone.

New Youtube of my Last Commission Painting, Gentle Woman, A time for peace and Love.

Underlying theme for Peace among the Children of ABRAHAM is reflected in my latest and 2 other paintings of Mary , Queen of Peace and love featured in the video along with a Painting of a Cool Blue Eyed Jesus , The Greatest Kahuna. The eyes in all 4 paintig are striking. I used in the video, my new song in Process called Time, A Time for Peace and love along with the Gentle Woman Hymn I love as it personifys Mother Mary and in turn all wonderful Moms.

I limited my rest home visit to 8 hours one Sunday and was content to Plus 5 Hours another Sunday, Stayed home more working on painting and songs etc. I had to take get off your feet breaks when directed to do so because of Pain that went from grating your teeth and other time biting your lips

Earlier writings, Time to Limit my walking and stay off my feet

My problem Leg and foot became more of a problem as a result of my Mother's Day 10 hour Marathon of visiting and singing "Gentle Woman" to rest home Mothers. I made an appointment to see the VA Podiatrist who examined me at the Palo Alto Hospital and found the dislocated bone in the metatarsal area but that is scheduled for June 16. I am contemplating going to the emergency room at the VA hospital in Palo Alto as the pain has been intense.

I have limited my outside my home activities and have been enjoying exploring creativity at home, Working on a new Commission Painting of Mary, Queen of Peace. The Individual will have a wonderful uplifting Painting of Mary , a 24 by 30 inch painting for $ 2000 dollars taking avail of my current half price sale, as it would normally be $4000. He put $500 down and upon completion will pay the balance on time. I love Painting Mary and offering the work up as a Prayer for specific People who are ill . I am also composing new songs, spiritual video work, writing and finally elevating my legs now and then.

Banned Again May 12, Monday, Surprise call from Montery Police informing me I have been Banned from Community Hospital.

I am not wanted there and will not have acess to any Patients Rooms. My first concern was my Patient friends. As it was unwarrented I wondered if there was something that they did not want me to see. I been having a feeling, one of them may have picked up a serious life endangering MERSA staph infection at the Hospital.

The Hospital may be concerned I would report any new Staph incident like I did when Bill Bates Carmel's beloved cartoonist contracted Mersa Staph and died after minor heart surgery at Chomp. I knew and liked Bill Bates, not just his satirical cartoons. There were other good friends from my rest home visits I knew and cared about who died with MERSA Staph who were also treated at CHOMP before their death. There was always the legitimate unanswered question Where did they acquire it. It is not uncommon or undesirable to release the patient back to the rest home where their passing can have less drama , no code blues and the transition to the other side easier on the family.

My Sunday behavior as a hospital visitor was impeccable, following all the hospital codes of proper visitor behavior. The police call, and having images of me printed and distributed in the hospital as an unwanted person wandering around the hospital bothering patients in their room was denigrating, dishonest and without warrent.

I was MERSA STAPH victim & acquiring staph at Community Hospital that traveled through my system. In 2007 , the year I acquired it Staph had killed more people than aids and there for awhile I thought it may kill me.

In an effort to alieviate the MERSA Staph problem at Community Hospital and other hospitals and health care centers, I have been a strong advocate of the various uses of Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces that have been proven sucessful and saved lives by stemming MERSA Staph.

Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces have been proven to Reduce Infectious Bacteria including MERSA Staph and have saved Lives in Healthcare Environments.

They are being used in many hospitals to stem the spread of Staph infections.

Business Case for the use of Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces to Reduce Infectious Bacteria in Healthcare Environments

Someday the Hospital Board will do what the current hospital administration has failed to do to insure the patients would have the safest Bacteria free enviroment possible.

To do so could protect the lives of the patients who may well be your family members or friends. Intelligent Board members, Doctors, Nurses and Vounteers who want the utmost bacteria free enviroment to insure good result in all operations and medical procedures could form an independent committee to report to and insure positive action and response from the Administration. To not address the problem, to save face will have ascerbate the problem by losing lives.

" Save Face, Lose Lives"

Stay up todate on the latest antibacteria developments and eliminate needless death due to the contamination of Bacteria. They should share the information with other board members and oly then present it to the administration . The life you save could be your own or that of a Love one. Impliment the use of copper alloys in it's various effective approaches in crucial areas like operating rooms, wound care areas and rooms where patients with MERSA Staph Infections. They have proven to be effective in eliminating an overwhelming percentage of the bacteria, saving lives in the process.

I do what I do because I care about people and love my fellow men and women.In the same way I try to save souls before they cross over, I try to save Lives so they don't cross over before their time and I Pay a dear price for speaking the truth by those who allow infections to fester, Not just in Hospitals but also in situations anywhere that tolerate abuse or encourage discrimination.

The health trials and pain was actually a Blessing as I became closer to God. That happens to people when they contemplate their own inevitable end time, death and prepare to cross over to the Kingdom of God's love. I stayed in that Religious state and through meditation, prayer and living the Gospel by reaching out to serve and love my fellow man as Jesus loves you, I grow closer to God each day by patiently easing others back to God when they have drifted away before they cross over to the otherside.

I found it significant that the first call on phone video was from a lady I call my Jewish Mystic Friend who was deemed Terminal 4 years ago who was released from CHOMP to go to a rest home in PG and die.

We would pray together , read the Bible and she survived. She once said that she believed I had something to do with her being alive. I told her God had everthing to do with that. He is keeping you here had everthing to do with that. She was alway helping others and lived to share the word of God.

I was Banned from the rest home in Pacific Grove because of my attention and service to Nora. I sent a casual E mail to a Musician friend in Northern Cal commenting that I guess CHOMP does not want me to uncover any skeletons in their closet.

Did the Skeleton in the Closet E-Mail bring about BAM! BAM! Banned!, A series of events that would make it difficult for me to continue my rest home ministry started Happening! Some of it from My Church and the Legion of Mary group I belonged to...Donations can influence churches.

I never gave much thought to the possibility that a certain number of patients who are in rest homes are there as a result of Problems created during treatmentir becvause of I was banned from the Pacific Grove resthome on Light house, At Delmonte Rest Home on David Ave, I had to have X Rays to continue my ministry there. . The Carmel head of Legion of Mary said our Presidium Our Legion of Mary group could no longer visit the 2 rest homes Skyline Forest Drive ,or Carmel Hills which they have done for years as church Members from St.Angela's were in these rest homes. We were told the rest homes were in the Carmel Presidium District.

Then the pastor of St. Angelas, Father Paul whom I like, whispered discreetly to me while I was receiving communion one morning to see him after mass in the Church Library. When I met him He ask me not to visit the Pacific Grove rest home as I went there too much and they were going to sue the church because of me. I told Father Paul, "Father, My Obedience is to God not to man." and there are people in need there that I feel are in my care and I can not desert them. My strong concern was really for Nora well being. I told Father Paul I would talk to the the owner who was a Mormon and I get along well with Mormons and liked him in spite of the outcome. The owner told me , No one mentioned suing the Church. George you may be the nicest man in the world but you are banned from my rest home!

I continued my resthome ministry as a caring individual in places that our Legion Of Mary Presidium was forbidden to go. I did all the other Legion of Mary requirements and more while our small St. Angeal Presidium was in existance. We were told not to visit rest homes we always visited before by the President of all the Presidiums, who worked out of the Carmel Mission. These Rest homes we were forbidden to visit had Friends and Parishoners of Our Church as Patients.

My Legion of Mary work was not the first time I served those in Rest Homes. I sang and visited people in rest homes over 50 years ago in Conn. I joined the Legion of Mary so they would not shut The St.Angelas Merici Presidium down as they were in dire need of members. My Mother was a member in the Carmel Presidium a member and would go and visit people who were ill with Stella Reichmuth, my neighbor. Stella made arrangements for me to sing free at one of the Legion larger affairs, involving all of all the presidiums held at St. Angelas long before I became a parishoner and Legion of Mary member. Stella was familiar with my devotion to Mary and my trips to Lourdes bringing back Lourdes water to share with the Ill and the positive effects it had on them. She had me sing while playing my some of the many Healing Mary Songs I composed.

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