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Children Art Instructions for 3 very unique young Ladies, Videos of them, Painting with George J.Bleich ,

Master Painter of Natural Light, God's Light.

Videos filmed at Bleich Studio of Art & Music, in Pebble Beach Ca.

Mykayla Playing For Jesus.wmv

Mykayla , a seven year old had a fun day at Bleich Studio of Art and Music, Painting Lesson , learning about Primary colors Red Yellow & Blue and how to use secondary colors Orange, Violet & Green with them. I had her spray her canvas with water to have the colors flow freely and tilted the canvas to control directional flow and also the dynamics of expressive brushstroke painting. She executed every instruction perfectly and it was a great lesson that could have helped others understand color more completely.

She has a natural gift and potential to excel as an artist and an inner love of exploring music. The first time She played the Keyboard she showed sensitivity and inner joy of explorative discovery. Later she played the tambourine, while I played guitar and sang my Sparrow song. .

I asked Mykayla what was on her Mind when she was playing the Keyboard. She pointed to the Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and said, Playing For Jesus. That was a perfect answer as that is what happens in my studio naturally. I shared her happiness.

This section on the 3 art lessons came about as a result of meeting Mykayla at Church Monday May 09/2014 after Communion service and leading the rosary after the 8 AM service. She was drawing eyes from her Disney Movie DVD while Her Grand Mother, my friend Irene was working on prepareing Candle etc for the church. I had just completed Two Paintings that had emphasis on the eyes. One of Mary and one of Jesus. I asked how much longer they would be there to see if I had time to go and get the painting to show Mykayla. Irene said they would be leaving in 10 minutes but would be back tomorrow so I could share them with her grandaugter then.

I brought the 2 Paintings in on Tuesday and give her instructions on the fine point of painting eyes using my work as examples. I asked her if she ever saw the video of her at my home and she did not but did have a note so I promised her I would put it up on my homepage so she could find it easier. It was unfortunate that we did not have the video of her lesson as I was more into teaching her color theory that she really grasped. As I would quiz her afterward when we would meet in Church. She can learn by watching the other youngster on the other videos.

I have done volunteer teaching in the schools for year. I have been paid to give workshops attended by professional artists and demonstration lectures for Art Groups and Associations .

2 Paintings I shared with Mykayla. One a sold commisssion Mary, Gentle Woman, Queen of Peace and Love 24 by30 that cost $2000 half of the regular price that they re buying on time payments. The other is Jesus, The Greatest Kahuna (Now with Blue Eyes) 20 by 24 that is available for $1400 , half of Regular price of $2800.

I have been far more involved withg my spiritual work than selling art, I missed my last mortgage Payment so I am 4 behind. My right Leg has been a major pain problems this past month while working on the paintings.

Monday June 2nd. 2014, I went to the VA Emergency Room, at the Palo Alto VA Hospital as advised by their podiatry ward as I do have an appointment June 16 but they have no openings before then. Some VA Doctors emergency room approach is addictive pain pills that can kill other people if you drive DUI while taken them. ve seen one veterans say when called I have my drugs, I don't need to see a doctor now. On June 2 nd I told the Emergency room Doctor that I was not interested in masking the problem by addictive pain pills The emergency doctor told me I did not have a dislocated bone even though an earllier Xray showed dislocation. back at my scheduled appointment June 16 th 2014.

Alyssa , A 4 year old child's painting lesson.for adults.wmv

Alyssa made me aware of how rewarding adopting a child could be. Wow what a joy Alyssa is.

I am sure her Single Mother has played a large role in her development with her caring love. Alyssa has an amazing amount of potential. She is a natural artist across the board.

We all had a great time. Susan: her Mom, JoAnne and their friend Valerie. But Most of all Alyssa did and we all shared in her joy and discovery.

/Then just before they left I sang one of my Favorite Spirituals, " I wish I were a sparrow " For my guests. Alyssa started dancing as I played my Guitar. She moved her arms up and down like the beating of a sparrow's wings moving gracefully around in a modern dance mode but in a mature manner acting out the song even prostrating her self on the floor at one point when the line described Christ on the ground being nailed to the cross. Doing it all on her own.

Someday I would like to do another video of Alyssa dancing acting out one of my songs as that is one of her fortes. She was just like the wonderful Dancer who won "So you think you can dance" TV show.

Earlier while playing my Casio Keyboard That has lighted key where the notes to the song she was doing great and when A Bossa nove was selected she really got into it and was a joy to observe her exuberant Joy.

Being a star in a video, Painting, Playing Music and having fun.

A Special friend Susan visited my home with Her Four year old adopted daughter Alyssa from Quatemala. . She was a happy little angel who was amazing. My Good Friend, Eileen Bradford told me to share Rainbow Mother Mary with Children. What better way is there ten to have a child help me do it? Alyssa did that beautifully. With out any practice. We did it one time and it was enjoyable, No instructions, she just did it naturally! Then I let her play My Casio lighted keyboard and She had rythmn that rocked ( another very short video). After that She did a Seascape and did it beautifully. Just before leaving, I played on Guitar, one of my favorite Spirituals for them, , "Wish I was a Sparrow and Alyssa started dancing in an expressive modern way like they do on "So You Think you can dance" She has no music or dancing lessons but just overflows with artistic expressive energy. I told Susan , Your really hit the jackpot and found an angel when You adopted Alyssa. They both did as Susan 's care and love was reflected in Alyssa's happiness. They were great to be around. Joyful love and energy filled my home. Susan became a single mom when Alysssa adopted her.

Mariella, Born to be Happy, Painting Lesson

A video of an Eight year old Angel filled with Joy and Love of Life To meet her is a blessing and inspiration. Though beset by a one of a kind Physical Problem that Doctors in Major Medical Research Centers Mariella has traveled to across the country for examinations and operations are working on but have not yet completed their prognosis. She may very well be the only person with her rare condition.

Miriella came over for a free painting lesson and really enjoyed exploring other avenues of artistic expression including Music etc.she could partake of in my studio of Art & Music that one individual called a Disney land for creative people.

She came as a student but became the teacher. What she taught was the love of life, the value of Kindness and the uplifting beauty of a smile.


John 13/34 " Love one another as I have loved you

Mariella, Born to be Happy, first day Painting Lesson

Mariella, Born to be Happy, 2nd day Painting Lesson

The video to follow after this one will show her putting final touches on the painting, Playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a Yamaha Keyboard and dropping 8 foot putts on my narrow indoor putting green, smiling always smiling.. They say we should see the face of God in the eyes of those in need, In this little angel's eyes not only will you see Him but you will feel Him in her smile and your heart will sing in joyful unison. Look into her eyes. You will see her beautiful Soul. Mariella , 8 year old young lady with a one of a kind, Serious Rare Health Problem that affects her appearance and causes pain but does not stop her from exuding Joy and Kindness. She has traveled across the country to major medical research centers for operations and treatment.She may be the only person in the world with her particular genetic problem. so the prognosis is difficult.

Her inner beauty rays out in helping friendship to all she meets. video takes place at Bleich Studio of Art & Music in Pebble Beach, Ca. She dove into a free Seascape Painting with joyful enthusiasm . She really enjoyed putting a golf Ball in a putting area and playing Twinkle , Twinkle little star on a Yamaha Keyboard. A multi fawceted creative artist once said of Bleich Studio that it was a Disney land for creative people. Mariella dove into different areas of creativity with Zest.Painting , Playing Maracas, Tambourine Keyboards, dancing and singing.and she really liked putting golf balls to say nothing about eating Mint Chocolate chip Ice cream and raspberry coconut cake roll. She has quite an appetite. I really enjoyed her two visits and she will always be welcomed back. She is a little angel, an inspiration and a blessing to be around. . Share her moments of joy captured on this video. It is my intent to portray her in 2 small Paintings , the Little angel she is but with wings and as a beautiful angel , of how God may see her soul. Do pray for her and give her love and support how you can..At End of the video was my Random Morning Bible reading was perfect for Mariella's visit. Matt Ch 18 1 thru 5 and 10 All about Children.

Joey Salinas and his Daughters after a Painting Lesson At Bleich Studio with their Gift Prints, 2 of which I attached Pictures of Jesus ,Heart of Divine Mercy on.

I was helping Joey with his art work years ago when He was single and now I am doing the same for His Daughters. I may do a video from clips of the family at my studio later.

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