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Monday The day after Mothers day 2014, I received a surprise telephones call from Montery Police informing me I was Banned from the Hospital and would have no access to Patients rooms.

On the day before Sunday Mothers Day last year, I visit 3 close friends at the Community Hospital of of Montery Pennisula and another an aunt of a neat couple who were going on their honey moon and discussed with me visiting their aunt while they were traveling. The Ban was an uncalled for & unjust ban which was recinded when I confronted them with the truth of my activities that day. I have been critcal for good reason of the Mersa Staph Problem at the Hospital. I dam near died with it when I was infected with it at their wound Care center and my Friend Bill Bates Carmel's beloved cartoonist did die after minor heart surgery with Mersa Staph.

I did research to stem or stop the tides of this killing infection and make going to hospitalsfor treatment safer for all. I found found other hospitals & rest homes have been using antimicrobial copper coated film with excellent results Stemming Mersa.

When I was infected with Mersa Staph I put a photo of a crodile with an arm sticking out from the side of his jaw on a sign I am having a CHOMPED again art sale in my Carmel Gallery window on Dolores St.

Banned by Police from Community Hospital Of Monterey Pennisula. Who was behind the Unjustifyable Ban which also involved Posting my photo on the wall like a common wanted criminal. They should have been sued for Defamation of Character as their reasons for the ban were false and with out merit.

Tom the first Patient I visited did have Mersa Staph among other problems. I brought his sister Ellen in a wheel chair from a rest home to visit her Brother Tom and He and I became good friends.

Ora Lee Garcia, Another I visited is a devout Catholic who was President of our Legion of Mary Presidium. She & I were often a team visiting patients in their residences , in rest homes and at Community Hospital, praying and singing with Patients. I would often bring my spiritual paintings that they could relate to, sometime leaving them in their room for spiritual comfort and healing. I had my guitar & patients loved my spiritul version of You are My Sunshine. Ora Lee was Happy to see me. She said sincerely God has blessed me with a special gift of Touching people with God's Comforting Forgivnes & Love She has witnessed my calling and I hers to do the same. We were a good team.There are many ladies & men in the Legion of Mary who emanate God's Love and forgiveness. Some are living saints.

THe 4 candle on the altar during Adoration reveal things to me. They told me wen her husband Sam, was crossing over to the other side and she was by his side. I went to Community Hospital to see them ,but they were not there. They were in the VA Hospital in Palo Alto and Mahalo Sam was soon to be knocking at Heaven's gate door. He passed away with Ora Lee by his sided

Sunday, Mothers Day, day before the Ban,I went direct from singing in the choir at church at the 10 Oclock Mass to The Hospital and 3 rest homes sharing a new Mother Mary Commission Painting called Gentle Woman before shipping it. I sang one of my favorite Mary hymns "Gentle Woman", Quiet Light, Morning Star so Strong and Bright, to more moms and families then I ever sang to before, for over 10 Hours. It was a very long day and a lot of walking for some one with a problem leg That would be operated on in a couple of month. sharing with Love and joy for all Moms, God's Mother Mary, it was close to ten when I returned home. I had shared my " Living Water" Painting with Tom to keep in his Hospital room for over a week. I was happy when he survived .The excellent care he received was complimented b .y the Prayer of his loving family & many friends whom I was one of. I left the " Living Water Painting in Amber Rose's room as she was terminal on Mother's Day. When I was banned it became a problem getting my painting back.

h2>Earlier Visit with one of my 3 close friend Amber Rose who was one of the 4 ,I visited On Mother Day. Amber enjoyed playing Air Guitar amd singing along with me. for the fundraiser

What Happened at the Heart Association fundraiser At Spanish Bay was an effort to further hinder both my work with the ill, My Holistioc art work shops which I was going to give one of away and the sale of my art Work as I offered to give 10 Percent of any sales made at my studio for one month to the Heart Association if the sales was a result of sharing my art at the fundraiser. Spanish Bay Red Cross Fundraiser

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