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I will start this section off with 2 Videos of 4 by 5 foot Major Master works of Lake Como Blue, Italy and Monet's Pond, Giverny, France. The reduced prices for these 2 Paintings $19000 each. Painting this size have sold for $38000

Both 4 by 4 foot paintings are my Masterpieces, dam good exceptional works,one for unique Chordal Harmony, The other for light and plays of Complimentry colors, It is my portrait photo enhancing work. Excellent investment values @ $14000 .

A great number of my works have been sold as a result of Neighbors and friends experiencing them in other friends homes. They enjoyed the full range of harmonious color and unique luminosity, often under control lighting. There are many individual who loved my work in their own collections and know friends who would appreciate an opportunity to acquire a Major Bleich Masterwork for themselves at a very significant investor value. I am more prone to be helping other and never asking for help, but I could use a helping hand sharing information about the beauty and quality of my work.

My focus has been on my spiritual Journey of Loving God and sharing His comforting Words of Love & Forgiveness.

Many are in Need of Comforting Prayers, Hope and Understanding, Converations intermingled with humor and Listening to them with patience and undersdtanding. In Hospitals, rest homes and residents. I do this without charge and I do incur expenses that I cover myself.

I used to be comparatively wealthy and thought nothing of Buying My wife a new car for her Birthday.Paying for it in full.

Now I am more concerned with buying gas for my car to continue my work, pay for the many cds and ink for images I bring the ill. When I put up one of my 4 by 5 foot painting at these prices I am concerned but not stressed about forclosure on my home. I am quite laid back about it as God does seem to provide for me. I did lose my time shares but I could not use them anyway due to mobility problem and pain.

During my Last Art Workshop with Deb I walked along the Carmel Beach water edge for the first time in years .This was followed by the longest 2 Hour video walk around Carmel Point and Back to River Beach. To do it with out pain was a joy I did not think I was capable of doing. You can do more than you think if only you try. It helps when you feel Jesus is by your side. He is always helping me with my health problems one little miracle after another,including my eyes. I no longer need the 2 and 3 power glasses I had to use in the choir to see the hymns and can now read those small give away Bibles with Fine print with out glasses. The Doctor said the hole in the back of my eye, the start of macular degeneration disappeared.

My Friend Deb who came out from New Hampshire for the workshop, cancer is in remissiom. She was one ofthe Individuals That was in the prayer videos for as I was in too much pain to paint at that time. Earlier I did the smallest prayer painting of the Lone Cypress for her, about 2 inchs square Looking back The individuals included in my prayers in the prayer videos did unusually well. It is all up to God, we pray and He heals when it is His Holy will. Ruben Baez was able to walk, run or tango. Bernetta told me her tumors disappeared, Cassandra at this time went through a remakable change from being helpless and unable to leave her home to once more enjoy freedom of well being, able to go out with her Husband Tony do thing we take for granted that she was incapble of doing, Go for a walk, go out to even to go back to work.

It was only this week when I brought the 2 painting Deb and I did into the Church sanctuary and asked God to Bless Deb and her home where they will be hung that I understood how the greater the pain I was in when I was doing prayer paintings the more effective my prayers were for healing relief for those I was praying for. That may have to do with I have often asked asked God to relieve their pain by letting me shoulder their pain. There have been time when it has been almost freaky, My Leg will become swollen, twisted & cramped awkwardly like the patient's leg . When they were younger, I would often sing take me Lord, let them live. I have been no stranger to pain and shoulder pain well. I often told the patients I visit to offer up their pain as a prayer for others who are in more pain and their pain would be lightened .

4 by 5 feet $19000 not $38000 for this sale Lake Como Blue,Italy

4 by 5 feet $19000 not $38000 Enchantment, Monet's Pond Giverny, France

In an effort to catch up on my mortgage payments and keep my home I once again am creating an opportunity for Individuals to Purchase any of My works at half the current Commission Prices but not my Spiritual works. The 4 by 4 foot Museun Quality Major Paintings are my Masterpieces, Dam Good Paintings at $ 14000

Dawn of a New Day, $ 7000 instead of $14000

A Thank You God Painting I worked on for many months offering up the efforts in this painting of the Lone Cypress Tree as a prayer of Thanksgiving and a Prayer for my friends in need. Ruben Baez is another one of these friends where Thank You God is now exclaimed with joy! .

I was composing a song by the same name, as the melody and lyric Changed so would the concept and mood evolve in the Painting. I painted this same Lone Cypress Painting over and over again portraying different days and seasons, different waves, different Clouds and qualities of Light in sequence to the evolvement of the concept of this painting.

I finally put the final touches on this Special Thank you God Prayer Painting for answering My Prior Prayer Songs, Videos and Prayer paintings that become an unique forms of creative praises and prayers for healings, successful organ Transplants etc. I never have concentrated so much effort in one of my Lone Cypress Tree Paintings, in articulation and accuracy as in this one. I feel it is special in many ways but especially in in the positive result for my friends I have been Praying with and for God's Help with their health problems.

I am not retired, like in the Carpenter song I "have only just begun to live, to do my best in each new work like my last one I just finishehed, Jan.2015 video

My Last Painting of 2014 has become my first painting of 2015," Open up your Eyes" 30 by 48 $ 7000 sale price, 50 percent off of $14000 It has positive healing energy, Helping a few people to recover.It was at first a thank you painting for the end of the infection in the bones of my foot that could have led to Amputation. I now no longer have the intense pain that I lived with for years in my foot. I can stand at the easel comfortably. I am also seeing better then ever so I am painting better then ever and in a couple of days I will be 79 years young.

I was writing a song Alleulia but that song evolved into a new one which became the nameof the Painting.Open Up Your Eyes. fora Lady in her fifties who was in a Coma for an extended period of time after a stroke. Her Eyes are now open and she is in therapy. Do pray for her complete recovery.

Well I have only just begun to live with joyful anticipation of my next painting,

If in Pebble Beach, drop in and see this special Painting. Go down the Drive Way by my mail Box.

If you are ever in Pebble Beach for any reason, Golf , Sight Seeing, Dining etc. You are welcome to visit spontaneously, with out a call or appointment. Try reaching me on the phone first but if you can't get me on the phone don't let that stop your efforts to visit. I have a few calls daily where there will be no one there or like the one, where someone was cut off after saying Hi George. Take a ride following my directions and If you see a Silver Vibe in the front or side of the House you know I am home, I am always delighted to see old friends or make new ones.

Most of the time the phone works fine by calling you eliminate the the entry fee to Pebble Beach when Guests are visiting residents..Friends will often write me and I will put them on my visitors for the period they are in the area giving them more freedom to vist at their convenience.

I will give you directions from the Pebble Beach Lodge & Stores area

You turn Right on Forest Lake Road in front of Peter Hay Par 3 golf Course. The signs may say to RLS, Robert Louis Steveson School which you will pass on the left, at the Fire Station Stop Sign you veer left on to Lopez but do not take the imediate left on Mestres but continue couple of hundred yards and Make your left on Strawberry Hill Rd. I am the second House


"Cleopatra's Barge on the Nile"

24 by 36, $4900 to be divided up into 3 equal shares of the amount of $1633.33 as My 2 sons Jonathan and Christopher and I started this along the Banks of the Nile I remember on our Paintng trip around the world with Jon, age 7 & Chris, age 20, 2 of my 3 sons in 1997, staying in Petra Jordan. We then drove from Petra the Rose city where they filmed the Last Crusade of Indiana Jones Movie.

We explored the same hot desert that Moses wandered through and continued to the Gulf Aqaba. While cooling off by swimming in the Gulf of Aqabel, I free dived in the sea and came up from beneath the sea with a marble like stone sculpture of a narrow graceful foot.

Blue Eyed Jesus, Greatest Kahuna, 20 by 24, $1400 savings $1400

Blue Eyed Jesus, Greatest Kahuna, I changed the color of Jesus eyes to Blue

The Latest evolving image of Jesus in the Painting The Greatest Kahuna, The Poem , Soul Dancing, With a New Painting of the Lord (The Greatest Kahuna)to focus on along with a beautiful Piano Composition written and played by Michael Martinez for Peace and Healing.

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