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An Inspiring Video of the Beauty of the Carmelite Monastery and Whalers cove At Point Lobos. Relating to a New Lone Cypress Painting in Progress "Dawn


Lone Cypress Tree, Wonderful Mystical Place in Pebble Beach California

Artist Reflection while Painting, All Alone, The Lone Cypress Tree

To Artist and Photographers, It is magnificient, a wonderful complex theme with mood changes that vary with the weather, Time of Day and the seasons. The Many Photographs, Paintings and creative Musings about this Tree created the Myth that attract so many people from around the world to come to Pebble Beach to visit the Lone Cypress Tree!

It took on a personal deeper mystical significance When I did 2 prayers painting That were Answered when 2 lovely Ladies In Australia with Cystic Fibrosis in Dire need of New lungs to live had Sucessful Double Lung Transplants ,

I Met carly when she was 13 years of age. She traveled from Australia with her parent and her sister Nikki just to fulfill her calling of visiting the lone Cypress. She was very ill at the time with Cystic Fibrosis. Her parents wandered into my gallery and after chatting for a while informed me of their daughter's serious plight. She had a mystical calling to see the Lone Cypress Tree before it was her time to go as so many of her Cystic Fibrosis friends have already departed to Heaven. I had just returned from my first trip to Lourdes and had some Lourdes water I brought back from the shrine in France and I would be happy to share it with Carly. Her condition improved remarkably. I became her mentor and encouraged her creativity. Her first story she wrote and shared with me was a delightful story of Lloyd the Koala Bear and her poetery was brilliant from an early age. She inspired a beautiful Thank You God, Poem and Painting, Beyond Moongate which I sent to her in Australia as a gift and Gave over 500 Limited edition Print of the Image to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis .

Carly Had her Double Lung Transplant operation when she was 21. She was wee bit of a wild young lady at 21 which is not uncommon for 21 year olds all around the world. She called me and informed me, her health had deteriorated and they were removing her from the Lung transplant list. I did a Moongate prayer painting with the Lone Cypress within that she would be healthy enough for successful double Lung Transplant. I worked on it for 21 straight days. I would paint the painting over and over again, portraying morning to evening transitions, but never night. At the end of 21 days she went in for her successful Double Lung transplant operation. She was 21 years old when she had operation and is now 37, a gifted Poet and Daring Writer.

The next Lone Cypress Prayer Painting came about by Carly request that I pray for another Australian Young Lady for a successful double lung Transplant named Susie, A Poet, an artist and a song writer. The remarkable shadow of a Cross fell across the Painting of the Lone Cypress when I went down to record Susie Prayer is on this link www.bleich4art.com/susie.html


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"Susie's Prayer "

Susie's Prayer Song

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"Susie's Prayer"


"The song my heart felt when I went down to My Studio to record it and found the shadow of the Cross on Susie's Prayer Painting of the Lone Cypress .".

A Special Re enlistment At The Lone Cypress Tree I videoed and gave free Cypress Point & Point Lobos prints to Soldiers attending the Re Enlistment

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Cypress Tree, This version was dedicated as promised .to the Young Soldier Thomas Duffner , who re enlisted at the Lone Cypress!

"That explains the metaphors used as I visualized A lone soldier holding the hill down and secure.The Thunder sounds used came across as gunfire though I have heard the thunder of crashing seas many a time on location painting . One even took my easel away along with the painting I was working on at Devil Cauldron at Point Lobos.

A Belated Mystical Revelation, another Prayer Answered

For many Years when Praying for someone special to me for their Spiritual and Physical Healing, I would ask God to take me instead of the ill persons. It was only in the past year I realized that prayer was answered. God has taken me, not by death but by a new compelling direction in my life to serving Him honestly and completely by being a servant to others in need, Bringing Christ Message of His Commandments of Love and His New command, John Chapter13 Verse 34 love your neighbor as I have loved you. The Bible and Christ's words inscribed in red that He spoke while here on earth are special to me.

Having St. Francis of Assisi as a Mentor I am involved in peacemaker activities and have a problem with those who stoke the flames of Hate, those who use fear and hate are disobeying Christ commands of love. That all too often brings others pain, grief and death. That happens when tainted politics enter churches. Religion suffers and decline. The Light of Truth is all important to cultivate Faith. Obedience to God must come first before blind obedience to man.

Church history has dark lessons to learn from in the Inquisition and Christian wars that would never happen if we as true followers of Christ obeyed Christ's Commands of Love and His New Command, John 13 / 34 Love your neighbor as I have loved you. Let us come together as true Brothers and Sisters in Christ and obey His Commands! Let us have love and respect for all of God's Children of different Faiths. and come together as friends, not make enemies of those who worship God differently than we do. God created them too. There are some who worship God more completely with daily worship, not just on Sundays or just on Easter or Christmas.

Look at the world we live in, but do not despair. God loving People of every color, evey Creed, Bonded together by love of a supreme Being are reaching out in peace and love. There are zealots and extremists in every Religion and Culture that do not represent the majority. Acts and communications predicated to arouse fear and hate should be looked at with the disdain they would have you direct unfairly to others. Seek and treasure the truth of God's Love and peace, not the devil way of hate and violence.

I met Many Like Minded Good People from around the world at the Lone Cypress Tree and shared my Art, Music and Philosophy of Love with.

A Number of Special New Friends I met at the Lone Cypress also enjoyed the Hospitality of my Home. I try to be what someone said I was, God's Ambassodor, sharing Love, Joy and Kindness found in His Love Light and Truith!

A young sister and Brother from Israel, They were Artists so I did a demonstration Painting teaching lesson, how to capture the luminous light of the sea. I gave them the Painting as a gift to take home to Israel.

A wonderful young Lady play director from London, named Mel for short who enquired about a hostel to stay at before continuing to Yosemite. I invited her to my home as I have been to London many times and always enjoyed Englih theatre there, and BBC British shows on television. I love all People but have a special warm place in my heart for English people as I traveled to England for years on Painting trips and was alway treated wonderfully as I have been in so many parts of the world , so I repay their hospitalty when they visit here.

I rented a home on the English seashore at Sennen Cove in Cornwall. I started a dynamic series of Marine Paintings there that I kept in my own collection, of Lands End, St Ives area. I would return to England and started my series on Garden of the world, Painting the great English Gardens including parts of the Queen's grounds not open to the public at large. Garden Keepers have alway been special friends to me, Including the Head Gardener at Monet's Garden Gilbert Vahe. It generally happens after they witness the quality of my Garden Paintings.

I traveled to Europe quite often and London was my choice of a gateway to Europe. I enjoyed their Museum as I was influenced by the great English Painters Turner and Constable before I fell under the spell of the French Impressionist at the Jeau De Paume in Paris. That would lead to future trips across France . Loving the light and the people of theFrench country side following the footsteps of the Impressionist and Post Impressionist,living and painting in the same areas. One of the more enjoyable choices I made was to follow Gauguin to the Polynesiann Islands and Tahiti.

English People were highly cultured, unique ,warm and orderly and kind to me. Mel was a most welcome overnight Guest. After a candle light dinner My Son Jonathan and I took her for a tour of Cannery Row and Candy Cane Lane in PG to see the wonderful Christmas Decorations. At my request she provided me the names of her Relatives and information about them so I could personlize the inscription on my fine art prints that I prepared for her and her family after she retired.

They were in a tube ready for shipping before I left for my daily morning Mass and Rosary which I lead each morning after Mass. She left for Yosemite before I returned and left me the following warm thank you Note.

Good Morning! Thank you for your incredible Kindness and hospitality. If you or Jonathan ever find yourself in London, You have a place to stay... X Mel.

Mel wrote me from London informing of how her family loved my prints and it was the first time that the whole family that I signed the print for were ever all together at Christmas time. She said it was synchronicity! It made me smile to be part of their Christmas.

There were Three Other house guests that I will write about later as it is 2:55 AM and I have to prepare special Prints for my resthome friends with a picture of Christ , Heart of Divine Mercy attached to the end of the Path in Beyod Moongate Image,It ended up almost 4AM before I went to bed for a few Hours before Church

Lone Cypress draws Good People from Around the World.

New Lone Cypress friends from India & around the world.

New Lone Cypress friends from China & around the world.

New Lone Cypress friends from Ireland .
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"Live to Love", While taking a picture of a large Group of New Young Friends from Argentina, One of the young women ask me to play guitar and a a fair number of the group started singing and dancing dancing and clapping their hands in upbeat Rythmns singing la lala la la la and then echoing the words as I improvised the song there and Then!

Their energy inspired me to write the song on the spot . It just happened in a cool way. The lyrics were started from the positive words I inscribe on my Prints, Live to Love ,Love to Live. God is Love and Love is Good etc. It was spontaneous and great enjoyment for all the visitors as the girl were a good dancing singing chorus line.Live to love God and you will love to live. Live to love God , life is good! They were Argentina hot and fun. The large group in the picture below were New Brazilian Friends. "

New Lone Cypress friends from Brazil around the world.

New Lone Cypress friend from China & around the world.

New Lone Cypress friend, Loving Husband of Lady in Previous picture from around the world.

New Lone Cypress friends, A wonderful young couple from Iran & around the world.

New Lone Cypress friends from China,2nd from the right is a Yoga Instructor .

New Lone Cypress friends from Either Egypt or Iran? All around the world.

It was wonderful to meet people from many of the countries through out the world that I have traveled to and share my Universal Messages of God's Love, Peace and Healing. My Spiritual approach to helping those with Cancer Lose fear of Cancer treatments improving survival.` ,

Chemotherapy is CHE __ Mother__ Apy . Focus on Christ's First Miracle at His Mother's request and ask for her to intercede for you again. Radiation are Rays of God from His Heart of Divine Mercy and Love.

Welcome Jesus into your heart, Come into my heart O Lord and Make my Heart your home. May Your Sacred Healing Blood mingle with my own. With every beat of my heart May Your Sacred Blood flow, Flow to every part of me , Healing as it goes. Abide in Me, abide in me Lord and May I abide in Thee with the Father , Son and Holy Spirit, The Blessed Trinity.

I say that prayer every day when I receive Daily Communion. It could be an excellent meditation during Che Mother apy or Radiation.

Another Che Mother Apy Meditation. Visualize Holding Baby Jesus in your arm, Heart and soul, breath in deeply the breath of Baby Jesus . Exhale Pain and fear.Breathe in Jesus, exhale joy and peace, Breathe in Jesus exhale joy and peace surrounding you with the Joy of Peace found in Loving God!

These prayer meditation were spiritually inspired to surround you with the Positive energy of Christ Healing Love. You will find these techniques inter woven with in my meditative spiritual songs that you can download free from www.bleich4art.com May they heal your spirit and if it be God's will help heal your body too when your friend pray for you and you pray too.

One Lady friend who I reached out to help was cured from Cancer without the aid of any treatment! She had many other friends and I join her in Her prayers for recovery . We said Alleuia and gave each other a big hug. She spoke her mind of a truth relevant to her. , George You do not pray for People , you pray with them, but don't stop praying for me. The truth of her statement rest in Prayer is more effective if the person who is ill is praying

My Spiritual Journey is involved with bringing back those who may have drifted away from God and His love for us , especially when their end time may be drawing near. They need your prayers and love more.

May you discover and rever The words of Christ in the Gospel of John and the New Testament, Especially the one Jesus spoke Himself while here on earth. If you can find a Redline edition of your choice of Bibles, where His clear words, teaching and commands of Love are inscribed in Red.

Earlier Video when I started Susie's Prayer Painting that had the chorus I sang over and over again, while working on the painting. Take Me Lord. I thank God that He has!

The song in the background was played when ever I worked on this prayer painting and I sang along with it singing the background , Take me Lord with emphasis on take me Lord. Let Susie Live.

I spoke of how I painted for 4 to 5 hours with out stopping and accomplished an amazing amount of work that October 31 , 2009 on this Prayer Painting for Susie. my work continued past June of 2010, even though Susie had a sucessful Double Lung Transplant in May of 2010 as a prayer that her body would not reject her new lungs which happen at times in transplant operations.

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