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Veterans Day Nov,11,2016 I am taking you back 12 Years to Nov.11, 2004, THat Veterans Day became a Memorial Day too when 11 soldiers died that day in 2004.

Carmel’s Memorial Garden salutes our Veterans of past wars and our Troops in harms way. I tended that Garden until I closed my Gallery in Carmel in 2007 because of Health Problems created in Post operativr Care, that are continuing in 2015. I see the continuing Problem in the Mid -East in a similar light. .

The Carmel Memorial Prayer Garden that once abounded with Poppies and an array of flowers is now transcending in spirit and soul. The souls of our soldiers rise like smoke from the battle field leaving their families behind.

The Prayer stone was removed by the City. Here today gone tomorrow, like too many of our brave soldiers. The day before it was 1144. 1146 were reported by 2 in the morning. That number will climb with the rising sun. Veteran Day is Memorial Day to those who lose love ones. By 10 AM the numbers climbed, painfully reaching 1149. By 10 in the evening it was 1155 that died. Veterans Day is Memorial Day for dads and moms and children, for widows left behind. Nov.11th 2004, the day Veteran day became Memorial Day, 11 American Soldiers died in Iraq.

I replaced the Prayer Stone with an American flag and prayer board that requested we pray for our Soldiers in the Mid-East who made the Supreme sacrifice. That we support our Veterans and Families of Disabled Veterans.

Having lost my own father, MIA in World War Two I know and feel deeply their families pain.It is like Chinese water torture except it is not water but the blood of young and old soldiers, One drop of life at a time.

The tree that once supported Nasturtiums climbing to new heights is now just a stump. It was cut down by the city as time and war with the elements have taken their toll. It is like a missing friend, a reminder of Soldiers who lost their lives and other veterans who lost their limbs in battle.

The remaining tree is ill as pine beetles ravage it. You can see the sign on its bleeding bark. It too is dying. It is not unlike our Veterans who bear the cursed effects of Agent Orange and Gulf War syndrome. There are problems arising for our Veterans who served in Iraq in the past and some soldiers on duty there now. They are alive but their dreams and health are withering. The dreams of returning to America and starting a family seem dangerous for some. Goodbye to the dreams of healthy Children. So many of their newborns have had birth defects as a result of exposure to the elements of war, Chemicals, Depleted uranium shells and other unknown toxins that will forever affect their future. The rising tide of violence committed by soldiers against their own families has raised questions of concern of why…

Salute our heroes, our men and women in the Armed Forces. We must do more than wave flags or place wreaths on graves. Support them and the offspring of those who gave their lives and others who have become disabled by war. Support them financially and in any real way you can. There were cities in America that started hero scholarship funds for the children of Our American Heroes who gave their lives and limbs and health serving our Nation, during the 1991 war. Why not provide the leadership to start a fund or foundation for that purpose in your own home town or city! Look up Veterans on internet and be supportive of our Veteran’s well-being. Don’t let them or their dependents stand alone they have made sacrifices. It is time that we do too!

Pray for them please. I pray for those in pain who have experienced loss by painting new tears flowing down the face of Christ. Christ being all knowing shares their pain. Some day in the future we must all know we are all God’s Children. I started this never ending painting while writing the song "Man in Black". It was a Peace song dealing with Israel and Palestine, when Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem was under siege around Christmas time. My resolution for the New Years was to be a creative voice for Peace. I focused on the strife between Israel and Palestine. This was before the Iraq war was started. I wrote 2 other songs, Children of Abraham and Curse of Cain. It is far better to pray and work for peace than to rush to war. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Thou shall not Kill.

There is an out of Season Poppy in the garden waiting in cool tears of rain to bloom. I was caring for it and watching it grow, wondering when it would bloom. If you pass by the garden and find the poppy has defied the cold and opened for you, search for the poem "In Flanders Field" by Lt. Col, John McCrae…

“We are the Dead. Short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved, and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. “

"Poppy has bloomed, we are now at 1232 casualties"

On Nov. 11th, 2004, Veteran day became Memorial Day when 11 American Soldiers gave their lives in Iraq. We lost 50 soldiers in the last 5 days. Start a legacy of Honor scholarship fund for the children of deceased soldiers and those handicapped and unable to fulfill the dreams of their children‘s education. Insure first class scholarships for our disable veterans, if everyone in a city gave a little it could be done. They gave so much! A fraction of what was spent slinging mud during the last political campaign would have been far better spent fulfilling a hero’s dream.

Salute them with sincerity. It’s your tour of duty now your turn for sacrifice. Don’t let them stand alone… God Bless America!

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A Memorial song for our Veterans “ America goes marching On.”

The last letter home my Dad wrote from a nice snug harbor 16 days before his ship was torpedoed and he was Missing In Action in the stormy North Atlantic.

Saturday , Nov. 28,1942
St. John’s New Foundland

My Dearest Wife and Children

.......I an happy that I an able to drop a few lines so soon, , every thing is fine and dandy and being in a Country where we can eat a lot of cod fish and more fish.

.......Well Dearest I sure had a rough passage for my first time in three years to sea, the worst I have ever seen in my 18 years of sea experience, and when I say the seas like mountains that what they were . So now I am the happiest man to be laying to in a nice snug harbor.

.......Gee kids talk about cold weather ,we had a lot of that up til now, and it was plenty tough on me after just coming back from Panama, honest and truly if I had my way to do this over again I’d rather be Captain on a tug in Balboa, than what I am doing now.

.......As you know me honey, now that I have a duty to fulfill, and after this storm we went through well I have the best ship afloat, I only wish we had a lot more of them, so we could knock the jerrys right dam out of existence. and believe me with the spirit of these boys I am with that what counts, a question of time they will be hanging on to the last straw and what a rush that will be when that day comes.

.......Well Honey, I trust Martha and George and Helen are all well and you and all at home and Father Kelly Do tell him that lucky charm piece , ( Miraculous Mary Medal) I am still wearing it on me and believe me it is a lucky charm too.

.......I am sorry as I can’t go into details as in regard to my voyage, all I can ask of you is to not worry and forever have faith, All will be well as I am sure as to what I am doing now, being chief mate as I’m sure you would want me to do my duty love to my Country as so many are doing right along.

.......So my love lets hope that I will be as lucky as I am now so I can write another letter to you upon my next arrival. I am sorry that You can’t write to me. That ‘s the hardest part of being separated

.......Well that all for the time being for awhile, hoping this letter finds you in the best of health and the children and my love to you all, and Mother and Anne, my Best to Father Kelly, Ben and Mary and Carmen and the rest.,

.......P.S. I hope you let my mother know you heard from me and Joe too, I’ll write to them ! just in case if their letters go astray.

.......Love Harry

My Father came over from Austria and became an American citizen when He was 12. He left home in a New York City and went to sea out of New Orleans at 15 years of age. He worked his way up the hard way to become a ship Master or Captain .

My Dad who had Ship Master papers for any tonnage any ocean, took a lesser position , to relieve a friend Harry Coleman to be with his wife was gave birth to twins in New Orleans. Dad was waiting for command of his own ship but was also anxious to get into the fray and do his duty.

His Ship the James Mc Cabe was torpedoed December 13, 1942, by a German U Boat off of Iceland. He was Missing In Action. He received his Navy officers Commission posthumously.

My Mother Helen is in the center of the following Picture. She used to work in the textile mill handling heavy weaving looms in Philadelphia. She was under aged and when the inspectors came around they would hide mom. She went to sea as a stewardess on the Grace Line's Santa Barbara and met and fell in love with dad who was a ship officer on the Santa Barbara. She did for ever have faith that my dad asked her to have in his letter and always hoped he would return. She never remarried. Fidelity is a trait in the Bleich family. Later I took care of Mom as primary Caregiver until she passed away at 99. She was a saint in her own way with a dash of a sailors salty language on rare occasions. I take after both of them. My dad's courage and zest for adventure through out the world and my mom's spirituality with a little salty sailor talk thrown in for good measure. Let's not forget hard work!

The top two in the montage is me on the left top in Cuba before the revolution and Dad on the right top on a Ship the Nora King,in Peru. We are both around 20 years old at the time. The bottom two is dad.

I went to sea like my Dad did at the age of 15. If you look at my Dad's medal below You find a laurel under the Torch. I think of the laurel as peace earned through sacrifice. We are in dire need of peace right here in America. This divisiveness, discriminations and hate must come to an end,. Think of my song Johnny . , The torch of Freedom from Young John's hand is handed down to every man that we 'all be free when Johnny goes sailing on! I am talking about every Dam Man and Women and Child in America and I say that Dam for Emphasis with Affection and Love!

My Dad, Captain Harry Bleich and JFK were strong influences and sources of courage and inspiration through out my life. Be a hero of one in your decisions. Follow through with courage! It is important for me to do my part now as has always been. Like my Dad I want to do something for my Country now!

Honary Scholarships for the Children of Deceased Soldiers became a Reality

I worked on and shared the concept for years of Honary scholarships for the children of deceased soldiers who joined the Armed services to acquire an education but death cheated them out of it. It did become a reality.

When Mc Cain the Politician I use to admire tried to change the concept so it would be a reward only for those who re-enlisted it raised my ire. You are more apt to be killed on your first tour of duty when you are inexperienced. I believe that they are considering eliminating the program to cut costs. I am aware of the excellent public programs to help Veterans and their families which I supported financially when I was able to and circulated information about them through my Gallery and Homepage before I closed my gallery as a result of Medical and Financial Problem that go hand in hand.

I am still paying a financial price for being out spoken as a Peace and Anti Discrimination advocate being influenced by my love of St. Francis of Assis and Jesus Commands of Love and His New Command of Loving Your fellow man as I ( Jesus ) loves you. My off the wall humor and satire comes into play naturally is a Blessing and a Curse. It is a blessing for those who have their spirits lifted and curses head my way from those with narrow and oppose to change minds.

America and the world will be a safer and kinder place by keeping the misleading angst of politics out of Churches. That hope is a result of the influence of St. Francis's Peace Prayer. That led to discovering and living by Christ's Two Commands of Love and a better understanding of the Golden Rule and an effort to have more attention paid to both of them. All Truism Concept on home page reflects that effort. I am Open Minded Independent Thinker, very much involved in spirituality, hence my creative efforts to be a peace maker among the Children of Abraham. and adversed to the negativity and dishonesty of contemporary politics and evaluate the actions of others using Christ's Commands of Love , the Golden Rule.

I still have the desire to own another beat up old sailboat of my own to wander around Tropic Islands before check out time. May it be a little larger boat than My 34' Dutch Van Dam Yawl The PipeDream That I owned and skippered for 7 or 8 years.


If I go sailing in the future it will be where the water is warm and clear blue green and hopefully some dolphin and flying fish abound under sunny skies, perhaps with my sons.

The following song arranged on the Oct. 12, 2008 anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole is dedicated to The My Dad, JFK, The 17 sailors who were killed in the attack on the USS Cole .

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"Our Navy goes sailing on. "

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"Beauty of America"

"Beauty of America". Memorial Day Tribute.

This song is a timely song for America and all Americans.

I love this song and the positive aspects of America that it portrays. “ When we come together out of many one, the beauty of America shines brighter than the sun. Hearts filled with love, Together side by side.

America needs vibrant young and old professional American singers to project this positive message of Faith in America, Hope for yours and America's future and and Caring Love for all Americans in these troubled times. I am a philosophic song writer not a performer.

We came from every Country, from all around the world.

We all stand tall with love and pride when Old Glory is unfurled

With Hearts filled with love, together side by side.

When we come together, out of many one

The beauty of America, shines brighter than the sun

With heart filled with love, together side by side.

The last two words in American is I can,

We can change America, for the better, for every man

All the colors of the rainbow, The fabric and the strands

Woven by the hand of God, into the dreams of this great land

With Hearts filled with love, together side by side.

Standing tall with love and pride for the Red White and Blue

For traditions of diversity, Proven tried and true

All political persuasion, life styles religions too,

Including those who don't believe

They are All Red White and Blue

When we come together, out of many one

The beauty of America, shines brighter than the sun

With heart filled with love , together side by side.

Growing pains and sacrifice, line our Country's face

There are those who gave their lives and those who gave us grace.

Brave men who speak the truth, to safe guard liberty

Men who shared their dreams, that all men should be free

When we come together, out of many one

The beauty of America, shines brighter than the sun

With heart filled with love , together side by side.

United we stand Out of the many one, Out of the many one.

Young and old Americans must come together to insure the beauty of America shines brighter then the sun!

You are welcome to perform and arrange the above songs to share it's positive messages. My own voice is like the Monterey fog , sometimes it's in and other times it is out. Share your talents as a gift. The joy is in the journey and the journey is for sharing. Do it as a tribute to those who gave their Lives to Make America great .

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