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Truth & openess can bring positive changes but anger those who hide the truth.

St. Francis is my mentor. The words Christ spoke in the New Testament are inscribed in my heart and guide me in fulfilling my life's mission statement of sharing Christ 3 Commands of Love, working & praying for peace & healing in this world I am here to invite everyone in to the Kingdom of God's Love.

Healing Miracles to others & myself are positive affirmations.

I believe God enjoys the new songs of praise I write and sing while painting, offering up both as a prayer for healings. The Art work prayer have been answered at times that miracle have happened when it is God the Father's Holy Will.

You will find photo evidence how 5 years ago, a 75 year old man that had vertigo upon doing any light activity was transformed into a Man with the strength & energy he had at 20 years able to use a 14 pound 2 handed skill saw with one hand doing over 4 hour of ardulous work sawing off over 20 foot pine limbs, when He heard God's words ,

"I am with You!

Thank You God!

If you appreciate quality in Fine Art you will find beautiful local Carmel Scene along with my work started on locations around the world.

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Bleich4art: Website Directory

My Pebble Beach Home was sold at a forclosure Auction and I now reside at a smaller home that I really like and compare to a large Trimaran that I will have some day. 538 Argos Circle , Watsonville My E Mail is still gjbleich@gmail.com Home phone 831-228-1468 Cell Phone 831- 238 -0341 This section is being worked on.

My personal Philosophy of All Truism is behind much of my creative interactions with the world and Mankind I added an L for Love and Altruism becomes all Truism, Love and truth, not an alternative to ruism In 1986 when the Challenger Spaceship Exploded on My Birthday Jan 28, I did a Painting, The Orion Challenger Concept and have been invited to launches & Landings.

The art with words inscribed is in the collection of the Challenger Center in Va. It dealt with never giving up, Pressing on,"The Flame of Courage is the heart beat of Man. The Orion Project that was tabled in 2010, became a realty in 2015. That concept of pressing on and never giving up is a good one for the Receivers of the Honary Scholarships which I was instrumental in becoming a realty.I press on with everything in life I promoted the Honary Scholarship concept for years before it became a reality. My Philosophy of All Truism is refected in my art and songs. It dealt with never giving up, Pressing on,"The Flame of Courage is the heart beat of Man. Make Constellation Orion An Eternal Memorial for Those who Gave their lives In the service of Mankind. My personal Philosophy of All Truism is all about caring that is reflected in my Orion Concept when coupled with All Truism. Love and a quest for objective truth. Neigh sayer the truth slayers who create a political world of half truth and half lies will say there is no such thing as objective truth.

I am continue to pray that Orion will be a symbol of hope and a Memorial to Peace. An ever shining Faithful light in the dark night of the world's Chaos. Idea was to initiate it with large spotlights, light joined by people's Flashlight in people hand focuse on The Orion as it travels above & around the world. I love creating Positive Ideas.I answer the challenge of converting negative energy to positive enegy in circumstances and people. It is the inner chemistry of a creative peacemaker.

Spiritual, Healing, Songs of God' Love & Forgiveness .

A Love Song about Americans for All Americans with out exceptions. "The Beauty of America" Shines Brighter than the Sun, When we come together Out of Many one.

Original Bleich songs Inspired by living here & exploring the world.

,Enjoying Life. Traveling , Surfing , Sailing and Loving, Living a Sailor's Life.

Bleich's Children's Art Lessons that can help Adults Painters Enjoy the process of being creative.

You will meet 3 little unique Angels in Videos having painting lessons and making music. They are the 3 graces, Faith Hope and Charity.The First Young Lady, Mykala, an Altar Girl will represent Faith. The next young Lady, Alyssa is a joyful treasure, an Adopted 4 year Girl old from Quatamala can represent Hope.Last but not least Mariella, an inspiring 8 year old, who exudes love and kindness when she reaches out to help you , she touches the core of your heart. May you enjoy vicariously the joy they discovered at Bleich Studio of Art and Music. May you learn something in the process!

Spiritual, Healing, Songs of God' Love & Forgiveness .

A Love Song about Americans for All Americans with out exceptions. "The Beauty of America" Shines Brighter than the Sun, When we come together Out of Many one.

Original Bleich songs Inspired by living here & exploring the world.

Enjoying Life,Traveling, Surfing, Sailing and Loving, Living a Sailor's Life.

Lone Cypress Section, Paintings,Videos, Poems and songs I created there. 2 prayer Paintings of Lone Cypress were answered with 2 successful double Lung transplant operations.

My recent ones were also answered. I feel it was not my efforts alone as I encouraged others to participate, to pray with me for those in need of healing in a spiritual team effort, Where more than one are gathered in His Name. My Thanks to an Aussie Girl Carly Jay who had a calling to see the tree when she was very ill at 13. She is now 38. She inspired my First prayer paintings of the Lone Cypress. Later I would share that painting with someone with cancer who was told he was too far gone for treatment. 2 years later his wife called me and said Peter was well & doing fine. Enjoy the positive " Can Do " song that a group of talented Young Argentinian girls help me write at the Lone Cypress.

"Return to Heaven's Gate," Artist's poem describes Painting "Return to Heaven's Gate"and Artist Philosophy's.

Poem, "Beyond MoonGate", Thank You God Painting, & Artist's Uplifting Poem of a Bright future with love waiting for you

Fundraiser my six year old Grandaughter, Kaia Bella

Dangerous Epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome had Kaia Bella in 3 near death code blues in Hospitals in 2014.

Because I care for Military Comrades,

for the plight of our Military and families I disseminated a great amount of information in different forms & forums for years to have Honor scholarships for Handicapped Injured Soldiers and their families, and especially for children of those who made the Supreme Sacrifice. It felt good to see the seeds of the Honor scholarship I planted for years, gOING BACK TO 1991 are being harvested by those in need and deserving of the honor.

My MIA Dad Made the Supreme sacrifice when he was still in his thirties

We were a Gold Star family when I was 6, I left school & home at 15 and sailed professionally on Yachts to help support my widowed Mom & 2 Sisters. I have 2 Concerns now. The dark low lifes who are interfering with my sales are making it difficult for me to help my youngest son Jonathan George,24 years of age and my other two older sons Christopher Orion & Harry Eric sons with the problems that they are facing. My Concern is those who are super quick to send our Men & Women into war will cut Veteran's program to invest the money into sending more of our troops abroad into harms way that forign lobbys are clamoring for us to do.If we can not police or own country There is no way we can police the world, nor should we try to do that alone alone. I hope President Trump will bring some positive changes in that area as he said he would do!.

I felt like a spiritual corpseman on the front lines while serving Veteran at the Palo Alto VA Hospital while I was a patient there in a wheelchair for a couple of months.

An ordained chaplain said I was a real chaplain too with my Guitar, Bible,songs and stories I shared with the patients. As a Veteran, age who will be 81 Jan 28 I have met a number of these fine young men and women, amputees & an array of other serious problems that came as result of their military service while having extended treatment my self at a VA Hospital and visits to VA clinics. There is a wonderful caring comradery among veterns and those who serving their country today in times of war.

My Dad was MIA, We were a Gold Star family when I was 6, I left school & home at 15 and sailed professionally to help support my widowed Mom & 2 Sisters. I had an inner sense of satisfaction when the scholarships did become a realty & I played a role in having it Happen.

Poor Man Philanthropist.

In the Past I would contribute One Thousand Dollars as a symbol to help those in need, which was a

That Amount was reduced to a symbolic one dollar. Merchants of Hate & Death Started interfering When I addressed the need for Peace, Love & Understanding, I went from selling $ 138,000 in a Quarter, 3 month to sellinbg less then $ 75000 in 10 years.

Recently When I received a letter to support Disabled Wounded Warrior Veterans, I slipped 2 Dollar in the envelope double my symbol of Support.

I remembered when I got back from Palo Alto VA Hospital in a wheel chair about the time The Seaside VA Clinic closed. I was trying to hitch a ride in my wheel chair to the home of a wife of a deceased veteran who had health problems. The workers, Doctors or what have you, all waved and smiled as they drove by, some in Ptckup trucks but no one picked me up. A caring fellow Veteran with Post Traumatic Syndrome to picked me up With His Wife and Child in a van that looked like they may be living in.

When I thought about them last week I added 23 dollar to my original donation . So it was 5 times the symbol of Christ 5 wounds. I see our Service men & women who are ready to give Life & Limb as people who are following America's the Way of the Cross out of Love for their Country. They need your Support.I am well aware of the problems with the Wounded Warrior organization misuse of Money in past over expenditures, Parties etc. The wounded warriors , our true heroes should not suffer more because of the past indescretions of former head staff members. This has been changed. Check financial reports for 2016 Wounded Warrior then find it in your heart to support Wounded Warriors again.


Those who know me know I am at Peace no matter what happens in my life. I have an inner sense of Joy found Loving God and my fellow men and Women looking forward to how I will be serving God in the Future,and It will evolve about an endless flow of Holy Spirit directed Creativity. Know that it is my desire and inner fire to do His Holy will.

I will always be a creative voice using my diversified gifts from God to promote love, peace & understanding in this world. I am guided by daily random readings of the Bible seeking the words Christ spoke while here on earth found in the Good News in the Red lined editions of the New Testament.I have acalling to do this as God's wtll. I have respect & love for all Races , Colors, creeds & lifestyles. We are here to love one another not to judge.

I have answered God's calling as many others have of being an open minded disciple, sharing God's Love & Forgiveness. My calling is to use the many creative gifts God has given me to stop hate,fear used by those who seek to control you. To have you replace it with apositive mindset of God's Love and forgiveness for all. You will find your self with new God given gifts of patience,love & forgiveness that will bring You, inner peace & Joy.

I am an open minded spiritual person guided by the Words Christ Spoke While here on earth, doing God's Holy Will. I stress Christ 2 Commands of love and His New One, # 3 John 13/34 "Love your neighbor as I have loved you". Words of Jesus.

Words from the pulpit should never espouse fear, hatred, or violence. If it does,you are in the wrong place!

New Painting and 2 Major works from Artist collection, 4 by 5 ft. at $ 38000,

videos featuring Old and New Paintings.

A Superb New Thank You God Prayer Painting of Lone Cypress with many well known Carmel area Landmarks, 30 by 48 inches $14000

Visitor are welcome to visit me in my new smaller residence,

Share a glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream or a cup of tea or coffee. with the artist. I will even sing a song for all of you.

Quick Look inside My former Home and Studio where I joyfully created, Prayed and Played while Painting, did Healing Art, wrote Songs and Prayer to help heal souls & brighten up peoples lives.

Followed by my Fine Art Paintings. The sale prices on the art work are no longer relevent, though you can always talk to me about the prices. I always made it possible to have people enjoy my work with a percentage down and affordable interest free Payments. I have an array of work in my new smaller home but far more in storage at this time that are available for one man shows or exhibitions.

Lone Cypress Section, Paintings,Videos, Poems and songs I created there. 2 prayer Paintings of Lone Cypress were answered with 2 successful double Lung transplant operations.

My recent ones were also answered. I feel it was not my efforts alone as I encouraged others to participate, to pray with me for those in need of healing in a spiritual team effort, Where more than one are gathered in His Name. My Thanks to an Aussie Girl Carly Jay who had a calling to see the tree when she was very ill at 13. She is now 38. She inspired my First prayer paintings of the Lone Cypress. Later I would share that painting with someone with cancer who was told he was too far gone for treatment. 2 years later his wife called me and said Peter was well & doing fine. Enjoy the positive " Can Do " song that a group of talented Young Argentinian girls help me write at the Lone Cypress.

Carmel Gallery Closed. Good Photos of Pebble Beach Studio and Paintings.

Real truth of my personal free Ministry of caring for the aged & infirmed.

It will take you through my wheelchair days visits in VA Hospital, Community Hospital of Montery Pennisula, rest Homes and residences. It will touch upon Miracles. I advocated latest advancements to elimminate MERSA Staph infections through the use of Anti microbial Copper impregnated film.surface

Positive approach to Surviving Cancer by approaching treatemnt positively with belief you will recover if it is God's will. Do Believe and do not fear.

Survive to live life fully after over Cancer and other Illnesses, Meditations and Songs to Help You.

Meditation, Holding Baby Jesus, doing comforting healing deep breathing. Surrounding your self with God's Love, Joy and Peace. This prayer brings surpringly quick results at times.

A Mystical Face appeared in the Inner Tabernacle Wall

the day after a Miracle like change in a Patient, Ruben Baez who prayed with me persistantly with out giving up hope for an extended period of time at my urging, to Put His Trust in Jesus, Heart of Divine Mercy.

Then a series of videos offered up as prayers for specific people focusing Again on Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy. I would compose intercession with Mary, Healing Prayer songs in the process of creating the videos. The prayers were answered with positive results for that time and needs in their life... Their future is in their own hands now to repay God by helping others as God helps those who Continue to do His will.

Photos showing miraculous changes in George's Health, strength and energy

that transformed an old ill 75 year old into a Samson doing the work of a healthy strong man of 30. I did ardulous work using one hand on a two hand 14 lb. skill saw for over 5 hour straight on the top of a step ladder using my free hand to hold on to other tree limbs. It was risky but I am no stranger to taking risks as I strive in accomplishing difficult challenges under stress with out fear.

I cut down, moved thick large limbs of a Monterey Pine up to 25 feet long. The day before any minor exertion would have me faint and dizzy. Thank You God!

Thank you God for Healing My Macro Degeneration and having the hole in the back of my eye disappear without treatment. I can read those little give away Bibles with out glasses and am seeing and painting better then ever at 79!

Call from Montery Police, Banned from Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula. This Ban was recinded when I confronted them. There was no justification for the ban.

The second call on Video was from a Lady who was released to a resthome from CHOMP to die 4 or 5 years ago. She was wondering how I was doing? I was banned from her resthome in Pacific Grove where I would pray with her and share the Bible which she loved. I had Lunch with her at Bennehanas last week, Jan 17, 2016 . Someone is trying to stop my Calling of Serving my Fellow Man Keeping me from sharing Positive Healing Energy, Hope & Trust in God with those in need of it. She said I had something to do with her being alive. I told her God had everthing to do with her being alive She was one of those who received My St. Francis Rose Award for being an angel, helping her fellow man.

No Room at the Inn for Baby Jesus & Mother Mary at the Spanish Bay Heart Association's Fundraiser

Portrayed in a Healing Meditation Painting that could save lives of those in danger of a heart attack or stroke like it did mine when my blood pressure soared to 180 over 160.

The second video was of how I was speedily ejected from the Heart Association's Spanish Bay Fundraiser just before People would see the Auction Items. I was offering a Free Workshop and half of any sales in My Pebble Beach Studio for a period of one month to those who attended The Heart Association's Fundraiser. Those in Charge appreciated the art as did some of the volunteers who knew me.

White Madonna & Child Painting changed to a Black Madonna and Child

when a Golden beam of Sunlight Reflected on the White Madonna & Child Painting

"Queen of Peace & Love" A Beautiful Rosary Madonna Painting, Inspired by my Love of Her Son Jesus and the loving words He spoke while here on Earth, Redlined in the Bible.

Rainbows Rays in my Youtube Video on Medugorje, were not seen on the monitor while recording. There was No Natural or Technical Explanation for the Light Energy and Rays. Youtube at Carmelite Monastery and Point Lobos is special. I have many synchronistic mystical Happenings, some of which you will find in Photos and videos on my Homepage and on youtube.com/gjbleich. I have had a vision of a painting I was to do and did and a few brief eye opener apparitions

I believe God's wants me to share my love for him in all my Creativity, from Music to Art, Videos and Photos as testimonies and Praises that may move Hearts and lead others to Jesus

My Prayers, Meditations, Spiritual Paintings and healing homilies songs have lifted People Hearts up to God. It is a calling I answer with Joy and Love, guided by the Holy Spirit

I call attention to Mary's Messages of Praying for Peace, Love and Conversions to Christianity in her many appearences world wide. .

My Mission is to Share and live by Christ's Commands of Love, by the words He spoke while on Earth. I am answering a calling to do God's Bidding , guided by the Holy Spirit.

Importance of my mentor, St. Francis of Assisi in My Life

My youtube of my Visit to Asissi, Unique 3 White Doves that flew into a tree in my painting while I was turning over stones looking for a creepy crawler or some form of Natural life.other then people while painting.

Youtube, St. Francis of Assisi Rose Award. I gave one to my caring Jewish Mystic Friend, born in Egypt who was terminally ill and suppose to die 5 years ago when we first met and shared reading the Bible together. She told me she thought I had something to do with her being alive. I told her God had everything to do with that,You are serving Him in a wonderful way and He wants you to continue.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

unique experiences in the Sanctuary involving the Tabernacle, Monstrance

Images of a Mystical Nature that can not be denied

with the Sacred Host, the Body of Christ within. Candles on the altar that inform me of when the Ill need my special attention and Prayers, other time when they will be crossing over to the Kingdom of God.

I have a wonderful closeness and a strong love for God the Father , His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who is behind what I do! He inspires my prayers and songs offered up as prayers. I have been involved in Healings as a facilitator, With the primary interest in Healing The Soul first and having God heal the body when it is His Holy will.

My macular degeneration disappeared along with a hole in the back of my eye, which the doctor said never happens,at 81 I am seeing and painting better then ever. I feel it has to do with the spiritual paintings I am doing and will do in the future with inscriptions that are visual homilies like my songs are singing ones. My Focus is being drawn to the loving words that Christ spoke while here on earth, His 3 Commands of Love including the new Command John 13/34. To be a peacemaker for all the Children of God of different faiths, especially in the strife between the Children of Abraham.

I have observed with sorrow what may reflects God the Father's wrath on those who would harm those who are servants of God, answering His Call, doing God's will. You will find warning of that through out the psalms. When you see it happen time & time again,It gives fear of God new meaning... And a sense of security tha come from God's Love & protection.

Peace reflections Pope Francis with the Children of Abraham, in a prayer for peace Video 3 Prominent Children of Abraham Pray in Vatican Garden for Peace, Peace Message for Religions and Humanity, Reflection on St. Pope John Pauls World Peace Day in Assisi

Four new Videos one of a New Madonna Queen of Peace Painting, Lone Cypress Healing Paintings, One video describing A Mystical Experience of Sublime Joy, The Eyes of Mary,

That unique Joyfilled experience with a devout woman, dying of Cancer, Dolores Edith Garbizo inspired the Painting, Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and song, "Eyes of Mary". When my White, Mother Mary, Queen of Peace Painting transformed into a Black Madonna it was an affirmation of my calling to be a Peace Maker in this troubled world. 2 Superb New Seascape Paintings, Among my Very Best! I am Painting better then ever at 80, Thanks to my Macular Degeneration being healed. My Doctor was amazed and said that never happens but he may not be familiar with the Power of Prayer, when it is God's will!

May you subscribe to Vatican Youtube channel Romereports.com,

it features Pope Francis's Homilies and the actions of a Pope selected & by The Holy Spirit to revitalize the Catholic Faith and sow the seeds of God's love and Peace in the hearts of all women & men in the world. you will find my never ending Creative efforts, my Art, Music, Songs, New Caring God inspired Healing Prayers and writings to work for a peaceful world without hate, violence or discrimination. St. Francis of Assissi is my mentor. My Life's Mission statement is to share Christ Commands of Love + Jesus's New Command, John13/34.

Sychronicity! Unique Shadow of a Cross appeared on Susie's Successful Prayer Painting of Lone Cypress for Double Lung Transplant as was Carly's Prayer Painting.

Reflecting on Spirituality, Unique Visuals and Synchronistic Experiences we all have at times. Some of my affirmations I have photographic or video Proof of...

A Meditation Prayer of Deep Peace, Healing and Strengthening Faith set to my Music, " Light of God's Love," I play and pray it constantly, especially for others in need

Experiences At St. Angelas, visions & apparitions.

Visions are inward Images that one can see with eyes shut. You can hear silent words.

Apparitions were WOW!

Short and surprising wide open eyes open wider in surprise.

The disappearing Nun with the voice of an angel

A woman's very beautiful subtle young voice joined us in prayer during the Rosary.a quick side glance suggested a Nun who disappeared when I turned more to see her...

The Gentle Touch of Jesus's hand on my shoulder

The gentle but firm Touch of a hand on your shoulder while praying, you turn and there is no one there but you are filled with overflowing inner peace and comfort. I am fullfilling my life's Mission to Share, and Live by Christ's Commands of Love and His New Command, Loving My Fellow Man as Jesus Loved them.

The Brief appearence of a Franciscan Brother Saying, "I will help you "

My Love of Mother Mary & the Rosary inspires me. The visual affirmations recorded reveal thing to me directing my energy and activities. I sense the Holy Spirit's will and endeavor to do His bidding.

Gift of A Peace Prayer Painting and Peace Concepts to the United Nations.

"Commission Prices

Can be used for Insurance Purposes

Observing and reporting behind the scene spiritual & liturgical Life at PG's St.Angelas

Memorial Video for Joe Aliotti. St.Angela' Usher

Father Seamus The Pastor's actions raised questions for parish members.

Veteran Day Nov. 11, 2016 as a Tribute to Veterans I will bring you back years to 2004 when 11 soldiers lost their lives in the Mid East on Veterans Day Nov 11, 2004

to a Carmel Memorial Soldiers Garden I created and tended to with Love for Many Years even though in extreme pain. Photos of Solitary Poppy that opened Veterans day 2004, & poem Flanders field

Tribute to all Men & Women who made the Supreme Sacrifice, in the Service of their Beloved Country , America.as my MIA Father, Captain Harry Bleich did. Two Veteran Day Tribute Songs, When our Navy Goes Sailing On & When Our Soldiers come marching Home again .

2007 My last Year in my Carmel Gallery & my involvement and caring for troops & Military Families, raising questions of what was behind the scenes in the Mid-East wars. Abuse in the Churches and Deadly Infection in Hospitals are among the reasons Why I finally Lost my Home,Having been decimated financially and had my life interfered with. My relationship with God has been my soul and life saver.

I have found myself involved in areas of the world especially in America writing honestly about events, trying to present alternatives to be weighed, Like trying to be a Peacemaker after 9/11 2001 . To address and stop terrorism but do it with out Blind Hatred for all Muslims, They were also represented in the wide array of Cultures and Religions who were victims..My Ideas which were contray to those behind the scenes who wanted control over all of the Mid-East. Especially the Oil.

CIA's mean Machine

I took on the former director of the CIA George Bush Senior and his prodigal son, George Bush Jr. I like the dad George Bush senior with his "Thousand Points of Light", He was a good man but out of touch with the financial needs of his fellow American. The value of the oil company he owned was going up as while the rest of the economy was in a perilous downward spiral heading South. I wrote a satirical Humerous Election Campaign Story about George Bush Senior, " The Bartender Guide to the Economy. Sent it to Jay Leno Company Red Dog. They sent me a contract which I signed and they used a large portion on the Jay Leno show, Line for line but never paid me one dam dime, His writers did add a brief funny punch line. The Leno skit that I wrote was featured on another TV channel as outstanding example of Political Humor. I use to like Jay Leno but now I think of him as a humor predator, Lantern Jaw, the rip off man. I would really enjoy writing for Stephen Courbert with some of my off the wall Catholic Humorous situations. I came up with a good Idea to help Improve the Economy whgich I shared in Give away brochures and writing about it on my Home page and in paid editorial.in What two 2 letter words can change the economy for the better, and create more healthy economy.The word were "Do IT " as in spend some money It did improve the economy of Nike when one of their Ad Firm saw it and used it in a Nike Ad. It would nice if they sent me some running shoes so I could improve my time running down the church isle to receive Communion when I am late.

I did roast George Bush Jr and the CIA To a point beyond well done, Burnt to a crisp when They closed the CIA Bin Laden office after Bin Laden escaped from the cave they had him trapped in shortly after 9/11/2001.

I wrote a song that could of had me Killed by one of Bin Laden followers, "Where O Where can Bin Laden Be",To escape aerial Surveillance as he was very tall and easy to spot by a spy SatAilite ,He had his legs cut off at knee Joints,Put roller skates on them, also on his balls, Hard as hell going through the Mountains but worked great on marble floors.

George Bush Jr. was a gift to comic writers I wrote some satirical songs and Paintings about the Bush Jr. AdministrationComplete with a painting Plunger Head Cheney who was portrayed as the mean leader pulling the puppets strings. Some were amusing as they were meant to be.

Others Powerfully poignant, like Mr.President when ,you can't sleep do you count soldiers instead of sheep. Can't you hear their Children crying? Cant you hear the dog tags clanging? Daddy wont be home to help them, say their Bedtime Pra yers. Daddy wont be home to kiss and tuck them in. When the lyrics were printed up in a paper in London I started getting harrassed. The city of Carmel whose Mayor Sue Mc Cloud is a former Member of the CIA removed a large stone with Pray for Our Soldiers in the Mid-East that I would change the number of those who died when our fighting men & women Made the Supreme Sacifice. I Put an American Flag with a score Board where the Memorial Stone was Saying Support Gold Star Families. The Flag and Score Board are both now Hanging in Front of Home that has just been auctioned off

The City of C armel created a Pond in front of my Gallery By raising thelevel of the side walk at either end. I reacted by putting a photo of the pond on a CD of my Peace songs with Captions, The city Carmel to beautify the area created a pond in front of my Gallery.Thank You former CIA Member Sue Mc Cloud. I prefer the Dirty Harry Days when Clint Easwood was Mayor... Boat Rental ...Caution No Lifeguard on Duty. My sense of humor does get me in hot water at times.

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