Jan 2nd, My New Years reflection is not only on the need for Prayers for Peace and Love in the world. We must by our actions, interaction with others live and share the Teachings of Christ by our example. Invite other to join you in walking in the Joyful light of the Lords, doing His Holy Will. Never let an opportunity to do a random act of kindness pass you by. Welcome the opportunity to get to know and reach out with love and respect other children of Abraham who are not of your Faith. There are some very good people who do not profess a Faith whom you may gently bring to know of Jesus's. Love and Forgiveness.

My First Breathe In Jesus Video Jan.1st 2012 I restored the 2 Staffs in manger scene


All Mothers Are Madonnas

We All Have a Heavenly Mother

When I captured the image on the Altar Candle, just before the end of Adoration, I wondered what the significance of the child kneeling as in prayer front of the rectangle shape was. Luke was one of twins. I had put the rose that is in the video on top of the roof of my car while I opened the door. I was on my way to visit the ill and would have given it to some one But I wondered who? When is fell on the ground in front of the church , I knew that I should give it to Luke's Mother.

Ever since that day, the Gospel of Luke came up in my random daily Bible more & more often.

St. Luke was the patron saint of artist and doctors and gave more attention in his Gospel to Jesus's beautiful Humanity, His Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Children and Angels.

I have felt in some ways that I minister to the Ill in rest homes and guest in my home almost like a Doctor.I regarded them as Patients in my spiritual care. I am always giving out cough drops every where. Having had to do so much wound care for myself, My home was like a pharmacy. I had bandages, antibiotic creams, Peroxide, Alcohol, Epson salt etc.to care for others, like some of my homeless guests family and friends. Shoe and back supports etc.

After My random Bible readings kept repeating " Physician heal yourself, that I asked God to help me too which is not the norm for me as I am always praying for others with far more serious needs. The pain from the dislocated bone which I still have in the metatarsal area of my foot which made it very difficult for me to work at my easle , left about the same time as Ruben dramatic change. Ruben is a good man of deep faith with a strong love Of Jesus and Mary and one of my very special friends.

There was another time when My right foot and ankel looked horrid with Venous reflect dermatitus. Thick crusted skins with deep crack revealing what looked like raw flesh beneath spread around my ankle area to the tendon area. I could hardly walk and was in extreme pain. I was using two canes as my walker was damaged. I was taking a shower and directed the movable shower head's flow to the afflicted area like I normally would do. This time I said let this be like Lourdes water. The heavy thick skin peeled off like a Banana Peel and I kneaded some off with my thumb. THe skin beneath was like tender Baby skin and I could walk with out pain. I had a camera to document the progress and was able to fim this and I have the file somewhere on a back up disk. The camera showed light energy while I was doing this. I do have the feeling some one upstairs is looking out for me and at time those who would create woe for me have found woe & health Problems, in their own life and those of their family members. They have brought their own dark cloud over themselves. God does work in Mysterious ways providing for and protecting those who serve Him.

I am painting exceptionally well, better than ever. My vision had started to degenerate with age , The VA Eye doctor discovered a hole in the back of my retina which was part of the Macular Degeneration process which comes with aging. He was more than surprised when it disappeared with out any medical procedure as they never do. My eyesight actually improved. I think God has some more paintings he want me to do. Like my " Living Water Painting " that I had a vision of during adoration in the sanctuary and my angel paintings, MY Hispanic Madonna, Queen of Peace. I started my next Madonna Painting Last night around 1 AM of Mary inviting us to hold her beloved Baby in Our Arms , heart and Soul.

I have a strong inner calling to use my creativity in the interest of the Peace, Love and Light and Truth that Jesus Spoke about while here on earth found in the New Testament.

I am to give testimony to my spiritual experiences and report honestly the array and variety of them, to go where he will send me or have me do what I am doing at the present, working on my spiritual journal, on my home page. experiences using the array of gifts he bestowed on me. May I use them to seek and speak the Truth, with the Blessings of the Holy Spirit to do God's Will. I am on God's auto Pilot Today and always. after the brief video of the candles and Monstrance just before the end of adoration I put small video camera away.

I felt that I was to do a painting sketch of what I would see. It was a cross in the back ground , A figure in front of it holding a circle of Light in his right hand, a bit larger in Proportion to his size to the size of a large Host reaching up and outward as if to share His Light and love with others. It is the Light and Comfort of God's Love found in the Eucharist during Adoration.

I felt God's sense of Sorrow that so few People Partake of His Son's Jesus Christ Special Presence during Adoration that bring light to the darkness that prevail in the man made crisis within our church when political views take precedence before Christ's words or when people over play the roles with the authority of the phairisees and scribes that created problems for Jesus in the past.

My preference is to love God as a Child would and share that love. Like many I was blind to the problems that existed for years among the heirarchy. Men of the cloth are not all the same! Those who followed different Catholic leaders are part of that major crisis. Follow the leader who follows Christs commands of Loving every one May you follow the ones who follow Christ's command of Love and His New Command John 13 , verse 34.

Another Synchronistic Experience

I happened to Have my Bible at hand while doing homepage work. Earlier I used a written address and telephone of a Rest home in the back of the Bible that I was going to seach for info on line for a friend. I also used a St. Angelas funeral Card for 11 day old Luke that I kept in the front of my Bible as the Luke experience was somehow special to me. When I was done using the the funeral card , I put it back in the middle of the Bible randomly.

Now for the synchronicity. I opened up my Bible right to exact Chapter and Verse I was looking for, John Chapter 13/ V 34. It was right where I had placed Baby Lukes Funeral Card randomly about an hour ago. Chalk up another affirmation that I am doing God's Will and He was helping me.

I felt I should share now something that I was reluctant to share before. I removed it after writing it yesterday as I did not want to be a warning voice of the woe what happens to those, their friends and families who pay not heed to Jesus's commands. I have been witnessing it and hearing of it happening to those I regard as devout on the out side but appeared to be in oposition to Vatican 2 edicts and are far more upset with Pope Francis Holy Spirit inspired Leadership.

It is no small thing when a younger brother you love is shot and killed in a robbery in Central America or anywhere, numerous family members suffer health wise. I have had one very beautiful young lady I liked and found attractive, who asked me why I did not come on to her. I told her what she already knew, I am a married man. I have erred once in my past, made the decision to end the relationship having learned a lesson and did not repeat my error. Later She said why is this happening to me after a series of accidents and illnesses were happening to her family and close friends why is this happening to me. this dark cloud over me, why is it happening to me? The truth of the matter is, they feel the pain that is happening to a number of their close friends and family. It is not compassion they feel when they say why is this happening to me! They may or may not know the feeling that they are experiencing is guilt. The self rigthous never know they are doing wrong. They see sin and evil everywhere but never in the face or the heart of the one they look at each day in the mirror.

Unjust alienations have been done too long in many form of worship in different Houses of God. Too often the Truth is disregared as an attack on their Religion, Prominent Church Members or Beloved Clergy, even when the issues are raised by fellow church members including those who have been wronged. If you are of another form of Christian Faith, the unity that should exist between all of Christ followers disappears in an attack smoke screen illusion of they are attacking your Religion. On the broader Monotheism basis of all Abraham Children, the problems are magnified in the eyes of the other by intolerance and ignorance that leads to hatred and violence.

You do not protect the church when you do that, you damage it and the church pays a far greater price in lost membership and financial losses later. If you obey Christ's Commands of love and revered the words that Christ spoke while on earth found in the Bible, you would reach out with Love Kindness and Compassion. If You believe there is one God who is all just and almighty , It matters not that You are Jew, Muslim or Christian You would love your Brothers and Sisters.

My Thank You God Painting titled "Dawn of a New Day", of the Lone Cypress has been in progress for many months with many changes. This Lone Cypress Painting may be the best one I ever painted. I really payed close attention to detail. I even used Mapquest aerial views to help me with the complexities. I do not rush prayer paintings and work on them until I feel the prayer aspect was answered when it was God's will. process, not just the finished result. I have the Carmelite Monastery in it, Carmel Point with Robinson Jeffers Tor House's Hawk Tower, the Butterfly House and The Harp house. Carmel Beach and the 7th the hole and others at Pebble Beach Golf Course, With the Dawn of a New day breaking over Carmel Valley. I also wrote some new Spirituals that related to the theme of joy and happiness that those who had their prayers answered were experiencing , the dawn of a New Day.

My Last 30 by 40 commission painting titled " A Perfect Day for Lovers," which I just finished was picked up this Saturday Dec. 14. It is superb and Had a Mary Influence as it related to an unique concept of pouring Lourdes water into oceans in different parts of the world to share it's healing energy. I had ladies I shared Lourdes water pour Lourdes Water in the South Pacific Ocean in Australia, in the Atlantic Ocean in Maine, and Florida and My Son Jonathan who was 7 at the time poured some in the Pacific Ocean at Carmel,

"Mother Mary's Blue" When they walked in the water along the beach it would be like bathing in Lourdes Water

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Mother Mary's Blue. "

I wrote one of my favorites songs about that called Mother Mary's Blue. I was commissioned to do a variation of the scene at the North end of Carmel Point and It is beautiful, different and refreshing. It will be a special Christmas Gift that will make His wife very happy. I put a great amount of extra enjoyable work customizing the frame while working on my new Song Reach for the cross. I would take a break from painting by doing some recording on my new songs for Making another cross to share

It was inscribed on the Back with , For Nancy & Jeff, May every day be a Perfect day for lovers.

" Live to Love , God, Love to Live.

God is Love , Life is good,. (Long Live Love) Viva La El Amour

Inside the heart in the Middle was May God Bless Your Home & Family with His Love Merry Christ Mass and Many More Happy New Years, On the Bottom the Name " Mother Mary's Blue" for the song I wrote while Painting the one that attracted Jeff.

I have also been creating Crosses and sharing with others how to make them very simply out of almost anything to be used from Chopsticks to Rose Branches, in a Concept of Reaching for the Cross when Temptation beckons you into the dark side of the world of addictions what and where ever they are. They can be simple habits that do not fall in dark side but can cause your body damage, like smoking cigarettes, or sweets when you are diabetic, over eating, acquiring extra weight that may shorten your life and the quality of it. Think of getting in shape to better serve Jeaus. Contemplate Christ 5 precious wounds He suffered out of love for us. Reach for the Cross of God's Love and Forgiveness, Walk in the Light of the Lord and should you stumble in the darkness and fall, When you reach for the Cross, You will hear Christ call, Get up my friend, Get up and climb again. I love and forgive you, when it is your time to go I will welcome you in to the Kingdom ofs God' Love.

I am including my Crosses and cds of my original Christmas and Local songs.


The winter jacket for Maria, (My Idea ) was painted with Ave Maria with a Cross with in the Heart and Jesus en Ti confo, Spanish for Jesus I trust in You!

to go along with the Poncho her Christmas request gift that I also Painted on.!

I knew nothing about lady other them her name Maria, her age 63 and her request for a Poncho. It was a modest request to help keep her dry while working in the fields. I added a care Package of holiday treat which I am sure Marie will share.

Ruben Baez translated the first few lines of my new Cross song into Spanish for me this Morning after mass. I will write it in Spanish for each cross I will give Maria to share.

When Temptation beckons you to the dark side of the world, Reach for the Cross and The Light of The Lord!.

May the following 2 video of Ruben Baez, Give you hope and Faith, Ruben n a close spiritual friend, is a Man of deep Faith with a love of Jesus and His Holy Mother Mary, and receiving the healing Grace of the Holy Eucharist in Communion, and a special fondness for Pope Francis, a fellow Argentinian, I encouraged him to pray with Persistancy, and Put your Trust in Jesus Heart of Divine Mercy, Jesus en Ti Confio

Ruben became a special friend when I brought My Painting of My Hispanic Madonna, Our Lady Star of the sea, Queen of Peace to share with those in Rest Homes. Shaking uncontrollably, He beckoned me closer to his chair, He kissed the Crucifix that was part of the Rosary and Blessed himself after touching the Abalone Shell that Had the Picture Of Jesus, Heart of Divine Mercy within it. At that moment we were bonded spiritually and always make the sign of the cross on each others forehead when we meet and when we depart. I visited him this morning and he was experiencing some minor shaking which left during our visit. I noticed the same effect when he went to the dentist and they gave him medication that one receives prior to dental procedures. I questioned him if there were any changes in his medications. Last week I visited another spiritual friend there with Parkinsons who was having a rare increase of intensity of shaking and pain. Her need prompted more visits and more of my attention. When I visited her yesterday, She was doing much better all around.

It was the following video that had me wonder about the timing of Ruben;s amazing Change and the Face that was on the inner wall of the tabernacle. There is a Lesson to be learned from the two videos created by his Friend Victor Gimenez and that is one of Hope and trust in Jesus.

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