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Come visit Bleich Studio of Art and Music

Welcome to a preview of my Studio of Art and Music in Pebble Beach. You can send me an E-mail and telephone me when you are here. You will enjoy the pleasant drive through the 17 mile drive on the way to my studio. I will call the gate and inform them you are my guest and will be visiting me. Guest of residents do not pay to get in to visit their friends, I regard most of the people who visited my gallery as friends and hope that you will take the time to visit me in Pebble Beach

My last two commissions were of Maui and I even enjoyed writing a beautiful song, “Maui Memories” for their families.

I miss singing for my friends and visitors to my gallery but enjoyed singing for new visitors and have them jam with George. The neat thing is I can record them at my home. I had old friends over, a delightful family. The Dad was recently inducted into the Rock hall of fame for what he did years ago and Our recording was more for the sheer fun of having the young daughter, her mom and I sing along with the star of the past when He was closer to his daughter's age. It was great fun. Really cool.

The health problems I had are a thing of the past The pain and suffering was a blessing in disguise. You tend to get closer to God when you think you might die. That closeness also promotes healing and love. This is Reflective in My New Works revolving about my philosophy of All Truism Grounded By Christ Two Commands of Love, The Golden Rule and having St. Francis of Assisi as a mentor.

Telephone 831- 372-2717 My friends do come and visit me. It is not necessary to call 831- 372-2717 Come when you are in the area. Come on down even if you can not reach me on the phone. I do have an answering machine on the phone.

For some unknown reason I have been having problems receiving calls and other times being cut off. I don't think it's Ma Bell's fault. I really can't be too concerned who, I will leave that up to God and karma. A number of times I will pick up the phone when it is ringing only to have a busy signal or No one on the line. There are directions that you can print out to visit on my site next button down. Studio Preview www.bleich4art.com
E mail gjbleich@comcast.net

If you come in to town on a whim, give me a call if you are not familiar with area I will meet you at the gate or give you directions via your cell phone.

The photos will be of different areas in my home and studio providing a glimpse my creative areas.

A unique aspect of visiting the studio is to experiencing the depth and variety of my work. How often can you see where art is created. and have a conversation and perhaps a glass of wine or a cup of tea with the artist.

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© February 17, 2008 George J. Bleich