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We win battles, It's time to win hearts!

Make The Constellation Orion

A symbol of Peace, Understanding and Justice, Respect, Unity and Strength. Uplifting Beauty Eternal by melding it with All Truism.

How All-truism is melded with Orion concept

Orion is the corner stone of the concept. This well known famous Constellation can be seen in both hemispheres. These bright stars of the night could easily become a wonderful symbol of just men and women volunteering to accept the challenge of risk and change serving mankind many needs unselfishly. When coupled with All Truism, It becomes a dynamic symbol of caring love for each other and hope in the future for the growing number of people in need through out the world during their darkest moments of need. It can be a beacon of hope and courage for those in need to never give up and keep their former dreams alive and to dream new dreams and work to realize them.

Bleich was God inspired by prayer and Christ Two Commands of Love to develop All Truism as an innovative approach to living and helping others to never give up, to find the courage to go forward with their dreams, overcoming the trials of a troubled world.

May Nations of the world come together in a peaceful effort to address and solve the problems that drive the tide of terrorism that has reaped deadly havoc among all Nations..

"This was my first effort to visually explore the soul of the Orion Concept"

I used a flowing running paining approach my son Jonathan taught me when he was six years of age. Today a 18 he is intelligent and informed to a point of being able to help his dad clarify my efforts in this work through his analytical summary and understanding of the world and design. I would ask for his opinion when i was in a creative query. When we would go out painting in the past together I would learn from his unique fresh approach. I taught him some of the basics, then he in turn would teach me by what he did with them.

Orion Star Chart, Melded with Universal Wisdom and Accepted High Ideals of Human Behavior are All Part of the AllTruism, Orion Concept!

After working on the word painting for a couple of weeks, I went down my circular staircase to my recording studio and wrote the song whose lyrics echoed the painting with the emphasis on Caring Courage...

To download these MP3s right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"The Flame of Courage is the Heartbeat of Man "

We can Make The Constellation Orion a positive symbol of Faith and Hope in the future by being more Charitable to all, by melding it with All Truism

The first line at the top is It is better to do good out of love not guilt. If we did that there would be less room for guilt. The world would be a kinder gentler place that we are stewards of.

The vertical line at the top, Environment has problems brought on by putting profit before the well being of planet earth and it's inhabitants. The smaller lettering at the top was intentional to suggest space.

Symbols of Justice; Truth; Respect; Understanding; Tolerance and Courage are the outer edge stars. The Stars of Courage become a C for Country and Our Age. Our Age the New Millennium, 2009 and every day we awake is a time for courage. I personally Think the C is for Christ too and feel he must not be too happy when so many of Christians in the America and the World pay so little heed to Christ's Two Commands of Love. The first One involved , Loving God First. The second one, Two, was about Loving Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself. Many Religions embrace the Golden Rule, but not their fellow men. I have been on a mission this past year of trying to have people prioritize The Two Commands of Christ and God's Ten Commandments.

I have been concerned of diversions caused by some Christians who value the quote of so many lesser people in the Old Testament before the Ten Commandments. Some of their leaders have Armageddon mindsets. Their vanity blinds them to the fact that they are guilty of bringing the grim reaper to harvest the innocent others, victims of their meddling. Their unholy actions bring pain an d suffering to others in the world. They speak of the antichrist that they see in others. They become the pied pipers of hate. I believe that God is love. The devil must be hate. Christians should do well to recall that the bible was not transcribed into the written word until 400 years after Christ Death and Resurrection. Christianity survived persecutions suffering at the hands of others.

Unfortunately they had wars between each others. A political rebellion against the Roman Catholic Church took on a religious slant - leading to the split in European Christendom between Catholic and Protestant. This split sparked off a series of religious wars which were ultimately to be responsible for the death of nearly a third of the entire White race. They went on for centuries. That is good reason for the wisdom our Fore father left us in the legacy of separation of church and state. Unfortunately their still exist animosity that should not be there among Christians. If the past showed an intolerance toward fellow Christians it became more graver toward other religions. Other Religions have the same type of problems between their diversified sects. THey all have problems with other Faiths. Let us pray we can accept the commonalities of goodness found in religions not fight wars because we disagree with our worship of a Supreme Being, That Major Mono Theists Religions worship.

On the left side I first lettered Conflict and Resolution, contemplating it, I added compromise. Later I added peaceful before conflict as peaceful conflict is superior to war conflict. I made some letters larger at the end to create a sense of space and sweep. I like Modrian's abstract division of areas into rectangles etc and added that into the mix. at the very bottom I have , It feel good to do good, Try it you will like it which is part of All Truism that I have at the top, It is better to do good out of love not out of Guilt. All the word in between are part of All Truistic traits.

Their is a strong relevant need for the Traits connected to Orion's belt stars, Faith; Hope; Charity and some related traits, Unity; Sacrifice; Strength plus ; Fidelity; Kindness; Patience

Understanding; Tolerance; Peace, Understanding and Justice, Respect, Unity and Strength Courage. These admirable human traits, coupled with the individual stars and nebula of Orion would be a fitting symbolic memorial to heroes through out time who exhibit these trait today with those of the past and those in the future. The Flame of Courage is the heart beat of man. The word painting displays how All Truism relates to, supports and encourages more awareness and application of the Golden Rule and Christ Two Commands of love in the contemporary world.

Guilt is never the positive motivation or force that love is. Guilt has been used as a balancing factor through out history’s attempts to right injustices. Sometimes it creates more injustices. Sometimes accusations of guilt lead to revenge, Sometimes on the innocent. Truth requires an effort at objectivity or the world will wallow in the undercurrents of half truths and half lies. The subjectivity of the moment can cloud the truth. Above all, remove fear from the rational process.

Let us learn from history’s past. Let us answer the challenges of the now, but do it with caring integrity. Let us work toward the future with objective honesty, removing profit rationalizing greed that has led to International financial woes.

Orion Star Chart, Melded with Universal Wisdom and Accepted High Ideals of Human Behavior are All Part of the Orion All Truism Concept It's purpose and focus is to open closed minds through promoting the New Symbolism of Orion as Justice and Truth. focus focus and suggestions that could lead to solutions of some of the major problems and strife facing the contemporary world.

Orion Star Chart, Melded with Universal Wisdom and Accepted High Ideals of Human Behavior are All Part of the Orion All Truism Concept!

Make The Constellation Orion

A symbol of Justice; Truth; Respect; Faith; Hope; Charity; Understanding; Tolerance; Unity; Sacrifice; Strength Peace, Understanding and Justice, Respect, Unity and Strength; Fidelity; Kindness; Patience: Courage. These admirable human traits, coupled with the individual stars and nebula of Orion would be a fitting symbolic memorial to heroes through out time who exhibit these traits today, with those of the past and those in the future who will continue to do so... The Flame of Courage is the heartbeat of man.

Orion Concept Painting, Collection of Challenger Foundation, Arlington, VA.

The Orion concept was created 23 years ago in 1986 when I was asked by a Polish priest Father Dudah to do a drawing for a Memorial Service at the Carmel Mission Basilica by a Polish Priest Father Duddah. I developed the idea of lighting 10 Candles at the service for the Challenger Seven and Griffen Chaffee and White.

The drawing turned out to be a Painting, The Challenger Concept which I worked on all Night. What was at first to be candles became the constellation Orion.

I Gave a talk in the church The next day on Never giving up on your Dreams at the Memorial service. There were written Words on the Painting . May the night sky be a common window to the universe shared by all. Upon viewing the Constellation Orion may we recall the courage of our astronauts and go on with our own endeavors.

it is difficult to read the 10 names of the 7 Challenger American Astronauts plus Griffen , Chafee and White and the 4 Russian Cosmonauts that I coupled with Orion's stars.

I did that before a second Memorial service at St. Francis Xaviers in Seaside I added "May we have the courage to accept the Challenge of Honest Understanding as they had the courage to accept the challenge of space, When I added the names of the 4 Russian Cosmonauts who were also lost in space along with the quote , "May we have the courage to accept the challenges of honest understanding as they had the courage to accept the challenges of space. The Cold war was still on at the time. Some strongly disagreed with that at that time and may still feel the same way today.

I sent the Painting to the Senate Committee on space appropriations and had a brass plate made for it calling it the silent Lobbyist. I told them to hang it up in the hearing room while they were discussing funding for the space program. Then they could give it to the Kennedy space center or the Challenger Foundation. Sen. Inaoyue had Sen. Garn who has been into space bring it to June Scobee wife of the Captain of the Challenger who was at the helm of the Challenger Foundation. She wrote me a beautiful letter thanking me for the love I put in the work and said I could borrow it if ever I wanted to promote it message.

THe messages are more timely for America now In it's moment of economic need and to the world to stem the growth of terrorism. We are in dire need of a change of attitude to have more American realize the need for caring. It is time to put the old aside and embrace the new. We are all part of the whole of humanity.

Altruism or All-truism, it is amazing what an extra L for love can do to a word and maybe even to a world. It is a fact of human nature that we repeat things that give us pleasure. I pondered whether there may be a way of encouraging people to help others with more frequency and find it pleasurable. That they would find a positive sense of associated well being that comes from the feeling that you, in your own way, played a part of making the world a better place, by your own efforts and sacrifice...

I added a L for love to altruism and made a new word All-truism meaning All true. It suggests that we are all part of the whole humanity and anything we do to help others we also do for ourselves for the end result will be the world will be a better place, a safer place, a more loving place with less disease, hatred, animosity and violence. Do not ever let religion or politics interfere with friendships. It is imperative that our religious and political leader be honest as the day is light or they will be unfit to lead us. There can be no room for half truth. For a half truth is a half lie. There is no room for deceit in honest leadership or it will be misleading.

I have always liked to help others and was fond of the word altruism. In exploring the root meaning of the word I found out it meant alternative to ruin, as in alt - ruism, alt - rue. It dealt with doing some thing for others with out thought of reward, even the reward of just feeling good for helping some one in their moment of need. It was as if they were being deprived of the joy of reaching out to help some one, motivated by love and enjoying the experience. It feels good to do good.

One day on television a reporter asked some one who just made a substantial contribution to a group who help others. " Are you doing this out of guilt". The giver was caught flatfooted verbally, and confessed to perhaps feeling guilty after the accusation of guilt. A stronger reply that would have put the reporter in place would have been, " I would feel guilty if I did not do my part to help. No I do not feel guilty, I feel good that I have been blessed and share the fruits of my labor with others, not for material reward but for the internal feeling of well-being that comes from giving. The gifts that I give come back in ways unseen.

/Users/gjbleich/Desktop/webwork/altruism.html May I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the prayer of St. Francis, if you do and put it into practice you will be familiarizing yourself with inner joy.

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