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Prayer to start off this Hold Baby Jesus meditation and one to consider doing imediatelyafter receiving Holy Communion

Come into my heart O Lord, Make my heart Your home

May your Sacred Healing Blood ,mingle with my Own.

With every beat of my heart may your Holy Blood flow

Flow to every part of me, healing as it goes

Abide in me, O Lord and May I abide in Thee, with the Father Son and Holy Spirit, The Blessed Trinity.

Breathe in Jesus exhale Peace, Breathe in Jesus exhale love, Breathe in Jesus exhale Joy, Breathe in Jesus exhale, Heal me Lord if it be Thy Holy Will..

What you are doing is creating a positive healing protective space around you. The basic idea is to rid yourself of any thing in your mind that is negative then fill your space with healing positives you can relate to, and you will be replacing all the negatives space around you Gone is what caused you pain.

You will experience new joy of total immersion from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. God's healing Love is coursing through your entire body with the visualization of your lungs being filled with a new fresh breeze of healing, that your beating heart is pumping Jesus's Sacred Healing Blood to every part of you. Heal me Lord if it be thy will, May good Lord Help me live longer so that I can serve you and my fellow man in the way you direct me.

A friend of Mine In The Choir almost passed out and I did this exercise with him Breathing deeply with him Breathe in Jesus, exhale peace we did it a couple of time and he felt better we discussed variations of idea, that could be used..idea which he liked.

I had an optical migraine attack, also in the choir. They can be a bear to get rid of requiring asperins and lying down.This exercise ended it in less than a minute.

This is one meditation that I found the most joy in doing. You visualize holding Baby Jesus tenderly in your arms..

An Inspiring Video of the Beauty of the Carmelite Monastery and Whalers cove At Point Lobos. where this meditaion was said at both places and the surprising positive effect it had.when I was doing reference photos for a special Prayer Painting in Progress "Dawn"

How a Man holds a Baby You can cross your heart with your arms. You could do that anywhere with out any one having a clue of what you are doing a spiritual exercise.

I want you to travel back in time to when you held your new born child in your arms and feel the small warm body close to your heart and looking down with love and awe at them when they finally emerge from the womb.

My Son Chris , His wife, Marina Holding Kaia Bella. Parents holding babies really showed appreciation of this meditation.

It easy for a Mom to grasp this idea of holding Baby Jesus though Dads are good at this too. Picture Mother Mary handing you Baby Jesus to hold for awhile. feel the warmth of His small Body, Picture Baby Jesus looking up at you with love in his eyes for you and you returning that peaceful loving feeling.The meditation is on the joy and peace and pure love Baby Jesus brings and the pure love that begins to well up in your heart for Baby Jesus. you can breathe in Jesus as your bring your hands up to your heart, Thinking, I love you Jesus, while breathing in ,Thank you for loving me, while exhaling, Thank You for loving me, while exhaling. You can make up your own words while doing this it could be, Heal me Baby Jesus by your holy name. There are endless possibilities.

I always look for the best in people I interact with. One the special rewards found in being a care giver, support person and driver you will discover the beautiful sides of people that few people are ever priviledged to see, to feel their feeling of joy and pain. They will share their visions with you when they know You believe them.

When my friend shared a vision she had of Mary letting her holding Baby JESUS, I believed her and knew it to be special. Knowing that she suggested I visualize Holding Baby Jesus. which I did and found joy and peace in doing it and have been sharing that with others ever since. via Youtube videos ,personal contact, wrintings, rest on visits to rest homes. Friday Dec.16th after Mass, Adoration and the rosary I spent 5 hours at 3 different home with the young and old infirmed, sharing the idea of Holding Baby Jesus in your arms and breathing in the air he exhales. that is filled with Joy, Love and Peace. We would do it together and their response to Holding Baby Jesus was wonderful to see and feel. I found it rewarding and special to me when one of the patient started singing Joy to the world as my friend who inspired the Meditation did whenI added the Deep breathing to her vision of holding Baby Jesus. She was wimpering in intense pain and I assisted her in doing a Breathing in Jesus Meditation, to help end her pain, which it did. We said the rosary and then she started singing Joy to the world and I joined her. This was when I was caring for her in my home. Unfortunately a judgemental Eucharistic Minister from one of the churches of my Denomination church told her it was a sin to be in a house with me. (a man). So she moved out. A church man who helped move her things out informed me she has ceased Radiation treatment and did not start Chemotherapy. I was her supportman in that area. It was her time to prepare to cross over to the Kingdom of God's Love. The Fourth section of my Long Healing Prayer was for the intercession of the Holy Family to bring family together was written that Sandy's Husband would return as he had left her. It was answered, He was at her side when Sandy died and the family was as one caring and loving family.

Her need and her love of God and our conversations on a Spiritual Level inspired me to be more compassionate and spiritually alive creatively in caring for the Ill, the infirmed and aged patients I work with. important. Positive innovative ideas I created on cancer treatment was a result of caring for her, taking her to treatments etc.

A beautiful gift she gave me was the idea of sharing God's Blessings which she did in her own special healing way. I was moved by her getting off the sofa she was reclining on and blessing my right leg as I was in obvious pain when I went to kneel down to say the Rosary with her. Then she stayed kneeling while we prayed the rosary together.

Now when I am visiting the Ill and sometimes patients who will soon be lifted up on Angels wings to the Kingdom of His Love, I will make the sign of the cross on their forehead and have them do that to me and others in the room and do it to each other, May God Bless aand bring you Peace and Joy. We all felt God's Presence in Michael's heart and our own hearts and help uplift each other's heart to the God of Love, Forgiveness and Joy. The sorrow of the passing over to come became mingled with Joy Knowing that Monsignor Michael would soon be in Heaven.

I was aware of His Passing before it happened and traveled up to Watsonville to be with him before he left.

Thank You Sandy for sharing your love of Jesus wih me and inspiring this meditation Exercise by sharing Your vision of Mary allowing you to hold Baby Jesus. I know that Jesus is now holding you in His Sacred Arms in the Kingdom of God's Love.

Share this Meditation of Holding Baby Jesus,

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©Jan 10, 2012 George J. Bleich