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New manger scene for the church was consructed in the narrow confines of the library before being moved into the church, Nov. 28 2015. Advent Season


As an artist I am very familiar with how the Manger scene can enhance the Christmas experience, in some what the same way that Christmas carols do. The Beauty of the Manger scene in Churches and in out door displays help renew their Faith in God, Find Hope in moments of despair and be more loving and charitable to all by focusing on Jesus Christ coming to Earth as a babe, Knowing all the while He is coming to save and will give His Sacred life and experience Pain and suffering out of love for us.

Healing Christmas Meditation Video that works year around.

There has been relief from Pain and a response of the ill patients, singing "Joy to the World"

Christmas Songs for Year around

. You are welcome to perform and arrange my songs to share their positive messages. My own voice is like the Monterey fog , sometimes it's in and other times it is out. Share your talents as a gift. The joy is in the journey and the journey is for sharing. I regard myself as a lyricist and itinerant primitive musician and composer, not an entertainer. I can't read music well and my playing of musical instruments is an exploratory free flowing meditation discipline, coupling my thoughts with chordal strains of music seeking inner harmony. I do what I can with the little talent I have to share the message of my songs and works with you. We all have missions in life to fulfill, some of us know that yet and some are blest and do. Reach out with kindness, Touch some one with love, Not just at Christmas Time but your whole life through .

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Snow Was Made by an Angel"

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs I have written and enjoy sharing with Children. It is a way of combining The message of Christmas as a reason for Snow flakes being created the first time. Children enjoy it.. A charming song sharing the true meaning of Christmas and how a little angel played a role in the snow that fell to earth on Christmas Day. It touched upon her tears that fell for she knew full well, the price the Christ Child would pay as a man

One day in August I had a family of three visit My gallery. Their three year old child was a beautiful little girl with blond ringlet of hair who looked like a little angel. I sang my Evergreen Tree song for the three of them which they enjoyed. I was prone to do this for visitors when I had my gallery in Carmel and then I would give them my CDs free. It was all about sharing.

I said to the mom and dad I want to sing a special song for your Daughter Even though August is a bit out of season for the song I feel I should. It a song about a little girl angel. It has a nice message and I think she will enjoy it. When I sang it with my attention directed at her she just lit up with a smile of pure child pleasure. Her parents told me it was a perfect song choice for her, when I finished the song. I felt her presence made every day Christmas Day for them. The Dad told me with a tear of joy in his eye, and a smile on Mom and Dad's face their face their beautiful little daughter who looked like an angel was born on Christmas day. The whole experience was magical and joyful in a spiritual way. Smiles and tears of joy made everyones day.

This video is a Christmas Memorial for Joe Aliottito.

Beautiful Funeral Flowers purchased by Family & friends to lighten the loss and grief of a love one Joe Aliotti, a faithful usher at St. Angela's Merici in Pacific Grove and welcome Him into the kingdom of God's love.

The Funeral Director was told by the Pastor Father Seamus they could not be in the church by the altar as was customery as they would distract from the Funeral Service That Father Mark Rougeau would offiate at. The Director removed them removed them as requested to another location in the church Vestibule and later at Father Seamus reasonable request to some outside the church entrance to not blck access to the side isles.

Flowers,love and caring are synonmous with Catholic Religious Services. They only serve to enhance the funerals, weddings,and all religious services with their beauty. I attended the funeral and Father Mark homily was compassionate and caring that lightened the Family loss.

What is your view on Father Seamus directive to remove the flowers?

He is rigid and wants complete control of every detail. & at times ignores the tradional backgound devotions of those who founded & attended the Church since conception. Europeans escaping Religious Persecution, Fishermen from Sicily , Portugal and Italy. Hispanics from Europe, Mexico and South America, a large number from the Asian rim who found the West coast a portal to America. Let us not forget Native Americans.Mid-East & Africa.

Devotion to Mother Mary, God's Messanger Dove of Peace and Love is one of the Great Unifyers in the Catholic Church through Her many appearances through out the world. All these ethnic groups add to the tapestry of worship and do so, unifyied by the Mass & their Traditional Ethnic Devotions and creative expression in Music and art. . When we come together out of the Many one The beauty of our worship of the Blessed Trinity, The Father,Son & Holy Spirit and our love and respect for Mother Mary and her special prayer the rosary, shines brighter then the sun. Flowers go along with Devotions, Prayers, Miracles, Loving and Caring as postive aspects of Catholicism beauty.

Devotions , Rosary, Adoration, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Before He went on his vacation to Ireland He ordered us not to say the Rosary during Adoration. The Vatican Liturgical Commission latest statement said it was an excellent prayer To do during Adoration as it focused on Christ life.

He recently forbade us to put the small Icon image of Mother of Perpeptual Help or the Image of Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy on the sanctuary altar during our devotional prayers.

May all Catholics develop a deeper relationship with God during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament receiving special Grace and healing comfort. I Pray that more people will embrace the joy found in giving their time in singing praise at the start, communal prayer like the Rosary that has been recommended by Vatican as an excellent prayer for the faithful during Adoration then silent worship and meditation Talking to Jesus Present in the Eucharist and listening to His reply that you will hear. He will answer your questions and guide you when you leave the church to follow His way of the Cross.

Father Seamus told me not to publically pray for my honest intention of more parishioners to attend Adoration of Blessed Sacrament to pray for peace. He chastise me a Sunday after I publically prayed an intention for more People to join us to Pray the rosary for peace with us in the Sacntuary after Mass on a special Mother Mary's Feast day. I told him he was unkind to Mother Mary.

A surprising observation of Father Seamus while He was giving a sermon. The sunlight struck his hand on the podium and the dramatic light & dark looked like a hoof. It reminded me of when Father Seamus Held up the Sacred Host during Consecration It had the same shape as His Hand like a narrow v shape space in the broken host. This led how led me to research Liturgical Rubics on Consecration. Even though in the bible has Christ breaking the host, Priest are not suppose to do it until after consecration. That it is incorrect to do so.

This led to more research on the internet and You tubes on Priest & Devils

You may not be surprised how it was tied into Abuse of Children. In a prime time documentry on why Pope Benedict retired it brought out How the church would punish those who spoke out when abused to silence them and deter law suits. That explained years of my own experiences by the church's unsavory actions hindering my charitable work with the infirmed and my efforts to raise money by my Holistic art workshops with a percentage going to the church to prevent forclosure of my home, some of which are still going on .I was abused when I was nine and have always been outspoken about the church handling of abuse by moving pedophile priests to different parishes. We had an abuse situation in our diocese that was made worst by the natural tendency of the people from the British Isles and elsewhere in the world to save face and reputation at all costs. We had an Irish Pedophile Priest who was accused of abuses of minors. We had an Irish Pastor of the Church I attended. Add an Irish Bishop in charge of the Diocese, topped off with an Irish Cardinal in Los Angelus in charge of the greater area of California. You have all the components for a deceitful face saving storm that has and will continue to damage the church until they stop saving face and get back into saving souls.

Abuse can lead to attempted suicide

I tried 3 times until 5 AM to save the video that follows with this song in the background.I was still able to get up at 7:15 for the 8 O clock Mass. The song was inspired by a real life experience. The abuse was not done by a priest. It happen within families and among trusted friends with dire reactions. The song, "Deep Dark Sin" is a positive one of freeing the abused from the guilt, another may create. .

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Deep Dark Sin " The video is one of my exploratory art form experiments, Visionary art a giant step up or down from Minimal Art depending on your opinion. The extended conversation and explanation by creators of Minimal art seem to reflect more creativity than the minimal art they create. I edited the video and was able to record the the song Deep Dark Sin on the video by passing Picasa. It may be a window 's 10 compatability problem.

I asked Father Seamus Permission to put brochures in the library on My Holistic art workshops. I teach people how to paint & offer up their art work and Music as healing Prayer for the ill. They have worked in wonderul ways when it has been God's will. He gave me permission but did not appreciate it when he saw his name on the brochure giving me permission to put them in the library. He said I can't have my name on any commercial. I eplained My Home was in serious danger of being forclosed and My 4 Year old Grandaughter who is very ill with seizures , an affliction called Dravits, my son & his wife were planning to move into my home again and have brought bed etc for their bedroom. It was when He saw a Photo of a Ruben Baez whom I prayed with and offered up art, Music and videos for his well being who experienced a miracle change I was shocked by his strange demanding angry reaction, Telling me passionatly in a forceful voice,

"I want this destroyed!"

I know the church has disapproved of my healing and played some unsavory games. But this was anger being expressed my Father Seamus. What they disapproved of was my being outspoken about abuse in the church. ( Irish factor of the accused priest may have comeinto play again ) There is always the possibility that the church could be receiving a major donation if my home is forclosed. In addition to St. Francis ,another of my Favorite Saints is themystic, St. John of the Cross who while imprisoned by the church wrote the Dark Night of the soul. St. Theresa of Avila, a member of the same Carmelite Order was his friend and helped him.

What upset Him was a Photo of Ruben Baez with a "Thank You for praying with Me "quote from Ruben on my Artwork shop brochure. from a video someone did showing the Amazing Miracle Change for the better, We Prayed together for over a year, while I stressed the need for patience and peristancy using verses from the Bible emphasing peristancy of Prayer and Trust in Jesus's Heart of Divine Mercy.

Monterey County Weekly is not the villian when they seek answers and the truth behind the abuse scene in their Report, True Confessions in Oct. 29 - Nov 4 issue. God is Love, Light & Truth! We need all 3.

This has me reflecting on St. Patrick. Patron Saint of Ireland who was an English Roman kidnapped and enslaved at the tender age of 6 by Irish Pirates. You will find Irish mythology and history revealing. Do an Internet search , Every thing from the little People to giants From Fallen angels to Saints, druids to Fairies. They have it all in their ancient history. In Relationship to Father Seamus, It may be a matter of Pastoral Vanity a term used in theological evaluations. May I suggest we pray for Father Seamus. There are far more complexities involved. The myriad of his changes are far reaching and cover every aspect of church social life and liturgy. It does not make sense at times.

Hymn Board Removed

Father Seamus created a problem for a number of people during Mass by his removal of the Stand with the Hymn Numbers for the Mass. Notice Stand. It created confusion and led to difficulties finding the page & place in the song you should be singing, especially for the mature , hard of hearing and also handicapped parishioners. More people over 40 have a tendency to attend the sacramen ts then people under 30.

Another Parishoner told me of their problem going to confession when Father Seamus rearranged the back of the church he had the lone bench close to the confessional that made some uncomfortable when confessing their sins as those waiting on the bench could hear them confessing.

There is a difference in active participation and passive contemplation. It is the difference between having Parishoners being more involved and unifyed by their active participation in singing & Praying at Religious services and involvement in pondering a sermon. that focus on Christ's Life, Death & Resurrection. The Sacrifice of the Mass, St. Alphonsus Liguori's Stations of the Cross is a wonderful example of coming together in repentance & love. It is wonderful to feel the spiritual energy flowing through all the people, young and old, some with tears in their eyes as they prayed and sang the way of the cross and you come together as one with Jesus feeling the joy of his love for us and deeply feeling his suffering & death for our sins and seeing it as St.Alphonsis did. through the eyes of Mary's Love & pain.

. Father Seamus stopped the Lenten Stations of the Cross in our parish and replaced them with one of his Lenten homilys followed by a social dinner gathering in the parish hall after. Listening to a homily is a passive emotional experience compared to active singing combined with praying and meditation that is experienced during the Stations of the Cross. It is like you are there at Calvary with the aid of paintings or sculpture. I did a video at San Carlos Cathedral of the Way of the Cross, Conducted by the Knights of Columbus.that I would attend weekly and did speak up at St.Angelas to have the Stations of the Cross there again and we had the Stations of the Crtoss once during lent.

The removal of Spiritual cassettes from the library deprived those who did not have cd players spiritual inspiration they would find on the cassettes.

It is the difference between leading and controling every detail according to the pastors will.

His handling of Our Lady of Fatima Group from the valley 2 years ago created problems by his disregard of their Ethnic service and the visiting priest from the valley who would normally conduct the service in Portugese was not on a chair on the Altar level but off to the side below with the parishoners. Bishop Garcia's respectful presence brought peace to the ceremony and Mass and processions this year along with more of the normal involvement by the visiting valley Priest and choir as it was done in prior years.

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