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All Sales are off!

a 36 by 48 valued at $16000 or or your choice of one of two, 30 by 48 valued at $14000. Exceptionally beautiful competent paintings with wonderful qualities of vibrant harmonious colors and luminous light, the hallmark of George Bleich works. These qualities attracted knowledgable collectors who had original Monets, Van Goghs and other French and American Impressionists to include Bleich Works in their collections.

First one is the 36 by 48 of Carmel Beach, the Beauty of the image will speak for itself in the following video.

Panoramic painting of the Lone Cypress has many Carmel Landmarks in it .

Another Prayer Painting Answered, when a friend in an extended coma opened up her Eyes. Title of Painting & Song I wrote while painting, "Open up your eyes my Friend"

The Price of the 3 Painting above have been drastically lowered so I can make the third & Final Payment in my Trial Homeloan Modification program of $3860.

Some call their home their palace My home which is some what like my body, the wreck of the Hesperus on Norman's woe.

Out of neccesity I do repair jobs that are like at times like a Mr. Bean comedy video. work around our home that required attention.

Creating a Kitchen Lighting Fixture using an Artist Canvas and Pallette

The Kitchen Flourescent light fixture I used an out door fixture I bought for $11.75 creating a base out of a 8 by 8 canvas and wooden artist pallette leading the wires through the thumb hole in the pallette. It gave excellent light with 2 low wattage green lights

My deck is dangerous. If you weigh 250 pounds, you are not allowed on it.

Have you ever walked on a deck that felt like a trampoline, or a diving board, well you are on a pirates ship walking the plank when you go out on my deck. I have had 3 friends of different faith, professionals in the building trades, who were going to help but never did. I had helped them in the past. If I can break the financial embargo and blockade and sell a few paintings. I will fix it, hopefully with the help of 2 of my sons who are now working in construction. Earlier that week I was buying 8 dollar worth of groceries and did not have enough cash in my debit account to pay for it.

A good friend shared this Psalm as a prayer to help me save my home from forecosure , To encourage sale of my art and not the forced sale of my home.

PG&E was going to turn my Power off

I received a 15 day notice which I paid on the 14 th day when I made the decision to pay all pressing bills with money set aside for my final trial Mortgage Payment of $ 3860 that would remove any danger of Forclosure.. I used the money to keep every thing running and decided to put up the three paintings for a fraction of their value to keep every thing running.

My Cure of Macular Degeneration was not an accident. I believe it happened so I could use my creativty To focus on Christ 3 Commands of Love and work for peace and healing in this world.

I write new spiritual songs, singing while painting offering them up as a prayer for people in need of healings and Peace in the world. I regard them as singing and visual homilies. There have been healings but I do not regard myself as a healer , but a patience facilitator. I have prayed with people for over a year before God stepped up to Bat and belted their problems away. Others for a few weeks I have given thousands of my Spiritual cds away free. I have been donating my art, Limited edition Prints to patients in resthomes and private residences.and will often attach a small Picture of Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy to the painting. You will find Jesus in Yosemite's Heaven's Gate at the end of the valley, or in the beauty of Beyond Moongate, Walking along the shore at Cypress Point Pebble Beach.or walking on the water of the River Seine in France.

I think of my works as holistic art imbued with positive energy. I know they have had healing energy that helped people. Christ said in Matt That these gifts are given freely and should be used freely. The money changers in the Temple also affected my approach not to use religion to market products. I am in dire need of finding away to have my spiritual paintings shared where they can do the most good. In Churches, Hospitals, Schools where Spiritual Images are not forbidden,I need some individual to purchase them to give as gifts. and it would not hurt if they could affod the usual price before the sales embargo and interference which I will be addressing now that I have a little more freedom to be feisty and time to do it as I had a distraction from a femine friend with a revaling smile that was not on her face. Laughter at time from the dark side influenced by a ed of a murder Mystery English series which was exellent but very violent .

I feel My White Mother Mary & Christ child that changed to a Black Madonna & Child shoud be in the Mid-East where refugees from Sudan found relief from Violence

Perhaps with Prints showing the difference. Find it in another section on Home Page or Google Bleich White Mother Child changed to Black.

My calling is to use my creatity To lead other to God and Peace.

To do it with the underpining of Loving God and sharing that deep love with more people in a creative way to help others. If I am financially successful with what I feel is a calling from the Holy Spirit Then I would be reaching a wider audience with Gods Message of Peace & Love. I would rather have a business man or woman do that with a just reward for their efforts. It would have to be someone with an open mind and heart

I found that through enjoyable discipline and hard work and focus I did superb excellent work that sold well and made a lot of money.. The money I made did not bring happiness. My spiritual Journey has brought me happiness and also the awareness that Poverty is a problem which made me more compassionate but less able to help others though I still did. The first one is be careful who you take into your home.I had an array of homeless people stay with me at different times each one a lesson in the learning of what not to do. A certain number had psychological problems that were a potential danger. I wonder why I am smiling when I think of one who told me she would murder me like she did her husband. Perhap it is because she did not eliminate my always smiling attitude by murdering me.

Health Problems Continue

Some of you may not be familiar with the problems that arted close to 10 years with improper post operative care at Community Hospital of Monterey Pennisula in 2005 That had me in danger of losing my leg. The deep Narcrotic wound created became infected with MERSA Staph in 2007 while being treated there that led to the closing my gallery.

I do research for solutions to health problems and make hospital stays safer for all. Hospitals and carefacilities are now using effectively EPA approved Anti Microbial Copper impreginated film to fight MRSA, E Coli etc. Antimicrobial Copper surfaces are only EPA registered to make public health claims against the very dangerous life taking following five bacteria: Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis(VRE), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli O157:H7.

An operation at the VA Hospital relating to the effects brought on by care of the original problem became infected and I was on a Pic Line through my heart for 2 month at the VA Hospital Last year. I was also in and out of emergency rooms with High Blood pressure when they stopped my blood pressure pills when they gave me another prescription for problem they found the speed of my heart beat erratic.

I decided to go outside of the VA systemn For More competent Medical Care and found a young lady doctor who was into a Holistic approach.

I thought it better that I put my care in Heart specialist, Dr.Kia Bella my 5 year old Grandaughter who is checking out my heart in this photo.

The pain has been increasing in the top and bottom of the area where they operated on my foot. When I told Dr.Planko at the VA hospital that the summery of my last x-ray stated attention needed. He told me that it was nothing to be concerned about. He said you could have erosion of bone when you have a bone infection. In retrospect my concern is that the area that was infected was where the student doctors cut the bones shortening them and screwed them back together again. I was joking that they put the bone sections they cut out in another part of my anatomy that may be getting shorter from 12 years of celibacy.

I joke about my health problems with a sense of off the wall humor.

Patients enjoy my humor. Scribes will use it negatively. I am serious when I say I have enough loose screws in my mind. I dont't need any loose screws in my feet. There was exessive drainage from my heel, with pain. Now the drainage appears to be getting a little darker. I was not happy that they did not take a culture to see if there was a deep infection as there was in the past. I am also in dire need of oral surgery as I have more roots left in my gums then I have teeth left in my head. I have been waiting for them to grow back like shark teeth but that is not likely to happen. Medication can weaken bone structure. There was one I decided to discontinue as it warned you could have weaker bone structure that can lead to fractures of your spine.I amy have not stopped it quick enough as my teeth became prone to breaking off. If You know a good oral surgeon who may be interested in barter work for good art have him or her contact me.

I am a Dawn Man and love the break of each new day, visually and symbolically. I look forward to starting my day by receiving Jesus in Holy Communion and singing hymns and leading the Rosary in the sanctuary focused on Christ Presence in the tabernacle and most of all, in our hearts, where 2 or 3 or more are gathered in his presence. My Love of God has cushioned the pain I felt when My wife asked me for a divorce 3 days after my mom died. Kathy said Nothing get you down, That you have your art & music. I told her I also have a good relationship with with God.

With my life Mission statement of Sharing Christ'Command of Love, I love everyone. I am a sensitive artist and cultivated a heightened sensitivity that empowers my art work and writing and music with strong honest emotions. My desires reflect a sesual nature That I sublimate through the creative process. Love empowers my creativity.

May you hear Jesus saying "I am with You"

I have been on a Spiritual High of Joy found Loving God, Mary and everyone. Last week at Adoration I started a song like Jesus was talking to me, To dramatize people listening to the voice in their heart when they invite Jesus within,

It is a voice I have heard a number of times when stress entered my life. Four Joy "Empowering words, That Jesus is saying," I am with you." These 4 words transform me time and again

There was a section that I wrote about when I was ill , weak, and and any activity would have me feeling faint and dizzy, on the verge of passing out, I heard these spirit lifting transforming words , " I am with you "I went from a weak close to helpless old man in his 70 ies to some one with the strength of a young Samson or Paul Bunyon . I did ardulous work for hours on end. I had photos on my homepage of giant 30 foot limbs I cut down with a two hands 14 lb. skil saw that I was using with one hand while I was holding on to another branch with the other. My home was in danger of foreclosure. My former wife had wanted me to move my pickup truck so if I lost my home the truck would be secure somewhere else.The low hanging limbs were blocking the door on the driver side. The words I heard "then, are the wonderful words that guide me in a path of Joy & Love now, "I am with you."

sides because of it's thickness while holding on to another limb with my free hand while atop of a 6 foot step ladder, Then using the branches stubs to climb up to cut higher branches.over 5 hour of arduos work and felt great!

You can overcome stress

Stress . happens when you freeze and stop trying. You don't have time for stress when you dive in, knuckle down and be creative, face the problems , taking care of business to solve the problem. My problems came in multiples in March of 2013. The power, telephone and water were all in danger of being shut off and my foot problem was almost imobilizing . I did not find it daunting. All Challenges can be met when you feel God is by your side. God never lets you stay down for the count. When you fall you get up and climb again, always higher up that mountain, never down for the count. So my friend should you fall, Get up my friend. Get up and climb again! In a way doing hese video and web page work was a little complex for a 77 year old, God must have helped me with this as I did a lot of work that just flowed together with a minimum amount of problems.

Here I am again, but not at my wits end at 79. I am almost having more fun. doing time by doing penance for the fun I had b efore. I stopped in the Sanctuary after our morning rosary, I was tired and wanted to talk to God and have some quiet time. My arterial inflamation in my right temple was bothering me as were some othe circulatory areas I felt like I had a cell phone on vibrate in different parts of my body. I finally figured it out. God assigned a special angel to remove inner plaque from my arteries. I asked God is my time coming. His answer was " I have have a lot more work for you to do for Me, chalk it up to penance. Thee was a lady cleanig thesanctuary when I went there who asked me if her working would bother me. No you are fine, I will not be here that long. She had one of those long pole with a fluffy end to remove spider webs and dust etc from higher areas. After five to ten minutes when I was ready to go , I asked her if she could please do me a favor. What would you like me to do she answered. I replied with a tired smile "Could you please take the cobwebs out of my eyes." Bless Wishes, Your Brother in Christ, High on Jesus, George

St. Francis Rose Award.

The first day I met Soraya I gave her the first rose in my St. Francis Rose award program after a long in depth spiritual conversation when the Rose needed Emergency care to live.

The Rose looked like it had died from over exposure to heat in a closed car. She brought it back to life and she did the same for the Rose Bush that had the original Roses on it. Her Love of Nature and God's little creatures reminded me of my mentor, St. Francis. Butterflys like good friends are meant to be free

To come and go as they please.

Good friends are like humming birds returning

to collect the nectar when they are in need.

They know they are welcomed in my garden of inner peace

A garden domain where peace does reign,

May our love of God never cease like an ever flowing fountain over flowing with our joy found loving God , our family and man. There is a hymn I like,like the evolving story of God's Glory in my life. I can not keep from singing, I love sharing happy positive emotions that primarily spring forth from Loving God and my fellow men & women as Jesus asked us to do... I love being a part of praying together. Lifting our hearts to the Lord, feeling the joy within. Taking the time to listen and hearing His voice within , I am with you. It is really important to Listen. May You Hear God's Caring Words, echoing within your heart. I am with You! I am with You! I am with You!

. Soyraya put the Financial needs of Her sister and Family in Texas before her own, using her Tax refund to help them with their immediate needs. She had planned to use the money as a down payment on a car of her own.

Soraya earned her St.Francis Rose award many time over.

A Wonderful Spiritual Symbolic Affirmation and Lesson, Look Up George, You will find Doves and God's Love, Leave the creepy crawlers to their own haunts. Have Faith, God is with You.

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