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Prices For


Major works




 16x20 $2000 30x30 $7500
20x20  $2400 30x36 $8900
18x24 $2600 30x40 $9900
20x24 $2800 36x36 $11000
18x30 $3000 30x48 $14000
24x24 $3200 36x48 $16000
22x28 $3750 36x60 $19000
18x36 $3800 48x48 $21000
24x30 $4000 48x60 $38000
24x36 $4900 60x60 $50000
24x40  $6000    
 24x48 $7500    

Insurance Companies

The prices listed here can be used as insurance values on works of art.
This reflects what it would cost to have a replacement or a certain size done today.

An Act of Vandalism damaged some of my own paintings in my Home, A knowledgable professional art appraiser appraised some of the damaged works at double the price I have on my commission List. I am still doing my new commissions at the above prices.